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Packers reportedly adding linebacker James Burgess #Packers #GoPackGo
Retweeted by Aaron NaglerPity Twitter didn’t save us from this stupidity though @GaryLiterally I love her writingWonder if they’ll carry on the tradition of naming a villain after a prominent movie critic. (General Kael was name… & @My_Tyme10 are officially launching the A&A All The Way Foundation. With compassionate care, they w…
Retweeted by Aaron Nagler @AaronNagler It is something that can be simply quantified... but it isn't as drastic as many fans seem to think J…
Retweeted by Aaron Nagler @_Knapp1500 @zachkruse2 The guys who don't watch every week. Makes sense. @zachkruse2 Undoubtedly a big part of it. @MikeTanier It's bewildering.Sorry, but I don't buy this narrative I keep seeing about the Packers "abandoning pre-snap motion" in Tampa.… @mykabit @DaThings @candyman106 God damn it, Mike...🗣 @BadgerNoonan lol on that @JJolly97 story from @AaronRodgers12 @rshero34 At least 6 days yesWe could all use some Chill LoFi after last Sunday
Retweeted by Aaron Nagler @jfreewright I...can’t stop laughing @coreybehnke If it lacks context, it’s almost always clickbait.Always interesting how clickbait is acceptable and trumpeted when it reaffirms ones viewpoint but shunned as “just… Week 6 - That’s What Cheese Said #Packers #GoPackGo
Retweeted by Aaron Nagler @cheeseheadtv This was literally my first thought.If you missed my weekly chat with @AndyHermanNFL, you can catch up right here: @mmk_inc74 @coreybehnke @coreybehnke @coreybehnke @coreybehnke Vs.Bucs - 3 Plays that make you go Hmmm #Packers #GoPackGo
Retweeted by Aaron Nagler @dekker My favorite is Favre actually letting go of the ball on the extra point he had to hold for after his big TD… @RossUglem Hey, that said, he did the job ;)Pack-A-Day Podcast - Episode 818 - Packers/Bucs Aftermath #Packers #GoPackGo
Retweeted by Aaron Nagler @DanMcConnell14 No. @_poLum Which one had Aaron Rodgers throwing to him...Maybe. It matters not what you are thought to be, but what you are Play of the Week: Packers Collapse After Rodgers Pick 6 #Packers #GoPackGo
Retweeted by Aaron Nagler @R_McKay1 @nathanmarzion Tom didn't write it. @BEARDEDBURTON
Not strictly true though. They beat the Seahawks coming off a bye last year. take back every criticism I’ve ever levied at any of my friends and colleagues for their lack of Zoom etiquette w…😂 @cheeseheadtv"It's something we'll take a good, hard look at going forward." I asked LaFleur about the inexplicably passive natu… @SethDKnickrehm Thanks, Seth. Just trying to be true to what I see. @EvanNelson84 Thanks, tough one to put diplomatically. Think coach had good answer. @AOC My 12 year old just screamed yes @TylerHerrick Just tell em it’s a nod to Gotham’s grit and grime ;)
Retweeted by Aaron Nagler @WesSmit25921364 indication on Tyler Lancaster's shoulder injury is that it's not long-term. More tests to evaluate but Packer…
Retweeted by Aaron Nagler to chew on with @AndyHermanNFL after watching the Packers get their collective ass kicked down in Tampa. @PFF_Eric We're never been closer to "Tuesday Night Football brought to you by Facebook" @lexreed122152 @Paul_Bretl I don't think about anything he says. @FtblSickness @breezyCLE @BadgerNoonan stuff from @Paul_Bretl CB Jamel Dean to @peter_king. Saw a tendency and made the Packers pay.
Retweeted by Aaron Nagler @BadgerNoonan Frustrating part is how after rushing three failed, next red zone trip he dialed up a big blitz and B… @BadgerNoonan The rushing three in the red zone thing was really effective for them last year. Really seeks teams k… @jimdilly08 Jim you’re responding to a live Tweet a day later. I’ve talked extensively about Rodgers issues in yesterday’s game @BenFennell_NFL Much prefer attacking them there than the edge. They’re way to good sideline to sideline.Why they kept trying to run that damn toss to the outside I'll never know @mikeybaltimore @VeryObvious2 It's easy for those of us capable of holding more than one thought in our head.Last year, Pettine's defense wasn't great but it played good complimentary football, for the most part. The element… someone on this app talking about how "Super Bowl champs don't lose games this badly." In 2018, the Patriots h…
Retweeted by Aaron Nagler#PackersDaily: Well that sucked #Packers #GoPackGo
Retweeted by Aaron Nagler Week Six Snap Counts Versus Tampa Bay #Packers #GoPackGo
Retweeted by Aaron NaglerPack-A-Day Podcast - Episode 817 - Packers/Bucs Postgame Report #Packers #GoPackGo
Retweeted by Aaron Nagler🚨🚨ANÚNCIO🚨🚨 Amanhã (20/10)durante a gravação ao vivo do nosso podcast, teremos a participação de @AaronNagler, co-…
Retweeted by Aaron Nagler @PFF_Steve His eyes started dropping because of the pressure and that always ends poorly. @zachkruse2 I may have used a vulgarity or two at that point during the watch party @zachkruse2 I was going to say... is a flat circle
Retweeted by Aaron Nagler#PackersDaily: Well that sucked 38 Packers 10: Game Balls and Lame Calls #Packers #GoPackGo
Retweeted by Aaron NaglerGame Recap: Packers Fall to Buccaneers 38-10, Suffer First Loss of the Season #Packers
Retweeted by Aaron Nagler#CarrytheG *walks in the door Olive: How’d the Packers do? Me: They got their ass kicked. Olive: So did they win? @Howietellem Yes they should have taken Barrett Rudd instead of Aaron Rodgers too. Good point by you. @itsJustDe22 @BillHuberSI @mattschneidman Lakers fan? You don’t say... @BillHuberSI @mattschneidman Why do Packers fans hate their own team?Yes, if only the Packers had drafted a wide receiver, Aaron Rodgers would not have thrown back to back interception… next time you want to call me an alcoholic, you way want to consider how stupid you sound sober.’re not going to want to miss this week’s episode of the ‘Did the #Packers win?’ PODCAST — 🔥 (exclusively on…
Retweeted by Aaron Nagler#CarryTheG Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Packers vs Buccaneers #Packers #GoPackGo
Retweeted by Aaron NaglerOther than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play? than fair. No Context? Why would I? @perri_goldstein LaFleur and Aaron Rodgers can do great things together. Both of them were bad today.#CarryTheG