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Sometime writer and (mostly) analog photography | Award winning chili maker | He/him

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"Debate drugs," what does that even mean? Also, if there are "debate drugs," pump them into the White House water… @dylanmatt @HeerJeet This is embarrassing for you, JeetImagine -- IMAGINE -- setting yourself up as both a culture commentator and a political pundit, and thinking "Burn… @NifMuhammad Feel free to send me some here in Jersey @rtw1992 Blocked, reportedUpdate: "Kool-Aid Man: Origins" will not solve climate change @danaMpatton @EmilyPostmodern 👏 Bring👏it👏back👏 @danaMpatton Please, don't make me go back to my wasted college career studying lit theory @danaMpatton Jacques Derrida, where are you @danaMpatton I mean, that's a given, right?I just saw a Kool-Aid commercial where a young boy drinking Kool-Aid causes a freshly showered Kool-Aid Man with a…
@danaMpatton @ZaidaGrunes "four hour hike" is practically the use case for it @danaMpatton @ZaidaGrunes You're right, it's a huge pain if you don't have a car. This is the kinda thing that make… @ZaidaGrunes @danaMpatton We've been doing a lot of hiking this summer. There's a ton of great parks within about an hour drive of JC. @danaMpatton @ZaidaGrunes That's a lovely park. @twinklepop1 Yup, you're right, same first name. @anypigslft If there's anything that smells better than onions and garlic sauteing in butter, I'm unaware of it.I have many problems, but I can honestly say my hands smelling like garlic is not one of them. @RAKidd7 I haven't! He definitely had the chops.I'm suddenly filled with sadness that we didn't get John Candy's later career drama run.
@amywilson Yeah, no clue. It must spring from whatever dark place Hummels come from. @amywilson Hey now @CahnEmily If the mount is there, it depends on if you're comfortable lifting the TV above the level of the mount.… Verne's Friday feelings ease you into the weekend @rtw1992 "Sir, he's the blonde one"Pft, like Trump talks to Eric."Police in Vietnam have confiscated an estimated 345,000 used condoms which had been cleaned and resold as new, sta…
Retweeted by Aaron van Dorn"We're looking for a suspect who had $19.95 and a drivers license." @BooksnMagic Buddy, do I have a city for you! @Drouchebag Then again ... @Drouchebag Most likely, but it's hard to say anything with certainly about NK, Weird country. @Drouchebag At least he apologized, I guess. And one figures the person responsible was probably strapped to the en… @isquithian "What's his plan to stop the train? He's not even trying to stop it," Nathan J Robinson complains of man tied to train tracks*"of pretending to not voice and opinion on Roe""Oops"
Well, this certainly checks a number of boxes"I will, of course, not honor her dying wish." @RAKidd7 [clap emoji] We deserve work naps [/clap emoji]Lovely remembrance of an icon. drawing even in Ohio is ... not good for him, I think. all fairness, there were three semis a week, and we'd have them unloaded by lunchtime each day, so there was a l… had a summer job unloading semits of Owens Corning's asbestos litigation from into an old factory turned warehous… @jbouie @GriffLightning Trump is such an odd personality, I wonder if anyone could create a dramatic reading of him… the Dems could do more, maybe there isn't a good answer. But telling people to attack them and ignore the GOP is malpractice.At a time when the Republican president is making unprecedented noise about fomenting a coup, it's time to attack t…
@EfremOshinsky "2020" @Drouchebag I wouldn't dispute that, but also ... except for a handful of songs, that was always the case. @Drouchebag You have a very narrow view of Pavement, then, because literally every one of their albums is a pretty… @rtw1992 I think he's being stupid to own the GOP.In which the former governor of Oklahoma doxxes himself. @DavidLWalters @guygavrielkay You might want to delete this since it has your address on it. @Drouchebag Great songs, best production of their career. It's a masterpiece. @guylarious Like the production of "Terror Twilight," ketchup is but one color in a delightful palette that truly awakens the senses. @themilkfather It's a direct tweet to anyone who needs to hear the truthBoth records are inferior to Pavement's definitive masterpiece, "Terror Twilight.", how do you charge one of them for shooting into another apartment but not for shooting into the woman th…"Which half of this baby would you like?"'s important to consider that even a scenario where Trump loses the election but manipulates GOP states and the S… @jason_tyler @guylarious Wait until you hear what I do to scrambled eggs and macaroni and cheese @EfremOshinsky Wait until they hear what red M&Ms are colored with @pantagrapher How dare youYou don't have to tell them what you'll do. Run on health care, run on Trump's corruption, run on good governance.… of the main ways quarantine has changed me is, when I make a ham sandwich (toasted Martin's potato sandwich bre… politician's responsibility is to practice good politics, not to help the press do their jobs.
Retweeted by Aaron van DornWe are all stapler
Retweeted by Aaron van DornBoy, am I not feeling any of this today.There's that coup he's always talking about.
@paleofuture "CHERNOBYL 2: CONTAGION""Certainly, this is an extremely ethically dubious practice. But it's one that people across the political spectrum… @agraybee It's truly amazing that the both sides views of the parties persists to the point when ostensible politic… should have pandemic fridays (like summer fridays but all the time) until this is over send tweet
Retweeted by Aaron van DornWe're all still living in "the Long 2016," so this is technically correct, which is the best kind of correct. packing is the very definition of "beg forgiveness instead of asking permission." @kevinaskevin Air dry them.
A 19 or 29 member court would take the pressure off any one justice and immediately make the internal politics of t… justices should retire when they have an amenable president, as Anthony Kennedy did. That said, there's n…'s a shame (a predictable one) that Ginsburg has has died and McConnell won't respect her dying wish and will be… @EricKleefeld I've seen that Kavanaugh is the hot newness on that front, even though he, you know, was confirmed. T…
"Hell is in space and it belongs to Russia" is 100% a movie I would watchTruly a top ten Russian sentiment, you better believe it's stew season. is not a centerist, and was never a person gettable by Democrats. person is paid to speak about politics.
OOOOFFFF COPOOOOOURSEThey'll fill it by October. @lamour I think six months in we're all discovering our inner Victorian ladies. @lamour They're gorgeous. @lamour Those are very impressive!Executing babies after birth is a plank of the Democrat platform, tbh people are monsters. @MattGlassman312 Just don't tell the writers. It'd be an unkindness. @EfremOshinsky I say this as someone who loves his 70s run deeply ... but yes @jfruh INTO THE WILD (2007) Directed by Sean Penn Cinematography by Eric Gautier @brofromanother Oh lord what's happenedHell yeah @areacomedian @Nate_Cohn Have you ever considered what an ideal polling scheme would look like? One that would cover national, st…