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Aaron van Dorn @aaronvandorn Jersey City, NJ

Sometime writer and (mostly) analog photography | Award winning chili maker

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A Take of Two Tweets @ZiaJD I can't find her exact recipe, but this is pretty close. The biscuits get really buttery and crispy on the b… @erstwhileboffin Ha, oh you mean the ugliest building in Hudson County, across from Healey's Tavern. I definitely d… @erstwhileboffin Agreed on that, as well as the handful of anti homeless measures they've put in lately. @erstwhileboffin Bondage building? @erstwhileboffin I like the new courthouse. But I also like the JS PATH Plaza, so ymmv.Look at this thicc ass horse @ZiaJD Okay, all this is deeply trash, but my mom used to bake chicken with peaches and Bisquick and it was legit.
Samuel R Delany is one of the most important living SF writers. Three of his classic novels, Babel 17, Nova, and "S…
Retweeted by Aaron van Dorn @agraybee @dcinsb Debt forgiveness is a terrible policy that will disproportionately benefit well off white people,… @agraybee 7% of the population have student loans.I cannot believe this is offered as a serious take. "'Bernie Bros' don't exist, but also? They're awesome." Scream's "XTRMNTR" is up on streaming when it wasn't a few weeks ago. That album rules and you should listen… people Sanders has chosen to surround himself with give me persistent concerns about his judgement. @CahnEmily Garlic press all day, don't even need to peel them."Auto racing" really putting the lessons he's learned this year into practice today.Trump really giving comforting the afflicted today. is no moral calculus where tacitly voting for Trump over Bloomberg is appropriate, and Bloomberg is awful. is this for @jfruh (this is obviously a feature for some and a bug for others, and I doubt that national Dems would stay away f… @jfruh Hard to say, but looking at Trump, another candidate outside of the main party structure, his admin has been… @jfruh All of this is true, but his performative independence also had negative impacts on how his supporters appro… of great stuff linked from this article. @ZachIsHere @SportingKC @JRiegerCo "Sport whiskey"I like it. @comradebutt I read it as an effort to visualize Ren's internal emotional struggle (since he wasn't translucent), b… @MarketUrbanism @erstwhileboffin @OldUrbanist I believe that whole strip of Communipaw is zoned as automobile retai… @grmartin Counterpoint: it is goodVerne, abandoning himself into sleep.
The cultural wishcasting that surrounds Sanders would cause his supporters to have a cringe-induced embolism if it… bois is one of the most perfect records ever made and Andrew Weatherall had the vision to make it a reali…
Retweeted by Aaron van DornBy Tuesday, we'll have all decided that this "Doxxing a Nigerian" thing is beneath us to talk about.We're watching "American Factory," and I cannot believe the access these folks got. Fuyao's lawyers should be fired. @DavidKlion Have you considered becoming a Bloomberg supporter? You seem to have the stop and frisk vibe down.
Retweeted by Aaron van Dorn @terrencemcd Huckleberry Finn has been canceled. @comradebutt Shocking @comradebutt Only the trailer. It's more of a hatred of its existence.Real left turn here. cannot express how much I hate the Harrison Ford CGI dog movie. @eatsmorechicken Just absolutely beating the shit out of lazy ass normal locusts.It's way too early for this shit
Retweeted by Aaron van Dorn @drozdal That is very specific, and I'm here for it.This site is incredible.
@ZiaJD It's a satisfying thing to have done. @ZiaJD I logged everything into Discogs, too, as long as I had them out anyway. Now everything's in there, I intend… album is so good. took me twelve hours, but the Great Album Sorting of 2020 is over. It turns out I have 470 albums.2/2 And, because that supermajority has been a conservative dream for the last 50 years, nothing Trump does between…
Retweeted by Aaron van DornBeing a teenager is difficult and involves going through some pretty dark emotional territory, but luckily for most… to have missed the entirety of Pete Buttigieg Nigerian Sockpuppet Discourse. @terrencemcd She's asking "Can I keep the money?" when she should be asking, "Can I keep the money and not have peo…, huh. @dengaterade This is madness and I will not stand for itSnickerdoodles. @Ceilidhann @FemaleCritics It's gorgeous, but I kinda thought Malkovich makes Osmond such an obviously evil person… @jeevesandesti What's this now? I'm watching a film I've seen thirty times.Mark, I would like you to visit one of our nation's coasts and walk into the sea and keep going. @jeevesandesti I certainly get the impulse. I often think of things I love (eg, Built to Spill's albums "Perfect Fr… precious angel. @jeevesandesti Why would you want to narrow things like that? @jeevesandesti I see those Happily Ever After books about Elizabeth and Darcy, and I've never been tempted. But I d… @jeevesandesti I don't know that I could even come up with who I thin should play Elizabeth, because in my head she's so much *me* @jeevesandesti That's true, and it's a great adaptation. I just have such a personal relationship to the book it's… @grmartin Now it's yours, sorry @jeevesandesti More obscure. I just feel like Darcy should be pricklier and more of an asshole. A young Paul Giamat… @jeevesandesti (not my Mr Darcy, come at me, Twitter) @jeevesandesti Colin Firth, reprising his Colin Firthieth role"This Must Be the Place" is entirely pure and without sin. @jeevesandesti Fair, entirely fair. But more of a reversion to mean, tbh.I forgot how much of this Jerry Harrison spends playing guitar.Slicked-back ByrneI was *obsessed* with "Burning Down the House" when I was five.This band is so greatThere's a lot of reasons to love this movie, but the way it builds up through the stages of the band is just so cool.Chris Frantz looks like Tom Hanks' best friend I an 80s comedy."Heaven" is a very twenties song, and I love/hate it immensely.I've looked up the French part of "Psycho Killer" multiple times and I still don't remember what it means.We've reached the "Stop Making Sense" portion of Stacey being out of town, for those keeping track. @ColesStreetPoth He's always a delight. @squarelyrooted Okay, but I completely do not understand this take. @ColesStreetPoth Saw him at Union Hall years ago, and oh man. Incredible.Ross Perot didn't die and go to hell to put up with this shit love it when I thought to slip the receipt into something for future me to find. RIP Threshold Audio! turn it rolling. as you're told @kevinaskevin Dammit!Oh, we're deep in it now, folks @squarelyrooted Two years ago, a Red Scare allegory about a mute woman fucking a fishman won best picture, and it w… you don't have a wine stand next to your tub, all I can say is, you're not loving your best life @comradebutt It's very strange, magical thinking. @agraybee Internet radio [checks notes] Matt BruenigTIL Matt Bruenig is an internet rando'm probably about 45% of the way done now, and my Discogs is much more robust looking. @thisismaz @amazon Not every aspect of our dystopia is hellish. @thisismaz @amazon Purchase, I'd assume, but I imagine they'd be willing to work with you. Their customer support is pretty great.
@thisismaz @amazon Call their customer service. They answer quickly. I think you've got an hour or so grace period.