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Miss. @AarynLang Brooklyn, NY

Aaryn Lang (she/her/hers) is a Black, Ohio-born, consultant, writer, public speaker, and media personality.

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My child is missing. If anyone in DC has by chance seen her please message me. 💔
Retweeted by Miss.Please send help. @bklynbrwlr They are dinosaurs!The fear these strike into my soul.'t Chicken Run bad enough the first go round?
Werk, Jada. @fatfemme @idee_fixe_ Shaq knows!
Retweeted by Miss.Not gon lie I went back and forth so much with my decision to post this pic. Although I think it’s a beautiful pict…
Retweeted by Miss.!!!!!!!!!!! The saints, honey., frostbiiiiiiiiiiiite!! Congrats @idee_fixe_ !!!! @PrestonMitchum This has me beaming.This is exactly how I feel about ordering food. am so sick of people with power and influence building monuments to their incompetence and mediocrity. You can do better!Blu Bone, honees!!!! @Blu_bone The way I almost cried. Success indeed!.today was a family affair
Retweeted by Miss.I am happy to announce a limited edition print sale in support of Ahya Simone [@idee_fixe_ ] and Davia Spain, who a…
Retweeted by Miss.I love when friends & loved ones change their names. It’s like “thank you for sharing an even bigger part of you wi…
Retweeted by Miss. @AsanniArmon Oh, baby. @itsjujubae You deserve.“You’ve come a long, long way and you deserve to be really happy.” @mrskimyadawson
My hair is being extremely shady today. @SharSaysSo Chirp chirp! It’s the only colorThe Meaning of Mariah Carey 🦋 Out Sept 29 🦋 Pre-order:
Retweeted by Miss. @KalikYork Disappear is what turned me completely around on her years ago!We shouldn't only have to ask for the things we need to survive. People like me need to be safe, and housed, and lo…
Retweeted by Miss.Wow, I wanna be a 90s Fem Queen. @BecomingAshlei Same! @itsjujubae HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can lead to chasing things that clarity will show you how to manifest.
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I never thought I would see the day that 70’s, 80’s AND 90’s were in one category.! North Star. literally.
Retweeted by Miss.I no longer want a dream job as I do not dream of labor. I instead am focusing on the kind of lifestyle I want to h…
Retweeted by Miss.My partner needs to have passion. I want you to be excited for yourself and the things you do... If my partner ends…
Retweeted by Miss.I hope that man knows peace. @omgyp @sweetbtchesbrew @MariahCarey I’m ready Mariah. I’m ready to be transformed. @orbgoddess Love this glam. @SharSaysSo I hope so too.Hey guys, it’s really hard for me to ask for help, but I was recently kicked out of a toxic environment and need as…
Retweeted by Miss. @SharSaysSo Looooool @AsanniArmon Yes issa was trash upon my re-watch but I was just gagged at how objectively terrible they both happen to be lol! @AsanniArmon They are both terrible lol!There is nothing funnier than this. Wow. I will do just that. @fauxdeity Goodnight 😂😂😂!!!!’
For later. Loving this Illustration! @nayhoneebunnie 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @nayhoneebunnie Loooool omg you remember our old F21 manager? The light skinned one that has an attitude lowkey? I… @KingDariuss_ @fatfemme Yup, join me.RIGHT! @LittleCharlesTV The mediator @jrdynjy Lowkey same! @fatfemme I’m going to join. @fatfemme Where you go @NylaTheMusical @Vandalyzm @rahrah_gabor @fatfemme @jonovia CHILLS!What is the role and potential of sex ed in the pursuit of Black liberation? Join me and my panel to find out. For…
Retweeted by Miss. @AshleeMPreston Pedestrian is sending me omg. @fatfemme @drewiieee It’s the honey for me.My sis really took me for a drive last night. Corona conscious and everything. Love you, @rahrah_gabor ! @a_kwabena Meghan carried. A true break it up girl! @CAKESDAKILLA The visuals always carry with you. I’m so tickledJoin us! July 30th! 💖💕 movie villain. The actual villain
Retweeted by many of y’all owe mo’nique an apology.
Retweeted by Miss. @jatovia My mom loves using this! 😂😂😂😂RIP Amy WinehouseWill you still love me tomorrow?
@MoonliteChile, Because You Loved Me is a praise song.Singing terribly at the top of my lungs is my healing. Céline Dion, I love you.Am I the only one that caught that the beauty and the beast song is always featuring a Black man? @fatfemme @jonovia You know I thought of y’all! Lol @hipcity_ Loooool I need to go to the beauty supply!Don’t do it, Halle. Sheconsider, please. @hipcity_ The way I am screaming at this! @MojoDisco Both your honor.Beating this pandemic is a group project. This is why I always hated group projects.
Retweeted by Miss.I want y’all to get in the habit of fleeing at the first sign of fuckery.
Retweeted by Miss.Sis. directed my first film from bed and now I never want to go back to anything else.
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