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That's 100 WINS as a head coach for JB! 🎉🙌 #AllFly
Retweeted by demonz 🦦🇬🇷 @Froste Only doctor that would have 0 patientsThey tweeted this and he bricked 3 shots in a row LMFAOOOOO Golly Miss Molly Miles Bridges with the put back that didn’t count sheeshRozier killing Portland stop it terry they already dead! really just left that wide open lane for Miles Bridges? Has he not seen him dunk? LMFAOOOO
2021 @CrypticNoHoes @CrypticNoHoes Can’t wait @itsWaddles_ @JoeyTheSuperJew Waddles HES ALREADY DEAD STOP IT @KeviSkillz West ham 🔥💀 @M2SMOOVE Martinized 🤷‍♂️ @KeviSkillz Who we supporting 🤔 @econde101 Man I ain’t even a huge fan but I see how big of a toll this gonna be on the other leagues is devastating @econde101 Players that joined with the super league can’t play the next WC @Sebbywebby_ 2022 Charlotte 🤷‍♂️ @big_business_ Nah dude ain’t miss he need to stop @CrypticNoHoes @JhbTeam Called him jb team 😭 @MinusWhale31 Man this team at full strength is great but we can’t stay healthy but I do have to say I love the way… @MinusWhale31 Wish I could say this about the hornets but we in the mud man @KeviSkillz How about 5 gifted? @TristanGHill Bruh 😭 @TristanGHill u hear this y it so hard lmao Bridges in his last 5 games: 23.0 PPG 7.4 RPG 2.4 APG 56 FG% 43 3P% Bridges has been hooping. 🔥
Retweeted by demonz 🦦🇬🇷 @Smulzy @KellyCantTweet No they said I was to much of a sex machine for them 🙄 I guess we keep moving @KellyCantTweet Agreed be real I think the next fighter Jake Paul has to go against is ggfroste I don’t make the rules 🤷‍♂️ @DyzROhh Imagine tho this team already good at shooting threes with Curry this team would actually be lethal LmaooNeed Curry to come home to NC and play for the hornets with LaMelo and the squad Fr! @MeIixo Not doing much prolly gonna eat food in a minute just cause @BleacherReport Hope he’s good 🙏 @MeIixo Hey Mel how u doingCurry don’t give a fuck where he is on the court he sniping that bitch and it’s going in 😭 @YourEmbracee @TheOGLuda @brisklul @DyzROhh Have some confidence there’s always a chance 👍 @KeviSkillz Holy aired tf out @DyzROhh
@KeviSkillz Hey kevi wyd rn @leahdb98 @100Thieves @notoliviabee @DyzROhh of the 115 points the @hornets scored came from Bridges Rozier or Carey insane. @DyzROhh @notoliviabee Gah damnit another olivia bee tweet FUCK A CODY MARTIN ALMOST ENDED KD HUMM DIDLY DEEE
@WockWob @WockWob Hornets started him and he made like 3 straight shots and a 3VERNON CAREY LETS FUCKING GO HES NUTTING ON THE NETS AHAHA @KeviSkillz I still need help with my essay tho @KeviSkillz Will someone help me with this essayNah I’m crying polo ain’t having it 😭 @Class 2x4 learns how to golf @verytinypeepee @hudsonwisler Just got off work think ima order a pizza 🙂 @Sebbywebby_ U know @DyzROhh Nah Fr @R_StyleZz_ knows the vibesBojangles fries and sauces be smacking I know my fellow NC heads know 🤞 @JoeyTheSuperJew TW/ GRAHAMALOT IN THIS VIDEO @JoeyTheSuperJew @itsWaddles_ @OnTheFlyTwitch LMFAOOOOO good one Joey @CrypticNoHoes Buy high sell low best strat to date 🤷‍♂️ @Thiefs
@312DARIUS__ Dejounte for Coby white and a 2nd rounder 🤷‍♂️ @WhosBreezyUK @kanyewest Rotation need some Kanye manRotation going kinda crazy 🤞 @WhosBreezyUK @kanyewest @CharlotteFC Sup with it @Hauntterr Bro that takeoff album actually really good and underrated got some hits on there @Hauntterr That takeoff song so fuckin good @JhbTeam @pokimanelol @KeviSkillz Hey @Hauntterr What a beauty of a playlist🚨BANG NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO🚨 THIS GAME MAKES NO SENSE (Jump King Stream Highlights 🎞️edited by @FknReamey 👇Watch, L…
Retweeted by demonz 🦦🇬🇷 @Hauntterr Got a link to this said music 🤔 @CrypticNoHoes Costco and company should really buy a lotto ticket @Wis_Alt LMFAOOOO @notoliviabee 😔 @CrypticNoHoes Bouta hop over until LaMelo comes back then go back Fr @CrypticNoHoes I can’t with my team cryptic I can’t keep doing this @JoeyTheSuperJew THIS DAY JUST KEEPS GETTING WORSE @TheHoopCentral Ok? Caleb Martin did this last game? Lmao 😂 @notoliviabee U rn lol
I follow 655 people and I have to see a olivia bee tweet every day I don’t think my life could get any worse @tomvsthewrld Nice @TristanGHill Imagine be a fish that shit would be boring as hellHornets announcer Eric Collins is ELECTRIC on the mic Best calls of the season🎙
Retweeted by demonz 🦦🇬🇷 @JhbTeamm LMFAOOO what a beauty of and edit @Panthers @idjmoore @LovePassionDD Happy birthday dj 🥳 @wtfKobra Happy birthday boss 🥳💦 @KellyCantTweet I wasn’t even there and they filled out me and @MinusWhale31 goals @JoeyTheSuperJew @Froste Well...Bro let Caleb Martin drop 17/10/5 on his head 😭 beat a g league roster congrats 😭 @CorinnaKopf I’m right here @ImMashed_Potato Bro our best players rn are the guys from the g league team lmaoThe fact a g league hornets team making this a game funny as hell