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In the arena, daring greatly. 👩🏾‍💻🎙✍🏽I work @producthunt @hustlecrewlive #techish and strive for a more inclusive tech industry. Author

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@iiiitsandrea Folks are being aired though, it’s a war of resistance but we are breaking ground. It’s not going to be easy. @iiiitsandrea *sigh* and these are the convos that occur in the open ... so many damaging ones continue behind closed doors @GoGoBrooklyn For real 🙄 @JIC94 I hear you !! We have to keep the dialogue going about this to drive changeThis thread has got my neurons firing
@ThomGroutars 😂😂 @ThomGroutars Lol thought you were just doing your best model pout 😉 @anisahob @parkrunUK Fab progress well done !!When you work @ProductHunt you get to work remotely with some of the 🧠 smartest, 💐 nicest and 🌈most diverse techies… @operaqueenie 😭 so cute !!! @NidaAhmad_ the challenge of living a multi cultural life, I've felt this, too 😞 @operaqueenie OMG WHAT ?! This is the cutest thing. Lil ballerina Noemi 🥰I loved being on @talkRADIO’s @BadassWomensHr 🙌🏾💃🏾. I chatted to @HarrietMinter, @NatDCampbell & @emmasexton about…
Retweeted by Abadesi @epic_ping_pong @ProductHuntBOS @SlidesUp False alarm, folks! We want to host the Meetup on the same day as the res…
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@emmagannon Yes I use @LeaveMeAloneApp its so good and by a female maker 😊
@operaqueenie Aw shucks, thanks sis @akoobooks @ProductHunt @DaveCharest thanks for listening! Please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts when you can :) @machisa_tanya @rrhoover @Spotify Hehe that’s me 😊😊Taking a cue from @rrhoover and sharing my @Spotify Wrapped for 2019. 🎵 Listen to my playlist:… @venikunche “Thanks for connecting I’d love to help - what budget o you have available for this?”
@deborahokenla @MicrosoftStore @AdibaMaduegbuna loooooove this 😄 @vanessafaloye @yassmin_a came out yesterday! @vanessafaloye @yassmin_a so excited to read the sequel that just came out!Do what you love and you'll n̶e̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶w̶o̶r̶k̶ ̶a̶ ̶d̶a̶y̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶l̶i̶f̶e̶ work super fcuking hard al…
Retweeted by AbadesiAll makers know how hard it is to reach our target audience -- listen to the latest episode of @ProductHuntPod to h… young women were as likely to vote as the total population then almost a million extra votes would be cast. Plea…
Retweeted by Abadesi🔥🔥 Listen to part 1 of the very first LIVE episode of #Techish! 🔥🔥 @MichaelBerhane_ and I talk: 🎥  @Disney and s… @LisaQFetterman @ProductHunt it was crazy! we saw coyotes too @polotek @ProductHunt hehe true true @iiiitsandrea @pierrah_ HBD Pierrah! So much awesomeness pic, queens @yassmin_a Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi, Ordinary People by Diana Evans, Swing Time by Zadie Smith and Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams 😊New #Techish! Listen to part 1 of the very first live episode of #Techish! @Abadesi & I talk: 🎥 The streaming wa…
Retweeted by Abadesi @NKrystal @priscamoyesa @RyanNile Happy birthday
As soon as I arrived @ProductHunt offsite we spotted a bear! 🐻 Stoked to be with the team IRL 😊 #Techish! Listen to part 1 of the very first live episode of #Techish! @Abadesi & @MichaelBerhane_ talk: 🎥 T…
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@hustlecrewlive Writing reflections on 2019 and intentions for 2020 😊
Obviously I’m biased, but one day y’all will understand that women of color are the heroes you’ve been waiting for.
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@g00dbyewig It was !!! Unlike anything I’ve ever done. Chile is a beautiful country with amazing peoplePatagonia 😍😍😍 A week of extreme trekking, camping in the wilderness with no Wifi or phone reception forced me to q… @MichaelBerhane_ @FrontApp @collinmathilde Being in Patagonia with no Wifi or reception did wonders for mine!
@glumgrrl @hustlecrewlive YAY! 😄😄😄So happy to hold this in my hands! Thank you @hustlecrewlive @Abadesi!!
Retweeted by Abadesi @Rashidism @ProductHunt @SlackHQ Yep Slack for all internal comms 😊
❤️ started listening to Techish. Have to say @Abadesi and @MichaelBerhane_, great work 🙌🏾 Listened to your mo…
Retweeted by Abadesi @sasyrae Imagine if WhatsApp supported auto replies! “Your msg won’t be read” 😂 @Leandro8209 @MichaelBerhane_ wow high praise for #techish - thanks Leandro! We have more live shows coming in 2020 @letsdostuffs @julsica @hustlecrewlive it really is. and its exhausting! but don't give up. the world needs you! or it won't get any better @adescoy thanks for the tip! @julsica @hustlecrewlive thanks Iulia :D @MillennialRach It's certainly a trend and I get why. @jelenajansson very true! thanks @NotPerfectJustB what a lovely tweet to read - thanks so much for sharing your journey, i'm glad i can help in some small way. @haideralmosawi Oh! That's novel, thanks @jelenajansson that's what I was thinking! Also WhatsApp has become like emails - its no longer personal but actual… @MillennialRach ooh I dislike folks who take off read receipts... I understand why but it's annoying to be on the o… @machisa_tanya oh I've never made one before! there was a time I refused to make stories on any other app because i… think I'm just going to change my display name to OOO so folks don't think I'm ignoring them. Or is that lame/overkill? 🤔How do you set an out of office status on WhatsApp? to avoid political debates online as the lack of nuance is unsettling BUT there’s a strange rhetoric on trut…
Retweeted by Abadesi @Natashalytton for sure! ❤️ @tela thank you 😊 @Natashalytton I leave tonight 🥰
@adescoy Actually an adventure with my bff 👯‍♀️ @botting_ella @Abadesi It’s about time...
Retweeted by Abadesi @Abadesi’s techish is the best podcast to listen to on the treadmill FACT
Retweeted by Abadesi @Leandro8209 @botting_ella YAY!! Thanks Ella and Leandro 😊 @VivekVAyer ooh thanks Vivek, did you live in Chile before? @LorenzoSpoerry Thanks, will do! So excited 😊❤️I just started a new discussion on @producthunt "Do you do experiments on your own body to be more productive?" Sha… @BMWeinstein7 Absolutely @TallTidjane @IndieHackers @alyssaxuu @LuisalyJi @malouie @imcatnoone Thanks 😊 @theanthonyware I hear you!
@theanthonyware Thank you Anthony! What are your thoughts? @Xero will do - thanks for your help i really appreciate itWe’ve had some great feedback about our Rebel Meetups over the past week and I wanted to share a few gems 😍 Across…
Retweeted by Abadesi @lexmakesthings @Ssnow1_ 🔥🔥🔥 @LamaAlRajih @liveculdesac Congrats Lama! Really exciting🚨🚨🚨 WE LAUNCHED 🚨🚨🚨 @liveculdesac is building the first car-free neighborhood from scratch in the US!!!
Retweeted by Abadesi @Xero thank you - i submitted a query via a form I found on your support pages but didn't get an email confirmation… @corey_gwin @naval thanks Corey @corey_gwin ooh nice!! is that your quote?I've been thinking about how putting ourselves in public spaces like social media makes us want to be liked by virt… time 🧐 Hey creators and makers! When it comes to work that you produce, would you rather have the public react: @LaurMajesty @natmccroy @pocintech thanks for the feedback Henny, appreciate you taking time to listen and tweetBrand new #Techish. @MichaelBerhane_ & I discuss 🏠 @Airbnb's new safety reforms 🤦🏾 @Tip acting creepy ✊🏾 Supportin… @5harath @IndieHackers @anthilemoon @syswarren @dinkydani21 @whizzzoe 😊😊 @Xero support leaves a lot to be desired @JustaSimpleMan_ @Perdiealder @MichaelBerhane_ @TechHub No but the audio will feature in a future episode
@minimalistbaker hmm good question! have yet to go over three or four... 🧐I just started a new discussion on @producthunt "Share your product here to get support, feedback, users (w/c 18 No…
Issue No. 111 - Guild Education; All Raise VC Summit; Taking maternity leave while leading a public company; Ethel'…
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@MightyForms Thanks 😊 @sonyabarlowuk Thanks 😊 @miss_lord Thank you @kennethzimmer8 Thanks @MandelaSH Happy birthday you superstar! ❤️❤️