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@strippapole Very urban @strippapole HUH @evilrashida I love a midriff mhmMy brand I feel like @orbgoddess @evilrashida DONT DO ME.... @evilrashida I am mixed with Moschino... @boricualolita I wonder these pants with like the sunset exist 😭I love fashion when it’s not being discussed by tasteless fashion snobs like pretty clothes slay @boricualolita When we get matching ones @warmhalos Her hair this season is peak @orbgoddess Like the way she’s styled is literally exactly how I like to and what to dress she really was devouringNo she really was stunting this episode Drescher as Fran Fine wearing Jean-Paul Gaultier Fall/Winter 1995 on “The Nanny”. Costume Design by Brenda Coo…
Retweeted by laurve these pants..... @VlRGOSOL That’s what is so confusing to me like why does it matter if ppl don’t like the idol you like like who CARESThis Wendy shit is getting old like people coming up with all these bullshit think pieces to make themselves feel b… @BarbieTheeStar Yaaas mega nuke incoming @PlsGiveCummies It’s sick actually @VlRGOSOL We should absolutely live our truth! @VlRGOSOL I FEAR... @PlsGiveCummies the teasers are giving i can't make the teasers not give @tiddie_ she has it all trulyAnd when my sister Ningning teaser's drop? I will be commenting and sharing the supportive tweets actuallyThese aespa teasers devouring i fearThis was a collapse seriously @sissythatpatch The other actress trying not to also apparently she adlibbed a lot of the lines @s4hia you know how she is @quasimodonuts running from the villain and stopped to take a quick pic @sissythatpatch basement wall being a place for legends apparently I'M LIKE IN AN EXCELLENT MOOD exercise really does help with emotions or w/e i'm slaying @sissythatpatch you and edgar @letyveslive youre so brave and tyyy i am! i'm just vibing and minding my business as usual <3 @sissythatpatch AJFDLKAFJDAL no cuz you need to catch up to me so we can talk i'm like halfway through season 3 the…'m ctfu cuz i was really riding my bike into the sunset listening to aly and aj's new album really feeling my comi… @ipod_linux I'm mad i put it off for so long but then again i paid like nothing for this bike cuz i got it off fb m… @itbunnygirl2 Rihanna should be very scared @letyveslive you aint miss much tbh glad ur doing ok hehe @letyveslive we needed thisthere's something sadistic yet sexy about biking uphill like i want to dye on the spot but i also kinda love it.....inchresting @ipod_linux No like i really forgot...i used to ride my bike to and from work like everyday.....missed this @kimlipimplants get out my waayyyyYAHKinda obsessed with riding my bike...went to two bike rides today......feeling free actuallyShe’s about to slay YUP @_blasianbarbie I literally just had nothing I’m ctfu
@hojpg2 Kindle is boneless book wait @hojpg2 Fat free @hojpg2 Audio book
Retweeted by @sissythatpatch K
Retweeted by @PlsGiveCummies FUNNIEST EDIT OF THE YEAR I'M CRYINGALKJGL @sissythatpatch who ? @PlsGiveCummies THIS IS DESTROYING ME SERIOUSLYOk so...i think it's safe to say i had basically no symptoms besides a tiny tickle in my throak for like an hour wi… @bbyaphrodiite thoughts and prayers @number1to10 Yes and YES @s4hia ALRIGHT.... @PalIahAbdul it's so sad i'm still giggling @jellyfangs Hey normie @sissythatpatch Yeah i was lil suspicious and did a reverse image search and it was some kpop boy who made it aflkjafldja @sissythatpatch Well they didn’t make it some kpop boy did so! @MaryPussyPoppin Cleared to my oblivion @themdies Hm.Every single melon @themdies when i make you my strawberry shortcake cupcakes that may change your mind actually @themdies I was gonna say perez hilton but strawberry??? ur sick....Non black ppl trying to read is always hilarious but non black KPOP stans is a 3 part comedy special and not because the reads are funny @strippapole THEY WERE SMILING WHEN POSTED THAT KISSED THEY FINGER TIPS AND EVERYTHING 😭😭😭 @strippapole IM WEAKget that grease HOT they on your ASSThey eating you up in the qts better get that spatula ready friend!! @cxmeronbernxl Oh absolutely! @tommnot I'M LIKE CRYING FR THEY JUST PICKED A RANDOM IMAGE IN THEIR MEDIA AND WENT IN @g3girlboss and that's why you burnt your poptart"omffffgggg sis you dragged afdljfdlksafjasd $ YT^$""AND THAT'S WHY YOUR PASTA WAS UNDERCOOKED...Al Dente more like al DENTIST cuz that's what you'll need eating these hard ass noodles!!" @zayyoko Me dragging your blackened salmon @g3girlboss NO CUZ THEY ARE KIKIING LIKE THEY READ THEM DOWN IM ABOUT TO FAINTNot being able to be in the sun for too long cuz of this laser hair removal is kinda starting to piss me awf......g… WHAT THEM BROWNIES DO TO YOU CTFUUUUWhat random thing to try and drag i'm crying materials inanimate object and colour I’m about to faint attacking me 3 times I can’t breathe... @miaukenzie listen the peppered in british like...vocab is what's really pushing this over the edge for me @miaukenzie I'm about to collapse @teal________ yeah i think it's def the sound that kicks it up @miaukenzie Im a tad excited now so hehe @arkhamtitty I meant doctor barber and peppermint Larry I couldn’t remember their names but I remember the comedy @kimIipverse that's why we haven't seen ha in a bit...she's blonde watchI feel fine this edible aint shit @BigGayDemons Like it’s very obvious whar was being implied 😭Liberals are the same whether they are in the states or fish n chips land just terrible @jvnie STOP I WAS THINKING ABOUT THAT....the one that lied about having like AIDS.... @sissythatpatch I’m on season 3 it’s so funny @valentine2fine AWiuwsuhshshThis was camp @arkhamtitty Candy doctor was one of the funniest characters ever to me @EurobeatParty WELP