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I draw comics! 1/2 of the team behind @blacktabbygames Play Scarlet Hollow on Steam:

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@ragingwoodcock Siiick, I hope you have a good time!! ;D @RipleyStation Thank you!! I love writing sad horror, love to make people feel bad in SEVERAL waysYeesss!! The Crossroads At Midnight PDFs just got released to backers! SO excited for people to read it, I'm quite… @AWildJax @Iron_Spike YAAAY I'm so excited that it's out!!! And thank yoooouu!!! @Gothsalts Oh! Is the PDF out now??
Cardiovascular system angel. #conceptart #horrorart #iguess
Retweeted by Abby Howard @alukslice Hard to say, I think that'll depend on personal preference! I'm only a few eps in, but I'm enjoying the…'t decide if I like the plain lineart more... colors are an alien world to me Home fanart! Love this dude reason everyone is talking about sea shanties is that it is currently 1846, you're aboard the HMS Erebus, the t…
Retweeted by Abby Howard @lostweather I believe it's Monstera adansonii! It's a really nice plant, grows super fast and looks extremely neat
Marie Kondo'd our room to make it as spacious as possible and to feel like I have control over something ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @kendrawcandraw 😔
Live with Mass Effect 2! ;0 Come hang out and bear witness to the rebirth of CHUNCH'll be streaming the start of Mass Effect 2 starting at 6:30pm EST! I cannot wait to recreate CHUNCH in an even m… and wings tonight, lads when I reply “thank you” to everyone who supports my art
Retweeted by Abby HowardJust posted a game dev post for $5 patrons! It's all about the trait system in Scarlet Hollow, from how we write it… @ducbobo Yess!! Her name is Nubs, she's perfect and I love her 🖤
@rafael_olvb @tonyhowardarias You're too sweet!! 😭😭🖤Reposting, since this continues to be the mood @oheysteenz Ah, the memories.. up too late on the family computer, hoping no one would find me knee-deep in a Carto…
@ComicsSteve This is just early access for patrons, the comic will go live on the site next Monday! @CSPstuff You're too kind!! Thank you so much! 🖤 @CSPstuff 👀👀👀Just spruced up the Patreon, since I now make comics AND games. You can now- $1 Get access to announcements $5 Get… next The Last Halloween update is now available for $5 supporters over on my Patreon! ;0
@Keroan0 Indeed it is!! I've been enjoying drawing this fish quite a bit, thank you for having a fun-to-draw fear :D @rcainebuild Thank you!! 🥰Just one page away from finishing the next The Last Halloween update! 👁👁 only is half of our dev team non-binary, but we've also got nb representation in Scarlet Holllow, both for play…
Retweeted by Abby Howardmissed #screenshotsaturday AGAIN. Anyways did you know that you can pet the dog in Scarlet Hollow?
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If you've been seeing me post acorn recipes and wondering "how the heck does that even work", this comic is for you…
Retweeted by Abby Howardattn: squirrels One of the secret projects I've been working on the last few months is a 21-page instructional com…
Retweeted by Abby HowardI'm live working on the next Last Halloween update! Come hang out if you're cool (and if you want to!) ;0…
This.... sucks. @passingfair @korybing Now it is I saying WHOMST?! @CSPstuff @slimyswampghost I hadn't even heard of it! Thanks for the rec, I've been starved for new horror lately 😩 @joe_lummus @ironcircuscomix It was delayed until late February due to Covid, unfortunately! I'm crossing my fingers for no further delays 🤞POV: Your goth friends and their furry invite you to dinner
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@deadletterboy A bit of both-- I really like shrimp, plus they help clean the tank, BUT they are also a tasty littl… @lepas Such an athlete!!A little shrimp perched on a little leaf...🙃"The philosophy undergirding reforms is that more rules will mean less violence. But police officers break rules al…
Retweeted by Abby HowardWow! Amazing!! Somehow the response to white people storming the capitol to try and overthrow an election is "eh, j… think this is some kind of miniature bear, actually
Retweeted by Abby HowardThe Capitol Police....didn’t arrest them? They just....let them walk out? They managed to arrest climate protestors…
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For anybody who needs to look away from your twitter feed for a little while, we're streaming the end of our Mass E… thinking about how armed cops forcibly removed disabled activists from congress
Retweeted by Abby HowardThe thing that not a single reporter or pundit on the news today understands is that this is not a story about fasc…
Retweeted by Abby HowardDefund the police. the police. Your goth friends and their furry invite you to dinner you'd like to purchase my many-starred-reviewed, @yalsa's 2021 "Great Graphic Novels For Teens" list-making book… @terrorosespica Here ya go! It's also available on Amazon or through most major book retailers, I believe? @tuner55 Thanks, Robert! 😊Yesss!!! That's my book! :D :D :D @melgillman Omg, it looks so beautiful and hearty! You are slowly animorphing into a little Redwall hedgehog chef @slimyswampghost @Perry_Ruh 👁👁 👁👁Doing what we can to keep the #yalepeabodyrenovation on-brand in 2021. Please enjoy this #dinosaur demolition distr…
Retweeted by Abby Howard @jamesholod Ah geez, I'm cryin!! What a life he's lived
Spoons, displeased that we were once again hanging out with the Tube Demon (snake)
@rafael_olvb Thank you, Rafael! I wasn't sure if color was going to add the dimension I was hoping for, but I'm gla… of the Beast 🐸 is full of too many creatures I have never heard of. Not allowed
Finally finished this Hellraiser piece! Just yer average sunday night with the gang will not be a single saturday in my entire life where i remember that #screenshotsaturday is a thing that peo…
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Still inking if you'd like to come hang out!'m gonna be streaming pencils/inks for The Last Halloween (and might finally finish that Hellraiser piece) startin…
@mac_dead ;D lamp >:3 @daxxcat No need to feel silly-- tbh, I don't usually have buttermilk, but you can make an equivalent by mixing a t… @daxxcat Oh wait, I'm not sure if you're kiddin'-- that says "line w/ crisco!" Sorry if I ruined your goof by answering seriously, lol @daxxcat Sure thing! It's my dad's recipe, I hope this is legible 😅 gotta ring in the New Year the old fashioned way~ @smacknee @missgaley Yep! A lemon pig for good fortune in the new year. Usually I just put my hope in the southern "collards,… @bluedelliquanti Flawless🖤Even if I don't have the proper materials, ain't we all just hoping to squeeze as much luck out of the new year as… @ZmbieMnstrGhst @ironcircuscomix 😭😭😭🖤 @S_Ranker @ironcircuscomix Aw, thanks! 😄 @kendrawcandraw THAT. GARMENT. @biologizing Bangers, all!! @slimyswampghost There's a short horror comic about a Tulpa I wanna do SO bad... in like 7 years when I have time ☠ @Retnus It was!! It was bold to do an episode like that in the middle of a season, and I thought it was well done (and hit home, of course)ENEMIES
We're watching Mythic Quest and there's an ep partway through where a goth girl and beard/plaid guy make an indie h… @Laylabelle97 It'll be out next February-- it was delayed by a few months due to, y'know, the state of the world, b… year I retreated into my artist's dungeon, and here's what all I did: Co-wrote+illustrated ep 1 of a video gam… few of my favorite pieces from 2020. I aim to take my illustrations to even greater levels of enigmatic and wist…
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I’m out doing field work today (in the mountains of NC) when I hear a strange loud scream/noise from behind me, I q…
Retweeted by Abby Howard @GonScience @blacktabbygames SCARLET HOLLOW REAL @forthefatlady It only took 2 days for my nose to dissolve into a fine powder of skin dust, I need lotion asap @snailmales THIS HOLE WAS MADE FOR U
Some of the preliminary data on trait and romance preferences in Scarlet Hollow! Have you filled out the survey ye…
Retweeted by Abby Howard @sarcasmgal Nope! Here's a pic in better light~ @bdclarke It has a lot of removable parts, including a cover with paw-holes in it so they have to maneuver the food…
THERE'S HOPE FOR SPOONS YET @derrvinci789 Head empty, as they say 🖤🙀🖤