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just say yikes and move on

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do you ever just have SO much anxiety that you have to just go to sleep because you don’t know how else to cope with it? sameNORMALIZE CHANGING YOUR OPINION ON SOMETHING AFTER LEARNING NEW INFORMATION. ITS OKAY. I PROMISE.
Retweeted by Abbysomeone just said “why are you so pressed? you aren’t even black lmaooo.” why AREN’T you so pressed? why can’t you…
Retweeted by Abby @lovanzzz @Gigicollins23 @ondreazlopez @ondreazlopez look at this bro
Stop telling women they’re too young to want kids or that they’ll change their mind about NOT wanting kids. We can… hair always @Gigicollins23 This makes me sadder than I should be
“America has launched” gets me every time older I get the more emotional I get about rocket launches and space missions (because I realized how cool it i… @Gigicollins23 @ondreazlopez Details are everything
@linnzzzo Literally laughed out loud when I saw this. As if we didn’t all buy merch yesterday. He wants us broke broke @ondreazlopez Omg he’s really asking at this point 😂 @linnzzzo @tayyswaydo you ever just meet people that you vibe with super well and get so excited to be their friend because same 🥺At this point in my life I’m just vibing. Letting what come, come and whatever go, go.
Retweeted by AbbyCan someone pls teach a “how to not take everything so personal” for dummies 101 class for me thanksDon’t ask me how I woke up and can’t find my glasses but how am I supposed to find them when I can’t see 🙃
@lopez__tony 🥺💜 @MaraAlbay Yes! You?Today has been a literal emotional rollercoaster but I think it’s finally over 👏🏼 @linnzzzo @lopez__tony Linz really went big 😭 @ondreazlopez @ondreazlopez @lopez__tony 💚 @Yaboinikkiii Why do I feel ready to throw upyour girl is f r u s t r a t e dWhy have I had 8am work meetings everyday this week @MaraAlbay I’m 99.9999% positive they said worldwide shipping! @tayysway Yes I love the sweats! I guess it just depends how much everything costs once we get in @tayysway I know I know lol it’s so hard to pick and they threw me off when they added more😖 @tayysway All of them @MaraAlbay I know I finally made up my mind and they added sweatpants 😐
@ondreazlopez Us tomorrow when we get that email @beautybymar_ Me pulling up on your boss away from people who act like a victim in a problem they created.
Retweeted by Abby @beautybymar_ POWER COUPLE 🔥💗Why did this make me emotional😖my town is pretty cool after all @xannygrant You ARE cute @Gigicollins23 @ondreazlopez Love this!! @AmarahMerie I believe in you 🥺 let me know if you need anything!! Miss you 🖤
Only in Florida do you see an alligator on the interstatebe careful who you trust, salt and sugar look the same @beautybymar_ I literally can’t wait for your day 🥺so excited for the season of change and growth I’m about to go intoEvery time I go to @macyaburnett apartment when she’s not home (which is kind of a lot for some reason) I always lo… ghosting you sucks just as bad as someone you’re “talking to” I said what I said @xlilhuddy He really said screw Bryce lmaoo @_jxdn Proof that Griff and Anthony keep them in line 😅
@MaraAlbay Facts!!! You can defend yourself without dragging someone else down! @MaraAlbay She’s really messing with the wrong people🤔 @kayleighally Omgnobody supports you like a social media friend that you’ve never met ✨
Retweeted by Abby @linnzzzo I feel attacked @NikitaDragun This is such a random duo but I’m here for it
@tayysway I’m shaking for you @linnzzzo @alexwaarren David saying “*screenshots 😳” 😂Do you ever just not have the emotional capacity for social media some days cause same
@CatuJosselyn @macyaburnett this ones for you @stephhcody Oop @Yaboinikkiii @ondreazlopez Stop you’re so cute!! @sketchynejwa Who told you you could be this hot wowEveryone is out on their boats today🥺 I just wanna be on a beach somewhere with a beer in my hand is that too much to ask @linnzzzo Stop you guys are so cutestg I thought this said “overrated” and I was getting ready to drag your ass @linnzzzo @lopez__tony How did they get in the gate?? @linnzzzo @lopez__tony I love that lol @linnzzzo @lopez__tony Linz did you order him food lmaoo
I just had the STRANGEST shopping experience at Publix. I’ve lived in Florida for 23 years so you’d think Floridian… literally shouldn’t be allowed to hold anything that’s breakable. I just dropped my dogs food bowl on the floor a… the makeup and bra is already off but you remember you have to go grocery shopping 😖 @Gigicollins23 I love that for youI wish I could go back to the first time I heard no guidance by Chris brown and drake, ugh
Retweeted by Abby @linnzzzo No, I’m conflicted 😅I just want to be in a pit screaming The Maine songs with my friends again please
Retweeted by Abby @linnzzzo Do you know what you’re getting yet🥺 @vickily_13 They literally own this song @Iopezbrothers I literally don’t know what to do with this information @Iopezbrothers Are you fcking kidding me @CayceWiggins1 @vickily_13 Cayce you’re my favorite person ever @daddyondreaz @vickily_13 “I sleep in his bed” took me out lmaoo
@linnzzzo Tony really had nothing to say lmao @linnzzzo So cute!! 🖤 @linnzzzo Our tattoo places open June 1 😬Running on 2 hours of sleep, day old mascara, and 3 cups of coffee. I’m fineNo Gemini hatred will be tolerated the next 4 weeks You already know we are like this 👯‍♀️💗👯‍♀️
Retweeted by AbbyEverytime I go to a crossbody purse I want to go back to a big purse so bad but I always regret it @Yaboinikkiii Dark mode on Instagram is superior @LuisaSantos43 Venmo abby_amos 🤷🏼‍♀️I accidentally took a 3 hour nap earlier and now it’s 2 am and I can’t sleep 🙂 @CeliaGlowacki @sarcasm_onIy @macyaburnett I don’t make the rules @beautybymar_ @MorpheBrushes @Jaclynhill @JeffreeStar How are you so perfect Mar 😲😍
@lopez__tony @ @vickily_13 next timeYou guys I’m so excited about something that I want to cry but I can’t post about it till next week🥺It’s my girls favorite time of the month again 🖤 @bullymake @Chiken_Stuffed @Louis_Tomlinson are yOU KIDDING ME 😭👏🏼👏🏼 @tayysway You’re so cute!!I hope J. Cole is somewhere making a masterpiece rn
Retweeted by Abby @tayysway So pretty!! 🖤
I really just looked in my fridge and contemplated between a beer and juicy juice. This is 22 @linnzzzo @vickily_13 @tayysway @PostMalone Yes boo Florida wants you both! The rest of the gang is already here 😅 @tayysway @linnzzzo @PostMalone I’m that bump on the side of Florida that no one knows what it is 😅 @tayysway @linnzzzo @PostMalone Y’all move to Florida 😭 I live 10 minutes from the beach!!