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Nothings black or white. The world is a dirty shade of grey.

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@KTHopkins Make fun of the dead. How low can u get. @himanshuxd @DVATW Say what u want, but every morning outside every european embassies in delhi mumbai etc, Theres… @himanshuxd @DVATW He doesnt think much of india either lol @himanshuxd @DVATW @himanshuxd @DVATW @DazMaddison @JessRobeson @MikeStuchbery_ Holodomer was just like them @MdsGill @TarekFatah U may forgive 1984. Women and children killed. Others wont. @KevMk2 @jeremycorbyn @johnmcdonnellMP Loon @Gary_987 @CrazyJoyna Loon @CrazyJoyna @DVATW Sorry i thot u were brave. @panchajanya_s @DVATW @panchajanya_s @DVATW @AlokMerchant @DVATW @iamcoolindian @DVATW @reddy4India @DVATW @Mayur86891939 @DVATW @himanshuxd @DVATW @karmaceejay @DVATW @Prateek54702621 @DVATW @pabloDeKol @DVATW @atenfanatic @DVATW @athelass Thats teenagers fighting. Some winning and some losing @CrazyJoyna @DVATW Quit twitter and go show them how brave u r lol @cbar_tx @DVATW @britishbullybee Changing a tyre lol strong men ?? @TraitorPolitic1 @DVATW Quit tweetin mate and show them how brave u r lol @DVATW Cut paste and edit to promote ur agenda. Collate all the videos of blacks being beaten up. Edit . And prom… @DVATW I dont see u with any skill set. Chattin sh*t on twitter is not a skill set. Have u ever had a proper job? @ArvindK94865717 @TarekFatah Lol pakistanis may not be clever. But they defintly aint bhooke, nange. They have more… @MdsGill @TarekFatah 1984 @AartiTikoo Journalist without a proper job @rupasubramanya @AatishTaseer @saikatd Ask akshay kumar for renouncing his indian citizenship @YusufDFI @saikatd Akshay kumar revoked his indian citizenship to become canadian @jihadwatchRS @Twitter Lol @jihadwatchRS @Twitter Lol @DVATW Illegal immigrants cant access public services as they illegal @vinaya_pai @DVATW @Feduporiginal @Sanjayp72260629 @TarekFatah Theres 1 billion hindus lol u overtaking china in population race @TulsiGabbard @TarekFatah Trump knows best. Turkey has right to intervene on its border and its neighbour. @MariaBabchenko @TarekFatah Maria out to get indian followers @TarekFatah Indians love tarek. Tarek loves indians. We canadians dont like him or want him. Why doesnt he just m…