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Abdullah Bozkurt @abdbozkurt Stockholm, Sweden

Director, Nordic Research & Monitoring Network, Journalist & Author of Turkey Interrupted Derailing Democracy;

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Turkey’s spy agency officers involved in sex trafficking, human smuggling, wiretaps reveal
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtUS congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney urges release of political prisoners in Turkey
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When journalists are attacked, societies are attacked. No democracy can function without press freedom nor can any…
Retweeted by Abdullah Bozkurt#Turkey deploys some of the elements from 106th Artillery Regiment to #Syria to support new military operations. regime in #Turkey not only jails journalists but also kills them behind bars albeit slowly. İstanbul church attacked amid growing hostility toward Christians: report
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtPresidential Spokesman Ibrahim Kalın admired Khomeini, praised Iranian Revolution
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtAfter the #Syrian town of Ras al-Ayn under the control of Turkish troops, #Turkey started issuing national ID cards… deploys more troops to #Syria's Idlib province. #Turkey's President #Erdogan, symbolism matters a lot. He even personally directed a video shooting of the oi… Hammond investigates Kosovo's problem with returning foreign fighters: 256 men and 52 women accompanied by 4…
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Turkish President joins the prayer broadcast live from Hagia Sophia, recites the Turkish translation of the Conques… announced by President #Erdogan, Turkish Imam recited the Conquest Chapter in Hagia Sophia tonight, with Culture… gov’t officials baited in honey trap sex schemes leaked secret documents
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtTurkey threatens Europe with renewed refugee flow unless its demands met
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This story has been updated with new reactions and background information.
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtWhere is Yusuf Bilge Tunç? Yusuf Bilge Tunç disappeared in broad daylight on August 6, 2019, leaving no trace beh…
Retweeted by Abdullah Bozkurt#Turkey's President #Erdogan's dream of branding himself as the Caliph will get a new road marker tomorrow. He an… Süslü (@Hasan0165) and his charity Fukara-Der are closely tied to jihadis in Syria. From Abdullah Bozkurt (…
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtTurkey wants increased role for Turks in Kosovo, warns of consequences otherwise
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UN warns Albania over return of critics to Turkey, citing risks of torture, enforced disappearance
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtThere has been an increase in the number of suspicious deaths in Turkey, most of them occurring in prisons and dete…
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtSäpo demand law change to stop extremists from running schools
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtTurkish colonel who worked in intelligence planned to kill non-Muslims and non-Turks, wiretap reveals
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtUnlawful abductions by the security services have made a comeback in Turkey, reminiscent of the dark periods of the…
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtSwiss prosecutors investigate Turkish couple informed on dissidents
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This is how #Erdogan gov't fans anti-western hysteria in #Turkey. Day in day out, presenter Erkan Tan spews hatre…’s paramilitary contractor SADAT eyes training African troops via defense deals
Retweeted by Abdullah Bozkurt.@Turguttoglu co-founder of @londontodays writes about historic war crimes Turkey committed against the Kurdish pe…
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Council of Europe Rapporteur calls on Turkey, Azerbaijan to urgently stop attacks on journalists
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtIncreasingly isolated #Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu accuses the United Arab Emirates of dividing…
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtIranian spy defector blew the whistle on moles in Turkey’s intelligence agency and Incirlik Air Base
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtTurkey's President Recep Tayyip #Erdogan underwent surgery for colon cancer and suffers from epilepsy, according to…
Retweeted by Abdullah Bozkurt#Turkey accused @NATO of not supporting it member on missiles, said #Russia offered the best deal. The delivery o…
Abdullah Bozkurt (@abdbozkurt) analyzes classified documents detailing the #Erdogan regime's surveillance of Turkis…
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtTurkish defense minister Hulusi Akar accused #Greece of engaging serious provocations in the Aegean against #Turkey’s President Erdoğan underwent surgery for cancer, suffers from epilepsy
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtTurkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu says #Turkey has never cancelled open border policy for refugees who want… @oulosP May 12 with Akit TV.Increasingly isolated #Turkey's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu accuses the United Arab Emirates of dividing…
Spying by Turkish intelligence and embassy in Greece has been expanded, secret documents show
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UN envoy implicitly accuses Turkey of violating arms embargo on Libya
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtJihadist charity Fukara-Der continues to operate in Turkey, raise funds in Germany
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"Death to Israel", "Hail to Hamas", read signs held by kids in #Turkey's pro-dominantly Kurdish city of Diyarbakir,… confiscated or froze $32 billion worth of asset belonging to gov’t critics
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtStockholm Center for Freedom relies on your contribution to support the work in documenting human rights violations…
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtA documented case of Turkish intelligence espionage in #Australia it makes sense why Turkish Airlines transporting lethal cargo to Nigeria, courtesy to the #Turkey's intelligenc…
TBB, 80 Turkish bar associations oppose gov’t plan to amend law on lawyers
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtMore than 120 Greek artists expressed solidarity to #GrupYorum. Amazing, deeply emotional initiative next to Acropo…
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtDummy's guide on how to scare investors away from #Turkey as local currency has tumbled. President #Erdogan threa… my speech to @OliverVarhelyi EU Comm Neighbourhood & Enlargement in @EP_ForeignAff @Europarl_EN debate, I evoked…
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtFew ISIS cases actually result in convictions in #Turkey. Even those convictions get thrown out by Turkey's top cou…
The Caliph-wannabe speaking: President #Erdogan addresses during Youth and Sports Day in #Turkey. He thinks the e… ambassador’s killer tied to Turkish gov’t-backed Islamist charity İyilikhane
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtFounder and CEO of Iranian Financial Services Firm Extradited on Money Laundering, Wire Fraud, and Conspiracy Charg… extradition agreement may target Uyghurs living in Turkey
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Turkey drops the investigation into the death of a teacher who was tortured to death
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtTurkey protects masterminds behind escape of fugitive Carlos Ghosn from Japan
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Turkish gov’t secretly launched campaign to justify rearrest of critical journalists: report
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtTurkish judge suspended, faces investigation over support for left-wing Grup Yorum member
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"Thoughts cannot be imprisoned. Because, if you try to imprison thoughts, the ideas turn from light to a prism and…
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtDismissed civil servant found ineligible for tax reduction by Turkish authorities
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtFevzi Yazici has spent over 800 days in solitary confinement in Turkey. His art offers a glimpse at prison’s darkne…
Retweeted by Abdullah Bozkurt'I do not recognize #Israel as a state...Turkey's recognition of Israel was a black stain on our history" excerpts… Sebil magazine was owned by Kadir Misiroglu, an advocate of caliphate and resurrection of Ottoman empire. He ha… Islamist magazine, called Sebil, featured #Erdogan as one of the most important leaders for Islamist youth in i… old clipping on #Erdogan, then the leader of youth branches of Islamist MSP Party, decries his brief detention i… removes 4 more Kurdish mayors, toll reaches 44 since local elections
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtTurkey used secret witness testimony of a con man to bury the case of illegal arms sent to jihadists
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtTurkey, Kazakhstan agree on military cooperation that covers intelligence sharing, defense industry
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Members of the US Congress urge for the release of political prisoners in Turkey
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtTurkey’s vast network of informants takes toll on Erdoğan critics in Germany
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtCouncil of Europe bank supports Turkey with €200 mln loan amid COVID-19 crisis
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Turkey’s top court says Ahrar al-Sham is not a terrorist group, overturns al-Nusra conviction
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtTurkish defense industry companies boost presence in Gulf market amid political crisis
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtEuropan Parliament Turkey rapporteur warns political prisoners remain at risk in Turkish jails
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Turkish daily Evrensel chief editor called to testify over author Zarakolu’s column
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtEuropean rights court rejects Turkey’s appeal of Kavala verdict
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtTurkish President Erdoğan’s chief advisor endorsed al-Qaeda-affiliated Egyptian Islamic Jihad
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Erdoğan gov’t enlisted the help of convicted, alcoholic, womanizing military officer to prosecute opponents in sham…
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtTurkey, world’s largest jailer of journalists, will host OIC media institution
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Policeman attempting to detain disabled child in SE Turkey leads to outrage
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtTurkey still the world’s biggest jailer of journalists, says Pen International
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtPro-Erdoğan writer sparks outrage with plans to massacre neighbors in event of coup attempt
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtUrgent plea by a daughter of jailed journalist Mevlut Öztas for the release of her father who was unlawfully impris… Monitor reveals content of censored Council of Europe torture report on Turkey
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Death of Ahmet Burhan Ataç reveals plight of children caught up in Turkey’s massive purge
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44 inmates in İstanbul’s Silivri Prison test positive for COVID-19
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtPolitical prisoners should be released immediately: UN Special Rapporteur
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtTurkish folk band member dies after 322 days of hunger strike: report
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtTurkey, Azerbaijan deepen defense industry cooperation with new bilateral agreement
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtA suspect who attempted to torch Armenian church (Dzinunt Surp Asdvadzadzn) in Istanbul, reportedly claimed in his… intelligence’s vast network of surveillance in Europe, Americas, Africa, Asia exposed in secret files
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Turkey, Kenya set up cooperation mechanism in energy and hydrocarbons
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtTurkey shielded al-Qaeda suspects, jihadist NGOs from investigation into assassination of Russian envoy
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Erdoğan files criminal complaint against columnist, alleging instigation of coup
Retweeted by Abdullah Bozkurt8-year-old purge-victim kid dies of cancer
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtNearly half of Turkey’s judges and prosecutors are inexperienced newcomers in the aftermath of mass purge, says Reu…
Retweeted by Abdullah BozkurtBelgian NGOs and organizations included in terrorism indictment by Turkish prosecutor
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