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BG painter @ WB •organizer of #drawingwhileblack• repped by @comicsispeople. my views/opinions are my own

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@flora_reesa So proud!!😭💜holy shit the city canceled people’s covid testing because they needed union station to shoot the gender-swapped ti…
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This is the last week I’m going to be using this post then I’m going to make a new one Bc I’ll be actively looking…
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)i wish people would stop treating me like i am being overly paranoid/overly cautious about this virus when we’re ap…
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)Collection of my monster girl content
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Seems notable the most famous trans person in the country was targeted in a transphobic attack and there's just *no…
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)HIIII im Radia and i love drawing girls ❤️❤️❤️ #Artmazigh
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)#artmazigh weewoo, here’s two of my best pieces for the event🚶‍♀️
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them) @Srganuch MY EYES 🥺😭💜Fanart to celebrate the newest #YuriOnIce : Ice Adolescence teaser being released. ⛸️❄️
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)Hey #Artmazigh ! Here's some character sheets I made for a story about a girl who travels to study jinns and the ma…
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)(RT) Calling Amazigh (North-African Indigenous) creatives for #Artmazigh ⵣ! On November 29-30, let's share our craf…
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)ゆうりくんお誕生日おめでとうございます!🥳🎉🎂
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☠️ again ☠️
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hello @LilNasX i think it would be very nice and cool if you collabed with international sensation Hatsune Miku, i…
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)Or raise awareness to it in the comments of their socials The gofundme link is Donate and/o…
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)Okay y’all want to make it look like you care and say “haha fuck thanksgiving for my Native Americans” without actu…
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)I saw HBO Max Cartoons is trending and THE FUNGIES! is one of those cartoons you can stream on HBO Max. We wanted t…
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them) @quasimaddi This is an act of violence....waiting
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them) @itskindred VERY GOOD⭐️_⭐️
Beauty #YuriOnIce
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them) @for2buns LMAO NOT THAT CURSES ACCOUNT 💀🥴 I was WYLIN outtake 2 (thought i could do better)
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)"One second I'm a Koons, then suddenly the Koons is me!" @ladygaga - ARTPOP #ladygaga #artpop @formichetti
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)#yurionice Feeling like shit just want them back 😭⛸
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)Yuri on Ice decided to sit out the entire Trump presidency and I can’t really blame it for that.
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)Our #Kickstarter is live! The campaign will fund an initial run of 500 Art of Change books, bringing together 100…
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)昨年行われた「ユーリ!!! on ICE TVシリーズ一挙劇場上映」にて限定先行解禁を行った特報映像を公開しました。 We've added a teaser PV, which…
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)Anyways I GUESS I’ll draw fanart again 🙄Only the real ones know this use to be a hardcore Yuri on ice account and that Yuri on ice still take about 64% of… @Savi_yoi LITERALLY. For some reason my drawing the boys for warm up a few days ago cause my brain just KNEW @denkimouse I’m screaming and can’t stop screaming. Forever losing my shit @VenusianPeach Here’s the link on the official Twitter YALL I JUST WOKE UP AND EVERYONE MESSAGING ME AND I HAVENT EVEN WATCH YET BUT IM LOSING MY SHIT IM LITERALL…
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)i will put on music to do anything. i can’t even walk from my bed to my desk without playing spotify. i need indie pop just to sit up
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It costs 100k+ words (slow burn, angst) to retweet my work
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IT'S OFFICIAL - the $1.827 billion LAPD requested last week for 2021-22 would be their LARGEST BUDGET EVER. But Chi…
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)Realized my end date is coming soon(Dec 18th) So I’ll be looking for full time union work in BG paint,color design,…
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)The Georgia runoff election is soon, and the results from this one race will impact legislation for the entire coun…
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)It will cost your soul to RT my work.
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Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)Marcy and Bubbles
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)Megan Thee Stallion Gouache, Marker on Bristol paper
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Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)It costs 0$ to RT me on my birthday
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)Here @puppygirlfan84 Kofi you want to support them! // antiblackness , lynching,targeted harassment / / / If you do report this account be wary that the image is…
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Harlequinades, masked balls, carnivals, etc. from the 1920s/30s by Armand Vallée, John Austen, George Barbier and o…
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Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them) @chiliflakess Happy belated birthday oli!!! ✌🏿🥳 hope you had a great one ⚡️
You know this country is on some crazy shit when the president elected is crowdfunding his transition cause the cur…'m probably going to redo this... but every time I don't like my own art, it's everyone else's favorite piece of m…
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)Stoked to have had these three images accepted into the SOI 63rd Annual competition (first 2 are in uncommissioned…
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)📢JOB ALERT📢We are looking for more BACKGROUND PAINTERS to join us on Netflix's DEADENDIA at Blinkink. If you are a…
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Godmother of Rock and Roll
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I am looking for work at the start of the new year! Currently looking for positions in animation for: vis dev, char…
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@mexopolis Personally speaking I really want to go into story but know my skills aren’t up to where I’m ready to ap… @mexopolis I don’t think it much about instant gratification but more about how a lot animation/illustrations depar… everyone, you can now watch SUNDOWN, the grad film I worked on with Ana Moniz, @camilleto, Shanshan Zou and Rui…
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them) @TheNazzaro I totally agree with this a lot!! it’s really frustrating though cause when some young artists do ask… beg young artists to start charging more for their services and art. You're undervaluing yourselves, undercutti…
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)Reminder if you live in the US: covid cases are worse now then they were in March-April. Just bc the media isn’t co…
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)ppl arguing about removing student loan debt isnt fair for the ppl who did pay it off... i have to laugh.. youd rat…
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The past few days have been really rough for me mentally but I’m so happy that I finally receive my animation guild packet today!!🤧🥺Hey!
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Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)"hey mom, i think i got a little lost..."
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I've been nervous to post this, but it's also very important to me. New comic, free to download from Gumroad!…
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)Miku except I give her a haircut
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)idea that I’d be burdening people but if anyone could help I would truly appreciate it, if not that’s fine. I’d app…
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them) @bignosebug Omg I just remember I design this outfit 💀🏳️‍🌈
Of course the first episode I got the chance to helped work on was the gay marriage one 😳🏳️‍🌈 @hannahvtfoe omg I NEED to see them 💀 @mandallin AHT AHT AHThiiiii so i recently made some 11x17 prints of my 2021 sphinx calendar w 🕯 silver foil 🕯 and they turned out tasty.…
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Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)The fight for 15 has gone on so long it’s no longer a living wage.
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)Also close runner up everything you’re doing and drop a gif of an anime you really like 👀
Hello! We just want to let you know that we are safe and dry. We have very limited data and battery but we want to…
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)I think there's something deeply wrong with how social media & capitalism makes the victims speaking out abt abuse…
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Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)“Working class people going to work because they won’t get paid otherwise”
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)This Thursday I’ll be speaking on a panel about diversity in media! Thank you @TheCSUEA for the invite and…
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The Trump administration has thrown the presidential transition into tumult, including blocking government official…
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Hey peeps! It's nearly that time again! I'll be wrapping on the amazing project I've been working on soon and am…
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)The f*****g nerve it takes to not only benefit from an already imbalanced system but to then gut the Voting Rights…
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Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)My mock ad. city at sunset felt like me. #Procreate
Retweeted by Abelle✨(they/them)Realized my end date is coming soon(Dec 18th) So I’ll be looking for full time union work in BG paint,color design,… isn’t a apology btw but just me stating my goal’I will actively try and drawing things this month but if doesn’t happen it is what is lol