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Step by Step DAY by DAY!🤍
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Retweeted by ••Sådê••Social distancing till the end. JESU! Congratulations @itsLaycon. #bbnaijalockdown2020
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Laycon is a blessed Man!!! #bbnaijalockdown2020
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Congratulations iCONs! God did it! Y'all did it!!! #LayCONGRATULATIONS
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Congratulation Laycon🤍🤍
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Just retweet if you are happy for Laycon💡 #BBNaijaFinale
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Who is Laycon .......Champion 💡
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Of Lay Lay Lay, of Laycon!!! Congratulations @itsLaycon. Definitely locked it down!!!
Retweeted by ••Sådê••WHO IS LAYCON?!!! LAYCON IS THE WINNER OF #BBNaijaLockdown 💣💣💣🔥🔥🔥 AWA FIERCE!!! #BBNaijaFinale
Retweeted by ••Sådê••One of two things will happen tonight Either Laycon wins or Laycon wins Retweet if you agree 💡💡 #BBNaijaFinale
Retweeted by ••Sådê••someone ask @heisrema what he is feeding his teddy bear. we literally watched this guy grow up 😭😭 #BBNaija
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Elites 🙏🏾❤️🌟
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Before the clocks strike midnight & the #AllWhiteParty ends, Gather here if #EricaToTheWorld aka #StarGirlErica 24K…
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Erica fucking Nlewedim! 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by ••Sådê••No matter who you support you gotta agree Erica is one of the most beautiful BBN house mates of all time...that's u…
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Come through, @ericanlewedim! Come all the way throughhhhh #BBNaija
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Erica you shared your weaknesses, hard and real moments and scared away fake friends and lovers in your life. You g…
Retweeted by ••Sådê•• @UgwunnaEjikem Sunday special 💔💀😂🤣🤣I stan a polite king ...
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Now that is how you show up in white!!! ERICA 🔥🔥🔥
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Nengi really likes ozo, that’s why she’s sad that he ignored her. Ozo would have had a chance with nengi outside th…
Retweeted by ••Sådê•• @Shoreyyy__ @ObadiahNeilson 😹😹😹Seems Prince and Laycon sang this Senseless together
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Prince singing Senseless, one would think he wrote the song with Laycon! He’s an ICON yoh, I love to see it 😭❤️
Retweeted by ••Sådê••This party is senseless 😁 Laycon !!! Such a jam 🔥
Retweeted by ••Sådê•• @shank_comics 😂There’s nothing not to love about Laycon. His energy, his positive disposition. I hope there’s a great team waiting…
Retweeted by ••Sådê•• @djkaywise He will win!Prince hold my breath, what am I living for😩 Use I'm ya tissue😢 Prince allow me be your house girl #BBNaija
Retweeted by ••Sådê••There's nothing wrong with spoiling a woman, Just make sure she's your woman.
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Rich and famous became a confession for me at some point. I go still buy that Range Rover for my mama and papa sha.
Retweeted by ••Sådê•• @DStvNg This handler na die abeg!😹😂❤️. @Praiz8 is in the House and it's lit!🔥 #BBNaija #BBLiveBlog Brought to you by @GuinnessNGR
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Yassss @Praiz8 baby ...we see u
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Omo, as in they killed it 😍 #BBNaija
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Prince, Ka3na and Lilo are the best dressed tonight 🔥🔥🥺 That’s the entire tweet #Bbnaija
Retweeted by ••Sådê•• @DStvNg Pure cruise!😂😂😂 @Mztiifaah It’s Lilo for me😍 @Ewami_ No doubt for Lilo but Prince came party ready!!!! @Fa_Fa_Li who Lacoste con be again ?😩😂 @quamevi1 @Joy997FM I agree!My Name Is Bamaiyi Danladi, I Am A Naturally Born Multi Talented Artist From Kaduna State. If You Like This Painti…
Retweeted by ••Sådê••My baby made this video and sent to me!! I love you too♥️ Cheers to many more years of friendship ♥️♥️😩…
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Me and my bestie @efiaodo1 serving you something sweet 👌#BadMan #BadManVideo is here🇬🇭❤️
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Y’all think if Tory shot Kylie he’d be dropping a song rn?
Retweeted by ••Sådê••All of a sudden .. #IrreplaceableTacha
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Dear Elites, A new journey begins for us ❤️⭐️
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@DoctorEmto The first point is on point 👌🏾Summary of today's gist; A thread. 1. One tweep(Sam) posted a picture of him and his new bae, instead of the regul…
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Retweeted by ••Sådê••💀🤣 died here 💔💀😂 @iHoeloye @fruitytolz Very often🙃 @kwaku_bibini This is extreme... the mixing blood part 🥺Thank u @PureAkan We Made A Classic 🐉🔥 ——>
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Tory Lanez distracting everybody with a song rather than apologizing
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Fam!!! listened to @torylanez whole album and I’ve come to the conclusion that we all need to just mind our business, be…
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Tory lanez later tonight
Retweeted by ••Sådê••The TL tomorrow when 1st shift twitter wakes up to this tory lanez album
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Megan The stallion once she finds Tory Lanez:
Retweeted by ••Sådê••I respect u 2 much as a black man to disrespect you in these times,however I went out and marched 9 DAYS STRAIT fo…
Retweeted by ••Sådê••When Chris brown hit Rihanna he was CANCELLED. he spent years tryna repair his image. Tory Lanez get accused of sho…
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Tory Lanez not even that good of a artist for y’all to act like he hard to not listen to 😂
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Overthinking takes you to a place that doesn’t exist.
Retweeted by ••Sådê•• @Fa_Fa_Li Beeeeccchhhhhhh😩😩😂💔Signed, sealed and slaying! We are happy to be part of the UPGMC and OneAfricaGlobal Management family. This is…
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Thanks peanut head ❤️
Retweeted by ••Sådê••CONGRATULATIONS MY STAR CHILD🌟 This is the beginning of Greater things to come. Continue to work hard in silence an…
Retweeted by ••Sådê•• @Neepharr @RealKiddWaya @EricaNlewedim See my mood
Retweeted by ••Sådê•• @Fa_Fa_Li what’s the asoebi color?😩😍😂 @tewannyong @RealKiddWaya @EricaNlewedim Don’t faint now jor, more to come 😍😂😂It's the final Saturday Night Party in Biggie's House and the special guests will be a few of the faces you love an…
Retweeted by ••Sådê••#Makoma ft the Highest @sarkodie x SadBoy @bosom_pyung is OUT NOW!!! 💔 stream on every platform!!! 🎵 Now let's ja…
Retweeted by ••Sådê•• @TheOliviaLife @mr_izev Eyaaaa💔😂😂 @_harrisonJNR @mr_izev 😂😂😂Science said: Thick thighs save lives.
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Smh..
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Still in stock get yours now!! Gildan branded T-shirts👌🏾💯 Call/WhatsApp 020 496 5760 now. Doreen, Shatta Wale,…
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Normalize not liking people without conflict. It’s no beef, you’re just not my vibe.
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Romantic stuff without having to ask for it is TOP TIER
Retweeted by ••Sådê•• @chinemekalu_ I dunno Buh I kinda felt attacked reading this 💔😂😂😂🤣I think my mum won this challenge 😂😂😂
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Reason why “it’s not just a hairstyle”
Retweeted by ••Sådê••A young talented boy of 15yrs from Nigeria constructed this amazing work with carton. Amazing
Retweeted by ••Sådê••My post vs his ...
Retweeted by ••Sådê••it’s the goddess energy for me
Retweeted by ••Sådê••My broke ass thinking about good old times when I had money and I was telling people 'keep the change'
Retweeted by ••Sådê••“ Something about the name Jesus”
Retweeted by ••Sådê••Be teachable. You're not always right.
Retweeted by ••Sådê••So Megan Thee Stallion gets recognized as one of the most influential women by Time Magazine and this elf has decid…
Retweeted by ••Sådê•• @_kojob @_MacHenry @gyaigyimii 😂😂😂😂😂 @sessiesessie @youngestflacko But lmao? 😩💔😂🤣🤣
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