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depressive pixie dream communist 24 she/her venmo: abernothing 💖☀️🕳

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when Conor Oberst gets into a mild car accident it’s a Better Oblivion Community Fender Bender
Strange Matter was peak beer floor and now I’m saddoes anyone know approximately what time the cows are typically scheduled to come home
Retweeted by LNgonna start serenading all future romantic interests with the beginning of Putting the Dog to Sleep by The Antlers… u like me bc of this tweet I guarantee u don’t actually like me this is the most insincere I have ever beentfw you can’t tell if someone’s hot or they’re just wearing a Joe Biden mask 🤪 @okiecorri Absolutely not @ahawkes10 noHe uh go fuck yourselfis the inauguration being aired on Nickelodeonhappy 3am this is what happens to me when I stop using my sun lamp gdi @smithsara79 and I was the man for the jobthey won't recognize my genius until I'm deadFather John PisspeeNot evil anymore i want To be Loved now
Retweeted by LNso nostalgic for beer floor I'm about to buy a six pack and just dump them in my living roomin an effort to avoid lib twitter's overzealous celebrations tomorrow I'm going to do my utmost to stay off and jus… conspiracy query is when you're really not sure @doinkpatrol 👁️a coarse of action is when u use sandpaper @2Saddington @louise_vermeil surprised it didn’t autocorrect to bimch trees tbh @2Saddington @louise_vermeil (~;sitting on my floor bc my cat took my part of the bed and I don’t want to move him or sit in a different part @2Saddington @louise_vermeil I love bitch trees @tropicanapussy I can forgive but I can never forgetis there shaming for leftover eating like there is outfit repeating
do I actually come out as an idiot to y'all bc I am @Shenaniglenns @Shenaniglennssome of y'all are in funny twitter. I'm in nepotism twitter @smallbackstreet LMFAO the truth comes out @smallbackstreet I'm thinking it's for the best tbhisn't 5G like a UK bra sizeme every time I finish a therapy session: I'm cured! @okiecorri SMOOTH !!! omg fresh clean sheets on freshly shaved legs... @TryMetafy nice @TryMetafy hello @HeyGilleyGilley worth it @ahawkes10 no dreams just silenceI just slept for so long it can’t be legal @_justwinnie yes!!! @_justwinnie I love urs @jared_kelly742 many people hate them Jared /~:I don’t have a twisted mind I’m a very nice lady I just talk too muchthe descent into my twisted mind @incognitoh0 @skate4official_ u can use both??? @diskpix don’t forget tallthe hill that I’m dying on is that top sheets are good and I like themI tweeted this bc I couldn’t find my phone @sadoldegoth vw should come out with a weird hybrid bug hearse @lynndewitttoya WOW that is BEAUTIFUL I love itmy dream car used to be a vw beetle now it's a hearse @slut4thomyorke lmfao read this as an absolute attack on me tooI stg my past self exists exclusively to confuse my present self @lynndewitttoya helo
feeling a lot better today thank you everyone for all the cute pics and sweet responses (~: @flindis they're so goodsorry to any of my vegan followers but I am eating white cheddar cheezits @Defo_not_FP you have to have just the right amount of self hatred and need to punish yourself @doinkgonewild 🥺🥺🥺 @Defo_not_FP idk do crumbs freak you out @ahawkes10 I wish I did not know @PoisonofGull yes 🥰 @ahawkes10 I doubt itdo celebrities know they don’t have to meet Joe Biden @RobbieD907 it counts!!!lmfao people with virgin hair... absolute dweebsI also want a plank in my car so I can make bad passengers jump carI want a car sign that instead of saying babies onboard says babies overboard @caththesoso memy twitter account is now for spreading misinformation about UTIs @gayde_666 lmfao they were really big on me and I didn’t have a belt or moneygaining followers at the speed of some extremely sluggish light 😏😏😏 @UnicornNextDoor softest skin on planet earthgirls with crumbs on their beds have crumbs on their bedsalso the real glow up is that I no longer use a shoelace as a belt lmfao @HansGrubertron then you better go catch it!!!the truth comes out: I am both naturally and unnaturally blonde @trinapantss I’m just making a dumb joke /~:oh @trinapantss un treated illness @comedyrainman any of themUTI actually stands for un treated illnesshorror was so dramatic who do I think I amBlack women and femme in the sex industry in the U.S. are disproportionately targeted and abused by the system and…
Retweeted by LNy'all love trauma huh @fancy260390 @dinoman_j I'm so traumatized the idea of a future doesn't exist for me I get ubeing too entranced with the horror of my past to try and fuck up my future is honestly kinda cool @PoisonofGull no asks? @femaleredhead ❗️❗️❗️hey team I'm having a trash garbage evening I would love to hear/see some gentle words and pics ♥️ @adamgreattweet omg u both are 🥺🥺🥺 @adamgreattweet well listen. you're very cute too I just want to see Both of you @BuckWhi19029886 oh, no, sorry @adamgreattweet hey but also where the fuck is Harperyes, you are, I'm just currently talking to my best friend on a lot of social platforms at the same time @BuckWhi19029886 fromare you really best friends if you're not communicating over all of your social platforms at the same timeI actually only do plant based drugsthis was my first time using that emoji and I absolutely used it wrong 🤙 @2Saddington OMG