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First heard at #ABGT400, @aboveandbeyond's 'Crash' is Record of The Week! Out now on @Anjunabeats. 🔊 Get that Grou…
@sonii We got you! Try this playlist, 40+ hours of pre-cleared tracks. You can use any of them without worrying abo…
@alyandfila @aboveandbeyond @FsoeRecordings That was a superb mix, cheers gents!7. @alyandfila rounding off tonight's stunning Guest Mix with 'Somebody Loves You' (feat. @plumbmusic) (… @alyandfila taking us back into the unknown with one more ID (@FsoeRecordings). #ABGT Up next in the @alyandfila Guest Mix, @PeterSantosdj's thumper 'End Is The Beginning' (@FsoeRecordings). #ABGT 💃 @CamelPhat x @artbatmusic feat. @rhodesmusic 'For A Feeling [@alyandfila Remix]' (White). #ABGT @alyandfila keeping us guessing with a third ID, this time from @DjPaulDenton 🤔 (@FsoeRecordings). #ABGT Back-to-back IDs! 👀 @alyandfila giving us a glimpse of a mysterious new @StoneTerm track in their Guest Mix (… Buckle in, @alyandfila are in the booth! Kickstarting their Guest Mix with a curious ID (@FsoeRecordings). #ABGT Tonight's Flashback is a beauty from 2010, @chris_n2o & @AdamNickey 'Moon Dust' (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT Seven Lions, @JasonRossOfc & @ItsCrystalSkies feat. @JonMendelsohn - Foolish Of Me (@OpheliaRecords). #ABGT @FaderX_Official, Zheno & Nik Wiza - Opportunity (@DoornRecords). #ABGT Avira - Love Me [@yottomusic Remix] (Odd One Out). #ABGT @GraffMusic - Balance (@SilkMusic). #ABGT You couldn't get enough of @Spencer_Brown & ALPHA 9 this week! They top the Push the Button poll once again wit… @fariusmusic's 'Forever' gets the @Boxerdjproducer & @amywilesmusic treatment! (@Enhanced_Music). #ABGT @luttrell_music - Twin Souls (@Anjunadeep). #ABGT @estivamusic & @DianaMiroMusic - All Of Me (@Colorize_Music). #ABGT @GemandTauri - Dusk (@OpheliaRecords). #ABGT @dt8project - Broken (@mondorecords). #ABGT @_protoculture - Go (@asot). #ABGT @Mat_Zo - Dangerous Feeling (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT Trance Wax (aka @_ejeca) - Calling For You (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT @brynliedl - Rites [@sunnylax Remix] (@EuphonicRec). #ABGT Debuted on the River Thames at #ABGT400, @aboveandbeyond 'Crash'. Out now on @Anjunabeats. #ABGT @sunnylax - Losing It (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT @KyauAndAlbert - Beehive (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT And we're off! Opening tonight's show with @PROFF_Music feat. Mokka 'We Believe' (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT a few hours to go! Coming up - new cuts from @aboveandbeyond, @amywilesmusic x @Boxerdjproducer, @darrentate a…
✔︎ @paavo_s in the hot seat ✔︎ @alyandfila on the Guest Mix ✔︎ New music from @aboveandbeyond, @SevenLionsMusic x…
This Friday, trance legends @alyandfila are in the booth with a huge Guest Mix🔥 ⏰ Join @paavo_s from 7pm BST on…
Anjunabeats Worldwide 698 with Lumïsade #698 you got a shoutout request for @paavo_s? He's taking your messages now so reply here with yours! 🎵 Listen bac…
.@PROFF_Music and Mokka share the Record of the Week crown with 'We Believe'! Out Monday, October 19 on…
8. One more from the new album, @CRi_music feat. @JesseMacCormack 'Faces'. 'Juvenile' is out now on @Anjunadeep!… Next up, @CRi_music 'Hidden Places' (@Anjunadeep). #ABGT Back to back remixes from @CRi_music tonight! 'Me and My Friends' feat. @ItsSophiaBel [@CRi_music Remix] (… We continue, @benbohmermusic, @nilshoffmannils & Malou - Breathing [@CRi_music Remix] (@Anjunadeep). #ABGT First heard on Anjunadeep11, @CRi_music feat. @JesseMacCormack 'Never Really Get There' (@Anjunadeep). #ABGT 🤔 @CRi_music debuting a mysterious remix of 'From Me' feat. @bernachemusic [ID Remix]' (@Anjunadeep). #ABGT @CRi_music getting settled into the Guest Mix with the sublime 'Runaway' (@Anjunadeep). #ABGT Celebrating the release of his debut album 'Juvenile', @CRi_music is in the booth! We begin with 'Stranger' (… Going back to '17 tonight for @GabrielNDresden feat. @Janburtonuk 'Waiting For Winter' (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT @SystemFmusic - Out Of The Blue [@iBluestone Remix] (@FlashoverRec). #ABGT Fabrication - Luminous (fryhide). #ABGT gardenstate - Surreal (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT @BeatsoleDJ x @TheAvains - Midnight (@EuphonicRec). #ABGT @sunnylax got your toes tapping this week with the title track from his new EP, 'The Fountain' (@Anjunabeats).… @fariusmusic - Forever [@MyonMuzik Summer Of Love Mix] (@Enhanced_Music). #ABGT @faithless feat. @NathanBallHQ - Synthesizer [@Cristophmusic Remix] (BMG). #ABGT Trance Wax (aka @_ejeca) - Calling For You (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT Cause Two - At The Edge (Where The Heart Is). #ABGT @GemandTauri - Dusk (@OpheliaRecords). #ABGT Avira - Love Me [@yottomusic Remix] (Odd One Out). #ABGT @jodywisternoff & @jamesanjunadeep - Nightwhisper [DjTomMiddleton Remix] (@Anjunadeep). #ABGT @Spencer_Brown & ALPHA 9 - Ariel (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT @Mat_Zo - Fly While You’re Still Free (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT @PROFF_Music and Mokka share the Record of the Week crown with 'We Believe'! (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT @REALMAORLEVI feat. Roel - My Eyes (Armind). #ABGT @_protoculture - Go (@asot). #ABGT And we're off! Kickstarting the show with @aboveandbeyond 'Diving Out Of Love'. Out now on @Anjunabeats. #ABGT @paavo_s tonight for the freshest music from Trance Wax (aka @_ejeca), @Cristophmusic, @_protoculture and… to know tonight’s Guest Mixer, @CRi_music 👇
Tomorrow on Group Therapy, @paavo_s has got the latest from @_protoculture, @PROFF_Music and Trance Wax (aka…
On Friday @paavo_s welcomes @CRi_music into the booth to celebrate the arrival of his debut album 'Juvenile'! ⚡️ ⏰…
Time to get in touch! @paavo_s is taking your shout out requests for Friday's show now so reply here with yours. G…
8. @Mat_Zo closes tonight's Guest Mix with 'Paralysis'! His album 'Illusion of Depth' is out now on @Anjunabeats.… 🔥@Mat_Zo 'Dangerous Feeling' (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT High-octane production on this roller! @Mat_Zo 'Bruxism' (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT Another sizzler from the new album, @Mat_Zo 'Problems' (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT @Mat_Zo gives @FerryCorsten's classic 'Rock Your Body' a fresh coat of paint! (@FlashoverRec). #ABGT We continue, @Mat_Zo 'Love Songs' (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT @Mat_Zo switching it up with a breakbeat edit of 'The Next Chapter' (feat. GQ) (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT Celebrating his new album 'Illusion of Depth' our friend @Mat_Zo takes charge of the Guest Mix! Beginning with '… @Super8Tab feat. Alyna - Perfect Day (Anjunabeats) [FLASHBACK] #ABGT402 @aboveandbeyond feat. Zoë Johnston - Reverie [@pines_music Remix] (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT @REALMAORLEVI feat. Roel - My Eyes (Armind) #ABGT @GabrielNDresden feat. @subtealmusic 'All I've Got [@lumisademusic Remix]' (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT @jodywisternoff & @jamesanjunadeep - Nightwhisper [DjTomMiddleton Remix] (@Anjunadeep) #ABGT @Spencer_Brown & ALPHA 9 got you pushing that button with 'Afterlife' (@Anjunabeats) #ABGT @Lane8music feat. @Kaufaudio - How Often [@benbohmermusic Remix] (@TNHlabel) #ABGT Cause Two - At The Edge (Where The Heart Is) #ABGT @Cristophmusic - Big H 2020 (@Anjunadeep) #ABGT @marshmusician - Lailonie (@Anjunadeep) #ABGT @Elibrownbeats - Killer (@Polydor) #ABGT @GemandTauri feat. @HALIENE - Call Me Home (@OpheliaRecords). #ABGT @sunnylax - The Fountain (@Anjunabeats) #ABGT @elysianmusic3 - Water (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT @SystemFmusic - Out Of The Blue [@iBluestone Remix] (@FlashoverRec) #ABGT Record Of The Week time now, and this is well worth the wait! You might recognise this from #ABGT350,… @purplehazeoff - The Purpose (DOORN) #ABGT @fariusmusic - Forever [@MyonMuzik Summer Of Love Mix] (Enhanced Progressive) #ABGT Opening tonight with gardenstate's debut @Anjunabeats single, 'Surreal'! Out now. #ABGT's the night! @paavo_s is on the controls with the latest music from @aboveandbeyond, @purplehazeoff and…
.@paavo_s is on the decks tomorrow night with fresh music from @aboveandbeyond, @sunnylax and @purplehazeoff!…
He's got a new album out on Friday and a monster of a Guest Mix to mark the occasion! @Mat_Zo is in the booth this… bag their first Push The Button win with 'All You Need' (feat. @Fioramusic). Out now on…
Have you got a message you'd like to share with @paavo_s? He's taking your shoutout requests now so get yours down…
This week’s Record of the Week goes to gardenstate for their cracking Anjunabeats debut ‘Surreal’! Missed last Fri…