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Have you got a message you'd like to share with @tonymcguinness? He's taking your shoutout requests now so reply to…
.@7Skies nabbed the Record of the Week with his cracking @Anjunabeats return, 'ZAO'! Out next Friday, 29 January.…
6. @Cristophmusic brings us back to earth with 'Catsy' (@KneeDeepInSound). #ABGT @Cristophmusic - You (White). #ABGT @ItsmeBOg - Corso (@BedrockRecords). #ABGT @dosem - Beach Kisses [@jorisvoorn Remix] (Green). #ABGT @Cristophmusic, @frankywahmusic & @artchemusic - The World You See (Pryda Presents). #ABGT @Cristophmusic makes his #ABGT Guest Mix debut tonight. We begin with something from his unreleased stash, 'Tona… @ThePresets - It’s Cool [@andrewbayer & @jamesanjunadeep Remix] (@Anjunadeep). #ABGT @Ant_Nikita_NYC - Closer (@SilkMusic). #ABGT @Jerro_be feat. @beaconband - Go Back Now (@Anjunadeep). #ABGT @JohnRossJunior - Alym (@TNHlabel). #ABGT One more from from the first @Anjunabeats 'Rising' EP, @gvnmusic 'I Don't'. Out now! #ABGT @aboveandbeyond feat. @RichardBedford - Thing Called Love [@OliverHeldens Remix] (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT @faldenmusic feat. @DianaMiroMusic - So Far Away (@Anjunadeep). #ABGT @dosem - Eternal Summer [@marshmusician Remix] (@Anjunadeep). #ABGT Tim Light - Legion (Einmusika). #ABGT @benbohmermusic & @tinlicker_nl feat. Felix Raphael - Run Away (@Anjunadeep). #ABGT gardenstate - Surreal [Bart Skils Remix] (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT @rinzenmusic feat. Anaphase - Some Good Here (@TNHlabel). #ABGT @Capaofficial feat. @DianaMiroMusic - The Lights (@Zerothreemusic). #ABGT @FerryCorsten pres. Gouryella - Gouryella [@mattfaxmusic Remix] (@FlashoverRec). #ABGT @ematamusic - Stardust (@EllipticalSun). #ABGT @7Skies takes the Record of the Week with his cracking new track, 'ZAO'. Out next Friday, 29 January on… @fariusmusic - Quiet Hope (@Enhanced_Music). #ABGT Lifted from the new @Anjunabeats 'Rising' EP, PARALLELS - Home (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT And we're live! 👋 Kickstarting tonight's #ABGT with @iBluestone, @REALMAORLEVI and @alexanderclare's huge track… @Cristophmusic is in the booth with a huge Guest Mix 💥 @tonymcguinness is on the controls with a stack of…
Join @tonymcguinness tomorrow night for two hours of the latest music from @7Skies, @benbohmermusic x @tinlicker_nl
.@Cristophmusic, the artist behind @Anjunadeep anthems ‘Big H 2020’ and ‘SFB’, makes his Guest Mix debut this Frida…
.@Noureymusic and @zoyasmusic got you pushing that button with 'All Night'! Lifted from the first volume of the new…
.@tonymcguinness is your host this week. Have you got a shout out request for him? Reply here with it!🗣 🎵 Replay l… the blues today with a trip back to ‘Blue Monday’ at #ABGT350. We’ll share dance floors and moments again one…
5. @richsolarstone brings us back to earth with @markpledger - I’m Stronger [@KyauAndAlbert Remix]. His album 'isla… @richsolarstone - Restless 4 A.M (@BlackHoleRec). #ABGT @wayoutwestuk - Earth [@DJOrkidea Pure Progressive Remix] (Pure Progressive). #ABGT @richsolarstone - When I Dream [Club Mix] (@BlackHoleRec). #ABGT Welcome to the booth, @richsolarstone. We begin with something from his private stash, @Highasakiteband - God Do… A gem lifted from the #TATW450 / #ABGT001 tracklist, @NorinandRad_'s stunning remix of @aboveandbeyond &… Another glimpse of the forthcoming @Anjunabeats 'Rising' series, this time from @gvnmusic 'I Don't'. Out Monday… Nick Hayes - Signal (@scorchinrecords). #ABGT @nathanfake - Sky Was Pink [@sunnylax Private Remix] (White). #ABGT @weareAnden - Breathe (Odd One Out). #ABGT You couldn't get enough of @Noureymusic & @zoyasmusic's new track 'All Night'. Out Monday, January 18 on the fi… @Jerro_be feat. @beaconband - Go Back Now (@Anjunadeep). #ABGT @frostrec - Overtones [@PROFF_Music Remix] (@Anjunadeep). #ABGT @_protoculture - Lost In Isolation (@asot). #ABGT @dosem - Eternal Summer [@marshmusician Remix] (@Anjunadeep). #ABGT @grummmusic - Blackhole [Nick Hayes Remix] (Deep State). #ABGT @Capaofficial feat. @DianaMiroMusic - The Lights (@Zerothreemusic). #ABGT @itslukebond feat. @nathannicholson - Stars (Armind). #ABGT gardenstate - Surreal [Bart Skils Remix] (Anjunabeats). #ABGT ALPHA 9 (aka @arty_music) 'Friend' with @iammuvy (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT @iBluestone, @REALMAORLEVI and @alexanderclare nab the Record of the Week with ‘Hold On’. Out today on… @ematamusic - Stardust (@EllipticalSun). #ABGT @SpadaMusic - Euphoria (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT Kicking off tonight's @ABGT with last week's guest mixer @OliverHeldens' huge remix of @aboveandbeyond's 'Thing… that Group Therapy feeling with @jonogrant tonight! He's got a stack of fresh tunes from @marshmusician,…
Join @jonogrant tomorrow night for brand new @_protoculture, @Jerro_be, @weareAnden and @marshmusician. The one an… big thank you for all of your votes in the A State Of Trance Top 1000 list! Fifty-three tracks is huge. Join our…
Trance legend @richsolarstone steps into the booth this Friday with a Guest Mix inspired by his album 'island' and…
.@andrewbayer & @GenixDJ bagged the Push The Button crown last Friday with 'The Test'! Out now on @Anjunabeats 💥 🎧…
Time to get your shout out requests in for Friday's show! Reply to this tweet with your message 🗣 Listen back to F…
@MikeP77Doglover @Anjunabeats @aboveandbeyond @tonymcguinness @GarethJonesFTO On the case! Both should be back up soon.The first Record of the Week of 2021 goes to rising @Anjunabeats stars @Noureymusic & @zoyasmusic with 'All Night'.…
7. @OliverHeldens winds up his Guest Mix with his huge remix of @aboveandbeyond's 'Thing Called Love' (feat.… What a mashup! 🙌 @official_hilo vs. @aboveandbeyond feat. @RichardBedford 'ATHENA vs. Sun & Moon' [… @official_hilo - KRONOS (@HeldeepRecords). #ABGT @CalvinHarris & @DUALIPA - One Kiss [@OliverHeldens Remix] (@ColumbiaRecords). #ABGT @OliverHeldens & @PartyPupils feat. @MAXMusic - Set Me Free (@HeldeepRecords). #ABGT @OliverHeldens & @shungudzo - Freedom For My People (@Oh2Records). #ABGT Buckle in, @OliverHeldens is on the decks! We begin with 'Melody vs. Adagio for Strings' [Oliver Heldens Concert… @MikePush - Strange World [@andrewbayer Remix] (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT @Mat_Zo - Petrushka (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT @grummmusic - Blackhole [Nick Hayes Remix] (Deep State) #ABGT @GabrielNDresden feat. @subtealmusic - Something Bigger [gardenstate Remix] (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT ALPHA 9 (aka @arty_music) 'Friend' with @iammuvy (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT Label dons @andrewbayer & @GenixDJ take the top spot tonight with 'The Test' (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT @aviraaudio feat. @GraceAckerman - Run To You (@Armada) #ABGT @frostrec - Overtones [@PROFF_Music Remix] (@Anjunadeep) #ABGT @elevvenmusic - One Last Time [@Hausman_Music Remix] (@StatementMusic) #ABGT @sultanshepard feat. Richard Walters - Solid Gold Love (This Never Happened) #ABGT @MichaelCassette - Shadows Movement [@16BL Universal Disco Remix] (@Anjunadeep) #ABGT @SpadaMusic - Fantasya 3000 (@Anjunabeats). #ABGT @nathanfake - Sky Was Pink [@sunnylax Private Remix] (White) #ABGT @BT & @mattfaxmusic pres. @realnationofone - Walk Into The Water [@FatumMusic Classic Remix] (@BlackHoleRec)… York - On The Beach [@KryderMusic Remix] (@Armada) #ABGT Rising @Anjunabeats stars @Noureymusic & @zoyasmusic share the Record of the Week crown with 'All Night'. Out Mo… @arminvanbuuren - Euthymia (@Armada) #ABGT @itslukebond feat. @nathannicholson - Stars (Armind) #ABGT 👋 Here we go! Kickstarting #ABGT with @iBluestone and @Janburtonuk's cracking new track 'Rule The World'! (… friends,I’m so happy to announce that my first release for 2021 is coming on @Anjunabeats . The official prem…
Retweeted by Group Therapy.@OliverHeldens marks his arrival to the @Anjunabeats family with a very special Guest Mix tonight 🔥 @jonogrant ha…
Tomorrow night on Group Therapy, new releases from @sultanshepard, @PROFF_Music and gardenstate plus a huge Guest M…
.@OliverHeldens joins the @Anjunabeats family this week with a remix of @aboveandbeyond's ‘Thing Called Love’ (feat…
Got some good vibes to send your Anjunafamily? Tweet us your shout out requests and messages for this week's show n…
@MyonMuzik @jonogrant Indeed, fixed!Did you miss the second part of @jonogrant's retrospective of the top tracks from 2020? 🎧 Replay last week's show:…
24. Finishing our retrospective of the very best tracks from 2020 with @aboveandbeyond ‘Crash’ (@Anjunabeats).… Elysian - Water (Anjunabeats) #ABGT