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He proceeded to tell me the ending of the episode I'd been watching -_- .... I mean..This has been a bittersweet m… dad shook his head and said "Never heard of it..". My heart sank to the level I knew it would sink to at this re… wanted to tell my parents about "Yes Prime Minister" & somewhat non-expectantly brought up the topic in a manner…"Authoritative but affectionate". I'm loving Yes Prime Minister. @TapiocaChip Babies : ShaadiDotCom Adults : Tinder Legends :♥ And this is what we mustn't forget. That we're beyond our jobs, just people trying to live lives with our familie…
@vicramb Vicky saar in suit boot @vicramb I got a ghee idly on my right, a rava idly on my left and two plates of rice idlys and sambar and chutney in front of me.Do you work at a mid-sized org in India, US, UK or EU and are stuck in a lockdown, unable to see your clients or cu…
Retweeted by Abhiram R @awkworrrrd Jora sirichutenWell....2020 was doomed even by fictitious metrics, way back in 1987 @NCResq Do you want to screen this Chandra, Chandra? Why yes HOW DARE YOU. Systemic Hey foiled because of human curiosity.Don't put rice
@wongmjane What a Lueser 😌 @visakanv I missed this two months ago but not this time 😌 @shrayasr THE SUDDENNESS OF THIS CANCELATIONCanceling Shrayas for saying Arnab is hilarious. @rhlvenugopal @captn3m0 @jaseemabid Well done Rahul 👏🏻😊 Looks great!! @itsNiravMehta @_RadhikaChauhan Holy shit. @itsNiravMehta is crazy famous!!!! @meghanabhange You're nullified @TapiocaChip This tweet was a trip. Was very happy about yummax prasadam until i read the 2nd line. "Tambrahm" has… @bargava @nischalhp @nikhiljoisr Not sure if super compliment or extreme geographical profiling 🧐 Happy on both cou… @itsNiravMehta Chal na Mehte, tu toh ek episode of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi me star bhi kiya hoga 😌😏I've benefited a lot over the years from my Hindi speakability but I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fac…
@awkworrrrd @awkworrrrd Kirtinon Dursley @awkworrrrd Where is Mayamruga 🤔 @meghanabhange You caught ittt <3 @Raveendra117 It's all good in my house 🤔😌Software engineers shouldn't become landlords because if their tenant complains about bed bugs, they mite say "Well,It's a feature......"Oh shieeeeeeeeeeeet XD can't believe I waited this long to start season 4. So many amazing scenes. This one between Eraserhead and Deku… @shrishrishrii Bosswami na summa vaa done by the president that no other president has done before should be called unpresidented. @vicramb Uyiril thodum ♥ @rhlvenugopal Let me know if you need any help :)I think this will be an interesting read for us after Bad Blood @bindumadhahahav @ankitkr0 @sowmyarao_ @vindytalks @nipunnyy @RelayteHQ @Iruhdam24 @trdessai @chiaseedpuddin @Meg_Srinivas (th)read. @Vaishnavioffl @TapiocaChip @shrayasr @TapiocaChip Telegram groups. Search for covid Bangalore on telegram. @bindumadhahahav @ReemaMichelle @kracetheking @ClanOfKine @jagjotcheema"10 years experienced" is a feeling. "Unnode vayasu da ennode anubhavam" is an emotion. @NCResq @meta_millennial @ChampacaBooks Dyu Art is just as amazing 👌🏻😍 the book case is a bug and not a feature there though.
MARUDHAMALAI MAMANIYE MURUGAIYYAAA 🐱Tearing it up tonight with some Seerkazhi and Kunnakudi tunes 🕺 I truly belong to the generation that parties. 🤝😌 @geeky_bhavani I'm running some program and leave it on at night but I don't want that annoying glow. So down it go… @ravaeidli Hmm😔 There will come idler and idlier days 👍🏻 @ravaeidli Oh man, you should definitely check it out. Sunday half day, but it's open the whole day on all others 😊… While you're here, Sn refreshments 😍 one of the best idly benne and Masala dose joints in… Which is all we want 🥰🤩JP Nagar girls be like "I know a spot" and take you to SN Refreshments. data science hobby projects can be rendered useless by someone without a taste for "the journey" with 4 simble… I please get 2 friends to copy and repost? I am trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.… @awkworrrrd Woho you went off today aa
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Nagumooooodi 😂 @awkworrrrd SB account vs FB account
@theBekku At this time, I'd say we're both being pretty knockturnal 😂 @theBekku Well well well, two spells taught by the same prof, I guess we just Lupin around now 🤓 @theBekku Naaa I'm jk. No relation but - Who called it a divorce and not an exPelliArmUs 😂 @theBekku This is so Prong but it feels so right 😂 @theBekku To let Bhaigones be Bhaigones? 🤔 😂 @ReemaMichelle 😂 😂 🤗Expecto Patronum is a actually a dude whose mum is Bengali and Dad is Odia. @Meg_Srinivas @Pri_Bharadwaj @udupendra Ohoo..... 🚶 This much kolaveri not seen since 1947 @captn3m0 :-/ I know mate...I know...:( The Lies of Locke Lamora was one of my most favorite books. It's a shame when the creators don't possess the vir… was in a Kausal relationship with Rama.
@vicramb Oh man. I was so scared after this movie just to see old men after thisPeople who like Idli >>>>> people! Do you like reading? Do you have anecdote about a certain book? I feature such stories of people who…
Retweeted by Abhiram R @vikasboliwal @itsNiravMehta Everything.. is better than Fifty 😂The reason there's no Hindi version of Fifty Shades of Grey yet is because the name "Choker Bali" is already taken… seasonal philanthropist is a summeritan.
This is true and absolutely shitty unempathetic culture and none of it is anyone's fault because who really can you… @avi18agarwal UX stonks @vinaysshenoy @NCResq Shenoy be flexing that Indian son muskelsWhat would you call The Witcher if he was a quizmaster? Geralt of Trivia 🦝 @vicramb Ah, a Hari bowl. @vicramb How massive? @harc007 That Murugan Freeman also same @Sprajosh Oh yess. And of course, there's a matching amount of vitriol on both platforms. But that's just a reflection of humans.
There's more love in Youtube comments than in Twitter replies.The race is on. What will come first by 2021 end? The end of the earth or Foundation?
@nischalhp There's a thin line between losing your originality and being uninformed. The way I try to play around… movie is.... Intense o.o @bindumadhahahav @awkworrrrd Please bang the table like a proper mandhri @awkworrrrd @bindumadhahahav Kaana thavaraardhirgal XD @awkworrrrd @bindumadhahahav When Adithya comes between Bhoomi and Chandra, you'll get a Sun TV serial called Kudumba Vilakku or something. @kareem_carr Work 🤝😌If you're 25-30 and you have enough points in your life to draw a main circle, That's good enough. @generativist I have won to the point of near irrelevance. 🤝😌Also works for engineering solutions. "Verily this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it’s my very good honour to m…
I like Schitt's Creek. I'm on the third episode in 40.5 minutes because that's how binge watching works. @sleepyhead148 @bindumadhahahav XD MouniwrathWho called it "silent treatment" and not "mouna wrath"? @NCResq Same here. Will update if it works.Aah. More proof about why Skynet will be a racist piece of shit if real today.
Niles Frasier fishing-suited up like a young Barney Stinson