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boss: can you put together a roadmap for the coming year product manager: @notytony @ABVan hahaha @ABVan @notytony first of al u should be disqualify from laughing @ABVan @notytony boss i had to see gr*atb*ng call india a nanny state because someone reset him team name by mistake @notytony ya but communication was same as yours and i thought why are you fucking me over, but they weren't. @notytony @swiggy_in @SwiggyCares last time this happened to me i realised they were refunding and giving the coupon @okayvandita 👀✍️main deity of santana dharma @vivekisms man when I read some of their books I couldn't believe it was written in Chinese first. Envy a nation th…
@SURESHICPARK genuinely did not know food delivery unit economics are proven... when did this happenThere's a new Tame Impala track and I saw no tweets on my TL about it. KATTI (From r/cricket)
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the gift that keeps giving @DeadMaddy @Dorkstar garam d̶h̶a̶r̶a̶m̶ naram @Dorkstar it's true tho @rameshsrivats 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 @htedum just went for it @notytony luks lyk u hv forgotten spirit of first mltv @knittins It's a pivotYes the rumours are true... there's a new episode of MLTV on IGTV
Peak Pakistan fielding.
Retweeted by Abhishek Madan @vinayakkm oh god losing it @anuragkotoky seems rather counter intuitive? I would assume more thrust = more fuel burnt. Or is it a case of taki… @vidya83 @CNTIndia wait... they didn't call it conde nashta? 😔
@floydimus @priyal @laalfirangi "acha do u know any dealer near my place" @bharatunnithan "chavanyaprash" hahah worst spelling. it's like over compensating for yog and garud. @bharatunnithan @vinaykesari me: kem cho red pin/clip thingy: moja ma @vinaykesari @bharatunnithan looks like louis phillipe logo, most boomer brand ever @jayshreeanand thanks! @jayshreeanand @samay_jain @Samar612ahmed you'll find this helpful too. Bumsonthesaddle is pretty OG @sumank @Samanthaprabhu2 finally started, enjoying like anything. @shrinivassg ya but is there an alternative for the drivers? can they unionise? in bangalore for e.g. you can't jus…
@samay_jain @CruciFire @navdhad Ah you're looking for tri. @jayshreeanand is the champ, there's Tri-BLR. You can… @harishenoy India you anti-national. @CruciFire amazingFlight attendant: Is there a doctor on this flight? Dad: *nudging me* That should've been you Me: I never wanted… @CruciFire @samay_jain @navdhad Many, depends on which part of town you are in and what kind of riding you'd like to do. @bharatunnithan you have head start on legal puns come to product management puns then we'll see @bharatunnithan ur mens rea is showing @mujib haha, so close to the mark.Flight attendant: do we have a doctor here? Mallu guy: see I'm a hardcore non-vegetarian, pork beef mutton chicken…
@UnnamedEntity all of us brother. @sowmyarao_ youtube. apart from existing interests, i love watching random sports - disc golf, baseball, trials riding, x games. @yabasust @Dorkstar tu bhi screenshot twitr dorku
@htedum @knittins @dhanyarajendran Kachrapatti jhopad patti twitterati beer party @htedum @knittins usually people dread disappearance @schmmuck That was different problem. "Message delivered" Boss... which message? Opening bra wala or whispering things in ear wala? @Rrrrohini someone who scored well in english. a literary dan bilzerian.Also some times the messages reached next morning. You had to stand and pray in school. Pray that your mom doesn't… @allVishal @PabloVikasso @Bobin_James hhahahahaha who lives in banana next to the seaAs someone who sexted when it was actually texting and not WhatsApp, you couldn't just text random stuff because ea… @PabloVikasso @pistolpri outside outside 😭 but inside inside 😂 @PabloVikasso @Bobin_James feeling triggered man i grew up in a banana @Dorkstar bhen de techie @mujib idolatry has become like sex... fleeting and casual. @pistolpri just updated to latest macOS and as usual computer got stuck, pain is real 😭Taapsee shuts down man who asks her to talk in Hindi Taapsee reboots in safe mode man who asks her to talk in Hind… @mujib this man speaks for us @clintonjeff @Tetris_Official @PUMA Rs. 9.8? That's a steal @rohitawasthi @knittins haha no typo v intentional @knittins 1 and 3 strongly agree. north indians also, dubious things are put on brides and vegetables alike, till both are unrecognisable. @npueu ya there's an element of commitment while going downhill... at some point there's going to be no way to stop. @yabasust Ya, how steep it is and how rocky. Some bigs hits, like 3 foot drops. Also since it's a multi-day ride, prevents fatigue. @yabasust We had to hire. The bikes need to be burlier. More suspension, bigger fork stanchions. @ShreyaDasgupta @ShreyaDasgupta ☝️☝️☝️ @chuck_gopal thanks brother! Shot but unused footage evokes mild regret @karthikb351 @TheRealMsJoseph Haha thanks. Yeah i considered the VO route but didn't have the time to record edit a…
Finally put together the riding footage from our Nepal trip. Four days of riding bicycles through the Kathmandu a… @r0h1n @peegeekay tell seriously if you cancelled you slack subscription and just depend on twitter nowWhen are the protests in Marina happening? I'm ready. Irrespective of our political ideologies, we should unite as…
Retweeted by Abhishek Madan @chronicskeptic Easiest way to crush crystal salt is to get real close to it and whisper "you will never achieve your dreams"
@SlackHQ Hey. Yes it's the case where only the file is shared, but I didn't share it originally. User1 shared a fi… @karthikb351 @ReRollBLR @PuzzledPintBLR when are you opening mastodon for bothI've been involved with running a weekly board game community for over 3 years now: @ReRollBLR And a monthly puzzl…
Retweeted by Abhishek MadanFound deadly bug on @SlackHQ: 1. Find a file shared with you in a convo 2. Share it with someone else (e.g. sha… @bharatunnithan @BakwasRadio you are apologising now but we'll see what you do in one year @BakwasRadio @bharatunnithan Tattoo it in your armpit @bharatunnithan Send link bugger! @bharatunnithan Or in your heart
@peegeekay there is no cancel, only remind me later @sriks7 Me too ghosts have been dug up and some of the men are back with evidence against the allegations @npueu I think we all feel about something this way. e.g. I feel no one is ready for a regionalism in friendship di… Haidt's 4 signs of a witch hunt. Played out last year, will play out again. 1) Witch hunts arise quickly… experts, why is it that all the sapota /chikku I buy tastes like cardboard? rarely ripens fully, even if giv…
Retweeted by Abhishek Madan @subzerochi ikr. i just buy ripe ones because others i dont trust. @coderzombie probably a coucal, aka crow pheasant.My main takeaway from "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" is that hell has better road infrastructure…
@subzerochi if you put a bar graph in a gantt chart it's a case of gantt mein danda @knittins @dhanyarajendran @htedum please yinform mr. vosudos @karthikb351 @schmmuck @peakbengaluru thought as much @karthikb351 @schmmuck @peakbengaluru btw how did your seat cover tear? saw it in parking and thought, new world old problemsCRYING @NameFieldmt maratha is it like paratha @AksharPathak stop bhindi imposition @CouchBatata Helmet and hair both @PabloVikasso @tantanoo Baishep @PabloVikasso Ya she lifts more than me