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⚔ Scottish Artist working on Magic: the Gathering and D&D. 💀 Founder of Grimoire, currently designing Pale Tides. 🎥 Awful streamer:

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@Estirdalin hour How to Train Your Dragon study for tonight's #StudyBuddies!
Retweeted by Paul Scott Canavan @Estirdalin so lovely and stylish!Finished still life of some good boys
Retweeted by Paul Scott Canavan @Voidspawnie 👌
Been spending much time amongst lovely new friends watching art streams on twitch to keep me sane. I joined todays…
Retweeted by Paul Scott Canavan2 hour How to Train Your Dragon study for tonight's #StudyBuddies! are LIVE now! you're new here, Study Buddies is a stream I run every Monday & Friday! I pick 2 photos/paintings for the grou…✨It's Study Buddies day!!✨ Come join me on Twitch at 7pm GMT for some fun art studies! Everyone is welcome to join… do we need an art director for our #UntitledHighlandGame? And who is it? (spoiler: it's @abigbat!) 👉…
Retweeted by Paul Scott Canavan @inkleStudios awh thank you :3 It's been an absolute pleasure so far! @Estirdalin @Onewheelforlife Omg gorgeoussss @ianmcque @jimrossignol I'll have one of these pleaseAnother collaboration with the majestic @jimrossignol for a thing that could be a thing but isn’t yet.
Retweeted by Paul Scott CanavanA wee sneak peak from Secret Lair Ultimate Edition :3 Previewed on
Retweeted by Paul Scott Canavan @shanionafaith It me!I had such a blast with @kortizart tonight - thanks to everyone who came to watch the show! Video and audio version… @erikaishii YES
A wee sneak peak from Secret Lair Ultimate Edition :3 Previewed on Secret Lair Ultimate Edition scheduled for Spring 2021 with all ten pathways. More previews at…
Retweeted by Paul Scott Canavan @MelissaJoKnox @redherringdraws Holy shit no. Bad birds.🔥🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🔥 @MelissaJoKnox @jon_NoCode omfg YES hahahaCome watch us LIVE in 4 hours! @KageSidhe @Dann_Sw so gooood! @Dann_Sw I NEED a transparent Switch. Come on.So, that Castlevania piece was something I worked on over the course of 6 months on and off, same with the BLACKBIR…
Retweeted by Paul Scott Canavan @April_Prime Yeah it’s great for that! I ended up getting an Alienware just for the heft (and the dell screen), but… @PaladinAmber Furbies were mentioned, so I must, of course, share my horrible son. @April_Prime I bloody loved my Razer Blade 14. The Razer stuff is awesome, super slim but powerful. As with any sli… ✨✨✨ @thatstarwarsgrl The layers of yikes in this thread @katemiterko !!!!
@skoopac awh thanks mate! Appreciate the shout out and kind words! @MelissaJoKnox @TommySiegel omfg perfection!ok so i got some constructive criticism from my first attempt at drawing birds. many people said the legs weren’t r…
Retweeted by Paul Scott Canavan @DaveRapoza whattttSimon Belmont - Castlevania - (link to limited print from Cook and Becker below!)
Retweeted by Paul Scott Canavan @kortizart the sound of you schooling internet boys rejuvinates me to see the return of my zombie in #CommanderLegends! 💀 in case you've been living under a rock, here are some examples of Karla's work. If you are unable to make t… 3 of ✨Nice Friend Show✨airs tomorrow night! I'll be joined by the incredible @kortizart, one of my absolut… @sherlock_hulmes Aren’t they just the best?? Will have to send you mine when it’s bloody done ;) @aarondraws @xavierck3d Horde! @xavierck3d Yessss join usdon't talk to me or my daughter or my tiny goth ever again
🥳 #b3d Scatter 4.0 is out @blendermarket 🥳 -74 Biomes, 180 assets -22 non-destructive scat…
Retweeted by Paul Scott Canavan @OriginalAdric yup this is what I've usually done! Cheers!!Monitor calibration. The age-old question. Interested to hear your thoughts! @JennRavenna Niiice! Getting this for study buddies :)New John Singer Sargent Inspired Reference Pack for Artists! + The launch of a new site, 📸…
Retweeted by Paul Scott Canavan @thisnorthernboy @theroyalparks Oh that’s great! @Luneiress So gorgeous!Decided to do some of the studies I didn’t have time to do yesterday during #studybuddies. Really loved these two a…
Retweeted by Paul Scott Canavan @sstarkm @hexsharpe yesssss @f00n @ianhamilton_ Haha thanks! They are indeed :)
@ultrabrilliant link helps @ultrabrilliant I finished this wee song - defo not my comfort zone, but was a fun thing to play with @MelissaJoKnox thank youuuuu!!#studybuddies Rebelle 3, 2 hrs, photo ref It was low hanging fruit, but I went for it anyway
Retweeted by Paul Scott CanavanWe did some cloth/fashion studies for tonight's #StudyBuddies session! Managed to fit 3 in ✨ NOW! excited to use this new extension for my Twitch chat, made by the wonderful @AlejoP_47 ! You can download it her…
Retweeted by Paul Scott CanavanIt's #StudyBuddies day! I run a study stream on my Twitch channel every Monday & Friday. All are welcome to join… @MelissaJoKnox @KageKamaara yesssss! And now there's Visage, which is very like this - we should play it together.I made a bad thing
Retweeted by Paul Scott Canavan @philippawarr 15! Stupid autocorrect @philippawarr I love 25! They are all great though. @MartinDubu ooh I will try if I can get one!
This was from a VR sculpting demo I did on my stream. made a bad thing'll be streaming some personal work, doing some folio reviews and hanging out with @LeeshaHannigan at 7pm GMT! Com…
@BeesAndBaking @LeeshaHannigan I'm a VISIONARY @TolarianCollege @LeeshaHannigan I am honoured!!!Freya, sleeping infront of the fish fire, Goldie having a nice read with the budgies... Heaven. I need your support… am getting blasted by @LeeshaHannigan for my strange camp decisions. I think it's perfectly splendid ✨ @janwahli ugh yes please, I will never leavehey, why did nobody ever tell me that Heavensward looked like THIS?
@handykam thanks Mike!! @FengZhuDesign These are incredible!Designs by Maethavee Padungsakdisin. The details in her linework is very impressive. Concept designs such as these…
Retweeted by Paul Scott Canavan @TheKristenEmily @atfloury @Rx4J awh :3 I LOVE Slawomir's piece!#Studybuddies Join us... 😈
Retweeted by Paul Scott CanavanSecond #studybuddies of the night... wasn't sure what I wanted out of this one, but what I got was a very sassy owl…
Retweeted by Paul Scott Canavan1 hr study #StudyBuddies #nfc
Retweeted by Paul Scott CanavanI feel like he needed a nemesis to look mad at. #studybuddies
Retweeted by Paul Scott Canavan#studybuddies 👀
Retweeted by Paul Scott CanavanOWL FRIEND! #StudyBuddies found this wee clip of my owl friend
Retweeted by Paul Scott CanavanFirst study of the night with my #StudyBuddies friends! Still time to join in on the second study - starting in 15… NOW! Plenty of time to join in :) you ever want to ask me questions about this stuff, or would like to make some new art friends, come watch me on… it's #StudyBuddies day! I run a study stream on my Twitch channel every Monday & Friday. All are welcome to j… @denimcatfish 🙏 @paintingdesk @pixelgarbage awh that's super nice! Tell him that he's awesome and can do whatever he wants 💪 @AlexisTrust this is incredible @Wiisak @pixelgarbage awh man, you are far too kind mate ❤️ @JPtheTattooer Nice! Yeah, there’s a reason all of my tattoos are black and grey ;)oh hey, now that I'm just working for myself and some amazing clients, I feel comfortable talking about a big old t…
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