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@SheaSerrano Nobody has seen this video for some reason but I know that you, a man of culture, will appreciate its… @PhilosophyTube @thelindsayellis @ContraPoints I've never seen someone on a rollercoaster look so little like someone on a rollercoaster. @Jeffdraeger34 @ringernba @ringer I care and a lot of LeBron/Lakers/even Cavs fans care it's a historic streak an… @ringernba Some of these have to be made up they have to be that's my entire childhood LeBron's stil 28, right?Congrats to Liberty for their first tourney win in the 2,019-year history of the universe
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I got so much worse at guitar this last year. Kinda peaked few years ago. Music sucks. I like my deep fryer I got o…
Retweeted by princess honigmeloneall these planes... chirping. #b3d #b3dmeme
Retweeted by princess honigmeloneme trying to explain why gender is a scam to my parents @FatGoku64 I lived off the 444 last summer, so I can agree to that much
@FatGoku64 @TheWeisSmash That sounds like a great pizza to me @FatGoku64 West coasters are weirdly impressed by Chic Fil A and Wendy's those are like average to just above average in the southafab: assigned female at birth amab: assigned male at birth acab: assigned cop at birth ahab: from hell's heart I stab at thee
Retweeted by princess honigmelone @marysuewriter woah, what debate event did/do you do?just an average day
Retweeted by princess honigmelone @shannondorf_ no samus has ever played melee in the history of melee @pitchfork @americfootball @en_cohen You can tell Ian wanted this to be BNMfuck fucking yes, @andrealeadsom. I'm a trans woman. My school didn't tell me about trans people. My parents for sure would neve…
Retweeted by princess honigmelone @SweetDeeSSBM i don't know if i should read that reaction more as "i'm afraid of commitment and don't know myself"… @gblanstonku @WorldWideWob @BentonASmith This is the whitest moment of that woman's life.
@ringer How Nassir Little could possibly be drafted before Coby White is a travesty @mukungutimothy @sanchisMAD @MagnusCarlsen @chess24com spot on!Watch this fucking set. (Greatest last stock of a Melee bo5 in a long time, featuring me Vish and Ludwig losing ou…
Retweeted by princess honigmeloneWriting about a new American Football album for the Ringer is some literal “2019 vision board” material for me. V…
Retweeted by princess honigmelone @en_cohen Ian Cohen writing for The Ringer is the happiest thing about my week two of my favorite media-beings com… finally forced myself to spend money and i'm kinda proud t b h @adultmomband stipe always making me want to buzz my hair, lord @campmonday just wait until you play celeste :) @PartyTimeShffl your takes on sex and gender are better than your takes on smash t b h7 year challenge
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@MarkMan23 @EVO Wouldn't this just be a retrospective about EVO being a pay-for-play event that sells roster spots… Her Bounds: J.K. Rowling Has Announced That Daenerys From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Has Crohn’s Disease…
Retweeted by princess honigmelone @mybandowen one of the rare foods that motivate me to drink milk that means they're healthy
@kathygriffin @ChelseaClinton it’s so nice all of you rich liberal white celebrities like you are able to come toge…
Retweeted by princess honigmelone @kathygriffin @ChelseaClinton You don't deserve a platform and you have never, ever been funny. Do us a favor and stop talking. @Truegreen7 @OJessicaNigri I cannot condone encouraging someone to watch Brotherhood before FMA. @OJessicaNigri Fullmetal Alchemist (2003 first, Brotherhood if you enjoy 03). (2003 is better anyway) @AmaAmaLeeLee @OJessicaNigri If you watch Brotherhood before 03 you are actual scum @shannondorf_ @OJessicaNigri watch 03 fullmetal first, though it's only right @shrimpy2945 I had someone take the time to write out a 15 cent tip on a 30 dollar delivery today. That said, there…
@kmorgan26 @MKennedy872 @joerogan You know what you're doing, lol. My point was clearly that you're overly concerne… @XEECEEVEVO anyone who holds you to some kind of arbitrary standard over reopening your shop is just seeking perfor… @RecursionGG why are you so good at streaming meleeStill so deeply disappointing to see all these white liberals continue to attack a grieving Muslim woman because sh…
Retweeted by princess honigmelone @kmorgan26 @MKennedy872 @joerogan that...doesn't at all reply to the substance of my tweet, lol, but you do you @kmorgan26 @MKennedy872 @joerogan You're mighty sensitive to feeling like a nonwhite, nonmale person is out here be… @LiquidHbox holy fuck @SonicFox5000 @GO13151 wholesomeWait, this is the video?! This is it?! The entire video?!?! You guys really can't see a non-white person speakin…
Retweeted by princess honigmelone @Archeria_28 @VelvetKnight @FlyByKnite @hottakeharry Yes, and that's why he's suggesting a /change/ in the system.… @AlbertSNelsonJ1 @WorldWideWob I didn't realize my job was refereeing an NBA game, nice!
Retweeted by princess honigmeloneJ.K. Rowling Confirms Some Characters in Her Books and Movies Are Gay Everywhere Except in the Books or the Movies
Retweeted by princess honigmeloneintelligence can be measured in five ways: - standardized testing - knowing all the presidents in the 24 universe…
Retweeted by princess honigmelone @AlbertSNelsonJ1 @WorldWideWob Uh, no? The ref should be able to handle getting insulted, lol. Maybe they should tr… @WorldWideWob The only reason a player should ever be ejected is the threat of or act of physical violence against… @johnny_S2J coors lite @Espngreeny It's a former Heat and Kentucky fan's dream!
@ringer @clubtrillion @tatefrazier @oneshiningpod If UNC isn't a one seed (and a one seed over UK, who hasn't playe… tweeting much about The News because i don't have much to say that hasn't been said by people much smarter than…
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Retweeted by princess honigmelone @FreeportKid Dunking! Cool! Maybe some defense next?"Hey Nintendo, here's this entire scene we literally built on our own, w/ established rulesets, casters, players, &…
Retweeted by princess honigmeloneI can’t stop watching this new anthem to fighting fascism
Retweeted by princess honigmelone @mach1alex19 @joerogan Contrapoints, Hbomberguy, Dan Olson/Folding Ideas sports- Bill Simmons Podcast, One Shining… dance like an old man so I can dance when I’m an old man.
Retweeted by princess honigmelone @Jbrekkie @a_s0ph ur gonna like this tweet @sailorcbot @ShitpostBot5000 is this the American version of The Golden One @SaifMKha @JacksonLaurie1 @SheaSerrano Yeah, this isn't a Zion-hate comment, I'm just watching him play and seeing… @DukeNBA You beat us by one on a neutral court with a 7 foul differential in the second half. We smoked you by doub… @PaoloUggetti I was not impressed. This is what happens when a super-athletic but undersized forward plays college… @JacksonLaurie1 @SheaSerrano Undersized 4. Will never average a double double in the NBA. i said it here. Come bac… @SheaSerrano And that's why he's neither fun nor good. @ringer @ZionW32 @SportsCenter It's not hype. Stop trying so hard. @tatefrazier Refs handing Duke the game. Gotta save ESPN's favorite son.
@heyitsautumn918 @marysuewriter His "treatment" of Nicole Perlman reads mostly like an experienced screenwriter tot… @Marcoohehe @WorldWideWob Oh, fuck off. If he hadn't made the dunk Jokic wouldn't even have had to beat the buzzer. @nytimes Being a center-right candidate who isn't fond of radical change in the face of a totally broken system? Losing to Ted fucking Cruz?
@dietotaku @WendyMolyneux I'm here telling you not to be complacent in the primaries and to threaten centrists with… @beetkid It's easy for wealthy white people to be dismissive of socialism Sanders supporters are snarky because th… @dietotaku @WendyMolyneux You're delusional if you think anti-centrist sentiment is the reason turnout was low. I s… @dietotaku @WendyMolyneux enjoy voting for Ricky McWhiteGuy in the general election, then you're breeding complacency with this attitude @OkayResignTho @WendyMolyneux do better. demand more. voting for people like harris is killing trans peopleThere’s two types of psych bands at sxsw: 1. Syd Barrett cosplay/says “can I Venmo you like $10 for a couple bump…
Retweeted by princess honigmelone @PGATOUR @THEPLAYERSChamp @TigerWoods That's two great putts on the back 9 here he comes, everyone... @WendyMolyneux Nah, stop supporting center-right candidates running under the Democratic banner. The only way to st… @QuakeYote
Retweeted by princess honigmeloneimagine believing birds are real. lol. who does that
Retweeted by princess honigmelone @JoshhTerry beto o'right of center @ndrew_lawrence This is FoxTalk. FoxTalk is incomprehensible until you realize they're just cramming as many words…
Retweeted by princess honigmelone @PhoenixTheLopez @MVD731 no, but if you do it twice it will @DrDePozzi @junoflaih @WorldWideWob @notthefakeSVP It's too bad, he's a fun guy to watch and has had a solid career… @junoflaih @WorldWideWob @notthefakeSVP It was a bit strong of a word, granted, lol @junoflaih @WorldWideWob @notthefakeSVP Longtime player, personality, glue-guy...yeah, I'd say he's pretty well-lov… @ThatKidFrom_SLC Nah, Burke is fucking great. Good rhythm, plays off other commentators well, doesn't fake hype...s… @WorldWideWob @notthefakeSVP Nah, Lonzo is good Beverley is practically royalty but Lonzo is still a potential sta… @JennyENicholson oh my god Jenny i owe you a thousand million dollarsrun mac run!
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