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i physically CANNOT🤤 @m_ckncheese keep the dogoh. my heart, there it goes me learn how to love you the way ur body mind and soul needs
Retweeted by abs🪐 @kc_dobbs didnt expect less from you😘i don’t think i’ve ever been more attracted to kristen stewart @Radikeeel spank ya @kc_dobbs omg i barely made it but i’m there @Radikeeel how you do theseOH MY SHIT THERE I AM
@c_nikkki sexy asf😍😍 @mia_jayyyy oh you think so 😏 @c_nikkki oop🥺🥺i take blurry screenshots of videos and post them 🤷🏼‍♀️
@theandrewadkin did you... JUST NOW FOLLOW ME’m still thinkin about “it’s the 7 different types of anxiety disorders for me” and idk why that solidified our fr…
Retweeted by abs🪐you make me feel warm
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@GabrielleLaMora @LamoraSkylar come get a tattoo @GabrielleLaMora @LamoraSkylar i’m at work 5 minutes from there hoe @LamoraSkylar @GabrielleLaMora you all miss me more i already knowyes? yes
Retweeted by abs🪐worst part of working at a tattoo shop is wanting to get stabbed every time you have a slight inconvenience in your life
okay but Patrick and David in Schitts Creek.. why does no one give them credit ? they’re so cute i wanna pukehi, here is an angel tht walks among us✨
Retweeted by abs🪐happy fake wife, happy fake life 🥴 (samsougsphotography)
Retweeted by abs🪐me n who
Retweeted by abs🪐 @mia_jayyyy if i’m not you’re notbtw i’m back. let’s see for how long 🥴stupid dummy bitch is what i am today . love that for me
@noonyx__ @KGudermuth lmfaomy needy ass needs this right now
Demi via Instagram story (ddlovato)
Retweeted by abs🪐 @LamoraSkylar i love you 🥺ohhhh god 3 year difference
Retweeted by abs🪐 @c_nikkki all grown out and shitoof 3 year difference here’s my mug 😬 #neveraloneLGBTQIA
Retweeted by abs🪐Deleting your savage paragraph to txt back “ok” is a different kind of self control.
Retweeted by abs🪐in need of a whole lot of this
Retweeted by abs🪐my wife’s barely 12 o’clock and i already wanna be smothered between someone’s thighs
Retweeted by abs🪐 @GabrielleLaMora GABS🥺❤️
@mia_jayyyy YOU the badass 😏 @k_ormsby kat😏 @LamoraSkylar I LOVE YOU🥺 @reagan_marieee 😘😘 @_lovesyou__ RAINY DAYY😏hi it’s me again @mia_jayyyy much appreciated 🥺 @mia_jayyyy uhm can i reserve @Radikeeel looks to me like YOU made the movei just wanna be...... appreciate 😪
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happy thursday 😈 ✨link in bio✨
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@mia_jayyyy no ma’am. talk it out i’m here @mia_jayyyy @SarahDepillis don’t get me excited y’all @SarahDepillis @mia_jayyyy neither of those are even a question at this point @Radikeeel @mia_jayyyy sending much love boo ❤️ @mia_jayyyy @SarahDepillis i mean i think so 😏 @mia_jayyyy @SarahDepillis only if she was watching usMAAM is sitting in the bathroom having normal conversation while she’s relaxing in the baththe fact that this scene wasn’t longer
Retweeted by abs🪐straight girls complimenting their friends : “omg you’re so pretty” gay girls complimenting their friends: “dude…
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@KGudermuth “sweet little shittumsss”😏 @ashlyntaylor0 missouri :/ @ashlyntaylor0 there’s an alpaca farm here🥺yea real tired of the subtweetsCall me whenever. Call me to tell me about a weird bug you saw. Call me to tell me about the great burrito you just…
Retweeted by abs🪐you know what i’m thinkin bout? that suuummbitch Daryl @KGudermuth @mia_jayyyy sure tf do 😏it’s the caption for me🥺 @mia_jayyyy @_lovesyou__ even better😏 @c_nikkki @mia_jayyyy @_lovesyou__ okay i’ll take #1 behind all the boyz @mia_jayyyy @_lovesyou__ i better be #1i live with two boys now sos
aquarius ♒️ -weirdos -probably either a skater kid or band kid -stoners -was a gifted kid up until high school -…
Retweeted by abs🪐sure do I really do be looking like a bottom rude of me
Retweeted by abs🪐 @mia_jayyyy @kc_dobbs i love comin on here and seein this❤️if a MATURED aquarius loves u, they really will be the best partner. we act detached when something isn’t quite rig…
Retweeted by abs🪐i needed that hurt... crazy how pain can make you refocus.
Retweeted by abs🪐I’d ask but I know y’all ain’t asleep yet
Retweeted by abs🪐i feel way too much all too quickly once i start to open up and i think that’s my worst and best quality
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@mia_jayyyy @leslieruizx oh here come the puns 😂 @leslieruizx @mia_jayyyy ily more 😘 @leslieruizx @mia_jayyyy you’ll be the first to know @mia_jayyyy omw ✈️ @GabrielleLaMora @anna_murri @LamoraSkylar we’ll be ready for crabby gabby when you don’t 😉 @GabrielleLaMora @anna_murri @LamoraSkylar @GabrielleLaMora better not be playin 👊🏼 family game night?someone gunna come play phase 10 with me or whati jus wanna be babied rn
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good morning to the whores and homosexuals only
Retweeted by abs🪐for anyone that didn’t believe the republican party was fighting to ban same sex marriage, here’s just a couple tex…
Retweeted by abs🪐 @kc_dobbs @mia_jayyyy i’m gunna get my license to marry you guys @vict0rially you are glowing !!