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It’s always an honor to act beside you, Colman to truly are so damn good at what you do, constantly i…
Retweeted by ABISUjust being able to have the opportunity to work with one of my best friends morning @k3nnyisgood this^^^ @ItsCreepP LMAOOOPhenius and pherb songs be kinda good on the cool lol they be dancin n shit haha
Retweeted by ABISU @loneamorphous Nooooo @highozt PURRRRme talking me actually about my trying to ideas make them
Retweeted by ABISUThe way how I relate to Jules from Euphoria... @hokkqi Hey @lastcoyotes I feel honored being on here 🥺 @tjpetracca THAT WAS THIS YEAR????!???? @fraxiommusic THE ONLY CURE I WILL TAKE FROM ANYONE @TeddyWynton this is me lolThe fact that there are furries risking their lives just for mid dick I hope they slip some of the vaccine in your poppers @JAYVERSACE tell him to drink his saliva we ain’t risking that herewe are in the middle of a whole pan african movement and my uber driver jus took his mask off to drink water?????
Retweeted by ABISUin a way, this past week has been extremely overwhelming (thank goodness i'm surrounded by great people). on the ot…
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Retweeted by ABISU @fuckdraz Manifest that!
@loneamorphous @beatsbydre LETS GOOOOOOOOOthank you so much, @beatsbydre. 🥺
Retweeted by ABISU @jedwill1999 Hi king!! @AxeToday All good :) @AxeToday hey I agree with you as I said this in a reply my post was more of me talking to people in general @tanukimusic I’m so sorry.. I hope she can pull it through @TeddyWynton ohhh that sounds somewhat therapeutic @TeddyWynton What is a vent piece?people say “mental health” like EDM producers say “house music”
Retweeted by ABISUliterally some of u should not have the internet. please touch a tree
Retweeted by ABISU @lophiile can you help me like???? @MIKE_MEHR I felt thisThis track meant so much to me I wanted to finally put it on bandcamp just uploaded a 2 year old track on bandcamp lol @ultimatwo I’m about to upload a track from two years ago now on bandcamp that’s already out on Spotify lol @ultimatwo Wish that was meBlack people stay winning!!!IM TEXTING HIM THIS RN HES GONNA FLIP OUT way my heart stoppedOMG JANET @JanetJackson Omg it happened😍
Retweeted by ABISUI don’t even ask people to go ahead and buy my music it’s free and up there for people to listen and download they…’s some furries that are.... questionable to society @hokkqi This^ @k3nnyisgood it me :3
Retweeted by ABISU @gupimusic holy shit I forgot about this reply to the furry fandom...
Retweeted by ABISUWe smiling
Retweeted by ABISU @elimieralanegra This is so cute omgggmy chest
Retweeted by ABISU @solomonlspencer Yes @solomonlspencer THEKSRKJE @untitled_yusi YESbut this really is hard when you have social anxiety and don’t know how to start conversations with people you admi… @SuedeInBrackets like a dm is really bold I would at least comment first on a post I’m not that brave I know it’s bandcamp Friday but I feel weird trying to tweet about itI don’t want to ask to support me I feel weird doing itToday is Bandcamp day, a good day to buy from and support Black artists.
Retweeted by ABISU @trentandrewrld Yes @trentandrewrld painnnnnmATTENTION WHITE PEOPLE: For the second month in a row @umru_ has mentioned my music on social media and I now have…
Retweeted by ABISUwhy don’t y’all read my fucking bio @trentandrewrld 😔 @trentandrewrld stop thinking you’re missingme to the furry fandom...
Retweeted by ABISUme: does this mean @itmedamon??? toxic is secondI feel ashamed to say slave 4 U... birthday jay z
Retweeted by ABISU @PUPCRN @lophiile YEA IT SURPRISED ME @umru_ About time @PUPCRN :/The way the world works in mysterious waysOn this day in 1969, Black Panther Fred Hampton was assassinated by the police and the FBI. He's gone, but his ide…
Retweeted by ABISURevolutionary Fred Hampton was assassinated on this day at the age of 21. He is someone that inspired an entire gen…
Retweeted by ABISUMohawk Johnson went offE.M.O >:-) (Evil Mice Only) 😈🐁🐭👿 w/ @MOHAVVKJOHNSON ‼️🤯 prod. me 🎵😅 engineering + additional prod. @camstacey_
Retweeted by ABISU @orbthief Too many @pisspainting OMGGGG ,??,!,!,&?&;&? @crtrlndn Omfg @pisspainting WAIT WHAT @thekittiekrew They saved Christmas 😭 @thekittiekrew This was long overdue!!! @nbayoongs Chile on hbo @TonyAstroVEVO ew @TonyAstroVEVO WhatWatching euphoria nowwomen got the music industry on LOCK.....
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