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this covid bs is never going away bro
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@cufflinks14 Lol that question has always been the issueSo backstory: A player in one of my League of Legends servers that I play in often with my friends admitted to one…
Retweeted by Tee @cufflinks14 I went for 3 years switching majors constantly because I didn't genuinely like anything and left becau…’s a very long way to say he’s a pedophile
Retweeted by TeeLMAOOOOO I'm dead
Retweeted by Tee @PopNoTarts Yea remember I was wondering if it only shows up with dlc but the PC version comes with it right? @iAm_Paz Paz lmaoChile... Why is my job playing Juvenile- Back That Azz Up? 🤣
Retweeted by Tee @PopNoTarts Lmao well at least now I get my fresh start. I was thinking tonfa/fist and switchglaiveI need to look into this. I live here and had no clue this is gross.
Retweeted by Tee @PopNoTarts Nah we all make new buildsNext Friday Nioh 2 drops on PC. Can't wait to play with my homies on PC. I'm nervous about doing my current build a…
Retweeted by TeeI absolutely despise those personality assessments in job applications. They’re so pointless
Retweeted by TeeI wouldn't mind going back to school if I knew what I wanted to doI am a tavern owner in Portland. Wages went from $11 to $14 over the last couple years. $15 next year. Our prices r…
Retweeted by TeeLMFAOOO
Retweeted by TeeThis is attempted murder. We can’t have openly gay children, athletes, rappers, politicians or even reference gay c…
Retweeted by Tee @akumasanxx Or Vice City remastered
Retweeted by Teeyou can’t turn off a pandemic like a light switch after 11 months of reckless spread....
Retweeted by TeeTwerk lock in retep0299's stream. really love peoples reactions on Rosa stuff lol
Retweeted by Tee @CarrotOfWisdom Damn you want to the homies stream today and I missed itteaching our girls to tell men to stay out of womens business EARLY >>>>
Retweeted by TeeI want what they have
Retweeted by TeeY’all see ppl in Atlanta clubbing & think covid is magically gone. No.
Retweeted by TeeStream was cool and chill with some shenanigans. Preciate y'all for coming through. Imma finish Valhalla before the… YouTube Video of 2021! MK8: Laughs & Rage!
Retweeted by Tee @akumasanxx What happened
what doesn’t kill you makes you weird at intimacy
Retweeted by TeeI miss degen stream days tbhWhy am I always in the mood to stream late at night? 👀 It's not fair 😭
Retweeted by Teeone thing about the month of january is that sis is going to make sure you feel all 31 of her days
Retweeted by TeeShikamaru with a sharingan would destroy the world
Retweeted by TeeWhen you smell weed in public:
Retweeted by Tee @akumasanxx AyeeeGoodnight y'allDay 1 of being pescatarian starts todayWatching all my homies stream at the same time and they’re all prospering
Retweeted by Tee @professor_mgw Bruh slide @NotAleksiPark Its pretty strong @HoneybLved Oooo that's new to meWe the last 24 hours have been ... not the greatest.
Retweeted by Tee @blackapinaa This is beautifulshinobu🦋
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China went on a serious quarantine, not the “stay at home, if it’s convenient to you” quarantine that America had
Retweeted by Tee @_zZItz_TacoriZz Happy birthday again 😌Oh wow, look at that👀
Retweeted by Tee @KatanaRikku @TheSoldierLife @ClewisTheBest Thank you 😌 @ClewisTheBest @TheSoldierLife Big marth an honest character? @AFintastic I hate you lolThis beats the Bernie meme and it’s not even close.
Retweeted by Tee @AFintastic Go right now @ultra_ssbu 👀 oh @TheSoldierLife @ClewisTheBest Lie againBout to be hella knocked out every night
Retweeted by Tee @TheSoldierLife @ClewisTheBest And you do that hoe flawlesslyAncient Art "One Stroke Painting" reborn in this Dragon by Keisuke Teshima
Retweeted by Teeif you ever notice my insecurity or depression acting up grab me by the back of the head and gently press my face a…
Retweeted by Tee @akumasanxx Lol noo you gotta bully meOr pescatarianI always debate on going veganI really woke up 2 hours laterLike its really about to be 5. The night over at this pointI really can't sleep tonight @akumasanxx Lol bruh I just seen a random youtube videos that's allGranblue dropping another character and he looks lit @IGN So basically they announced they were raising prices and on the same day they realize they fucked up and now t…
Retweeted by TeeJustin Timberlake came first Goddess of the Moon in Philippine Mythology #artph
Retweeted by Teehomeless....with a Tesla?
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Retweeted by Teeinternet friends are so weird because like i know ur deepest trauma but i’ve never seen ur legs
Retweeted by Tee @cufflinks14 Lol it was free roam @TheSoldierLife @AFintastic @SBaer143 back! Live on twitch now!
Retweeted by TeeNone @izziibel OC? @TheSoldierLife I tried this before as well lolI just registered for Make A Run For It 13 via @smashgg
Retweeted by TeeI feel so drained todayI want a nice salad or a veggie subSo my friend is working on making a game. Be on the look out.
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I wasted my youth being so goddamn sad.
Retweeted by Tee @Mad_Madame_Em Same its getting badThis is still going on! 7 more days left to enter!!!
Retweeted by Tee @izziibel Yes @sakumoshadow Lol and then they got mad when you cant do itLike I'm hurting and crying because of it and i can't express that why?For all the people who got whooped as kids. Why did your parent(s) tell you to straighten up your face after they whooped you? @blackapinaa I love DJ heroStreams may have to be 2 or 3 times a week for a bitForever love mac millerKalief Browder allegedly stole a backpack at 16, spent 3 yrs at Riker's Island without trial. Riley Williams stole…
Retweeted by Tee @BioticQuay Lmao @BioticQuay So you gon leave us high and dry like thisme in childhood without any reason
Retweeted by TeeWe’re finishing Lapis x Labyrinth today and then switching off to the next game the community voted for on Wednesda…
Retweeted by TeeHere it is 👀. #KingdomHearts #ACNH #popnoroasts
Retweeted by TeeHow it started 3 years ago vs how its going. ✨ Getting closer to my dream rig ✨
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