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Catholic, dad, husband...that's all

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Let us never forget that every single person in those photos and those praising them are perfectly comfortable with… @megmccool00 @junecutter Yeah...that is undeniable. Many need to retire, from both parties. @megmccool00 @junecutter I hope after Trump is gone, the GOP can recover and we can have a contest of ideas rather than ideologies. @megmccool00 @junecutter Normally yeah...views are more important than party, but the Trumpublican Party is not nor… @joshuamercer Hmm...”Catholics for Trump” does not compute...I mean, can Catholics support caging refugee children?… @pwhitsell @TheBrownMoreno @realDonaldTrump Can you define “crowd”? 10 people?Didn’t his #StableGenius boss say that #COVID2019 was like the common cold? Why is he “deeply concerned” then? @megmccool00 @junecutter concern is that with the subpar federal response, the state will be more impor…, his pops stole his first term with the help of the Russians. crisis actor/bot... for vile racist comments...I encourage others do the same.“Panic/hysteria” immediately paints this person as someone with limited knowledge of epidemiology. While not a full… doctor that prescribed medicine illegally and drank on the job? Really? @TheHappyPriest @sqpn and their lynchpins, @bettnet @JimmyAkin3000 and @FrCorySticha are also good... @TheHappyPriest Are you following @theghissilent? He is excellent.Honestly, how can Trumpists not feel tired of this constant barrage of insults and attacks against any person perce… is not the solution. We need to put a stop to underdevelopment in California. @KUSINews @GavinNewsom No...this is too much. We cannot have a bond proposition in each election. Pass on 13. @TonyKrvaric @vosdscott Tony, seriously leave Mrs Lewis alone. Have some decency. You do the same to… wonder if the anti #AB5 gang remembers that in California, workers have the right to paid sick days thanks to AB… were they not available before? Because @realDonaldTrump is leading a disaster of an administration that can’t… @crosbyfredc @FrJoshMiller The holy blood and the Eucharist are FULL sacraments on their own. You were misled by th… @SethAMandel Duh Seth...if you have lots of sick people, production halts, transportation halts, supply chains stop… @LindseyGrahamSC @realDonaldTrump May your #kompromat be soon released so we don’t have to deal with your incessant hypocrisy. @DonaldJTrumpJr #COVFEFE
2020 am not sure being a condescending prick will work out for Rafa Cruz. After all, he represents the anti science pa… @WJeffreyRobins1 @TrumpWarRoom @DonaldJTrumpJr @JohnGaramendi Since when is Pence a medical professional? @RepBrianMast @GOPLeader We are less safe you ox! The Iranians are bidding their time. Your president is so incompe… @sdvillafranca @314LoveMachine @NoraVargasSD @SophiaBOS2020 @PPFA @realDonaldTrump @AOC You should be ashamed to ca… @sdvillafranca @314LoveMachine @NoraVargasSD @SophiaBOS2020 @PPFA @realDonaldTrump @AOC However, I spent decades wa… @sdvillafranca @314LoveMachine @NoraVargasSD @SophiaBOS2020 @PPFA @realDonaldTrump @AOC Now, as to my “rose colored… @sdvillafranca @314LoveMachine @NoraVargasSD @SophiaBOS2020 @PPFA @realDonaldTrump @AOC Sir, what Bernie proposes i… you hire a person that said “I am not a medical doctor” to do your surgery? Or a person that said “I am not… @sdvillafranca @314LoveMachine @NoraVargasSD @SophiaBOS2020 @PPFA @realDonaldTrump @AOC @LizzieReezay @caseyofm @sdvillafranca I don’t belong to any party sir. I am an independent, not a Democrat. @junecutter Ms Cutter seems nice but we can’t deny she is a member of the Trumpublican Party and she has not reject… @PickJustice @TonyKrvaric @LorenaSGonzalez Who pays Jesse Rojas’ salary? Could it be the same people that exploit farm workers? @ScottAdamsSays Gee Dilbert...let’s see...stocking on tests, sending tests to the states that actually work, relaxi… #IMPOTUS @realDonaldTrump sent Pompeo to Congress and the man refused to outright say that #COVID19 is not a… to #IMPOTUS minion on @MorningEdition and the platitudes about their so-called “response” to #COVID19 and… is what happens when you have incompetent leadership at the top. Trump is dangerous. He is a threat to the Rep… like failed ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ has finally destroyed the Obama economy... @realDonaldTrump is botching the response and people will die unless he gets out of the way and lets professionals… @RepDanCrenshaw Trump’s budget cuts funding to the CDC. If it was up to him, he would gut it. It is thanks to Congr… @FrHilderbrand Socialist!Not only is Mr Villafranca insulting college graduates (he must not be one) but he is being divisive and classist.… are you, Mr Villafranca, accusing of “sexual deviance” and “moral depravation”? Does that include Donald Trum… @sdvillafranca @NoraVargasSD @SashaFooKUSI @DanPlanteKUSI Mr Villafranca, can a single county supervisor declare a… @sdvillafranca No speed bump sir. The fundamentals are pointing towards a recession as the impact of the Republican… Rafael getting overheated over AOC? I suspect he is not her type... @sdvillafranca @314LoveMachine @NoraVargasSD @SophiaBOS2020 @PPFA @realDonaldTrump @AOC Mr Villafranca, they are ri… must be a highly sophisticated electoral strategy. Insulting young people in a supervisory district where 370K… @DanPlanteKUSI It must go. We should not honor a man that ushered in the extermination of millions of natives.
@sdvillafranca @314LoveMachine @NoraVargasSD @SophiaBOS2020 @PPFA @realDonaldTrump @AOC Is having free or low cost… @sdvillafranca So Mr Villafranca, do you think that having universal healthcare is socialism? If so, what is your t… much as Democrats and I strongly disagree in many things, at least most of them are honest in their belie… @sdvillafranca @314LoveMachine @NoraVargasSD @SophiaBOS2020 @PPFA @realDonaldTrump @AOC Why do you refuse to acknow… you imagine if American businesses had sat on their behinds in the face of Y2K, or Sarbanes-Oxley, and then the… IC had over a year to provide input on the law and incorporate themselves to ensure a B2B relationship...but…’s lies are catching up with him and Americans may die because he is downplaying #COVID19...Trump is driving America towards a disaster with #COVID19 and together with his economic missteps before that, we a… @KatiePavlich Perhaps because they are paid to have oversight over Trump and not over Xi? @sdvillafranca @314LoveMachine @NoraVargasSD @SophiaBOS2020 @PPFA @realDonaldTrump @AOC Neither Bernie nor @AOC are… forward to discovery! Someone get Eric his crackers and juice. Mr Kiley is proposing is the equivalent of suspending laws against murder because murderers are holding thousa… @realDonaldTrump Wrong! You are a liar and that is why you will stay impeached forever @Jim_Jordan Says the man that refused to protect young men being sexually abused and that refuses to protect refuge… remember Giuliani 2008...boy was that pathetic! @CatholicNewsSvc @AngelusNews Has the archbishop been this vocal in defending refugee children in concentration cam… needs to go away. @CNNPolitics This is as hypocritical as Trump talking about Ash Wednesday. @JoeBiden opposes basic tenets of Cathol… @314LoveMachine @NoraVargasSD @sdvillafranca @SophiaBOS2020 @PPFA @realDonaldTrump The Democratic Party needs to un… @314LoveMachine @NoraVargasSD @sdvillafranca @SophiaBOS2020 @PPFA @realDonaldTrump I know she has expressed support… @314LoveMachine @NoraVargasSD @sdvillafranca That is why I prefer @SophiaBOS2020 myself...she helps people and has not helped kill babies @loveusa2018 @RepAndyBiggsAZ @realDonaldTrump Which “these branches” are you talking about? There are only three branches... @RepAndyBiggsAZ @realDonaldTrump Perhaps we should return to political candidates not asking or accepting electoral… @314LoveMachine @NoraVargasSD Except that she has worked hard in the legalized killing of unborn babies as part of…’s Republican nonsense like this that has made me not discount @BernieSanders completely. @FrHilderbrand The survival rate of #COVID19 is closer to 96 percent while that of seasonal flu is over 99 percent. @MischievyCrow @pablo_honey1 @DineshDSouza @jswillims21 Hey Peter, it was your tame Chief Justice that made Citizen… @DineshDSouza Oh Dinnie! You are a criminal (despite what your fellow crook #IMPOTUS says) and you got caught.… @JoeBiden If you mean it, you should oppose the legalized killing of unborn babies. @HarrierMagnus Socialist! 😉 @Edittando @FrHilderbrand Actually, closer to three months...initial cases occurred in early December...This guy wanted to be mayor of Chula Vista and now is calling for the feds to attack our city. I wonder why he does… @FrHilderbrand The current Ebola outbreak in the DRC has killed 2,249 people since 2018...#COVID19 has killed 2,700… @nathanfletcher 30+90=120 30-27=3 90-89=1 120-3-1=116 @SaraJacobsCA just a follow up to Tony’s advice. He has single handedly crashed the San Diego GOP, so it is not as… how this degenerate does not link to a news piece. #RepublicanLies #IMPOTUS @realDonaldTrump named @Mike_Pence to lead the #COVID19 response. Don’t get me wrong...we’re screwed. H…
You know what must be driving #IMPOTUS @realDonaldTrump absolutely nuts? That he is ready to close the borders to p… @FymYoda @KUSINews @Vogel4Assembly @LorenaSGonzalez @LorenaAD80 Mend it, don’t end it. It benefits tens of thousand… @FymYoda @KUSINews @Vogel4Assembly @LorenaSGonzalez @LorenaAD80 Come on...don’t be ideological...seems like you car… @FrJoshMiller @FrHilderbrand Agreed...but let’s think about the world of daily grind, traffic, appointments...lets… Trump Administration has slashed CDC funding and left positions charged with managing pandemics vacant. The b…
Retweeted by Alfredo Borunda @FrJoshMiller @FrHilderbrand How about not forcing people to attend mass to get ashes? In Mexico you had a priest o… @FymYoda @KUSINews @Vogel4Assembly @LorenaSGonzalez @LorenaAD80 Leaving aside tender and bruised egos for a moment,…’t we quarantine #IMPOTUS just in case? I mean, he was in a large stadium in a nation that has had #COVID19 are all Lorena Gonzalez.
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