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If you meet me and think there’s not at least a medium sized knife on my person, think again. They/Them/Ka-Bar. Chris Hero appreciation account.

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@yerbs7 @jasonjgauthier When you said they asked to get run over by cops. You are ignorant if you think you’re sayi… @THE_Stefano_DLC I’m hollering @yerbs7 @jasonjgauthier Bootlicking fuckImagine Conor back in a boxing ring with an experienced striker. Like Jake Paul.
Retweeted by Local Aquaman Expert @blkwdxvx @thejamiesenegal She really exposed herself as fake cool didn’t sheOnly people with worse tattoos than wrestlers is UFC fighters @youngbucksclub Olaplex sisAnybody know the owner of this vehicle? We have so many questions. For him and for Alaska DMV.
Retweeted by Local Aquaman Expert @AroundTheNFL I really respect you guys a lot but you’re nuts if you think Tom Brady isn’t the perfect gladiatorial candidate @rollinroots Of course! I always try to when I can. I’ve seen firsthand how the native community back home is ignored and it’s unacceptable.
Retweeted by Local Aquaman ExpertThe village has been without running water for almost 7 days. This is where you can donate've got two LOADED episodes of #TheRoad remaining in Season 2! 🔁 40 RETWEETS and we'll announce Davienne's oppon…
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@Rockford_Guy AmazingThe biggest luxury is putting your laptop on your chest while watching a movie. It’s like ur injecting the film straight into ur veins. @rockerj881 Literally me rn @davienne__ UR DA BEST 🖤 SEE U SOON @succubussyZERO Riiiiight @kyujukyupasento Like come oooon @ScandalousMurph A true waste of my time @LongTallJodie I’ll just go get a new one at target so I can also look at fake plants like duh @mpvet759 No I was looking to buy a game, and they said a used copy, and it’s only 2$ cheaper than a new one @LongTallJodie Barely even any good preorder exclusive stuff anymore either @LongTallJodie I remember I used to be able to get games cheap there if they were old or discounted. It’s like such… used games at game stop are discounted 2 dollars? Truly fuck that
Retweeted by Local Aquaman Expert @AuntieCimex It’s ‘Davi-End Your Life’ for a reason @MjfScarf @AEW Highlighting women on YouTube doesn’t translate 🤷 I’m stoked they have so many women on dark but it’… @nicaanne 💯 @davienne__ I luv u go kill her @MjfScarf @AEW I mean not if they don’t put them on TVDAAAAAVIEEENNNNEEEE 💥💥💥, who was bisexual, starred in "Anders als die Andern"(Different from the Others) in 1919, one of the first fe…
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Retweeted by Local Aquaman ExpertEvery day I wake up and look like a cockatielMullet bed-head is next level @tweedslacks Idk why wrestling seems to think shitting on young women is cool or funny or a good idea @tweedslacks I mean I’m pretty sure this is fully a bit but it’s a bad one lol
Retweeted by Local Aquaman Expert🎉 GUESS WHO’S BACK 🎉
Retweeted by Local Aquaman Expert @AvaEverett_ Deal @meowdyxyall It’s behind our understanding @AvaEverett_ PLEASE 🤩
Retweeted by Local Aquaman Expert @iamajigglypuff Following in ur hallowed footstepsWow! I have been asking for Let’s shirts for 180 years. I’m so excited!!
@GayUncleFrank 3 rolls bbyI got so much sushi they gave me two sets of chopsticks 😭 @GayUncleFrank it speaks to me @busstogate2141 Thank you!AND I gave a really good haircut! What a day! @710wonderdev 🖤🖤🖤 @IAmAStove Oh that’s locked and loadedWait now help me decide what takeout to treat myself with @wellgoshacs I’m very proud of myself @Superstarml Thank you! @AnotherElle I’m v proud of myselfI got 100% on both of my big tests today :,) @sofiealltimelow Hell yeah @uzionmain @TheBrobe I’ll have to check it out @uzionmain @TheBrobe I don’t think I’ve read green lantern, who wrote it?Honestly, great. I don’t think I’ve liked a single one of the EARTH ONE books. Maybe Morrison’s Wonder Woman but I…[extremely always votes to cut mental health spending voice] we must end this lockdown, for mental health
Retweeted by Local Aquaman Expert @budweisergay Lo I can’t believe I saw these with my own two eyesOkay you REALLY got me @Rockford_Guy We love it @LoveDoug_ @BernieSanders @RealMikeGamble @LWMaine @newwrestling1 Next time please do we have a lot we could talk about 🖤 @LoveDoug_ @BernieSanders @RealMikeGamble @LWMaine @newwrestling1 Okay this is goodYA WE GAY YA WE LOVE WRASSLIN
Retweeted by Local Aquaman Expert @BomberTrans AAYYYOOOOO @tweedslacks @BomberTrans We took this incredibly powerful selfie
We didn’t do this twice just for you to rehabilitate him
Retweeted by Local Aquaman Expert @rockerj881 Yeah that’s why I’m like “damn I want it” @uzionmain Woah really?! Didn’t realize that @uzionmain Hmm good to know. I rlly wanna play sunshine but haven’t actually seen anyone really talk about that releaseYo do any of you have that 3 pack of Mario games for the switch?! Do you like it? What’s the best Mario game for switch pls weigh in.God bless don't rly like the "clothing should be more expensive" discussion tbh. Like. No, the people making it should be p…
Retweeted by Local Aquaman Expert𝐓𝐎𝐃𝐀𝐘 𝐎𝐍𝐋𝐘: Get a FREE #VLC2020 sticker bundle with your purchase of an 11x17 event poster! 👉…
Retweeted by Local Aquaman Expert @ChrisCrash00 I LOCE IT @710wonderdev OUT OF THE BOX @710wonderdev YES OH MY GOD @710wonderdev I KNOW RIGHT ITS ALL COMNG BACK @erinsects I wanted to walk on roofs with her @depechemutual EVERYTHING TO MEPlease @marqed4death I’m with you 100% @BostonNooga Paisley bites back @kyujukyupasento Very true!!!Hey it’s fuck Joey Ryan forever but I feel like it’s relevant info to mention a win by default just means Allie Kat… @tholzerman @toshanshuinLA This is exactly what happened and it can be overturned🌸CHERRY BLOSSOM GIVEAWAY🌸 winner gets: - ALL cherry blossom DIYs - 100 cherry blossom petals - 150 custom. kits -…
Retweeted by Local Aquaman ExpertI can’t believe Mike Pence has seen Gaga live and I haven’t
Retweeted by Local Aquaman Expert @leboism I’m so sorry @leboism May her memory be a blessing
@SattaLaFleur Also he has a stutter which I think is what leads to a lot of the moments people point out as “dementia”
Retweeted by Local Aquaman Expert @PerryVonVicious It really is next level delusion @PerryVonVicious Most of them just make me scared to be Jewish LOL @PerryVonVicious These are the tame ones :)