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@miaumagnet PUBLIC OPINION REY UR AMERICANITS THE USERNAME want to d1ei cvt i feel like an old friend is comforting me, feels good to relapse esshtwt @anticaIorie YayI want to d1e God please let me pleaseI want to d1e haha @actualfloating tea @miaumagnet tell me @dietkcals1 HELP @dietkcals1 no fr“please eat for me 🥺” kys
Retweeted by Leah @jmsidk Can we do this and keep each other accountable @DiagnosedLife 🤗 @DiagnosedLife So happy for you @5t4rvingIsFun Please be careful though @DiagnosedLife Bella 🤭 @5t4rvingIsFun pls do dm @5t4rvingIsFun I missed seeing u on the tl too🥲
i want to end everything @5t4rvingIsFun Hey jan hows it goingshould I kay emm ess or self harm hmmmI have never wanted to d1e moreGood things come to those who wait? I’ve been waiting 2 years now, when the actual fuck does it get betterMoney and riches truly isn’t everything, I’m from an affluent family and I’ve forgotten what happiness feels like,… gained nothing, ive only put on weightIt never gets better does it
@N1NG3D Irl skinny pplI'm so bored
@lierizone does venting on paper help? I need a new coping mechanism 🤭 @lierizone I’m curious now I wanna know what's written ☹️☹️ @dietkcals1 😇 @dietkcals1 Mine just got over🤗At the gym @ceinsmatcha i gotchu @miaumagnet love momos @ceinsmatcha your name shall be in my prayers @MYGSPO Looks like someone has a crush @Diagnosed4Life What the fuck am I then? A rock? @DiagnosedLife bella u were in the ward, you deserve a second chance just like anyone else, i believe in you🤍
Retweeted by Leah @DiagnosedLife i know youre gonna make that exam your bitch @hoyahugs @slits4jk Jahxhsjjsn no im dyingwant cute tattoo but also one of those freestyle coolass tattoos
Retweeted by Leah @miaumagnet GIRL SAME @hoyahugs @slits4jk whats going on here lmao @miaumagnet Cocoa poweder milk honey boomim sed @DiagnosedLife hi love, tell me whats up
I just wanna be an anime girl is that too much to ask forI wanna smoke @eur1a Morning yuri @jhyunlbs 🤮i get that kdhshsjd @jhyunlbs 🤔 @purrrging aw @DiagnosedLife Im glad we sorted that out😌 @u2olx 감사합니다 @purrrging yes ;)
Bella u dumb bitch you’re mine you get it? No loverboy can take u away from ME .( read it in a toxic ex gf manner)I binged and worked out hopefully I won’t gain @eur1a Come on dms @purrrging WAIT WHATI binged 🖕🖕🖕🖕 @sneakybabi my dms are open if you wanna talk or vent <333 @purrrging why is this so funny @u2olx 디에타민 뭐예요? 죄송합니다 한국어 배우고 있는 중이라서... @sneakybabi I hope you're ok, please get help if it's this bad @JinsKcal <33
@DiagnosedLife Fr @Diagnosed4Life Bella !! I have a loverboy🤭 @JinsKcal Lately I’ve been okay but today‘s a bad day :(, how are you though @JinsKcal Hi luci im active ^_^It tastes like plastic @k1ll3er_ @jiminspo_ @uwuwhelp Wtf
@Diagnosed4Life ur right fuck him
FffffffffI hate that my hair sheds so much it’s so embarrassing
Retweeted by Leah @DeathlySkeletal 👋🏽 @eboyjeons needed this today @eur1a I see, i get acidity😭 do you have any tips for that?My meds making me feel never hungry @eur1a Wait when you feel better, you tend to not eat?im fucking skinny and I love how it feelsI love how skinny it feels to be meI’m effortlessly skinnyNo skinny mindset skinny mindsetIm such a fatsoWorking on yourself>>>>I'm working out bitches @DeathlySkeletal oooo congrats @linobites Hey mio @DeathlySkeletal Yeah😭😭
@pixiekillz Looks like this is heading to a mouth-to-mouth situation 👀 @ksjcals And when we switch you can't tell which is whichI think eli is my spirit animal @pixiekillz Is this?? True love?? @skinnivibes Wish them from my side 🥳 @DeathlySkeletal could u give me tips on how to daydream😭😭 I literally Dont know how to