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Way for Candace to admit she's so reprehensible, like her conservative pals, that a fellow conservative has blackma… @tabsout Why is my dad mailing you stuff? @pilgrimdear I watched this one and thought about you and wondered if you knew about this! @kozanigio @cnnbrk Columbus was a fucking awful jerk shithead
@OnceAFarmer @notDcfcBoss @GoldenVision90 We'd all like to do that to Lawrenson though, to be fair. @OnceAFarmer @notDcfcBoss @GoldenVision90 Christ - "including a dance he invented called "the elephant" which consi… @chnd_rctn Puts all the stuff he digs up in a necklock while shouting.Didn't realise you got billionaire sea lions. @slinan Don't put that in yet.Of course it's good that brands are supporting BLM couldn't find a black artist to work with? Come on… 5th July, England, following "Super Saturday". @aliyaripper @modernistwitch True, but they're still Jewish. I can't stand them and I agree with you but we can't e… @KimKardashian @modernistwitch Ben Shapiro! There's a lot of bad people who are Jewish who I think it's a terrible shame they are.… people can be racist. Again, this in no way compromises their Jewishness. Jewish people are capable of being…
@ChingonPicasso @aliyaripper Hahah yeah. The irony there is pretty *chef's kiss* @aliyaripper @ChingonPicasso Folk is non-gender specific btw. No need for folx. @ChingonPicasso @aliyaripper I've seen this before - young people who perhaps legitimately want to be involved but… Trump is dangerous and has very bad politics. She is also 100% Jewish. We cannot and should not police who i… @aliyaripper @ChingonPicasso No one said you can't have opinions. Just your opinions seem trash! @aliyaripper It's not exactly rocket science scrolling back a handful of tweets to find some nonsensical shit. @aliyaripper We're not talking about Israelis? We're talking about Jewish people across the world. The majority are… @aliyaripper @ChingonPicasso I'm criticizing you for judging Jewishness. It has nothing to do with how Jewish you are.A lot of Jews are white. Around 80% are Ashkenazi Jews so very much white. Black Jews are black. White Jews are whi… @aliyaripper @ChingonPicasso Hey I'm not the one out here judging Jewishness. @ChingonPicasso @aliyaripper She's tweeting absolute nonsense about not trusting goy passing Jews or Jewish convert… @aliyaripper There's somewhat of a difference between policing other people's Jewishness and being called out for i… people's Jewishness is a bad thing actually.I'm glad me not looking especially Jewish and having an Irish surname pisses you off but I'm just as Jewish as you. So are converts.This is weird and gross. we start over can we get rid of adults clinging on to their not actually at all weird things they did as a chi… @modernistwitch A regiment of fist pumping artillery with a twin attack of guitars sweeping the flanks behind pumme…'m actually starting to believe we'll be in the playoffs. @viksinghdosanjh So pleased to see the neat passing and moving. @viksinghdosanjh Watching from Canada and very impressed at our poise and composure. @_GlennTeale @toryboypierce You fucking weirdo @wheatthiccs Happy birthday friend! @basic_charnel I support this but I'm aware of the risks (to my legs) @rthornton777 @ProjectLincoln @realDonaldTrump Thanks @ProjectLincoln @realDonaldTrump This sucks and you suck. @kanyewest You are such a dipshit @modernistwitch @humblecore Hey look two of my favourite people right here. @liamjdevitt How did I end up blocked by this dimwit? I don't even know him (nor do I want to it seems)
@thanksbrandy @brandonujohnson @AFlyBlackCommie Holy shitThis guy is so useless. Defund. The. Police.'m time travelling! @cavetteria Never understood why these people think anyone gives a shit they were slightly smarter than average 25 years ago. @ClayHartedGhoul Dan Crenshaw is somehow dumber than Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio combined. @losealeg I never liked his voice @koshersemite 😬 @_harryw @ALouisH88 @kd84afc @ThierryHenry @ToddCantwell_10 @ukblm Harry, he'll struggle because there is no anti-S…
Again with the "black people are scarily strong and able to fucking twist wrought iron from a rock foundation" bull… @ABstreetsahead @AGoldmund Yeah but property is theft so shut the fuck up. @justinhendrix Dude looks like a drug dealer in Miami Vice. @anthonyfurey Why you out here showing your whole entire ass to the public? Do your parents know you're here embarrassing them?How is the Toronto Sun such a fucking shit newspaper? brush up on ethics so when someone reminds you Boston Dynamics makes robots for the military (who, you know,… @Tom_Gann And once again anti-Semitism is weaponized and non-Jews get to make sweeping statements about what is and… non-Jews once again please shut the fuck up about what you think is anti-Semitism and just admit you needed a c… @humblecore ❤️ @mrotzie Lot of money is ambulance chasing, apparently. @granitelefty Laurie Penny is an embarrassing hack. Here is proof. @xshularx Forget defending his house, dude is dressed like he's defending 10 tons of cocaine.
@koshersemite Because they live on terf island @AA_GeminiMoon @AnneArcher18 @davenewworld_2 @xbiscaynebaex @basic_charnel @martinjohnhenry Are they expensive now?! Mine wasn't but I got it 12/13 years ago @basic_charnel Same. Figured I'd hate anything slightly looking like a Les Paul but... No @basic_charnel @martinjohnhenry I have a Peerless and it is excellent. @basic_charnel I don't hate this
Vancouver used to have two Starbucks literally opposite each other. far as I can tell this young man is not Jewish but that's the way it works these days. The goys get to tell Jewi… @DaraFoody @TheMendozaWoman Dara, are you Jewish?On the way to work I stopped (slowly) at a cross walk and three cars behind me crashed into each other. Pay attenti… @frackfreenb @vincedc_photo Haha he blocked me rather than admit he's probably a white nationalist. @frackfreenb @vincedc_photo He seems reluctant to admit exactly why he has all those flags in his profile so I must… @vincedc_photo @frackfreenb Weird you'd talk like that when you also have a cross up in there too. @vincedc_photo @frackfreenb Because I know these aren't all your nationalities. So it must be something else. @vincedc_photo @frackfreenb Ok, what's with the Israel flag? And the Irish? @ellenlikesbikes A whole thread of people discovering maths @LadyKladykladyk @PriyamvadaGopal Nah they don'tWhen you just love flags @viksinghdosanjh I wonder if they'll still have the final at Wembley. No reason at all. Should have it at Meadow Lane. @vincedc_photo @frackfreenb Lot of flags in your profile there buddy. Care to explain the significance of each one? @viksinghdosanjh Am I bonkers for thinking we might be able to get in the top 6 and do this!!?I can't be the only person who if I don't speak to or see friends for a few weeks assume they now despise my very being, can I?
@donmartinfeet I stand by my opinion that LSF were/are a great band and that was a great record and they were fun live and very good.Really need to start diverting funds to @thelionscyclery to get my Gorilla Monsoon done. Covid be damned! @crys_cole Made the mistake of reading the Kelowna local news website forum and hoooollllllly shit. @xbiscaynebaex This is the hottest fucking bullshit. Brother basically got to beat someone up with no punishment wh… @donmartinfeet @CoachJoeHart Plus he's assuming everyone wants to get into pyramid schemes like him. @pilgrimdear Dillwyn Gosnold @chr1s_adams I wondered about this today. Thinking a couple of samplers and a desk and a mic with some reverb on it… @thirddegreeburn Probably too wide in the leg corduroy pants and the SYR t-shirt in red with the spiral and Arabic writing on the back.Today was been a clear demonstration of how Jews are presented as primarily a geo-political orientation - rather th…
Retweeted by דוד בן @Elisabe52245554 Not knowing a 50 Cent song is probably good. @kittynouveau Truly we live in an age where so many things have to be jokes but just somehow aren't. @Lexialex I'd say stick to directing but I've seen Green Street ya big ol' hack. @wendellpotter Bit late now ya money grabbing ghoul. @ellle_em Dillwyn Gosnold!!!