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I’m 6’11 lol Camavinga and Szoboszlai up next. LeBron finna go back to back

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@Moristiko gm @icedoutomnitrix Mf would rather put people’s life at risk rather than use cgi or sumNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stop reminding me wanted to say Gerrard is an elite manager👍
Retweeted by Grãÿęr°🇧🇧 @AmaniCapaIot Nah imma unfollowTime for Manchester United to play in the biggest competition in Europe @Shlokshah_ thought Ajax-Tottenham was gonna happen againNEREESSS LETS GOOOOOOOOYou’ll Never Walk Alone, @Alissonbecker ❤️
Retweeted by Grãÿęr°🇧🇧No more bangers from me yall gotta pay😹⁉️💯🙏🤷🏾‍♂️ @_w7zz @Sadcrib @TheeHornyyPoPo Finish the sentence broscreeeeaaaaaammmmmmiiiiiinnnngggggg
Retweeted by Grãÿęr°🇧🇧Been on this since I was 2 seconds old😤
Retweeted by Grãÿęr°🇧🇧“Thank you for my title and my thumbnail too” 👋🏾
Retweeted by Grãÿęr°🇧🇧LMAOOO Aye
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This my remix of hot nigga lmk what y’all thinkI suck dick I’m gay nigga, eat yo booty ima give you brain nigga, see that booty twirl then it drop nigga, don’t te… a goal mendy @BasketballIMO ...I’d be so mad if I got away with murder and I get a call 20 years later bc some dude went “magnet fishing”
Retweeted by Grãÿęr°🇧🇧Magnet fishing? Yea these looked like all murder weapons
Retweeted by Grãÿęr°🇧🇧How is Saitama gonna win if he can’t even touch Goku⁉️⁉️⁉️ is no longer a UCLA athlete
Retweeted by Grãÿęr°🇧🇧LMAOOOOO
Retweeted by Grãÿęr°🇧🇧Bitches keep asking me “you straight?” The only thing that is straight is my dick now let me fuck
2021 @ShamsCharania @ReaIKingJames @ShamsCharania .Sources: 2021 NBA All-Star reserves: West: Chris Paul, Paul George, Damian Lillard, Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert,…
Retweeted by Grãÿęr°🇧🇧How Bobby Shmurda finna be when he get back to the studio 😂💀🙏🏾
Retweeted by Grãÿęr°🇧🇧 @terxme mmm @brndxq You must really like this mans videosApparently one of the people that I know closely has brain cancer. I’m in shock. He’s getting surgery soon but as of right now it looks bad. @fireflysinmyass @KaydoeJugg @Sadcrib @_w7zz @sponhourm 😐 @icedoutomnitrix Why can’t you just get regular fucking ice creamWhat the fuck is this!!!! WOW, WHAT A GOAL! 🔥🔥🔥 #ATMCHE
Retweeted by Grãÿęr°🇧🇧THE BICYCLE KICK STANDS @spairog @ForeverBlue_07 @ChelseaFC Watch this ratioI forgot the champions league games were today omgAt the crib
Retweeted by Grãÿęr°🇧🇧 @BeniTreyvon @Sadcrib @Kaughtin4k He can shoot from long range @AyoDocc @Sadcrib Answer this doc: There are 23 students in Ms. Lane's fifth grade class. If each student reads 17… home Bobby
Retweeted by Grãÿęr°🇧🇧jungle beats, eat my meat @omfgarlen @smg_vamp @not_nosaig @AyoDocc You got it right lol @smg_vamp @omfgarlen @not_nosaig @AyoDocc That’s very similar to what I do to my meat @mqow99 @fRImB0Lo @__yaj_ what @smg_vamp @omfgarlen @not_nosaig @AyoDocc Come on man these are 5th grade questionsMy grammar is elite @raptvcom LETS GOO‼️‼️ @__yaj_ All da homies getting a piece of me☑️ @smg_vamp @omfgarlen @not_nosaig @AyoDocc Ight answer this: Ms. Quinn plans a pizza party for her class. She orders… you remember that you need to give people their stimulus checks? @omfgarlen @not_nosaig @smg_vamp @AyoDocc Y’all worst than doc smh @Musashiii_ @AyoDocc Probably @AyoDocc Answer this: There are 23 students in Ms. Lane's fifth grade class. If each student reads 17 pages during… @AyoDocc answer this: There are 23 students in Ms. Lane's fifth grade class. If each student reads 17 pages during… @ihyjuju @JxffreyP @raptvcom It’s coming @__yaj_ Unfortunately I did too
@NeverTokyo @Kaughtin4k What’s the hackers @? I wanna talk to them @Moristiko peiceDid Old Macdonald have a farm or was it a plantation? Stay woke
Retweeted by Grãÿęr°🇧🇧Look at what someone dmed me 😭
Retweeted by Grãÿęr°🇧🇧Wdf
Retweeted by Grãÿęr°🇧🇧maybe im the problem
Retweeted by Grãÿęr°🇧🇧Go listen to this rq😭😭 @RocketsPlsWin Harden thick so I don’t see a problem @Ter0me My fault I should’ve used my x ray vision to figure out where it wasNew Jersey’s broken & indefensible marijuana laws are no more. Today, I signed historic legislation to: ✅Legalize…
Retweeted by Grãÿęr°🇧🇧 @AmaniCapaIot Oh you good then🤝 @icedoutomnitrix He could’ve texted his manager or sum but instead chose to dm McDonald’s themselvesWhy he dm the entire McDonald’s franchise tho's this
Retweeted by Grãÿęr°🇧🇧 @__yaj_ Second day in a row you tweeted this @GunnaDoesntMiss Back in Blood remix - AbusingMyMeatBreaking News: Bobby Shmurda has been released from prison
Retweeted by Grãÿęr°🇧🇧When the world needed him most, Bobby Shmurda and his hat saved the day Shmurda hat finna come back like this
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Retweeted by Grãÿęr°🇧🇧uh who listens to music is a fucking loser and has zero friends
Retweeted by Grãÿęr°🇧🇧Of course he is, there’s no competition is still the cutest video of all time
Retweeted by Grãÿęr°🇧🇧 United States of America
Retweeted by Grãÿęr°🇧🇧Shut the fuck up😭😩😹🙏🙏‼️💯🥱