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Yes you have no logical argument so you must block me.

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@UKTimeToChange @Nigel_Farage Voting is democratic, banning a vote on any issue could be considered fascist, don't… @Silentm62007475 @Nigel_Farage @Silentm62007475 @Nigel_Farage And please, if you are going to mention science, provide this "research", because ov… @Silentm62007475 @Nigel_Farage Yes we live in a democracy. The student union representing students at the uni VOTED… @UKTimeToChange @Nigel_Farage Student union votes should be illegal? That sounds fascist. @Warnzwifey @ShaunWebster94 @Nigel_Farage Similar to smoking really. @Warnzwifey @ShaunWebster94 @Nigel_Farage So because you like meat you think you should be able to eat it whenever… @mat468 @BorogroveMilt @PeteGodman @Nigel_Farage Sounds a lot like parliament. @Nigel_Farage A democratic vote is not fascism, and people are still free to eat beef off campus. Where's the fasci… @MancSanders @BorogroveMilt @Nigel_Farage Protection of the environment and life on Earth is more important than yo…
@ChristellFaul @TamiSto13345884 @jelavelechat @RealMattCouch @tedcruz You can go anywhere, you are the great chosen… @TamiSto13345884 @jelavelechat @RealMattCouch @tedcruz I guess when Trump's own wife legal immigration status is a…
@omnicynical @Griffpembs13 @afneil I..think it might be sarcasm.. @Deedy2201 @Taylor26Susan @afneil @Deedy2201 so your statement betrays your lie, you haven't "researched" WTO at al… @JuliaHB1 @LetsNotPretend2 @DanWilliams1970 @GretaThunberg @JuliaHB1 If you can't back up your claims perhaps you s…
@white_abbey_rd @eric_stoly @johnmcdonnellMP Such irony. @JuliaHB1 @LetsNotPretend2 @DanWilliams1970 @GretaThunberg Who are you and what are your science credentials? Which… @SenSanders Republicans are S E E T H I N G
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@Wokeamania @WilliamShatner No one's dying on any hill, the facts are simply being straightened out.How can my son Julian recieve a fair US Extradition hearing? *Supervising Chief Magistrate already shown bias/host…
Retweeted by S @roe_stu @ben_mcwalter @afneil Yes your statement was simplistic and dumb. @roe_stu @ben_mcwalter @afneil It's not exactly the same in reverse though dumbass.
@RomyHohenshilt @Joshua_x27 @SamHarrisOrg You share articles written by conservative sources yet no where do you pr… @RomyHohenshilt @Joshua_x27 @SamHarrisOrg @RomyHohenshilt it seems you're having trouble reading, but please, rerea… @EssexPR @afneil Similar to the cult who back damaging their own country for an imagined illusion of "taking back control". @johnol1978 @reece_dinsdale My opinion is she seems to be an ignorant muppet who doesn't base her opinion on facts. @DaykinRon1956 @reece_dinsdale @johnol1978 Foreign workers including workers from the EU pay tax and national insur… @bbcquestiontime This is a prime example of an uninformed muppet. @RomyHohenshilt @Joshua_x27 @SamHarrisOrg As expected, no response from the liar when called out on their lies. In… @Zenarith_M_666 @samr250 @ChurchofSatan @aimilia666 @ckirihki The Church of Satan are atheists. You are a theist wh…
@RomyHohenshilt @Joshua_x27 @SamHarrisOrg Straw man logical fallacy. You said these countries were collapsing under… @neisboLnomaD @Bhima_Jenkins @WildGoo69031318 @RobynsWorldd @SamHarrisOrg Yes and you can take things from that sys… @RomyHohenshilt @Joshua_x27 @SamHarrisOrg Liar. Stop spreading lies and misinformation @RomyHohenshilt
@OperaSocialist Haha great post :) this should be run as an add in a newspaper just to see the levels of ignorance.
The floundering fools at the BBC finally realise they backed the wrong horse. They smeared the wrong man. They ridu…
Retweeted by SYou have $500 in the bank, and you spend $2.75 on a subway swipe in the crumbling MTA. A billionaire has $64 billi…
Retweeted by S @titusxpullo @DividuatedFlux @AriFleischer You didn't rebuff the above point Davey, instead you point out his pictu… Encounters of the Trump Kind. #ReplaceMovieTitleWithTrump
Retweeted by S @TeachSUFC @ChurchofSatan Not really, in 2020 there are actually still real people who think like this, telling wha…
@tlarson1957 @SergioJSiano @DressBecky It's hard for honest people to do much in politics until you give them a chance to actually lead.
Socialists: "we want the full value of our labor." Capitalists: "lol there you go again wanting free stuff." Social…
Retweeted by S @CalebAFields People make a decision to get sick? Do you actually think what you write in your posts because they…
@Okavangomick @Jekison3 I dumped the Guardian, I get my news from the Reuters app now.
@laurenelisabxth @KatePow3ll @apricotsandwich Your mum and dad are dairy farmers, you don't need to be. Think for yourself. @laurenelisabxth @KatePow3ll @apricotsandwich Your moral and empathetic reasoning is based on your perception what… @laurenelisabxth @KatePow3ll @apricotsandwich Look at this kid trying to justify dairy in 2020, with all the challe… @ScienceIsNew @JerryCalvert76 @GretaThunberg @ScienceIsNew @JerryCalvert76 @GretaThunberg Absolute bollocks. "Corona virus" is a concern but it's nothing on the… @PhaedraLilith I was at a show seeing Motorhead and UK Subs, people fell over in the crowd and were picked back up…
@sahouraxo @GeromanAT Yep, the award is quite meaningless really.
@MarkHac37078103 @picapica1973 @GracesDad3 @karnag @timhighcliffe89 @Abradacamera @agirlcalledlina We stood with al… @CulturalChamel1 @laynetrumpy @Jaimi_Shrive That's your wife, not some random person in a public space. It's very s…
examples of 'stealing' - buying up houses & overcharging on rent - expecting workers to do anything outside waged…
Retweeted by S @CulturalChamel1 @paul_smortions @RamonWrites @laynetrumpy @Jaimi_Shrive Except you are the one with the problem re… @laynetrumpy @paul_smortions @CulturalChamel1 @RamonWrites @Jaimi_Shrive Do you have evidence for your accusation? @CulturalChamel1 @paul_smortions @RamonWrites @laynetrumpy @Jaimi_Shrive Unless they have a profile pic that might… @CulturalChamel1 @laynetrumpy @Jaimi_Shrive She didn't send a message with that photo in. Straw man logical fallacy… @CulturalChamel1 @paul_smortions @RamonWrites @laynetrumpy @Jaimi_Shrive U think if someone takes a top off in fron… @laynetrumpy @MelanieCMaddox @Jaimi_Shrive Having to actually think and own your opinion seems hard for you. @laynetrumpy @sis_not_cis @Jaimi_Shrive Harassment is now the fault of the person being harassed? You are doing som… @laynetrumpy @MelanieCMaddox @Jaimi_Shrive The comment makes sense Layne, you just have no response to defend your… @laynetrumpy @CulturalChamel1 @Jaimi_Shrive So just to clarify your position, you think people have the right to ha…
@for_ratio @Lynden59686979 @dinnie66 @Veteran4Trump @Acosta I find it laughable a Trumpanzee snowflake is offended… @for_ratio @Lynden59686979 @dinnie66 @Veteran4Trump @Acosta Lying and spreading false information is also "rude AF". @for_ratio @Lynden59686979 @dinnie66 @Veteran4Trump @Acosta Once again, where did I say I would make them shut up,… @for_ratio @Lynden59686979 @dinnie66 @Veteran4Trump @Acosta Once more, where did I say I was going to MAKE them shut up?
@LATiffani1 @osu20princess18 Yet Donald Trump mocking disabled people is fine for you. Clutching your pearls. You're a hypocrite.. @LATiffani1 @for_ratio Where's the part she is celebrating his disease exactly? Oops, you made them up. Dumb Trumpanzee. @for_ratio @Lynden59686979 @dinnie66 @Veteran4Trump @Acosta Where did I say I was going to make them shut up? If yo… @Lynden59686979 @dinnie66 @Veteran4Trump @Acosta Provide counter evidence or shut up "Linden". When you can provide…
@gothpleb Wtf..4 years ago, Jeremy Corbyn supporters were lambasted by Labour "moderates" for calling John Mann, John Woodcock and…
Retweeted by SNew EU sanctions for the occupation of Crimea but none for the occupation of Chagos, Falklands or Palestine. Becaus…
Retweeted by S @rix_trevor @BorisStrife @GeorgeMonbiot The right-wing snowflake blocked me as expected. @BorisStrife @rix_trevor @GeorgeMonbiot Irrelevant to the argument of you using flawed logic in your original reply… @BorisStrife @GeorgeMonbiot Another jungle of words, please think before you type, you no longer have a position to… @BorisStrife @GeorgeMonbiot Except there was no ad hominem and my reply to your op is totally relevent to what you said. @BorisStrife @GeorgeMonbiot False equivalency and a straw man logical fallacy rolled into one, congrats, you don't…
I know I don't have many Twitter followers, but I don't really have an outlet where I can talk about what I feel wa…
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@political_busy @davidmweissman @BetoORourke You are illogical and you are lying to yourself. @political_busy @ElspethTwixen @davidmweissman @BetoORourke Still no answer. Come on, you can do it. @political_busy @davidmweissman @BetoORourke No, you haven't. The senate can call witnesses and nothing in the cons… @poltergeist_mgm @verconnell @soapachu @Firesnakious @JuliaHB1 @talkRADIO Bed time little man, off you go. @political_busy @davidmweissman @BetoORourke You can't answer my question. You pretend to know things yet clearly y… @political_busy @ElspethTwixen @davidmweissman @BetoORourke You haven't answered my question with anything credible… @political_busy @ElspethTwixen @davidmweissman @BetoORourke Once again,there is nothing that prevents the senate to… @political_busy @davidmweissman @BetoORourke Tell me what prevents them agreeing to call witnesses, educate me. @poltergeist_mgm @verconnell @soapachu @Firesnakious @JuliaHB1 @talkRADIO You are such a child. @political_busy @davidmweissman @BetoORourke Once more, there is NOTHING in the constitution that limits the abilit…
@GothGirlVonDark Resources @poltergeist_mgm @verconnell @soapachu @Firesnakious @JuliaHB1 @talkRADIO Person A calling person B things that he… @political_busy @davidmweissman @BetoORourke There is nothing in the constitution that limits the Senate's power or… @poltergeist_mgm @verconnell @soapachu @Firesnakious @JuliaHB1 @talkRADIO Yet you are describing yourself to me in each reply. @poltergeist_mgm @verconnell @soapachu @Firesnakious @JuliaHB1 @talkRADIO The irony here is palpable. @political_busy @davidmweissman @BetoORourke The senate called witnesses in every previous impeachment trial. You s… @poltergeist_mgm @verconnell @soapachu @Firesnakious @JuliaHB1 @talkRADIO You don't know anything about the lives o… @poltergeist_mgm @verconnell @soapachu @Firesnakious @JuliaHB1 @talkRADIO Everything you say is absolute bull sh#t.… @verconnell @soapachu @poltergeist_mgm @Firesnakious @JuliaHB1 @talkRADIO They are well into the process of melting though. @poltergeist_mgm @caspar01 @Firesnakious @JuliaHB1 @talkRADIO It must be a nightmare to be as lonely as you are. Pr… @Scarle710 @NJWarrer @MeppyG @lulu25474844 @YoSniperGames @CarpeDonktum @HillaryClinton Yep, your fingers in your e…