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Kyoani simp - I like anime, manga, games, and movies! - “No one knows what the future holds. That’s why it’s potential is infinite.” - Rintaro Okabe

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@GamerDCX @senjyosbbydaddy Don’t blame you. I finished it, I think a part of my soul died at one point while watching it, but I finished it. @GamerDCX @senjyosbbydaddy Yep. Exactly, it is absolute dogshit @IwalkVikCelts You’re gonna hate this take then. I liked AOT’s ending, like I thought it was pretty good @parmanvik_ Interesting way of looking at it, I can understand the thought process behind that @Willam0045 Agreed. Steins;Gate would’ve been a 9/10 or 9.5/10 had it not been for that ending and those last few episodes @sougoskatana Same. There are several series that I’ve rated lower like Akame Ga Kill or Erased because of the ending @partic1e I’ve heard. Apparently when they wrote the anime they tried to make her less hate-able compared to her counterpart in the ManhwaFor me it doesn’t matter to much how a story ends too much unless it makes me feel like my time and investment in t…’m curious, how much does an ending of an anime or manga matter to you when you evaluate a series? Does the ending… @senjyosbbydaddy Netsuzou Trap: NTRhi i’m new to #anitwt interact if you like : - attack on titan - Tokyo Revengers - naruto - Jujutsu Kaisen -…
Retweeted by AC03115 @thoughts0nanime *Best* Don’t worry I fixed your tweet. I know that autocorrect is really annoying sometime lol @partic1e True she is a good character, they did a good job of making me hate her guts in the anime @Hmmyes40394977 Oh Yeah! How did I not recognize that it was from Bloom!?!? Silly me @RailgunFan1 The AOT Misaka one @partic1e Why is that bitch in S!? @Hmmyes40394977 Sauce? @LucasDAndrea_ I’ve seen all of these but in terms of favorites we share 5. Those being Violet Evergarden, A Silent… morning! Happy Eighty-Six Saturday!! @Zero_Kashi01 Same and I’d include that scene towards the end too but I wanted variety lol. The Parasol Scene blew…! @sougoskatana I liked it and how dark it went with its romance @YorozuyaTrixs What about the left though!!! @KyoumaSensei Me too…I can’t listen to the Dango song without cryingI will absolutely never forget these scenes with how hard they hit me…pain… @Wiser_Cupid *Akio and Sanae Furukawa have entered the chat* @Minkquaa Fuck I wish I could’ve joined dammit!! @parmanvik_ Kaiji I would totally agree with if it’s a 10 because it’s amazing! I haven’t seen Ippo though @dumbjojofand4c @parmanvik_ Fair take. Like if someone’s seen 1000+ anime or something it’s fairer for them to have… @parmanvik_ Well in my opinion a 10/10 is one that’s truly special. Like something that really resonated with you o… @T1antisocial @parmanvik_ Beat you to it lol @parmanvik_ Agreed. Though at the same time I hate looking at someone’s MAL and seeing them hand out 10’s like cand… @Snake_Consumer Grass is what’s gotta be growing in your head to make a take this bad @parmanvik_For this weekend rewatch I’ll be watching Kuzu no Honkai again! Curious to see if my thoughts on this series have c… to anitwt looking for moots I like: Attack on Titan Berserk Classroom of the elite Naruto One Piece Black Clo…
Retweeted by AC03115 @zibiV2 Good to meet another Violet Evergarden enjoyer! @AnimefanJ11 Dang. Miso’s a good name though. @AnimefanJ11 *Dies from cuteness overload* What’s her name. May I suggest Violet if you haven’t picked a name yet, @Chuchishumo2 There’s a little smile there. Just zoom in and look closely @iAviTokyo Anime: Violet Evergarden Steins;Gate Redline Clannad: After Story Baccano! - Manga: Bloom In…
@GermanL13392311 Me during both that and the first Nier @animefangabe W!!!! love these four so much!! @WhosxRem Death Parade!!! That show is so good! The OP is a banger and one of my favorites @giuji_ Nice. My dad thinks my Steins; Gate poster is cool @TitoMochi Agree on the first take mostly. It’s not the worst part but it’s far from the best @OutsideMadness I want inBtw this is not my gameplay but I had to post the scene somehow.God Damn! This moment where Jin rides through the flower field gave me goosebumps holy shit the swelling of the mus… @GermanL13392311 Interesting... My three would be Bowser, Greninja, and Pikachu @MegaTurtles10_ I mean that entire sequence including the jewel. To me the opening sequence ends when the Letter bl… opening scene of Violet and Okabe’s monologue in the opening minute of Steins;Gate are easily my favorites… @xrentk I think I will, I’ll let you know what I think of it when I finish @KatanaBroken I’ve very much heard. @GermanL13392311 lol!! Who’s your main?Today I’m gonna start playing Ghost of Tsushima! Very very excited to play this game since I love anything involvin… @parmanvik_ How is it hentai voice acting. I’ve seen plenty of hentai so I know it’s not hentai VA @Sharp_bruh Gets better after halfway through Season1 @parmanvik_ Booo!!! The OP is good what’re you talking about!? late morning! @Willam0045 Glad you liked it. One of my favorite anime movies. What did you think of the final fight?3 fictional characters that describe me best! What do you think? @AngelicPowa I see you’re a fellow woman of culture! 10/10 hentai @SenpaiKevXO Awesome! You’re gonna love the second movie I know it! @senjyosbbydaddy I cried like a bitch @Sadacado NOOOO!!! Rip Dan. Gone but not forgotten! What an absolutely beautiful movie. Maquia is easily probably my new favorite P.A. Works anime! It’s feels sim… @ShaKing807 Just show these to people who complain about Clannad's designs @AnimefanJ11 Bruh... @animefangabe W!! @Willam0045 No I haven’t. Might consider it though soonMy 10 favorite manga/LN authors! These are in no particular order: @OtakuNathaniel I really gotta read the Medaka Box manga. Especially since it’s by Nisio Isin @ShaKing807 I haven’t seen those so I’m gonna say no. Mononoke is very good though! @Willam0045 If you that I guarantee you’ll love Odd Taxi if you haven’t seen it @Willam0045 What happened to no breaks huh @OtakuNathaniel No…it really isn’t @Willam0045 True. @Willam0045 Nice. Now you gotta watch the rebuild moviesFarewell Shinsegumi - Gintama Golden Age Arc - Berserk Bully Arc - Sangatsu no Lion Farmland Arc - Vinland Saga… @FLUORITEYES No… @animefangabe Parasyte and Re:Zero I would give an 8.5/10 @tinymelonbug You almost had me there ngl @OtakuNathaniel I’m happy with most of those but I gotta ask…why is Fairy Tail up there
@AnimefanJ11 Steins;Gate!? Violet Evergarden!? boys! I’m doing it, Imma watch Maquia tonight! @OmarAG2003 Hey he likes shows that make you depressed so he was kinda asking for it. Plus all of us cried at Clannad @rasher_eye Of course.So my best friend finished all of Clannad!! He said it’s easily his favorite show that he’s watched so far. He also… @Willam0045 Nice! @Willam0045 Ooh ooh! I know! It’s from Violet Evergarden the Movie right!? @Yuki98022699 W! Welcome to Berserk @AnimefanJ11 W!What show should I watch next?All these announcements for anime are great and all but my year will be made if we get Sound! Euphonium S3 and Sangatsu S3 announced soon!Good morning! @WhosxRem I’ll take it