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@npbeharry @Max_Richards3 @Robespierring @fdjw0808 @sunofcn99 @bennyjohnson Lol fuck off nerd @HTTP_Lovecraft @ava Bodied @jillyid @sara4SF @Lawrence And by some ways, you mean literally none, on substantial policy issues. @Dylan_Morrow Lol nah man @Qtktkat @dalter How? He’s been awful. No idea why they gave him an A. Just so his dad wouldn’t bitch at them? @LeafsAllDayy I’m so ready to hate watch @kristen_shilton Lol oh wow Marner with the big boy swear words. This means he really cares, I guess @LeafsAllDayy I’m even questioning if signing him was the right move at this point @rahef_issa “Captain” John Tavares - “uhh we uhh gotta uhh be uhh better uhh I guess” @mirtle Honestly don’t want them to make the playoffs @TLNdc I can’t believe you’ve done this @_marlanderthews I’m not leaving, but I honestly don’t know if I can stomach another 19 games of this shit @mirtle This has nothing to do with curses, just zero heart. None of these guys give a shit. @jakebeleafs Lol same, I like the guy but man those kinda tweets just send me @jakebeleafs Just waiting for the inevitable “wow leafs fans are reaaally overreacting” tweet from Jeffler to really trigger me @Christof_ski @emilymkaplan @jtbourne Killer mentality. He’s still the opponent @NickW01f @ElpopGolf @Variety @KatiePhang It’s a joke. Those are movie titles of movies he was in.
@MartinBoers @joshzepps That’s probably the least objectionable Trump tweet ever.
@torontobaghead Do you fucking retards forget Dubas literally trades for Kyle Clifford like 2 weeks ago @Dems4S @junkiechurch @allgoodnmstaken @yashar Probably his abandonment of M4A @ariana_erbon @Suffragentleman @AndrewPStreet Yeah, do you really think that lunatic would read OP’s tweets and thi… @LizardRumsfeld @AndrewPStreet Very brave, thank you @VeteranGamerUK @pinkhedonist @nej1a @McDonoughDeclan @danadonly Pretty stupid implication then. @lovely_leah_cs @thatothermeg @danadonly It’s probably because they just hate themselves, deep down inside. @Hughjazz81 @torontobaghead @kristen_shilton Oops @RC3POX93 @Sid_Seixeiro That Stephen A wannabe is so annoying @LeafsAllDayy fIrE DUbAs @ryankotack @HayesTSN Well said Haysey B. @TheInSneider Dude, relax. People didn’t like your piece, not the end of the world...don’t take it so personally @Totally_Offside Lol is that actually him? @LeafsAllDayy Won’t lie I haven’t been very impressed with him so far
@SumeetBellara @SaskLass @metpoliceuk Doesn’t matter what agenda is being pushed for it to be terrorism. @SaskLass @metpoliceuk Terrorism is usually defined by terrorizing in attempt to push a certain goal or agenda @ManCreatedGod1 @zanzrazz @MikeBloomberg Kind of ironic since no actual human being support Bloomberg. If anyone’s a bot, it’s you. @ChrisLu44 It’s a primary. What’s the point of going after Trump?Chuck Todd: Mayor Bloomberg, you've had 64 cases of sexual harassment filed against you, given your expertise, how…
Retweeted by Anthony Bradley @MapleLeafs @LeafsPR Season saved
@InSchlep @yashar Reporting on the story isn’t anti-semitism. CBS can’t control how people will react. I would argu… @NBA12320 @payment_steven @AshClark17 @scrivener007 @simmonssteve Ok, Nba12320 @payment_steven @AshClark17 @scrivener007 @simmonssteve No they didn’t, Matt Martin was pretty muched scratched eve… @jordanmackinnon @jayjeffreys17 @simmonssteve All of them except Brown and Kadri fucking suck, too. Are you forge… @chewker87 @simmonssteve With all due respect, you know nothing about hockey, get stuffed chum @Puucktalk @simmonssteve I’m pretty sure not a single player is under 5’9” on the leafs pal @dee_gta @MapleLeafs LOL you thought Detroit, Buffalo and Montreal would be better. Yeah, real bang on there, pal. @russianbot694 @shahar_aviram @tridder1 @nuckleshmez @Derrick50487999 @benshapiro @RealDeanCain No I don’t. How man… @russianbot694 @shahar_aviram @tridder1 @nuckleshmez @Derrick50487999 @benshapiro @RealDeanCain Either you are inte… @funeralxlilies @theneedledrop Milk chocolate @shahar_aviram @tridder1 @nuckleshmez @russianbot694 @Derrick50487999 @benshapiro @RealDeanCain What the fuck are you on about? @_marlanderthews @JeffVeillette So what? Honestly, it doesn’t really matter how good they’ve been since an arbitrary date. It still hasn’t been good enough. @lomac92 You must have started watching the Leafs 2 years ago bud. @IanGraph I’m done with Andersen. Guy just doesn’t cut it. @Moezyy_H @will__brom @_marlanderthews Andersen has been garbage this outside of one good month @tridder1 @nuckleshmez @shahar_aviram @russianbot694 @Derrick50487999 @benshapiro @RealDeanCain Except in many smal…
Listen I know I don’t play baseball but I am in Sports and I know if someone cheated me out of winning the title an…
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man i’ve never seen a dog tell another dog to stfu lmfao
Retweeted by Anthony BradleyWhy didn't Bloomberg just primary Trump
Retweeted by Anthony BradleyWith last night's game, Auston Matthews (272) extended his lead on Jack Eichel (0) for number of games played with a relevant franchise.
Retweeted by Anthony Bradley @CsaveBeesJ @AlexZ_Leon @llauralouisiana @robrousseau @MikeBloomberg @RemedialMelody @theneedledrop @Totally_Offside Honestly gunna be a doomer here and predict they will get zero points out of the next 3 games @Totally_Offside I feel bad for this kid :( @_marlanderthews Barrie cannot (fill in anything aside from skating here)OTT, FLA, NYR, ANA, MTL, ARI, DAL, OTT, BUF. Nine games, one against a team in the top half of the league standings…
Retweeted by Anthony Bradley @EichelSZN @Steve_Dangle Take a good look at the ones with the big silver trophy on them. You’ll never see those hanging in your barn 😘 @EichelSZN @Steve_Dangle Congrats buddy, when are you guys raising the banner for that one? @EichelSZN @Steve_Dangle Congrats on the highlight of the season for your pathetic franchise, lmao. Haven’t even sn… @LeafsAllDayy I get it but let’s be honest, they will be used as excuses @SW_takes Somehow, yes @LeafsAllDayy This ain’t it. You could use those excuses for it being a tight game, but it hasn’t. They’ve been d… @rahef_issa Agreed, good teams can fight through bad reffing. Just a brutal performance I miss enjoying Leafs games :( @RemedialMelody @theneedledrop @RemedialMelody @theneedledrop Lol @TreDey27 @EichelSZN @JonWarren212 @TheOakLeafs You don’t have a home record against the Leafs. Literally our build… @EichelSZN @JonWarren212 @TreDey27 @TheOakLeafs Lol you literally have our farm team. You will always be in our sha… @Sat3Mann @MapleLeafs @Sportsnet Lmfao he’s such a tool, can’t stand the guy @_marlanderthews The season of doom continues
@rLittle67 @frankfreelants @sasquatch_rogue @shyster8 @CarBombBoom13 @BizNasty2point0 @barstoolsports @FauxJoeSchmoe @Goodfellow_9 @starwarstuff Sure but it’s definitely easier to be a badass when you have a background in MMA/Wrestling @Bennymayven @yashar Well now I’m even more confused @trevorbottt @JimfromBC @georgiatwiss @JoePack Fake woke white guy who defends serial racists blocked when called o… @Northernshark @spitttlebish @TannerZipchen @StarBusiness Bootlicker @JoePack @GorraJatt @CarwashTonyy @saucyrockets You rn: @a_c_dalessandro @chloe17437761 @saronfanel @ctvottawa Why don’t you just go back to Europe, cracker? @trevorbottt @JimfromBC @georgiatwiss @JoePack Look at this white guy here defend the racist prick who used racial… @CarBombBoom13 @BizNasty2point0 @spittinchiclets @barstoolsports @NHL @NHLPA You are such a fucking coward, hiding… @JaredMcKenzie_ @PamelaVoorhee10 @RC3POX93 @biaginger Just another white guy excusing Carcillo’s disgusting racism. @TalkeyHockey Said nothing warranting that attack? Really? Exposing someone for being a racist piece of shit is unwarranted now? @Totally_Offside @Tuckerrr333 @JaredOfLondon Terrible take. Don’t put blame on a victim of racism. Seriously, consider deleting this tweet. @JaredOfLondon Cool so now we are blaming the victim of racism for not speaking up Very cool thing to do @ABUNCHOFCATS @nosalaryretaind oh cool, he’s open about his racism. no worries then! @ABUNCHOFCATS @nosalaryretaind very normal, not nazi thing to walk around with a robe with a swastika on it @HeyMyNameIsWill There is a large gulf between being a dickhead, and being a racist nazi. @thirstlander Will somebody please think of the poor nazi @Steven_Stampe @leahflame Ahh okay. All cool then. @nosalaryretaind I’ll go ahead and side with the guy who wasn’t a nazi, thanks @JoePack Lol ffs, you’ve never heard of sample promos? @BizNasty2point0 Oh boy
@mo227223 @heymacomber @WSJRealEstate Shut up bootlicker