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r🍥bin @acccent Montréal

hi there (๑╹◡╹๑) I'm a game/experience/media/web designer. Designing a transmedia IP @Reflector & building escape rooms. Him/Lui. Pic @oliviahns & @JetSetTarget

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@paarsec "... does that make sense?" @paarsec "and like— *I realise that I've said 'like' five times in the last phrase and try to correct myself* —um, I mean, like" @docsquiddy @WritNelson Half Cooked, Serve Anyway, Delicious...? @docsquiddy @WritNelson vault over kitchen counter, barge through doorjesus fuck the US election happens on my birthday. this will be either very good or extremely bad @tejagodson John, Paul, Ringo
@tha_rami @momvsgames @NieRGame oh right! so cool 😊 @tha_rami @momvsgames @NieRGame which part? can you DM or rot13 pls? :)microsoft: new xbox has five thousand quintillion flops and more fps than reality itself! nintendo: new AC soon 🦝🦊😇WaPo was good before it got bought by bezos, right?
@innesmck oh... OH NOOOOOO
@catacalypto you usually get new ones yearly???
@LeVengeurSlippe Greetings, did you ever thought about how the sun is a big fart made of fire in space. makes you think Regards,i have opened the linked in website and i apologise for any notifications you may receivs as a result @LeenaVanD this is a common job! it's so awfulneighbours chatting and shoveling show just outside my window. a normal thing to do, at 2am,male characters can have a little ass, as a treat (for the players)é: animal crossing parfait: animal croissant
Retweeted by r🍥binHow do you feel about the new foldable phone craze? @serrels has a few... thoughts.
Retweeted by r🍥bin @merryh you walking into straight up actual Paris: "this is damn fine lookin VR" @willmesilane I have a no-trailers policy on everything, and everytime I go back to watch one after having seen/pla… @metanymie helo 😊
@hownottodraw @EvangeliaFa currycurrently stuck in brain: karen o's "oooh ooh ooooh, oh-oh" from the beginning of 2009's Soft Shock, on loop @EvangeliaFa @hownottodraw fuck @EvangeliaFa @hownottodraw Kate liked the tweet so!!!!!!! @docsquiddy @tha_rami that's just cheatingpassé: animal crossing parfait: animal croissantI spiralled down this thought and I'm now having a panic attackas soon as you close your eyes you tacitly accept that you're okay with leaving things the way they are for nowit's not that I'm not tired. it's that falling asleep now feels like letting go of the present when I'm still hoping for something to happen @skatebee love your red t-shirt!tfw you're just minding your own business and then the wrong kind of chemical reaction happens in your brain and your night is fucked @DevRelCallum oh no, feel better!! @MostStrange OMG this is Clara???!!! so tall. so cute 😍she looks like her sister!are the noises on the debate recorded? all of the boos and applauses sound like a sitcom's. this is so weirdomg bloomberg is a complete fucko wowWarren is on fucking fire??? hello this is my first time watching this thing. It was either that or Netflix's Sabri… @alexbull I'm very glad if you enjoyed it though :) (I did too despite really not laughing at all lmao)still can't get over the fact that it's pronounced "mayor buddijij" @alexbull noooo 😭😭😭😭😭 @LucieViatge and I were just shrivelling into tiny nervous balls the whole time @alexbull no it's stressful!!!!!!!!! @BRKeogh oh that's the whole thing. there never is an election, it's just democratic debates forever
the best game from 2011 finally has a sequel!!!! John Wick 4's big antagonist is agent smithyou know how John Wick 4 releases the same day next year as Matrix 4, right? what if matrix starts with "Neo... the…"that's three really incredible women characters you have there... would be a shame if all of their agency was take… & I had seen episodes 1—6 of HBO Watchmen & we watched the last 3 tonight... how do you build such st…
@tonycoculuzzi what about Undo.redoUndoneRedoFromYesterdayPerformedThenCancelled @bengrue and you gotta catch em all @LucieViatge on fait ça mais yen a plein qui ont 0 options :( 😔 @LucieViatge Eva and I need your best picrews @NVIDIAGeForce @LucieViatge voilàIntroducing the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Cyberpunk 2077 Edition. We made 77 for our community. Want one? Here's how:…
Retweeted by r🍥binah wait shit j'ai mal fait
@LucieViatge gamer time @ngoctmvu lmao you dumbass @farahcoculuzzi @KOOPMode AW YEis Pinterest the most hostile towards users of all 'big' websites? @ragekit c'est probable que même si t'arrive à créer une règle qui marche là, dans une semaine tout ça aura changé.… @legobutts >:( @legobutts this is disgusting @Silent0siris I totally agree with those statements and I think that's how the world works! I still don't know that… @Silent0siris "Luck is preparation plus opportunity" always confuses me. No, luck is just the opportunity part... r… @LeeShangLun @jwhopkin that's cheating @tonycoculuzzi @Wanderlustin @farahcoculuzzi idk about saf and farah but for me sometimes I gotta lay on the floor… @tonycoculuzzi @Wanderlustin @farahcoculuzzi doesnt your pc ever hang for like a min and you can't do anything and… @Wanderlustin @tonycoculuzzi normal behaviour @Wanderlustin @tonycoculuzzi I'm doing it right now @hownottodraw no, I wish 😔 @hownottodraw we have a thing we can give you on Thursday
@rebheartsyou noooo 😭 @josh_caratelli @StrivingAlly @LeenaVanD I found it through search! 🤔 @micpp42 oh yeah, but what's a name really!! @micpp42 oh there's also this @micpp42 yeah just found this Parasite the first film in history that won both 'best film' at the academy awards and the palme d'or at cannes? @LeenaVanD @josh_caratelli I still see it...? @LeenaVanD reporteddddmy roommate isn't home... who am I supposed to have tea at unreasonable hours with now @videodante lmaoo @Shrubbette Well they look great :) @ragzouken fun fact here in montréal there's a fishnchips restaurant chain called "Brit n Chips" @ragzouken I did, and lied
@Seemo I hate the constant unity email notifications so much @GaryJKings yeah that's true :) @GaryJKings I wanna see him pass the baton not to a new "One", but to a new generation @GaryJKings it would be interesting but honestly diametrically opposed to the hopeful cinema that I live the wachowski sisters for @kurtruslfanclub the only other reading is that it's what goes after 🤤 and before 🥵 @kurtruslfanclub oh I 🤪 irl 24/7PSA to all my crushes: I didn't get you flowers because of anxiety and shame but I still secretly love you @kurtruslfanclub the planet is dying and the only people who have substantial power to change that don't give a shi… @kurtruslfanclub 🤪 is so completely over the top, I can't read it as anything other than millennial-zoomer absurd humouronion, why u do this @Shrubbette I mean okay the composition is "person in center" but still 😂 @Shrubbette these are incredible though (not just the colour, the composition and timing too) @YAMA414 what do you think'm quite happy with this list but let's be real, this endeavour is slowly becoming something that only one man in…'ve updated my ranking of all Terrace House members with additions from the latest episodes!… @paarsec ugh wtf. yeah it's common unfortunately but so are assholes 🙃