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🇵🇪 Perpetually doing cool shit for black and brown creators. Talent Manager x LATAM Relationships : @BuiltByGamers Org 📨 :

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@builtbygamers @Khanada @shahh @yungcalc @Melebu4 @_xans WYo @drewface_ is the RR fairy godmother. The most PLEASANT ranked games i've ever had. @builtbygamers @Bjorlulu you taking me to radiant or what? @Szynergy Audible screeching morning.
@nappytheplug @AndyGruhin I lied on the road irl @nappytheplug @AndyGruhin at home mobile gamers usually run this- or line in through an el… @builtbygamers HelllooooooooooWe’re joining the fight, December 3rd. Be ready.
Retweeted by BBG AXELMe : "What do you have in your mouth" My dog : @iamGPet I been eyeballing this shit all day. LMAO @Paerbaer gonna hit you with the latino holy trinity @Paerbaer we got you fam @_amandelion @AlexandraHemmin @Voldenae this is the content I need in my life @TokenOfTheMonth @CoachCheeto bro pulled out the double barrel donkey kong. no games, just war
@TokyoFashion @JuniorAndChillNah I'm still stuck on the tutorial insult. Yall better not be out here acting a tutorial. @LosGemeloos Yo toy acostumbrado a 11-14 @Nilaes_ This man is cold with it "the tutorial is way too easy" basically Valorant a different breed. My team mate just called the enemy team the tutorial. @ibycris me duele papaComo juegan valorant en mas de 60 ping nunca voy a saber como
@HazThaGreat @builtbygamers CC : @ExplicitLi I know you got tabs on that circuit @lokeyhai @GOOODTROUBLE im a big fan of GT, love the sound >) @PaulMinor4real happy birthday brother @EsportsValen @CoachCheeto @kfcgaming @JuniorAndChill @Predixtions96 i'd be out of arteries and on my way JUST like… @CoachCheeto @EsportsValen @kfcgaming @JuniorAndChill That's the exact one wait a minute it was @JuniorAndChill or… @EsportsValen @kfcgaming I've heard the legends. I think it was @JuniorAndChill that told me. @_JaneyLaney What is your brands name?Support our Undocumented Latinx owned business! Use code: BURRITOSABANERO for 15% off 11/24-11/26!!!🤶 We have every…
Retweeted by BBG AXEL @Tfue Yes. @DelacroixHero They in there bro, ain't no way @DelacroixHero You know those boys prolly pulled on them jars like it was a bong rip. Life wild. @erinasimon Family.Jersey Club. That is all. got some playlists for me to peep? Prefer dance music/jersey club. Just need something new to bite onto while I write some stuff up. @_JaneyLaney yea they'll clear it up in 30 days for sure for sure. If they don't, That's one silly bank LMAO i'd be lookin at them crazy @_JaneyLaney I usually give it one full bank cycle tbh @_JaneyLaney Leave that shit there and wait for them to figure it out. I'm not touching those funds tho. @CandiceLikesYou 🧐🧐🧐 @iamBrandonTV Big recommend on these lil guys. video out on the Daily Dose of Peach! ❤️❤️
Retweeted by BBG AXEL @zachbussey @bbjessTTV @NixussNightfall @Prisma_Lin @burgoita_ @CeddyOrNot Hydration is key during the climax of your journey, ceddy. @JuanMoreMedia Humbled gg @Captain_Quench 🗣🗣🗣If you have a problem with me being loud about Indigenous issues on the TL, and you don't want to see it - I am not…
Retweeted by BBG AXEL @Predixtions96 @Newrappy @YerisonTV You lying to my face like :
@YerisonTV @Newrappy @Predixtions96 yea ok @Newrappy @YerisonTV @Predixtions96 I be sad as shit on the left broBuckle up you cute ass motherfucker. @Newrappy @Predixtions96 @Newrappy @YerisonTV You panic tatsu on wakeup I don't wanna hear this @TimFromFinance aht aht you're a lifer too bring that ass here @builtbygamers Ya tu sabes. :) @MaestroMJ3 @builtbygamers Its a different vibe in here for sure. @Manifestable @builtbygamers I feel thatBro... @Newrappy @YerisonTV @Predixtions96 this y'all? was by far one of the most challenging tours we’ve done yet, but we pulled it off. Thank you to @chadzc for al…
Retweeted by BBG AXEL @Szynergy LMAOAOAWhen babe cooks
Retweeted by BBG AXEL @PaulMinor4real my king. 🤝🤝🤝🤝Boy that food hit the fuckin spot, I'm on my ASS rn. @JuniorAndChill @Mimiatures off the tour in Orlando with the gang and tagging w/ @Dubloadz was phenomenal Big thank u to everyone who…
Retweeted by BBG AXEL @Captain_Quench NO THIS ONE HURTS TAKE IT BACK @SpringLane_ @HCS @builtbygamers yes @FwSia Honestly, the older you get - the more you recognize that mutual respect and trust is far more important tha… @YerisonTV aht @YerisonTV aht aht not you motherfucker this is for life LMAOSomeone unfollow me and ruin the nice number. Just to humble me. LMAO @BGCryderman I ain't italian, but my best friend is. If that counts? LMAO @Manifestable @builtbygamers Manifestable as a twitter tag is baller as hell, I can't even hold you @YerisonTV paid actress, clearly. @YerisonTV Damn she got a giraffe fetish? @Newrappy not my fault you're DBB Rappy nowIf a fortnite/valorant nerd finds a girlfriend, does that mean they aren't a free agent anymore? 🤔 @storymodebae @TheMAURYShow @LilNasX yo why he pull out the LamborfeetiesMan, @builtbygamers really does feel like a family. @nappytheplug deonasmith workin HARD @urbanbohemian It's an easy way to get lost in it for sure. Good credit =/= reliability, there def should be some… @spartankingv 🤔 @seriouslyclara @TheJRenegade @Esslanotte @DeadArizen @callmeazia_ me running away w 5 gta wanted stars LMAO @callmeazia_ @Legend_Ori If a game dev wants to tap into a CCs community that's taken years to curate and refine, there's no wor… @NightMareEffec shhhh the sauce was already cooking I just showed up and stirred the pot a lil @burgoita_ Sucia! LMAOAOA @NightMareEffec You had the right idea already. :) @builtbygamers to ps4,switch,and pc. From : @NightMareEffec not eveeeen lmao @CandiceLikesYou idk, getting told that a tea fucks is choice words imo, would cop @NightMareEffec 🏃💨 @KDotDaGawd im trynna see dat before I give feedback because right now im looking at both like @KDotDaGawd If I may recommend, can you repost this but at their natural scale, but cut them in half instead of off… @KDotDaGawd twitter compression beating your videos ASS my g @whotfisvertekz this is the energies I need todayAND NUDDIN 😤
Retweeted by BBG AXELGood morning we shiddin and fardin today
BBG $100,000 Setup Tours 2021 ft. @Khanada, @Melebu4, @YungCalc & More! Full Video:
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