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Eric Taylor 🎮 @Accomp Charlotte, NC

Director of UI Engineering @Ally. Husband, Dad, Nerd, Gaming Writer. || @Medal_TV Partner || 🌐

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@SINisterWyvern @Smirking_Lion @battlechicken Cactuar! (Aether)
@Smirking_Lion @battlechicken what other games we playing tonight? @jamesmiller YEAH BUDDY. Send feedback on the experience and I will pass it on :) @DustinTigner I don't think so, but not 100% sure yet. Should know more today!Woo, got into the #HaloInfinite test flight! @Jezinista It was, thanks! And potentially another ear infection, plus teething. Real fun time :)We had to give our 9 month old baby a Covid test tonight to ensure it was just a cold she had... Please get vaccina… haven't opened up #HaloMCC in awhile... I'm really impressed with their Season rewards design as well as The Exch… @Malisent Dang, yeah we grill probably 2-3 times a week @Malisent Haha just corn! @ClutchVS I love how he ends it with "It shouldn't be that hard to understand." hahaha.Yet another reason the #FFXIV team is so amazing... communication is really excellent, also conveying the reasoning…
First character I made when @GuildWars2 launched - still pretty fond of him!'s dinner was a little too spicy for me - so I decided to just eat it alongside ice cream because I'm an adu… out on raid night tomorrow in #BurningCrusadeClassic and will not be opening the #BattleNet app in support… stuff. goal I might set for myself in #FFXIV is completing all jobs' Crafting Logs. Could be a fun journey. Really wish…, for real though, who are some awesome Final Fantasy 14 streamers/gamers/players you know of? Looking to make m…
Retweeted by Eric Taylor 🎮 @Grakulen Aion is actually one I don't think I've ever put any time intoI guess MMOs are my thing. @Coan_Arcanius Yeah it's been awhile - just has a lot of rubber banding or snap animations and whatnot. It's not a… @_JoshuaCooper @Jabcup Ooooh, I played that hard as hell at launch and I tried going back and playing when they did… @Jabcup Bro why you gotta come at me like that @Coan_Arcanius Haha, I've put a bit of time into #Neverwinter - it wasn't too bad! Definitely more clunk than most,…, #BurningCrusadeClassic, #ElderScrollsOnline, #FFXIV, #SWTOR, #GuildWars2, #Crowfall, #NewWorldMMO,… to mix it up and join a Hunt train tonight in #FFXIV! plums are so sparkly and ready to pluck, @Zuulzilla!
This is amazing 👏🏻 @krames12 @Negativethac0 - Also prioritize any quests that have the blue cross icon, as these unlock something in the game. -… @Negativethac0 Good question! To start, my recommendation is: - Pick a job you think looks cool - Follow Main Scen… @HerculeanGaming Good question - I know the trial goes up through Heavenward, so you could really just play through… friends venturing fresh into #FFXIV (or really any MMO), happy to answer any questions you might have while you get started! @gamingwithSSS Same server, although you can join a link she'll cross-datacenter which is pretty common as well (ju…, killing demons if you want to see some speed rifts. Hope all are having a good weekend :)
If you used to watch #ProWrestling back in the 90s - right now is 1000% the time to get back into it. No, not WWE.… @JasonRRice YEP!Guilty pleasure foods. Skateboarding to the Olympics was an awesome choice. So far definitely my favorite.
Little grillin', then gaming :) @The_Kunka Nice! Congrats on the upcoming wedding!We installed this massive 16" rain showerhead and it is amazing. @DustinTigner Daaang I need to get back into that soon to prep for Infinite haha @Xancrus Word, I got you and totem for boosts later @Nav_Ox Both greattttttttttt games @DustinTigner 100% agreed. The Ethereals are the only reason I'm interested, haha. (Got an Ancient one last night!)… @Zythen @Namaslays Nice! I've actually never played hardcore in poe, but have in d3 in the past. Sounds like a good challenge! @Zuulzilla Honestly though, I think what you're doing is what an MMO should be. They've evolved past the old days o… @Ciscoandchai Niiiiiiice, Valheim is such a good time playing with others. I've heard really good things about Fall… @Namaslays Nice! How are you liking SWTOR? (Ive put thousands of hours into it over the years haha) Very curious a… @Zuulzilla Welllll, had an impromptu weekend visit from the wife's grandparents haha. So a bit less than expected,…'s everyone's gaming plans for this weekend? @SSStephano Yeah I knew about the POE League, didn't know about PD2 though. Still very curious - even with the curr…, jumping into #Diablo3 for the start of Season 24. This game's population has dwindled FAR MORE than I had expe…
@wmnofwarcraft Hi friends - is there any opportunity for men take part in the community in some way? Would love to…
I take it tonight is Gruul night for a lot of guilds, lol. #BurningCrusadeClassic @Zuulzilla @ActuallyArcane @belghast @Kittlore Biggest recommendation is to join an active social Free Company (gui… @Ninjablaze1 My biggest concern is how modern gold sellers will impact the game. They existed back in its prime, bu… @Ninjablaze1 Skipping PoE this league - this will be my last hurrah for D3, since D2 > D4. Pretty pumped to just ge… Season 24 starts tomorrow - some buds and I are going to play this season, so feel free to join in with us! (Softcore) @belghast While I think this is probably true for a majority of orgs, I do think there are some companies that have… @Slootbag Hell yeah, congrats my dude.Super happy with where I'm at with the Fire Destro Lock at this point. At a point now where I can raid log (and pla… two more BiS items from Karazhan this week in #BurningCrusadeClassic. Getting there!
All I want to do is join a guild in New World called the New World Order and run around dropping 4 Lyfe signs as im… really like to see some form of a mini-game or something added to gathering in #NewWorldMMO. AFKing for 10-15… #NewWorldMMO buds - what guilds/communities are starting to form up? Preferably US-East. Starting to look around… @2oldtogame @ChrlieWhskyBrvo Fresh out, sorry!Wow, just won a Chocobo Race by 0.06 seconds - insane finish lol. #FFXIV, the Cliffhanger GATE is pure chaos with so many players. #FFXIV anyone else despise Plus rules in Triple Triad? No, just me? Oh ok. #FFXIVFor those of you that played the #PlayNewWorld alpha and planned on skipping the beta, at least log in once. There…
Retweeted by Eric Taylor 🎮 @RobUnwraps Good callout, thanks dude
Reminder a handful of us on my Discord will be playing #Diablo3 Season 24 when it launches in a few days. Probably… @Grakulen I played a bunch of the Alpha and a bit of the latest test - so I'm actually skipping out on CBT so I don… you need me, I'll be at the Gold Saucer. #FFXIV @MaiqTehLiar @playnewworld Enjoy! ALL THE SCREENSHOTSKeys have been sent out - congrats to winners and enjoy the CBT! @jamesmiller my dudes - last call. Knocking out a couple things for work and then will send these codes out. to pass out some keys in the morning, if you're interested in #NewWorldMMO :)
Hi friends. Enjoy some #NewWorldMMO keys. Claim on Steam. ⚔️Member of New World Creator Program and these keys wer…
Retweeted by Eric Taylor 🎮Closed Beta starts on 7/20 at 12:30pm ET and runs through August 2. Hope to see you guys there!As part of the #NewWorld Creator Program, the @playnewworld team has provided me some Closed Beta keys to give away… I'm just playing Retail #Warcraft casually these days, I think it might be time to flip the Rogue back to Dwarf :)
@Malisent I'll probs do that - likely fits more in line with how I am playing atm anyways @Malisent Yeah, it's totally on me haha. I used to play with them a lot, but the folks I played with no longer play the game :)MMOs are better experiences with test realms and data mining not in the picture.Haha wowwwwwwwwwww. Too real, Android. Too real.World of warcraft is the community of a bummer feeling. @Killadrix Definitely between this and Ratchet and Clank for sure.Hit a nice milestone on my #BurningCrusadeClassic Warlock tonight! The only upgrades I have remaining this Phase a…
This is EXCELLENT. Huge props to the team for making the commitment. Your turn, @TESOnline! ;) @jamesmiller I'm a little biased...Mount # 483 - Hand of Bahmethra I go bankrupt, it's because @UberEats and @DoorDash exist.I've tried a lot of burrito bowls, but Chipotle is still somehow the best. That corn salsa makes it. @Bit_Hound Oh, I don't intend on continuing to play my main once I've collected all the stuff I want. I'm not keepi… @Petsofwarcraft Looking forward to it! I'm interested in playing through the other covenants and collecting their p…