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Ace Dalmatian @ace_dalmatian Senecaville Ohio.

Adopted daughter @CoolestCollie Cousins @LilDotDalmatian ETC Uncle: @LovingDoug_ Aunt: @DearestDelilah Sons @ChillDoberman @HanselHuskyDog. SW @SweetLovingRoxy.

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@Rocky78367875 @Zuma80600544 I'll help you boys. @Christo50936018 You're welcome @Christo50936018. @Christo50936018 I'm really sorry to hear that @Christo50936018. Our thoughts are with you your family and your loved ones. @CutieDavinci Allow me. *Ace whips out an air pump and sticks a hose in Dolly's mouth as he slowly pumps her face… @CutieDavinci I'd say by looking at their facial expressions they're looking pretty annoyed as there's one thing th… @VixtorTweets I'd get a sesame colored Shiba Inu. @Italibaso Good night @Italibaso.So, I heard my good friend @BabyLamb5 got 2 Copyright strikes and this is his last strike. if he loses that last o…
Retweeted by Ace Dalmatian @WildePaw_Fox @ArchieFur92 You're welcome @WildePaw_Fox. @WildePaw_Fox @ArchieFur92 You're welcome @WildePaw_Fox and congratulations on reaching 1500 followers. @Majka_Shinoda @TyBrock4 I care deeply about you @Majka_Shinoda. @ShyFoxthefox You're welcome @ShyFoxthefox. @clumsydog1 You're welcome @clumsydog1. @clumsydog1 Good afternoon @clumsydog1 and welcome back! @HuskyBumblebee @Christo50936018 @AutismChase @Tronazo3 @FluffyBoiMihzo @AngeloSkyeFox @TobyFolf @NixAVZ @Junie32423 I'm doing all right. @Wildcatpawpatro No you shouldn't leave the Paw Patrol @Wildcatpawpatro for after all you helped them stop the Ruff… @Wildcatpawpatro @Skyethepilotpup @ChasePatrolFR @Ryder_patrolpaw You're not a really bad member @Wildcatpawpatro a… @ShepardSkaut I'm doing great. @Junie32423 Good afternoon @Junie32423. @Christo50936018 I'm doing all right. @EddieTheParrot That's true. @EddieTheParrot Ah well that's okay. @EddieTheParrot Okay my point total I have is 210 points. @Majka_Shinoda @TyBrock4 Mmm hmm for it's what an American like myself can do at a time like this. @EddieTheParrot 3 for 3 happens to be one of my lucky numbers. @TyBrock4 @Majka_Shinoda Mmm hmm I don't want her to die either. @Majka_Shinoda @TyBrock4 Ah I see. Meanwhile I'm afraid there's nothing else I can do for I live here in the United States of America. @TyBrock4 @Majka_Shinoda Ah I see @TyBrock4. Well it looks like there's nothing else we can do. @TyBrock4 @Majka_Shinoda We along with @Majka_Shinoda will notify the police and sheriff's department if things get out of hand. @TyBrock4 Oh no they won't for we're going to immediately step in and intervene on behalf of @Majka_Shinoda for no… @YoungSimbaCub It indeed is a great day for all of us ooh yeah! @MxDoesStuff Yes.Out of curiosity how many people will retweet this because I asked?
Retweeted by Ace Dalmatian @Rockyrecycler @Zuma80600544 It could very well be her crazy sister or cousin. @Jamesry36115232 He doesn't even need to deserve our attention as we'll ignore him for good measure. @CutieDavinci You're definitely one hot Dalmatian @CutieDavinciWhat app do you use the most?🤔📱
Retweeted by Ace Dalmatian @Christo50936018 I'd pick Microsoft's Xbox One X console. @TehCheetah I've always liked popcorn myself.Much like New Year's Eve, the world won't automatically get better in an hour and a half. But transitions matter, a…
Retweeted by Ace Dalmatian @ChrisRDalmatian *Ace brings @ChrisRDalmatian a blanket to warm him up.* @CutieDavinci I love my auntie Delilah and I'm most saddened she left our group chat. @TMTankEngine_1 @Rockyrecycler @Zuma80600544 I'll go and find him. @chrisno51 Fascinating. @TWardoctor @Skyethepilotpup @Sweetiepawpatro @skyetheflyingp2 @Marshall_Kion Okay we'll land. *Ace and… @TWardoctor @Sweetiepawpatro @Skyethepilotpup @skyetheflyingp2 @Marshall_Kion I'll take care of him. *Ace uses his… @TWardoctor @Sweetiepawpatro @Skyethepilotpup @skyetheflyingp2 @Marshall_Kion Okay. *Ace flies ahead as the… @marsiexv Good morning @marsiexv. @TWardoctor @Sweetiepawpatro @Skyethepilotpup @skyetheflyingp2 @Marshall_Kion Right. *Skye's set free as our heroes takeoff.* @TWardoctor @Sweetiepawpatro @Skyethepilotpup @skyetheflyingp2 @Marshall_Kion Okay.It’s a new day in America.
Retweeted by Ace Dalmatian @TWardoctor @Sweetiepawpatro @Skyethepilotpup @skyetheflyingp2 @Marshall_Kion I already have. Now then we're appro… @Sweetiepawpatro @Skyethepilotpup @skyetheflyingp2 @Marshall_Kion *Super Dog quickly flies off and pursues the eagl… @Ryder_patrolpaw @skyetheflyingp2 @Skyethepilotpup Skye ended up lost in a forest as I'm also trying to prevent her… @Sweetiepawpatro @Skyethepilotpup @skyetheflyingp2 @Marshall_Kion *Super Dog immediately gets up and stops the eagl… @Sweetiepawpatro @Skyethepilotpup @skyetheflyingp2 @Marshall_Kion Shoryuken! *Ace lands a direct hit on his oppon… @Sweetiepawpatro @Skyethepilotpup @skyetheflyingp2 @Marshall_Kion That's what you think! *Super Dog strikes the ea… @Sweetiepawpatro @skyetheflyingp2 @Skyethepilotpup @Marshall_Kion Uh uh that ain't gonna happen. *Super Dog flies… @Sweetiepawpatro @skyetheflyingp2 @Skyethepilotpup @Marshall_Kion Not if I can help it @Sweetiepawpatro for yours t… @Skyethepilotpup @Sweetiepawpatro Have no fear @Skyethepilotpup Super Dog is here! *Super Dog lands near… @TWardoctor @Zuma80600544 Roger that. Now Miss Gasket please calm down and tell me your side of the story. @ace_dalmatian good to hear
Retweeted by Ace Dalmatian @TWardoctor @Zuma80600544 You're right but still fighting solves nothing as calmly talking it out does. @FloofyVixenFox I'm doing all right. @ace_dalmatian haii
Retweeted by Ace Dalmatian @FloofyVixenFox Hello @FloofyVixenFox. @Zuma80600544 *Ace immediately steps in and intervenes.* Ladies Ladies please fighting solves nothing. Now then w… @Tracker22151551 *Ace transforms into his heroic alter ego Super Dog.* I'll get Sweetie for you. *Super Dog flies… @LilDotDalmatian Oh dear. This looks like a job for your big cousin himself. @ace_dalmatian You too ❤️
Retweeted by Ace Dalmatian @LilDotDalmatian *Ace smiles as he closes her door and walks into the dining room where he and his family start eating their breakfast.* @DarkLynxKa Good morning @DarkLynxKa. @Deadshotwtf I'm currently playing F1 2020 on Xbox One. @SpearXros Good morning @SpearXros and you're welcome. @MegaBuffLaverne Good morning @MegaBuffLaverne. @kerreganscott1 We don't hate you @kerreganscott1 for we love you. @LilDotDalmatian *As the sun rises Ace wakes up and walks past @LilDotDalmatian's room as @LilDotDalmatian's still… @ShyFoxthefox Good night @ShyFoxthefox and we'll see you in the morning. @Malcolmm2004 Good night @Malcolmm2004. @MegaBuffLaverne Good night @MegaBuffLaverne and we'll see you in the morning.🔄 for a good week.
Retweeted by Ace Dalmatian @Zugatti69 Good night @Zugatti69.We don’t have a second to waste when it comes to tackling the crises we face as a nation. That’s why after being sw…
Retweeted by Ace Dalmatian @QueenKawaiiOwO I'll give you a hug @QueenKawaiiOwO. *Ace gives her a hug.* There you go.‼️‼️ THIS IS WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE ‼️‼️
Retweeted by Ace Dalmatian‼️‼️JUST GOT THIS AMBER ALERT PLEASE RT TO SPREAD ‼️‼️
Retweeted by Ace Dalmatian @Christo50936018 Non alcoholic margarita. @ShepardSkaut Good night @ShepardSkaut. @Jamesry36115232 You're welcome @Jamesry36115232. @Sponge_X_Sea It's okay @Sponge_X_Sea. @Zuma80600544 @Foxy85031615 We'll try to get our neighbor @Foxy85031615 up to 100 followers before the end of the month. @DisneyTVANews @disneyplus Who knows if season 2 of 101 Dalmatian Street will be part of this new potential strategy drop on Disney+ ? @ShepardSkaut Yeah. @DarkLynxKa You're welcome. @DarkLynxKa Good night @DarkLynxKa. @ShepardSkaut Who knows if something's going to happen tomorrow? And if there's any real risks they'll be ready to handle it.
@Zuma80600544 *Ace who's in the shadows covers both Zuma and Chase up with a pair of blankets as Ace leaves without… @LewdPolicePup @dimitri2pup You're welcome @LewdPolicePup. Congratulations on reaching 400 followers!