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Everyone want to come to the gym I workout out at now. Shout out to the meat head that left the 80lb dumbbells by t… him TF outta here. Never should have hired him in the first place. Wanna see what unc going to say about this.… you want to Win Commercial. Don’t forget to support your local and small businesses 😤💪🏽💯 runner series or the divergent series?Working while they sleeping like usual.
@ArianaGrande 🖤 WAGO evolve to WANGO. I’m wearing a marvel tie to the wedding. a few dawgs and a parent that didn’t make it to thanksgiving this year. But we went up for y’all today!This was the first thanksgiving I got to spend with my mom in the last 5 years. Thankful 🙏🏽
Why they keep letting play on thanksgiving? 😂Hot chocolate mixed with protein powder 😍Y’all sleep on that future and uzi album
Call or FaceTime ya Day 1s this week. We all could use some good convos and laughs during these times 🤞🏽Nothing at all. Bout to start practicing this lol
Shazam is such a great movieIllegal Bounce finally up and running 🏀🚨LETS GO! Attenborough is the GOATSomeone buy me a laptop for Christmas. Imma need it for work ☺️Fabulous always came through on the R&B remixes @Jay_Bean05 Most ppl are def top 5 r&b albums of all time 😂 @UKnowWin Let’s hoop man!
AND Captain American STILL never apologized to Tony!!! 😤 prep for breakfast or just keep eating McDonald’s every morning? @WhoIsLilwill @DrummaBoyFRESH Man I already know! When you coming back broPUT SOME RESPEK ON HIS NAME Collinsworth talking about Mahomes is 100 times worse than John Madden talking about Favre 😂Nothing is worse than being a lions fan. NOTHING! @WhoIsLilwill You watch the battle??Future with another classic simp verse on drankin and smokinDon’t judge my pain if you don’t know the shit I’m against
Rehab has been paying off. Just locked in another basketball commercial 🙏🏽
@UKnowWin @Jay_Bean05 I must have been added to this thread by accident @UKnowWin @Jay_Bean05 Wow two of the big bros replying to me? 🥺 @Jay_Bean05 Bro it was pretty bad lol the covid jokes were but after and before was trash 😂Going up tonight !!How is he buffer 30 years later!? 😤🦾
@KennedyHollows Bet fam how long you out there for? @KennedyHollows dtf tonight? 🤔Man death and all. Good thing Jeezy ain’t play stay strapped. Gucci didn’t want those problems 😂Why roddy rich not on pain away!?Man who listened to its tha world, real is back 1 and 2? Jeezy is DIFFERENT @Jay_Bean05 Wow I’m off you lolThis dj is LIT 🔥Pull out ya black flags tonight!⛄️
Never forget when we was turning up in Wyoming bumpin WATTBA @GrindHard_23 🤣This 25 for 25 workout ain’t no mf jokeDislocated my finger for about the 10th time. Time to long in another 100 hours on guitar hero for my rehab 😂Y’all telling me Gucci has an album better than Thug Motivation 101? 😂Wings and wine WednesdaysTherapy for my soulHow come no one on the west coast gassin T.I. using G’d up sample.
@Young_Flash00 @Jay_Bean05 @bucketsworth 😂😂😂 @Jay_Bean05 @Young_Flash00 @bucketsworth Hell nah lol I get mine from @jcpenney 👣🅱️I’ve seen a lot of people do nothing but complain during covid and I’ve also seen a lot of ppl level tf up. Which one are you?Cyborg 🥺🦾 know the twist it up comb is about to change the modeling game from talent all the way down to hairstylist. I… but net league in oc is BOOMIN!
@BeDatNiggaDEVIN I still haven’t eaten Hot Cheetos or a cup of noodles since those days 😂Adult league game tonight. Don’t forget the white claws and 4 lokos! @khalilc23 @BeDatNiggaDEVIN 😈If I could live my life again I wouldn’t do it differently, probably bring my father back just so he could witness… Legacy @BeDatNiggaDEVIN Best feeling ever 😭Regular ppl eat food for breakfast. Cyborgs eat metal. GYM TIME! 🦾🖤 is the thanksgiving turn ups? And who is having a Turkey bowl?Bed medicine x Eric Bellinger @NelsonGreedy I know bro lol we went up last time you was out here 😂Zings savings just means an extra 2 hours to simp and listen to r&b music at night ☺️Trap til the doors fall off @youngscooter
Heavy lifting day. Thank you @kseofficial 🦾Clean up your game! @bathletix
Get your boy @bucketsworth out John Paesano for the amazing score in the Spider-Man game. Wanna tag will but he don’t got twitter rnHow much I’ve changed in 3 years the only sport you can look cool as hell gettin zero playing time 😭Jeezy gave us what they want with 3 major sports references that help you understand sports and the sport of sellin… Jeezy x Jill ScottListen to dis track biiiiiiish @DrummaBoyFRESHCan’t act like I wasn’t rapping Rihanna verse on Hard right before Jeezy came onGym even on Sundays. #washedkingWhere the die hard Gucci fans at too? The movie gangsta grillz. Don’t get much better than thatWhere the die hard Jeezy fans. It’s Tha World and Real is back 2 should be on y’all playlistIt’s suppose to be no rap on Sunday’s and here I am blasting JEEZY ⛄️ @GrindHard_23 I feel it 😂 When you back in the states?? @GrindHard_23 How do you compete with trap or die, air forces, standing ovation and gangsta music. And that’s all from the same album 😭No disrespect to Gucci but Jeezy winning this 4-1. my family tonight 🤞🏽
Bout to go ham on some @McDonalds today. 4 cheeseburgers and a Large fry with some of that sprite that idk what y’a… brought sand to the beach to make it better
Rockstar Chainz
@STEEZYJMC Disney turning into the back in my day uncle with all these damn reboots. @jiminicricketjr You not lying!!! Might have to get another snowman T-shirt before Christmas lolNow I’m ya favorite rappers favorite rapper. AYYYY. Now I’m ya favorite trappers favorite trapper. HA HAAAAA @EscoMoeCity tonight!! 🥶🌎I be feeling SO OLD when I run into kids I use to watch at the boys and girls club 😂
I ain’t change but I was going through changesChance Athletics Uni T-shirts 🤞🏽🌎