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🥺 come back gon’ be good!
Retweeted by thegirltatenda @MariamRogers @MariamRogers @MariamRogers NoI need new friends, the 1 friend that I have is ghetto. I’m tired of her. @MariamRogers Why do you never say nice things about mePERIOD guys, I really miss my friend. This is ghetto.2 months and 1 day since we said goodbye and I still miss you every minute. Imagine a lifetime without you 🥺❤️Stop making excuses for people, they did it because they wanted to.
Retweeted by thegirltatendaWhen you enjoying the night with your friends & suddenly your social meter runs out
Retweeted by thegirltatenda“I really like you” my traumatized ass:
Retweeted by thegirltatendablack women started wearing their hair straight during segregation b/c black women had to follow the European stand…
Retweeted by thegirltatendame me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me
Retweeted by thegirltatendamake that 2 villas phewwww 🥴🤗Going to be surviving on $1 a day but that’s okay at least I’ll be in a 5 star villa lmao @MariamRogers
@MariamRogers Can’t relate @MariamRogers Lmao listen I’ve had like 5 follow me right now , working on itGuys I’m counting down the seconds and im putting in writing that I will come back healed. @MariamRogers Okay let me call my sugar daddy again @MariamRogers Like I can’t deal!Bro Africans are sooo nosy!Who is going to be in Bali for NYEThe excitement is next level✈️ ✈️ count down @MariamRogers love her some yung miami.. why can't I have a JT 🥺 I'm always the JT
Retweeted by thegirltatenda @MariamRogers is cancelled
I don’t know how booking a flight cures my sadness but it does lmao.Tis always the community niggas that talk the most 🙄
Retweeted by thegirltatendaWhich problem should I solve today 🤔Me during a Mental breakdown
Retweeted by thegirltatenda @MariamRogers we should do this in reverse pray you heal over things no one ever apologized for!
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One way flight ticket out of Sydney please
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UGG did what they had to do with these 😍
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@MariamRogers We knowWelcome to Australia 🥴
Retweeted by thegirltatenda @MariamRogers Okay
Mommmmyyyyy someone check on this side of twitter today
Retweeted by thegirltatendaThis is actually why the fans are asking you to dance when they see you 🤡
Retweeted by thegirltatendastfu @_Kruddz Lmao where is all this energy when dark skin women get attacked😴
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Manifesting healthy weight gain in all the right places
Retweeted by thegirltatendaThank God it’s Fridayme too i would be happy if i was jobless and rich
Retweeted by thegirltatendaAriana 😍 @MariamRogers Blood of Jesus @MariamRogers Lmao okay astrologist @MariamRogers @mandaeke Exactly 😂 @mandaeke Me making a fake account after being blocked @MariamRogers @MariamRogers Lmao stfu
Even if nobody see it in u, u have to see it in ya self. That’s necessary.
Retweeted by thegirltatenda @MariamRogers Should I insult you now or laterBabygirl is tired. Babygirl needs a holiday. Babygirl needs cuddles and forehead kisses. Babygirl also needs £100k.…
Retweeted by thegirltatendaUntil you change your thinking you will always recycle your experiences
Retweeted by thegirltatendaNo one should ever ask me for a favour again please and thank youSay it ain’t soooooooGod is just showing off at this stage 😍😤
me and my best friend before making bad decisions together
Retweeted by thegirltatenda🙂lmao say it ain’t so @MariamRogers lmao"leave him" "leave yo nigga first"
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Grief is so weird. One day you think of them and you don’t feel so... affected. You miss them but you’re okay. Anot…
Retweeted by thegirltatenda @MariamRogers Meditate. Stay low-key. Grow spiritually.
Retweeted by thegirltatendamy private story vs my main story
Retweeted by thegirltatendaWho’s gonna tell me to pick a number?
Retweeted by thegirltatenda @mavellahh the queen has settled this debate
Retweeted by thegirltatendaIt’s settled. We can stop discussing which country Vic falls is in
Retweeted by thegirltatendaworking on it because ☺️
“I don’t want to follow a religion that came from a book written by man.” But will be quick to lick their fingers t…
Retweeted by thegirltatendaI realized that I’ve been taught to suppress my feelings because Church teaches you that your emotions don’t matter…
Retweeted by thegirltatendaMood
Retweeted by thegirltatendaMe sending my resume for expat positions lmao under 5’5 coming onto Twitter to discuss what height a man should be
Retweeted by thegirltatendaChange is coming, and Zimbabweans must realise that this is no longer about the MDC, it is about Zimbabwe. Let us fix our country.
Retweeted by thegirltatendaLock all his supports in a dungeon and throw the key away majority of Africans are so selective with their advocacy - whenever Zimbabwe is in question, it’s always bant… @MoyceTitiana @danai_dm LmfaoooooPoor dog was 5 seconds away from losing it and going to dog-jail for attacking her owner with intent to kill 😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by thegirltatendaThere’s no amount of sleep that will help if your spirit is tired
Retweeted by thegirltatendaWishing healthy relationships leading to marriage to everyone reading this tweet !
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to seek a great perhaps @Ooo16510590 @Optus Same issues in SydneyGonna tell my kids this was Kylie Jenner
Retweeted by thegirltatendagonna tell my kids this was keeping up with the kardashians
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Good morning.
Retweeted by thegirltatendaMe introducing my children to William Shakespeare
Retweeted by thegirltatendaImma tell my kids that’s the KKK
Retweeted by thegirltatendaZimbabwe’s Minister for Finance said China gave the country $3,631,500 as aid. China’s Embassy responded, saying t…
Retweeted by thegirltatendaOh no jokes over
Retweeted by thegirltatendatelling my kids this was lil nas x
Retweeted by thegirltatendaNah guys deep it, I left work 2months ago with NO job prospects. I had interview after interview (for roles I didn’…
Retweeted by thegirltatendaAlso going to tell my kids this was SZA
Retweeted by thegirltatendaTelling my kids this is G Herbo’s son
Retweeted by thegirltatendaHow quickly my mood can change for no reason at all
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