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Look at the hate in their eyes when you say you’re from Brooklyn.

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@AsiaChloeBrown thank you, thank you for this thread. I’m looking now & trying to really understand the process & f…
@mminthecity Wave & Chika made it the cover & that’s dope.No matter who’s by his side, aint shit gonna change🙄🙄Wrong “like the Indian.” Me: Native AmericanCredit Karma: your score is 800 Experian: ma’am your shit is 12
Retweeted by Nola Darling @AsiaChloeBrown oh great! I’m off tomor so I’m trying to go tomor @AsiaChloeBrown I’m so excited I can’t even search the site fast enough to fig out if I have to sign up or just show upfor what purpose?
Retweeted by Nola DarlingSee, if your sex life was spicy from the beginning then wouldn’t have to “spice” it up later. @mminthecity In my opinion If you’ve been with someone for a long time the same sex can get boring after a while. a…
Retweeted by Nola Darlingout here saving stuff for NEVER. couldn’t be me.
Retweeted by Nola DarlingMove over cinnamon rolls, theres a new treat in town: cinnamon rolls
Retweeted by Nola DarlingI’m emotional eating these days. And it’s really badSee...smh I’m trying my best with this job lolKris standing over Ye as he typed this like
Retweeted by Nola Darling @cemorecake718 guerros! Them big ass Rita’s. Omg I miss their tacosThat open and close was too swift
Retweeted by Nola Darling @JamilahLemieux “it’s on in the background”I love Chowder lol rada rada is funnytLmfao and he does! you are on OnlyFans, Withdraw your money ASAP and stay withdrawing it. They’re in court for tax evasion and they…
Retweeted by Nola Darling @StillDRUG if it wasn’t a puppy I would take him honestly.
What’s to be everything but his own shit Money Maker track is fire.Smh they hate everytbing niggaz been broke. @MuvaofGotti and women being bread winner not new either. They just feel good helping the poor. Which is also sadI really don’t get this new culture acting like compensation is new, the only thing new here is Niggas being broke…
Retweeted by Nola Darling @jamisaaa humph, got thicc & now this. Tuh!Cooking my own meal AGAINI can’t stand to be around men that constantly complain.
Retweeted by Nola DarlingLol parentsSome one named their WiFi network “ICE surveillance van”First call of the day & person is weepingMODA-VAY-SHUN
Retweeted by Nola DarlingSaultI’m not fixing itThundercat x Them Chnages @mminthecity I watched this two days ago lolKartel fast yf though 👀
Retweeted by Nola DarlingCutest video everLike, damn! Can we just chill in peace!Lol the dog looks fed up every time there’s a camera in her face lol find it difficult to name a few things about myself w/o sounding repetitive & genericWrote out my design journey for my portfolioLove them & BADBADNOTGOOD So goodKhruangbin and chill nights, the best nights.
Retweeted by Nola Darling💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿 #HowToGetAwayWithWAP
Retweeted by Nola DarlingShe tried her & then... @vokarondon ahhhh well, now that’s diff. I fig. their reason would be around weight restrictions. But if u just try… @vokarondon lol there’s a legit why she prob said that
I know that it belongs in the fridge.
Retweeted by Nola Darling @AsiaChloeBrown they are all small. Even the one bk is big. Friendship heights location i think is “big”Omg. @AsiaChloeBrown we called this an extension cord growing up. Didn’t know it was called a power strip until I was an adult honestlyThe Payroll Tax funds Social Security and Medicare. Trump is using the pandemic to defund them. He's not giving…
Retweeted by Nola DarlingNobody:- Me:
Retweeted by Nola DarlingI need 3mos away from humans @AsiaChloeBrown can’t front, their short tumblers aren’t the greatest if you’re filled w/ rage & looking to break 1. They’re indestructible.Ha! @PreRolledJoe restore & don’t put your back up on your phonehe learned this way too fast 😭
Retweeted by Nola DarlingIt’s 10:30pm & USPS is delivering mail at my building. Wow.LMFAO could be March 2nd sound like...Just thought about Ben buying a phone at the gas station & now I’m upset all over again smh. @vokarondon y’all so cute with y’all alphets
@YelhsamiiH ppl love Kiehls avocado joint. I hate the price lol so I never buy it. They may have a sale going on tho. Been slashing pricesJohn Wick 3 so fire @YelhsamiiH for? Dark circles or just moisture? B/c dark circles are genetics from what I’ve readLmfao @HUMonTHESE @MikeDSykes son. She was going so hard it’s too fire. I’ve looped it too many times @mminthecity oh ok. I like a mezcal as well; great for jalapeño Rita’s. I want to try this brand next. dumbFire dept here & they don’t know how to stop the alarm b/c the ppl in the building also can’t find w/e key is needed to turn it off @AsiaChloeBrown ok.. black, brown, tan/cream/beige, dark/olive green @AsiaChloeBrown black, brown, tan/cream/ can’t think of a 4thSo glad I have earplugs now smh this fire alarm shit has returned @mminthecity meant which did you get. B/c I have the Reposado; wanted to know what u think of the flavor of the tequila @mminthecity what did you get? I have the reposado & ehhh idk..Made a drink before my coffee & now I’m out for the count @MzNikiLz I still want a foldable bike. to get more organized. Really can’t stress that enough smh @AsiaChloeBrown exactly how I feel. Just doesn’t feel right in here @AsiaChloeBrown white adjacentMayo based has. Caca’m so hype for Dominique! to watching movies I’ve seen a hundred times“We’re fighting for our kitten at the vet” lol Ma’am. @kittycash yea, nah lol one area I avoid on my own lol. It’s a diff pain when you doing it. Getting a wax is about to be a dub smhLol a fucking kitten lol not even worth a sappy story @kittycash yo was just talking about this today! I’m too scared to wax them myself
Now you look problematicEver notice white women air out their grievances about work & then u share yours & they immediately don’t want to t…