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Look at the hate in their eyes when you say you’re from Brooklyn.

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Illusion of inclusion. Smh @MISTERCONYERS you’re very attractive
Jasmine: Shes an innocent, sweet church lady! Just look at her! Grace: #AFallFromGrace
Retweeted by Nola DarlingLmfao how all our packages get delivered. I’m dying 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Nola DarlingNight said, “give me some privacy!” & slam the door in his wife face #Afallfromgrace lolWhy they got the boom mics at the bottom of the screen....noooooo! Tyler Perry Netflix movie 🤣🤣🤣#FallFromGrace
Retweeted by Nola DarlingASHTRAY BITCH! I’m crineeeeeeee 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #FallFromGrace #AFallFromGrace
Retweeted by Nola DarlingHow she offered her coffee...but a tea kettle whistling on the stove #FallfromGrace smhLmfao screaming white women trying to save the day Cranburry Bliss Bars. I bought an entire box my old agency is doing a speed recruiting/networking event for creatives and agencies in NY on wednesday
Retweeted by Nola DarlingJust did my own taxes, I should be in jail by friday
Retweeted by Nola Darling
Stop hanging out with people who refuse to see you
Retweeted by Nola DarlingWhy did I get 2???Lmfaooo “please! I am you!”Jordyn Woods is really having a blast on her I Am Negro tour.
Retweeted by Nola Darling🔥🔥🔥 @Anthony_Hartzog
Retweeted by Nola DarlingThis couple used their side hustles to pay off more than $114K in debt. @dianermacedo tells us how this couple work…
Retweeted by Nola DarlingEnergy a nigga think he controlling the narrative 🤣😂🤣🤣
Retweeted by Nola Darling
Now I need a Bundt panvanilla bean poundcake with dulce de leche swirrrrrrrllllll recipe:
Retweeted by Nola DarlingMy eyebrows are mad at me!But sure, share it with me & I’ll just spoil it for someone else lmaoLmao someone just hit me & asked “do I want to see who killed ghost” lol I don’t watch that show.Need to bridge my talents & skills for the job I want. Not the job I can do.I almost tried to dim the brightness of a book I’m readingHard to open packaging (scissors..) he didn’t even help the pregnant lady up“Your banned”- Seinfeld !!Nose test lmaoo...Larry is so dumbLmfaooo he showed up in that damn hat!!!Curb Your Enthusiasm is back
Retweeted by Nola DarlingEvery conversation is similar to my entire life @MISTERCONYERS I’m so excited!!The Big Goodbye!!!Larry is always put in a shitty situationSo excited Curb is back!!! B/c I feel the same way about saying Happy New Year past 3 days. That’s enough
I need bad food to choke on while I laugh @AsiaChloeBrown pt2 @AsiaChloeBrown not having the range. Clearly smh. She was so confusedLook at how fast her hair changed. HELP.
Retweeted by Nola Darling @HUMonTHESE is so funny! I love Bob’s Burger
White boy @ work: you got your hair all wrapped up! What you got a new hair style or something ?! Me: nope. White boy @ work: 😐😶Putting it in the trash? look like dapper dan lamar odom n seal blended
Retweeted by Nola Darling🤗🖤Thought this was the anatomy of the cauliflower you can’t decided between two meals. Get both
Smh that ramen spot gonna be trash. I already see itI’m buying so much cookies before I get home. Maybe even a damn cakeBeyoncé ain’t fuck with u like that if u didn’t get a delivery. For realI love gifts!Lmfao talk about it!
Retweeted by Nola Darling @cemorecake718 Lmfaoo wow.Leikeli 47!! I have to make sure I’m good before anything else. & I’m taking action once I get backForgetting about everything from the last two days has been really greatDidn’t even know!!!*Plays War Baby* don’t even know what basketball is! But the game on SmfhLmfaoBoneless wings are for dudes who close the refrigerator with their hips..
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IT IS!!!GASP! Is Curb back this month!!?!? @tweets_by_dre I wana do voiceovers so bad! I decided I’m going to an open mic for my birthday to break the ice“You should write a book.” “You should comedy.” Yes, yes..I know @AsiaChloeBrown sad b/c that’s a week or less for daycare or a babysitterSey Brooklyn location is beyond cuteLate coffee. I’ll be up all night and tomor.I think people recognize me but then are unsure if it’s me. It’s not.but what is you saying tho my nigga?
Retweeted by Nola DarlingJerk chicken for lunch & for the road tomor.*sigh* need my coffee and clarity.I’m always this close 👌🏾 to dying. Not by choice either
Forgot my head scarf. Guess I won’t be going to sleepI really have to protect myself at all cost.Need to tell myself that shit every night & every morning. B/c I can’t sleepi don’t have to have everything figured out right now.
Retweeted by Nola DarlingA woman named Laura Silsby was caught trafficking 33 undocumented children out of Haiti. Bill Clinton intervened &…
Retweeted by Nola DarlingWhen has that stopped any action!?! Oh y’all fucking with little boys. Got it🤨
Retweeted by Nola Darling
I can’t sleep at all @notUberCiph shit smh you’re triggered now lolShawty done fell in looovveeeeee with all my diamonds
Impulse purchase no. 1 picked up. The other on back orderEspresso I just had has me feeling drunk or just sleepy. I can’t tellBad job interview advice: Candidates can leave. don’t people walk out of bad job interviews?
Retweeted by Nola Darling @QuanFlix_ but try the Notes app on your phone. It scans & automatically saves as PDF. Free @QuanFlix_ genius scan. Saves color, convert to PDF & can email directly from the app. @QuanFlix_ u can scan in the notes app if u need something quick.Never finding these Proenza bootsTackling the kitchen nextComplete one household task then I get back in bed. @notUberCiph lmao me every single day of my life now