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Associate professor @GUHistory, Views mine. Fascists/supremacists blocked. RT=just RT. Poetry addict.

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But OF COURSE my computer decided to die today fml. Everyone expecting things from me, please be advised I am curre… slept 17 hours yesterday and still need a nap. But the launch of #RemeberingYoUDC was totally worth it. So happy…
To any historian of indigenous communities this is one big DUH."This fantasy that you can just build platforms in Silicon Valley and spread them around the world without having t…
Retweeted by Ananya Chakravarti @AstridWeigert @GeorgetownColl Shellee Haynesworth's work is beautiful! I hope that this project can become a facil… much to process and so much work to do for #RememberingYoUDC. For now all I feel is incredible gratitude for all… @DCPresLeague Definitely! Please get in touch!
Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight at Busboys and Poets, 2021 14th St NW, 5:00pm-7:00pm for "Remembering Yo…
Retweeted by Ananya ChakravartiWe are very proud of the work of Profs. @achakrava & Maurice Jackson on this project. #Humanities #twitterstorians
Retweeted by Ananya ChakravartiEven as historical erasure and the injustice it sanctions in India depresses me beyond belief but #RememberingYoUDC @TisaSherry @washingtonpost Awww thanks Tisu! @MarginalScribbl I have never hated a public figure quite as viscerally as Gogoi.When Babri fell, it was the beginning of my political consciousness. I knew, dimly, something had changed, in part…
@RayceenHRH @TheDCCenter Thank you! It was mindblowing to listen to you #RememberingYoUDCBe sure to check out @achakrava’s #RememberingYoU #UStreetDC community archiving project today & tomorrow…
Retweeted by Ananya Chakravarti @imobley1 - so many, many thoughts. @samhaselby Remind me to tell you the low-key horror comedy of this event from last year. @imobley1 I endorse this wholeheartedly 😂🤣 @guprofbc 😂🤣Today I will be moderating a panel discussion @TheDCCenter at 2pm, called REMEMBERING Y😀U created by @achakrava cel…
Retweeted by Ananya Chakravarti @uvmhistory @sarahosten Oh yay! Congrats @sarahosten and so lovely to see both you and John!If you want to listen to me and @ButlerTruesd talking about #RememberingYoUDC with @amykbormet on @WPFWDC check out… Indian identity- at least the OCI card- is dependent on how you relate to the current government in India.
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Y’all need to know about! Ananya is awesome!
Retweeted by Ananya Chakravarti @amykbormet Thank you for having me! @achakrava @ButlerTruesd @WPFWDC Fun times with @ButlerTruesd @WPFWDC @achakrava and Jenna Camille!
Retweeted by Ananya ChakravartiIn less than an hour we will unveil the 2020 #Grants for @HumanitiesDC. Do you have a project that showcases the…
Retweeted by Ananya ChakravartiSo grateful to @amykbormet and Jenna for having @ButlerTruesd and myself on #jazzstories on @WPFWDC to talk about… am so excited for #RememberingYoUDC and so grateful for everybody who has helped me make it happen. But I won't l…
@HumanitiesGU @HumanitiesDC @Combsthepoet @gtownlibrary @HowardU @TheDCCenter @RayceenHRH @AskRayceen @krumaekdo @HumanitiesGU @HumanitiesDC @Combsthepoet @gtownlibrary @HowardU @TheDCCenter @RayceenHRH @AskRayceen @krumaekdo @sharmishta_a Lol omg so much more! @HumanitiesGU @HumanitiesDC @Combsthepoet @gtownlibrary @HowardU @TheDCCenter @RayceenHRH @AskRayceen @krumaekdo @HumanitiesGU @HumanitiesDC @Combsthepoet @gtownlibrary @HowardU @TheDCCenter @RayceenHRH @AskRayceen @krumaekdo @HumanitiesGU @HumanitiesDC @Combsthepoet @gtownlibrary @HowardU @TheDCCenter @RayceenHRH @AskRayceen @krumaekdo @HumanitiesGU @HumanitiesDC @Combsthepoet @gtownlibrary @HowardU @TheDCCenter @RayceenHRH @AskRayceen @krumaekdo @HumanitiesGU @HumanitiesDC @Combsthepoet @gtownlibrary @HowardU @TheDCCenter @RayceenHRH @AskRayceen @krumaekdo @HumanitiesGU @HumanitiesDC @Combsthepoet @gtownlibrary @HowardU @TheDCCenter @RayceenHRH @AskRayceen @krumaekdo @HumanitiesGU @HumanitiesDC @Combsthepoet @gtownlibrary @HowardU @TheDCCenter @RayceenHRH @AskRayceen @krumaekdo @HumanitiesGU @HumanitiesDC @Combsthepoet @gtownlibrary @HowardU @TheDCCenter @RayceenHRH @AskRayceen @krumaekdo @HumanitiesGU @HumanitiesDC @Combsthepoet @gtownlibrary @HowardU @TheDCCenter @RayceenHRH @AskRayceen @krumaekdo @HumanitiesGU @HumanitiesDC @Combsthepoet @gtownlibrary @HowardU @TheDCCenter @RayceenHRH @AskRayceen @krumaekdo @HumanitiesGU @HumanitiesDC @Combsthepoet @gtownlibrary @HowardU @TheDCCenter @RayceenHRH @AskRayceen @krumaekdo @HumanitiesGU @HumanitiesDC @Combsthepoet @gtownlibrary @HowardU @TheDCCenter @RayceenHRH @AskRayceen @krumaekdo @HumanitiesGU @HumanitiesDC @Combsthepoet @gtownlibrary @HowardU @TheDCCenter @RayceenHRH @AskRayceen @krumaekdo @HumanitiesGU @HumanitiesDC @Combsthepoet @gtownlibrary @HowardU @TheDCCenter @RayceenHRH @AskRayceen @krumaekdo @HumanitiesGU @HumanitiesDC @Combsthepoet @gtownlibrary @HowardU @TheDCCenter @RayceenHRH @AskRayceen @krumaekdo @HumanitiesGU @HumanitiesDC @Combsthepoet @gtownlibrary @HowardU Meanwhile, at the @TheDCCenter, from 2-4pm Nov 8 w… @HumanitiesGU @HumanitiesDC @Combsthepoet We will also have booths by @gtownlibrary and librarians from @HowardU's… @HumanitiesGU @HumanitiesDC Since we want to think carefully about making digital justice as part of this project,… @HumanitiesGU @HumanitiesDC From 10-11 Nov 8, we will welcome attendees at Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge,… two days left to go for #RememberingYoUDC, a new community archiving initiative for the greater U St neighborh… never ends. This year, so far, 15 out of 44 people to attend @black_in_ai workshop at @NeurIPSConf (which is s…
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@LFG_Hist Felicidades!The unbearable stupidity of nationalism: gau matas and cow aunties fml. is the most joyful work in my life right now and I am so humbled by the generosity and support of so many peop…
This is Delhi NCR (Noida) today. It literally smells like burning leaves. AQI is over 900.
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A sweet disorder in the dress Kindles in clothes a wantonness... A winning wave, deserving note, In the tempestuous…
@izvansky Point well taken. But as someone who has received rape and death threats from fascists, I personally find… second career as unpaid event planner continues apace in case anyone was wondering what post-tenure life is like. @RoshwaldAviel @guprofbc @arothmanhistory this kid was creeping it real for Halloween. @distributedcog @DrMChatelain On the other hand, there was SWV. Yes, I still love them.The older I get the more I prefer dealing with the frontal assault of open racists/fascists than the self-righteous… Plato's Mom was a philosopher! Middle Ages: Cool! Like Catherine of Alexandria? Renaissance: Great! I'll…
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One of my archival finds this year was on the eventual unsuccessful fight by fishermen to fight trawler fishing in… @KarlShuve @UVA @bsod_nams I know. I teared up at the sweetness!No childhood under invasion. For shame. #Kashmir
On a day where I am quite literally sick and very tired this lovely card from the @UVA students in Prof. Geddes' Fo… @MarginalScribbl 😂😂Could this not also be a message for government?
Retweeted by Ananya ChakravartiIt is a universal truth that the week you absolutely cannot afford to fall ill, you will fall ill fml. Feeling like… @itihaasnaama HAHAHAHA dead.Ominously, Bolsonaro's lawyer responded by threatening the porter with investigation for false testimony. It remain…"Representatives of the Rio Public Prosecution Service investigating the case came to Brasilia on October 17 to con… Bolsonaro was in Brasilia that day, a person claiming to be him from his apartment let Queiroz in. The conne… this is huge: according to the doorman of Bolsonaro's building, Élcio Queiroz, the driver of the getaway vehicl…
@GUHistory @HoyaHistorian @arothmanhistory Yay! Congrats! @towardstengen @danielmaycock @JillFilipovic @magi_jay @nhannahjones @ida_skibenes @leahmcelrath @QueenMab87 @rgay women I follow and learn tons from @DrMChatelain @guprofbc @tressiemcphd @imobley1 @storbert @nhungtuyettran Bombay and Alexandria, two of my favorite cities in the world. Ugh, I cannot. gathers our data trough their telephones, laptops, speakers, thermostats, navigation devices, search engines…
Retweeted by Ananya ChakravartiSTJ calls “on all conscientious academics [to] please make a public stand against this kind of thing.” As medieval…
Retweeted by Ananya ChakravartiDemystifying Hindutva 101: it's all old caste politics. Caste ascription at the local level trumps rabid nationalis… in flight above I am no longer free: You seeled me with your love, I am blind to other birds— The habit of you…! Que oportunidad para @RadxChange en Colombia! @aalvarezgallo
Retweeted by Ananya Chakravarti @PatrciaMMarcos @ResObscura Whoa! Reviewer 2 was really having a bad day 😂🤣
If the goal was to club India’s ruling BJP with parties widely viewed as racist or virulently anti-Muslim, then who…
Retweeted by Ananya ChakravartiThe Amount of Money Being Made Ripping Migrant Families Apart Is Staggering
Retweeted by Ananya ChakravartiIs it still lunch if you didn't get a chance to eat till 5:21pm? Asking for a friend fml.Teaching Shahid Amin's Event Metaphor Memory to my graduate class reminded me yet again how this is probably the be…, a no-life economist who's studied wealth inequality and wealth taxes for 10 years, to the best of my limited ab…
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I saw a banner from the Chilean protests saying "we are the children of the workers you couldn't kill," another dem…
Retweeted by Ananya ChakravartiThe night as always closing and opening. Strange the tongue of darkness wagging and wagging in perpetual motion, t…
Retweeted by Ananya ChakravartiRead this fascinating story about Punjabi food truck stops across the US this summer. Finally tried one that is, su…
Retweeted by Ananya Chakravarti @MarkLutter @_TamaraWinter 😂🤣
I would like one weekend where I don't work a full 8 hour day. Just to see what that is like fml. Engaged scholarsh… @glenweyl @IdentityWoman @geiger_lucas @immorlica Ahhhh I love this stuff!At long last, @IdentityWoman, @geiger_lucas and I have released a detailed, non-technical exposition of the Interse…
Retweeted by Ananya Chakravarti @pcastano Oof missing you. Come back!!