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in fact, that he could move freely as he wished from now on - travel anywhere he liked, do anything he wanted to do… over the other over the other, until a piece of word-lace of such beauty and craft had emerged that no one coul… couldn't really believe how well things had gone. He'd laid out his bobbins and he'd woven his threads of f…"He'd got him fast and fair. He'd got him in his paw. He'd got him just where he wanted him. In fact, Reynard The… ACHUKA #BookOfTheDay for Wed 28 Oct is Black and British: A short, essential history by David Olusoga…
Happy Birthday, Enid Bagnold, whose 1935 story was adapted for film in 1944, starring Elizabeth Taylor. #kidlit
Retweeted by ACHUKAa jasmine which grew profusely in the Queen's sheltered garden by the ramparts overlooking the river (some of the m…"It was midnight now, tharky and humid and dripping after the rain. The air smelt of wet mud and of the sweet white… ACHUKA #BookOfTheDay for Tues 27 Oct is Dogger's Christmas by Shirley Hughes @ShirleyHughes_ @edvulliamy conjures an authentic-feeling late-medieval world while adding a novelistic depth to the repetitive romance s…"All this learning must be worn lightly if a fox is to prance light-footed, and everything here is in service of th… what I done for @philipreeve1’s ‘Night Flights’
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Is there ever a place for a semi-colon in everyday dialogue? I'd rather not have one. Anyone have an example of whe… the end of JFK - - in need of another chunky NF read for November - I have a few th… greeting cards & original art available in my shop! ✨
Retweeted by ACHUKAThe ACHUKA #BookOfTheDay for Mon 26 Oct is Leo and the Gorgon's Curse - Brownstone's Mythical Collection 4 by Joe T… how we miss capturing events! Here's a look back at some photos from the @Waterstones Children's Book Prize Winn… mice, the hedgehogs, the weasels - looked concerned, or those, like Sir Grimbart, whose cellars marched close b… used to flooding in their watery, low-lying world, and the castle was sound and safe, and meat was roasting in… the courtyards and belling the Leie till its banks were fierce-broached; fleaming on the roofs and fast-fl…"Reynard bowed low, and as he did so the rain, pouring hard for a while now, increased to a deluge - bursting the m…
‘gulped it down’ Reynard the Fox by Anne Louise Avery | Waterstones“A triumph of storytelling” Heartily agree! @lisa_letters It gets better and betterACHUKA wishes @_KnightsOf a happy 3rd anniversary spelling mistakes cost lives 😈
Retweeted by ACHUKAAmazing and beautiful book. It will be our Book if the Week when we return from half term
Retweeted by ACHUKAOriginal artworks for sale over on my website! retweet appreciated!
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Recommended feature about Philip Pullman by Nicholas Tucker @DapsDraws The reviews have so far been mixed - not all ‘terrible’ @BagsofBooks @BrightonWstones @RotherBooks That goes without saying but I think you should _definitely_ have it in… @BrightonWstones @RotherBooks @BagsofBooks 👍Bid for a complete developmental edit by Scott Pack @meandmybigmouth to raise money for FareShare Children’s Book of the Week selected by @aoconnell'The toughest challenge I realised was to locate the essence of the story.' @youthlibraries Interview with…
Retweeted by ACHUKAAnother week and another set of five ACHUKA #BookOfTheDay recommendations - Go Fetch! featuring: @helenbaughbooks review of my translation of this book by @ladyquercus published by @AqueductPress (even if the review does not…
Retweeted by ACHUKASisterly tlc #Caturday educational podcast "You're Wrong About" presents a kind of Schadenfreude theatre; you get to hear someone get…
Retweeted by ACHUKAreminder that 'life-changing' author visits can still take place:'s been ages since I was inside a bookshop so I've no idea how likely you are to find this fabulous title in stoc… and a storm was brewing. The air was heavy and humid, and the great bells of Gent were tolling across the city…
So @CarolMidgley is largely on point in her 2star review of Riviera, 3rd season - it is though skilfully shot and s… Witches review – Roald Dahl reboot fails to cast the original's magic spell‘The Witches’ Review: A Tale of Mice and Women, Toil and Trouble Witches review — screen-chewing Anne Hathaway is mesmerising ACHUKA #BookOfTheDay is Honey on the Page: A Treasury of Yiddish Children's Literature ed. & tr. Miriam Udel il… so I shall bring myself full out of danger." from Reynard The Fox by @AnneLouiseAvery published by @BodPublishingthen weave my falsehoods with hundreds of fine silvered threads. Oh, I will twist the bobbins so skilfully that pat… a good foot to dance on! I shall look out at them all straight and sure, and compose the fairest lies which ev…"Thank God for my aunt! What skill she has! What brilliance! She has made dry, wintered twigs blossom again! She ha… to @OnjaliRauf and @suecheungstory winners of The 2020 Diverse Book Awards @The_DBAwards in the chi… Rebels Award 2020 Winner to @TheJanePorter and @MaisieParadise winners of the 2020 @littlerebsprize with The Boy Who Loved… children's bookshops and booksellers - very useful Googlemap created by @jonnybid
Big Beard Appreciation! New Online Learning Programme - Introducing Darren of @clpe1 via @YouTubeCLPE Podcast Ep2: The importance of Poetry in schools & CLiPPA 2020 w/ Z... via @YouTube @adelegeras @c4 oh I must check that out - currently reading the big JFK biog. by Fredrik Logevall🚨 Just over an hour until our competition to win #IAda and matching specially-designed earrings from Studio Eris cl…
Retweeted by ACHUKAA list for #BlackHistoryMonth & Illustrator of our #BookOfTheDay in highly recommended fascinating conversation SKUNK AND BADGER by Amy T… ACHUKA #BookOfTheDay for Thu 22 Oct is Skunk And Badger by Amy Timberlake ill. Jon Klassen @amytimberlake are upended and the rich and foolish and overprivileged are exposed and thoroughly punished for their s… through his wiles and his ability to spin a compelling tale out of nothing, the establishment is mocked an… whisker away from being executed for his many crimes, Reynard nevertheless manages to squeeze out of every tight… elegantly tricks us into liking him, just as he hoodwinks his fellow animals into traps and elaborate falsehoods…"From the very beginning of his literary career, Reynard the Fox has charmed his audiences... Reynard The Fox by…
New Christmas cards available over on my website retweets appreciated! 💕🎀
Retweeted by ACHUKAThe ACHUKA #BookOfTheDay for Wed 21 Oct is My Headteacher Is An Evil Genius by Jack Noel @jackdraws from… desirable title from @BodPublishing just added to our Gifts suggestions and publishing very shortly... Aeso… @Jess__Red @MacKidsBooks @MacKidsSL @LovethePippins any UK publication of this in the pipeline?Sainsbury's Children's Book Awards 2020 Winners all the obfuscation and trickery a tod can throw at them. from Reynard The Fox by @AnneLouiseAvery published by @BodPublishinga crackling _millefeuille_ of signification and soothfastness rooted in a single belief - that a fox can only ever… many things can one foolish sentence shake into being? How many can it evoke simultaneously to different ears?…
Less than 2 weeks until National Non-Fiction November We have 9 brilliant book reviewers lined up to introduce some…
Retweeted by ACHUKAApropos of our #BookOfTheDay and our month-long appreciation of a new retelling of Reynard The Fox, I'd love to see…'t be misled into thinking that because this book is published by an academic press - @BodPublishing - it is for… them or shouted at them and he played with them whenever he could. He taught them hunting and all about the st…'The three cubs were sitting in a row, their faces covered in sugar and cinnamon and pastry flakes and raspberry. T… literature you offer them you have to entertain them in contempt. You lower the expectation of what they are ca… Paton Walsh, quoted in this @BooksForKeeps Authorfile ‘The mechanism that causes the… ACHUKA #BookOfTheDay for Tue 20 Oct is Alice's Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll ill. Chris Riddell…
Jill Paton Walsh has died, aged 83 Spots and the Dots is @achuka's #BookOfTheDay 🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵🔴🔵 Have you learnt how to celebrate difference in thi…
Retweeted by ACHUKAHey, @Waterstones, why aren't you highlighting Reynard The Fox from @BodPublishing in 'Our Best New Hardbacks'? Th…’s books roundup – the best new picture books and novels Frank's October Book Club over on Insta where he has a chat with the author of The Good Hawk… previous ACHUKA #BookOfTheDay ACHUKA #BookOfTheDay for Mon 19 Oct is The Spots And The Dots by Helen Baugh ill. Marion Deuchars… the heaving tides and the cold grey water and the moon rising over the sea, and both fox and badger were moved t… through Rumpelmonde for the oily river eels and the tavern scraps and the tasty moll-fish. Some of their pl… the high loopholes there began to drift stark and beautiful songs of the sea intoned by a sunning of cormor… my fairy tale blog today, Lorena Carrington writes about creating one of the illustrations for Beauty and the Be…
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Review of No Place For Monters by ⁦@KoryJMerritt⁩ @AmandaPCraig Watched concluding episode of The Singapore Grip, which I have enjoyed - will catch up with this on @BBCiPlayerVery much enjoyed @ITV ‘s The Singapore GripOver 100 children's books are available in this year's Authors' & Illustrators' Auction for @BBCCiN Looking for g…
Retweeted by ACHUKAST Children’s book of the week: When Life Gives You Mangoes by Kereen Getten published by ⁦@PushkinPress⁩ selected… Wars by @LizPichon Trailer | Book Depository via @YouTube Half price in @Waterstones