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them: "you're so extra!" me: "are you even enough?"

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And these people actually think he gives a fuck about closing Rikers
Retweeted by aunt acid @beejangle A must read: @BigGlitch1 @ErisDrew will continue u into your trance state 💞 @BigGlitch1 oooh i know what you need. get into Motherbeat (@ErisDrew) de blasio pitifully scurries past large group of #nonewjails protestors holding the steps of city hall agains…
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@ReadAndAct_ The irony of Sch*mer tweeting this when he was trying to criminalize Israel dissent in New YorkSee here’s the thing, I’m sure without a doubt, that there are anarchists/socialists/concerned citizens among the p…
Retweeted by aunt acid @BigGlitch1 @petedevnull Mozhgan has good 🍄 sets; she’s like slinky electro vibes DE ESTUDIANTES VUELVEN A TOMARSE LAS ESTACIONES DE METRO EN SANTIAGO DE CHILE PARA QUE LOS USUARIOS VIAJEN…
Retweeted by aunt acid @BigGlitch1 Does it have to be trance? One of my favorite moods is this mix from @petedevnull: @aerielist tAxInG iS jUst uNfAiR @ilanabryne @glorbis I bought the remix of Dewdrops just so i could get jungly Call Me 💞 @JasmineInfiniti Rihanna wishes!! @BigGlitch1 lmao isnt that just UK hardcore 🤣I’m at Frank oceans orgy and there’s a lot of straights!
Retweeted by aunt acid @glorbis Sounds like a SOLUTION! When @ErisDrew dropped DMT at Motherbeat in PGH i ran circles round the dancefloor @mikeservito The real Q is who he produced these “dance” records with 👀 The team knew who to invite for the party b… @rosedommu Red! @GAYLETTER Did yall write this press release? Cause erasing the history of tens of thousands of LGBT folx who died… don't get what all the controversy is about this festival gonna be LIT
Retweeted by aunt acid @caraesten lmao yt folx scared of salt & pepper @DesiderataDC @909ehernandez FO poached the DJ that were booked at the one @TheCarryNation party he attended lmao @museummammy 2008* @mikeservito @OliveTonic lmao u don't like being treated like a zoo animal for milquetoast cisheteros? @nicecleanwhite_ There's only one gay acceptable fist bump and it's not touching another fist @rosedommu Do you think gayl3tter had anything to do with the press release? they were involved w throwing the party @nicecleanwhite_ lmao you and daniel should do her and Brad for halloween. He can wear a bowtie w a cardigan
@OliveTonic I wishThe bl*ck madonna playing Amazon festival is completely on brand. Another win for neolib corporate girlboss feminis…
Retweeted by aunt acidI wish I had this perspective in undergrad (Missouri photojournalism) Zoe eloquently questions the imperialist vie… @gabrielszatan @noctuarysf sounds like some gay @chinchillaah & @fysicaltherapy shizFree mix concept: 60 mins of all the various clones and ripoffs of energy flash from the early 90s
Retweeted by aunt acid @ias0na @aerielist I def prefer the 90-92 uk hardcore to gabber. breaks + piano stabs 😻😻 @ias0na @aerielist interesting how the genre(s) freak so many technoheads out lmao
@petedevnull @iamsherelle is there anything going on in your world? Help a fellow junglist out! @wooferone @petedevnull @wooferone @petedevnull lmao sorry, the cover. Not a whole comforter @petedevnull @wooferone Muji. My duvet was ~100, but it’s sooo soft. Also be mindful of sizing because Japanese is different than US. @aerielist The propaganda here goes deep @aerielist Yeah they’re called Americans lmaoI just get tired because it’s the same thing every time... the US lies to get into war, lies about a movement, or l…
Retweeted by aunt acidTouch the fashion; change your life @rosedommu You got Jay laid out on that one lmaooo
@violetakaviolet I need to move to 🇵🇹 w Jay ASAP lmao @violetakaviolet omg is she a ☭ ☭? @wooferone Skinny sounds for skinny legends!OK Pete dropping Njoi – Strength 🤯🤯🤯 15 October 1987, they took Thomas Sankara from us. He was a revolutionary for Burkina Faso, for Africa, and for…
Retweeted by aunt acid @nedwards more hundreds of millions of dollars in their pockets so they dont GAFWow!! @BrownUniversity's Undergraduate Council of Students, which represents the entire undergraduate student body,…
Retweeted by aunt acidColumbus is the perfect Italian American hero as he combines the attributes they respect most 1) dressing gay but b…
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OK but what was @DJJeffMills wearing during the Apollo 50 Moon Landing set? That blazer is amazing! @ReadAndAct_ lmao how many of these kids been vacc’d @magigingercal lmao it drives me CRAZY!! People of a certain to add....unnecessary pauses......and.… label demo send-out tips. (from someone who has sent 5,000+ demo emails)
Retweeted by aunt acidA REMINDER
Retweeted by aunt acid @KendraJames_ @geekylonglegs lmao i need some LJ links! Havent been there since my ONTD days @nicecleanwhite_ @NyleDiMarco @joshlacey lmao i'm facebook friends with her!!!He said immigrants were drunks who will run over your children...... and a few days later he’s son gets arrested on…
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@aerielist Ugh mine tooThe biggest question people ask when you talk about abolishing police is, "well how are we supposed to keep ourselv…
Retweeted by aunt acid @acadjmia @aerielist lmao when americans deride china for hUmAn riGhTs without any sense of self-awarenessFor those asking 🤭 @boilerroomtv
Retweeted by aunt acid @aerielist lmao what are his political leanings?Mariah Carey in 2003 was the definition of beauty...she literally served every single day...
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Retweeted by aunt acid @OliveTonic Soul Summit is at Mr Sunday @ReadAndAct_ Joe Biden lmao @halaljew Mediocre neoliberals that gagged over this think SNL is funnyFind a fiona apple... how is it I have better taste in white icons than you white gays? Yall betterfigure it out.
Retweeted by aunt acid @rosedommu Missing a 🔨Mariah Carey, a celebrity’s celebrity 😍
Retweeted by aunt acid @MoMa_Ready Ok but like who 👀
@MariahCarey Your outfit for Anytime You Need a Friend on Letterman was iconic! Girls in Bushwick try to pull that… @petedevnull Iconic song! @deeediggity “You buyin?” 🤨 @ilanabryne lmao he’s a fascistlmao i wish ANY democrats had 1% of the chutzpah for that @x_moth_x @ilanabryne @midlandsound do you have any extra headphones?There is a simple path forward here: 1. Look at the things that lead to incarceration 2. Spend money addressing tho…
Retweeted by aunt acidI’m honored to have mailed out a Palestinian flag to Hawaiians protesting for the right to their lands. Eternal sol…
Retweeted by aunt acidPortrait by me 📸😘 forum at @unsound last night was amazing, what a beautiful crowd!!! but i have to say my personal highlight w…
Retweeted by aunt acid @JanissaryJones @aniceburrito @fanny_omaha Daddi chill @mikeservito @violetakaviolet 💅Instead of investing in 5 bored cops to catch poor turnstile jumpers let’s invest in fixing the subway!
Retweeted by aunt acidDogs being licked by cows
Retweeted by aunt acidEvery artists in the 90s entering the billboard hot 100 for the first time
Retweeted by aunt acid @violetakaviolet With a dash of speed garage 🤪the path to closing Rikers ≠ building more jails the path to decarceration ≠ building more jails
Retweeted by aunt acidBlossom C. Brown, a black trans woman, interrupts Beto to say "not one black trans woman has taken the mic tonight,…
Retweeted by aunt acid @ft_variations Yeah like Ann Powers
Here's a picture of @TheEllenShow in ten years.
Retweeted by aunt acid @UMFANG He sold out the Brooklyn Mirage late this summer lmaoAquarius: Yeah, I regret being mean to that person Person: So, are you going to apologize Aquarius: No, what I said…
Retweeted by aunt acid @ft_variations lmao the rag for middle ages yt ladies @rosedommu Pic? @noctuarysf Whats the URL? I need 😻After 6 years the NYPD base salary is ~$85K. Assuming a 50% fringe/OT/overhead multiplier, these 3 chumps would nee…
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