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gay for breaks // lots of ☭☆ reposts & a smattering of techno

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I’m not telling anyone to risk it all during a pandemic, but some of y’alls horny tweets are a cry for help. No, I…
Retweeted by aunt acidThe biggest strike of all time is happening in India right now. 250 million are striking. Spread the news. Let people know it’s possible.
Retweeted by aunt acid @cactus_lashes_ This is the club I need to go to @doctajeep I havent made any photographs all year so I feel you @IllerPartigiano lmao dont get me started @ztsamudzi I hate thisHellvet*ka has been pretending to be a doctor on instagram??? @DownByDfault Thats a good one. I def hold people to high standards lmao @glorbis @LORETTAABERDEEN I got one for free and love it 🙃🤷‍♀️Interviewer: “What are some of your weaknesses?” Me: “Not being able to recall a lifetime of experiences off the t… @rudyobrien21 @wardencrazy @luvtrblz @the_prodigy Fun fact Azealia Banks rapped over Outer Space on her mixtape Fan… @rudyobrien21 @wardencrazy @luvtrblz @the_prodigy Did they call it uk house in the early 90s? Or recently
@FootworkMonitor @crakkkawooood meanwhile Dallas County has been averaging 1,000 cases/day for a while now @jayomadeit i just think they were bad songs (besides Deep Inside) @crakkkawooood @jayomadeit lmao her selection was pretty bad @crakkkawooood TRUE Kitchen + Kocktails, in downtown Dallas, some BW patrons allegedly "twerked on tables" and the… @2lanesOfficial oops, @kiernanlaveaux on it first xx @2lanesOfficial @jayomadeit Do you follow @garageclassics?plz enjoy my latest offering 4 @resident_advisor ! I wanted to recreate a hi-energy set filled with loads of unrel…
Retweeted by aunt acid @2lanesOfficial @hooversoundrecs finally released a tune with hoovers in it 🤣🤣🥰🥰 *add to cart* @wardencrazy @luvtrblz house is 4/4: free library on @marissacetin whaaaat? where?Happy George HW Bush croaked day 🎉
Retweeted by aunt acid @UKRaveComments this shirt is sick @wardencrazy @luvtrblz @the_prodigy's first album "Experience" is a great example of rave music: @wardencrazy @luvtrblz there's overlap, like this tune where you can definitely hear the house influences like the… @wardencrazy @luvtrblz depends what kind of "rave" you mean. old skool rave, also called "uk hardcore" or "breakbea… @DJGeorgeButler @snowingintexas ugh dont spam my @ with imperialist trash!Hi, I’m a transgender biologist, specifically an evolutionary geneticist who studies humans. In humans there are 6…
Retweeted by aunt acid @DJGeorgeButler @snowingintexas Also Dallas has Andy’s. Did not expect to run across that after moving @DJGeorgeButler @snowingintexas lol but getting 2 double-scoop cones and it’s only $4 @snowingintexas @argmaxwell @snowingintexas Ice cream is cheap afMy problem is not with identity-based struggle. Black struggle, trans struggle, women's struggle is essential. My p…
Retweeted by aunt acid @ageless_adab Above the wine rackfolks on here need a new schtick besides saying dumb racist shit as means for outrage attention @blamsamran lol the one year they dont have all their partiesLargest protest in history of the world. 250 million on strike all over India at the movement. Sea of red flags is…
Retweeted by aunt acid @panarin_misha @jojoooalva about the souvenirs that are sold on the US military base at Guantanamo Bay, less than five miles away fro…
Retweeted by aunt acid @ntulises hAvInG lItErAlLy sTuDiEd pArTiClE pHySiCs @sissyhimbo Jensen Interceptor played a mashup of it with Bombs Over Baghdad and I about died. Also did u know Toxic is 145???
@ntulises Bless @DavisGalvin I always have to be cozy on dating apps be like “I’m 6’2 if that matters” and I’m like bro ur wearing a Rick & Morty shirt, ur making me 6’2 my stomach
Retweeted by aunt acid @TorontoStar No, employers are stealing a whole lot more from their employees.
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Retweeted by aunt acidA week from today, Venezuela will recover its legislative power: the National Assembly, through the ballot. The mai…
Retweeted by aunt acid @OG_Doover @yungdialectic @GreatDismal @nonstandardmcdToday's covid denialists are tomorrow's openly eugenicist "these disabled people are a drain on society" Literally…
Retweeted by aunt acidRest in power!!!!! ✊✊✊✊ Coco - Cocomotion
Retweeted by aunt acidMariah Carey after recording an album:
Retweeted by aunt acidCan we talk about the fit in Jumpin Jack Flash (1986) @DJGeorgeButler With both the film and the show, I expected better taste in music lolI watched a few episodes of the series but the main character seems so disconnected from music, for an alleged “head”Does High Fidelity (2000) get good? Shut it off before 20 minutes; it just seems so irritating @caraesten @girlicbread $7.25 here 🙃 @djlisafrank @FootworkMonitor I love this so much 😭😭😭😭
Let’s all post our favorite piano vamps!! I’ll start with @LSDXOXO_ @FootworkMonitor 😭😭😭😭😭 @livwutang We love to see it 🥰ppl will spend years being nasty and mean on here and then go all "why is everyone so negative on here, I just want everyone to get along" 🥴
Retweeted by aunt acidblack friday
Retweeted by aunt acid @bored_lord @BecauseJyoty daria, you're out here criticizing jyoty for standing up for herself but completely silen… everyone just forget that Evo Morales, before he got couped, was targetted by green imperialism for allegedly f…
Retweeted by aunt acidMissionaries thought Hawaiians were lazy bcus by noon Hawaiians were surfing, doing art, socializing. What they did…
Retweeted by aunt acidIdeal socialist villages have appeared in the Komdok area of South Hamgyong Province, DPRK, promising the bright fu…
Retweeted by aunt acidAmerican and British imperial pigs explain every aspect of the modern anti-China approach, both goals and methods:…
Retweeted by aunt acidme on twitter
Retweeted by aunt acidThanks for all the cool responses to my essential mix last night, if you missed it you can listen back here with fu…
Retweeted by aunt acid @jojoooalva lmao these hosts were complaining about prisoners being on tik tok a few days ago. mess(Not a comment) Seems like a lot of people are getting into jungle this year. Are you listening to more jungle in 2…
Retweeted by aunt acid @rosedommu [Stares in Cher, Diana Ross and Tina Turner] @estwenty Sounds like the PR-scamming CEO who “pays employees $70k” but beat up his wifeTank and daddi Dozer 🤤 @jojoooalva It’s kinda thicc but its perfectThis queen Cypher!! Tellin stories about The Loft, Paradise Garage, Palladium, u name it there any writings on the trans allegory of The Matrix 🤓
Retweeted by aunt acid @DER_KINDESTOD Film isnt like that!! They’re using the wrong white balance 🥴🥴 @ImReadinHere 45 minutes for lunch? Wow. Always had 30 minutes and that included walking to and from the lunchroom,… @6_vee_6 Boring as FUCK!
@RodericDay release say 😭😭😭
Retweeted by aunt acid @birthmarxist Meanwhile he voted for Bush lmao @Jazperilla @brendengallager anyone knows about staying in too long and ruining everything you’ve worked for it’s Liz Warren.
Retweeted by aunt acid @ntulises lol. when you drink make sure to have water too. in the meantime get some pedialyte xx's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS! 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄 #MariahsMagicalChristmas @AppleTV
Retweeted by aunt acidWas wild to do a fabric presents mix in this of all years. When @octo_octa & I came home in March we put everything…
Retweeted by aunt acid @djnita @mikeservito “ewwwww”