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I’m fluent in adult content. 🍒Host of @AcidicCherryTgz on @HashtagRoundup & indie games @ThingsInSixty & @FriskyFridayTgs 🍒Followed by @Twitter

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Happy #ThirstyThursday from everyone @WhoopiesMind Monday at 6:30 PM ET! Cheers! Join @WKatThomason @SeanMODonnell1
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️#WhatIWouldSayToTodaysYouth Seriously
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️The first lie is easy but you need to prepared for the follow up lies #WhatIWouldSayToTodaysYouth#WhatIWouldSayToTodaysYouth Wear a helmet
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️Manners will get you a long way and they cost you nothing #WhatIWouldSayToTodaysYouthLife is short, use the straw #WhatIWouldSayToTodaysYouth @Acidic_Blonde Man gets in a car accident with a priest. The priest pulls out a whisky flask and says "My so, you l…
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️ @Odiegirl9 You probably already know it but JeNn and Angie crack me up on the regs. @LostNTheAbyss @Acidic_Blonde
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️ @StephanRBarnard @Odiegirl9 @LostNTheAbyss Awww thanks Stephan! Even when I talk about my period? @art_grove 😂😂😂 Not all blondes 😉 @PB_Cougar So bad 😂😂😂😂 @GuyMcPerson309 😑😂😂😂 @StephanRBarnard 😂😂 @Wooderson069 Cripes 😳😂😂 @GuyMcPerson309 To who @GuyMcPerson309 Who’s there @TA_Skidz 😂😂 @Acidic_Blonde I told my girlfriend that she was drawing her eyebrows too high. She looked surprised. (unabashedly stolen)
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️ @UncleJeeves513 😂😂 @Acidic_Blonde
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️ @Acidic_Blonde Yesterday I saw a guy spill all his Scrabble letters. I said "What's the word on the street?"
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️ @Acidic_Blonde Salesman rings the doorbell. Ten year old answers the door wearing a bathrobe, smoking a pipe and ho…
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Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️ @WendyMichele48 It did! @odysseusunbound 😂😂👏🏻👏🏻 @Acidic_Blonde “The government in this country and/or province is excellent, and uses your tax dollars efficiently.”
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️ @JByrdInNYC 😂 @Acidic_Blonde Where do cantaloupe go in the summertime? John Cougar’s Melon Camp
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Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️ @TA_Skidz 😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @WendyMichele48 @wlc6029 😂😂😂😂 @Acidic_Blonde Mexican fireman had twin boys. They called one José and the other Hose B.
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️ @Acidic_Blonde IPA lot when I drink beer.
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️ @Acidic_Blonde hand. Alcohol doesn’t make you fat, it makes you lean… against walls, tables and chairs.
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Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️ @Acidic_Blonde Woman: “I’m buying cyanide. I need it to poison my husband.” Pharmacist: “I can’t give you cyanide t…
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️ @Acidic_Blonde What do American beer, and making love in a canoe, have in common? They're both fucking close to water.
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️ @Acidic_Blonde My favorite George Carlin joke: “You ever notice how your stuff is ‘stuff’ and other peoples stuff i…
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️ @DistantDistant Truth! 😂😂😂 @4thPointofCntct 😂😂😂 It’s true though @KevinIsCrusty 😂😂😂😂 Thats a good one @BobbyNomates1 😂😂😂😂 @UncleJeeves513 Nice 😂 @WendyMichele48 😂😂😂😂 @ricosuave60 😂😂😂😂 @clark_gasm @gigirules7 @WKatThomason @SeanMODonnell1 @GhostRoes @Sckswithsandals @chaconkie @mrjafri @lizard_lou @Acidic_Blonde
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️ @UncleJeeves513 😂😂😂😂 It’s so bad it’s goodI’m feeling blah....Tell me a joke @clark_gasm @gigirules7 @WKatThomason @SeanMODonnell1 @GhostRoes @Sckswithsandals @chaconkie @mrjafri @lizard_lou months is all it takes to go from keggers to kegels
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️ @MadAnter @Colbywinters @FriskyFridayTgs @DanielAshley13 @TheTagsidermist What about Canadian? @MadAnter @Colbywinters @FriskyFridayTgs @DanielAshley13 @TheTagsidermist Lol! They do now 😂😂😂 @Colbywinters @FriskyFridayTgs @DanielAshley13 @TheTagsidermist @MadAnter You can tame him with Cheez Whiz @gigirules7 @WKatThomason @SeanMODonnell1 @clark_gasm @GhostRoes @Sckswithsandals @chaconkie @mrjafri @lizard_lou Always grateful for my Twitter family. @WKatThomason @SeanMODonnell1 @clark_gasm @Acidic_Blonde
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️♦️♦️♦️♦️TOMORROW♦️♦️♦️♦️ What did you do wrong? Let’s find out tomorrow with our guest @TheTagsidermist and your…
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️No matter what a woman looks like, if she’s confident she oozes sex appeal 🔥
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️#MyBossThinks I Excel at PowerPointSpray painting Donald Trump orange every morning. #JobsForMiserablePeople
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️#TrumpCouldBeAGoodGuyIf he was Canadian....but we aren’t sorry he’s not
My sons bedroom #NightmaresForHealthInspectorsI know Wednesday is Hump Day, but I propose we change it to Jump Day, and then just jump ahead to Friday.
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️It’s your mind, so change it however and whenever you wantOk....just a little prick in the mouth.... * my dentist talking
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️ @gigirules7 @nursegoda @WKatThomason @suziday123 @momosaansd @JodingersCat @CattMcCreary @LoriMoreno @loret826 Fabulous! @Acidic_Blonde @nursegoda @WKatThomason @suziday123 @momosaansd @JodingersCat @CattMcCreary
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️It’s Whimsy O’clock!! Today we’re building a hall of fame. For presidents. 😁 Let’s play:…
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️#MyPresidentialHallOfFame will include me when I become the first Prime President of the United States of Canada @EllePerry7 @AcidicCherryTgz @TKthekonseptTK @euflorium @RoeGhost @HashtagRoundup @TheHashtagGame Thanks Elle! Your tag did awesome!#IfIHadAHolidayInMyHonor it would be acidic and intoxicatingThanks for playing #JobsForMiserablePeople Many thanks to our guests this week @EllePerry7 @TKthekonseptTK &…
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️ @euflorium @AcidicCherryTgz @EllePerry7 @TKthekonseptTK @RoeGhost @HashtagRoundup @TheHashtagGame Thanks for joining us Melissa!#JobsForMiserablePeople TSA
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️#JobsForMiserablePeople Bathroom attendants at bars...we all make them miserable.
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️Senator, Congressman, President and any high level corporate job. #JobsForMiserablePeople
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️#JobsForMiserablePeople Reality TV Writer
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️#JobsForMiserablePeople: Call Centers ..
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️#JobsForMiserablePeople wearing #17 for the Calgary Flames.
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️Disneyland characters #JobsForMiserablePeople
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️#JobsForMiserablePeople Water monitor (we still see you boo) #PermitPatty
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️#JobsForMiserablePeople Parking Warden
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️Lie-Down Comic #JobsForMiserablePeople
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️#JobsForMiserablePeople Fact checking Joe Biden.
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️Cat. #JobsForMiserablePeople
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️#JobsForMiserablePeople "Spinners" & Liars for #Trump WHO realize THAT is how History will remember THEM.
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️Proctologist.... #JobsForMiserablePeople
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️Working retail during the holidays #JobsForMiserablePeople
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️#JobsForMiserablePeople CNN White House Correspondent.
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️President apparently. #JobsForMiserablePeople
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️#JobsForMiserablePeople
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️#JobsForMiserablePeople when you're so miserable you'll take any shot job!!!
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️#JobsForMiserablePeople Door greeter fo sho
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️Cast member of 'Les Miserables' #JobsForMiserablePeople
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️#JobsForMiserablePeople Septic Tank Cleaner
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️Country DJ when Achy Breaky Heart topped the charts in 1992. #JobsForMiserablePeople
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️mimes #JobsForMiserablePeople
Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️#JobsForMiserablePeople When you’re single & keep the same job for over 40 years as a furniture salesman.
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Retweeted by 🍒Acidic Blonde™️Mother Earth. 🌍🌏🌎 #JobsForMiserablePeople
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