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Meditate & masturbate to keep the stress away
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmë @QTPiK8 availability is sexy. The kicker: if you “find yourself” entangled with one who occurs as emotionally un…
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmë @JuSummerhayes mine is actually a quote from rilke similar to what you shared. it encouraged me to write without judging my process.February will be the month that kicks off non-stop manifestations for me.
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmë @JuSummerhayes what is your favorite from bukowski?more art vs reference photos
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëone of my favorite poets is actually the best thing to happen to mankind. Whoever went to dig floor looking for food, God bless your inquisitive heart.
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmë @_quotetheraven bafflingthe voice killed me 😂😂😂 the more I see these videos the more I understand the plague. 🥴 @dykearchive you get me @IsyssJai awww you’re welcome.interrogating & unlearning all the shame we’ve internalized about ourselves is one of the most profound & liberating things we can do
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmë @IsyssJai biggggggg hug. @IsyssJai oh shit! @OH_ADRIANA yup. same here. @IsyssJai good idea tbh @JackieStreetz you’re welcome 💚💚💚Why settle for a love that only goes halfway, when their are partners who will go behind what you need & want. Ther…
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëA message for someone 💌 It’s not necessarily that you miss them, maybe it’s more that you miss the feeling of inti…
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmë @mskristenalexis 🥺😩😩😩 @IsyssJai 😩😩😩😩 @k_ophelia surrender all.
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëI don’t want anymore loose ends.
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmë @rachelzegler yes. 🥺🥺🥺- babe can you... - yes“I understand, I get your perspective and I was wrong, I apologize.”
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëIf the only time you can be down for me is when I’m saying yes to you or being all about you, you’re not really down for me.
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmë @morgzz23 no prob 💚 @morgzz23 mmmmmmhhmmm @Dreadful_Deity my mom when I tell her I’ma put her on youtube 😂😂😂24x30 Phases .. available online at
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëI’m ruthless when it comes to executing my vision & I take doubt as a personal attack on my character.
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëwhen you use affirmations say them out loud in front of a mirror. sit with each one. see if you feel triggered. foc… 😷 @tworoseshealing @alicesparklykat this is incredibly accurate @sofiablove thank you sharing this. it’s necessary. I always appreciate you for telling the truth. 💚a thread! roots are deepening.
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëdrunk tiny human 😂🥺🥺🥺 of me - Meshell Ndegeocello
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëok but hear me out though 😂😂😂 healed up
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmë @JackieStreetz awwww, you’re welcome, love. I hope you cry it out and process and feel better soon.fuck sex can we go rob ur ex because i dont like the way that bitch treated you
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëas an intuitive tarot reader & life coach [ @rosesnconcrete ], my work centers marginalized communities. offering s…
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmënew content I’m working on: adding tarot readings back on the site, video content on the 2020 readings for patreon…, a queen:!!! literally encourages you to stay on the surface. it’s so easy to stay distracted and never touch the real h… @JackieStreetz 🥺 creatives and artists. we need it. the love keeps us going. 💚Still dont have a name so I'm calling her my peppermint pastry lmfao Full 6 min video:
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmë @tanaebriana I know I will. 💚 can’t wait to watch.create=procreate like my type of carrying on. lemme get snuggled up. lol.😂
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëHe must pay bills in that house
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmë @jmjafrx @e_marronage ok. I love this. @solluxe 😂One of the things the internet does best is take things out of context, and if you grew up on the internet it’s eas…
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëLike Billie Eilish’s aesthetic references are obviously black, like no question (and you’re being disingenuous if y…
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëHesitant to wade into the Billie Eilish / cultural appropriation convo but I think really need to talk more about…
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmë @ShaneRain_ 🥺🥺🥺this is very ”steal your shit and help you look for it” energy @ShaneRain_ triggered @tiararkelly I still have no fries. 🥺To everybody who is dealing with mental health issues, I send you lots of love. I understand your struggle. Take it…
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëBig nap energy
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmë*lays down for 3rd nap*
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëDo white people know that the dogs in #flint don't have clean drinking water? Have we tried that approach?
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëa very big thank you to @AtlantaMagazine for the feature as Best Banner Year: Shanequa Gay #bestofatlanta2019 Best…
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëdaydreams* •my work. oil and gouache colours on paper.
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmë2020 requires the mastery I couldn’t deliver before and I’m going all in this time.
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmë*chef’s kiss*"I came into this game with nothing left to prove/ you'll neva stop a nigga in that type of mood." -Shawn Carter
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëPlease study Black British history. Please study the British colonial empire. Please study slavery in the U.K. Pl…
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmë😂😂 those who truly care about you, can hear you when you’re silent
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëthe monthly energy forecast is part of my effort to encourage the development of a grounded, spiritual practice. I…
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëi am absolutely working on it for you
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëreally tho sometimes shit gotta fall apart just to come together
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëWhen you eat clean, deodorant is of no use. If you need deodorant, check out your diet👀
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëshooting my living room would be mass hysteria but the art was always 🔥 🔥 🔥
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmë😂😂😂😂 @ObongAnwanSalem yea. this pisces season is gonna be intense.🌸🎀
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëThe impact that "Living Single" had on so many careers and the culture at large should always - and will always -…
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëwhite people will steal your shit and be so committed to the crime that they forget they stole it and think they're…
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëAlso pay for your porn! It’s 2020, support sex workers and sex work❤️✨ don’t be one of those, be on the right side of history❤️
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmëUse people's negative gossip about you as fuel if you have a hard time avoiding it entirely . This is your life go ham lol
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmë @IAMRIQUEEEE 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽it me 😂 don’t think there is anything more frustrating than being misunderstood. Especially in a world so defensive.
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmë @IAMRIQUEEEE prioritiesRise of the Divine Feminine 🕊🔥
Retweeted by dīVīnę fëmmë“The Muse...” - feat: @JAYClNA video: @theahmadbarber @abdmstudio (on IG) mua: @SherilynMarilyn hair: Nasetia pho…
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