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Adam W. Cottos @acottos Mayfield Heights, OH

4th/5th Social Studies teacher; passionate about education; born & raised Clevelander! NCEA Social Media Influencer; Teach Better Ambassador, opinions are mine

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@acottos @RaeHughart @mradamwelcome @teachbetterteam @jeffgargas @chadostrowski Woah!!! Books arriving in the wild!…
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Just received my copy of #TeachersDeserveIt by @RaeHughart and @mradamwelcome!! Excited for this book and to gain s… @TraciBrowder Traci, I’m going to do my best this year! Your response made me tear up a bit! We can only achieve an… you @TraciBrowder for moderating tonight’s #masterychat! Great thought provoking questions that really made m… let students be heard. Build an anti-racist classroom and not a color blind classroom. Celebrate the great gift… @DaileySuzanne @brad_hughes Let me know if you need any more info!A6: be honest with them and let them know that you’ll make mistakes as we start the year! Reach out to families bef… @DaileySuzanne @brad_hughes They were so much fun!! We played Kahoot! or a scavenger hunt! Just a simple half hour… students may be feeling more out of place or unsure of the support that they’ll receive from their teachers. We… @brad_hughes When our school building closed in March, I found that communication grew and I felt more support than… build a classroom that has a foundation in trust. Show empathy for student concerns and listen. Do not put your… I’ve told parents that they need to process the decisions of schools and districts BEFORE discussing them wit… students are most likely feeling what adults are showing. Some will come back with anxiety while others will co… make sure they no teacher is an island! Reach out to your colleagues. Don’t wait for “signs” that they’re stres… I’m going to try my hardest to make sure I stay positive no matter what. I have those that I will confide in… when it comes to returning to school we’re going face to face as of right now...when I heard, I was excited! Bu… everyone! Adam, 4/5 social studies and reading, Mayfield Heights, Ohio! Just finished a 5-mile bike ride! Great…
I’m working on creating an SEL program for my school. I’ve been using #AwardWinningCulture by @HansNAppel, the…
@John_Fanta look who popped up during the post game press conference!! Great to see you!! AMDG!!
Being able to sync Tom Hamilton to the TV feed of tonight’s @Indians Opening Day Game truly brings out the feeling… @JaniceWyattRoss Very true! I need to build relationships quickly and help them understand that I will support and care for their concerns.A5: I think students need to have trust in me rather than my race to be able to support them in their desire to lea… don’t rush into answering every question...and don’t assume students know the answers too. A question about Afr… I will build on experiences and opinions. We will work with one another on building the community that promotes… build a community that cares for all in regards to culture, opinions, experiences, and influences. It’s anti-ra…
@NEO_Scan I’m in mayfield and called the water department because it was brown (didn’t know about the break) and th…
Rep. John Lewis was a man of honor, commitment, and passion. He served those that lacked a voice in our country for…
@MrKaplanJK @MrBettsClass @Twitter Challenge accepted for next school year!!! @MBalduf Excellent use! I’m a social studies teacher so I’ve seen teachers just pop in videos and use that as the m… I made my own for remote learning. Crazy experience but allowed me to connect to my students and families in a new way! #masterychatA5: this is where I need to look into edpuzzle more. I know BrainPop has a good quiz system after most videos, but… students need to know the why of why the video is being shown. I need to explain my passion for showing it so k… @samueltcollier @edpuzzle I really need to dive into edpuzzle more this year. Students need those check ups along the way! #masterychatA3: depends on the class. Some classes need humor...some need serious...some need longer...some need shorter. One v… @MisterCavey @MsDoremus #masterychat @4XSoccermom Exactly! It was more than a generic video and students and parents enjoyed that they were seeing me. P… @MsDoremus My students claim I’m a YouTube star!!! I think it’s a stretch but if they say so, then they’re right!! #masterychatA2.2: during remote learning I ventured into recording myself and posting videos for felt so weird to do! #MasterychatA2: I use video to supplement or reinforce topics. Videos shouldn’t be used for main instruction (unless it’s a vid… @MrKaplanJK @MrBettsClass Great stuff!!! My kids will know “Roanoke” and “Jamestown Colony” without even seeing the… @MrKaplanJK Is this a “get off my lawn” moment for you?? #masterychatA1: every video I remember was reel to reel or the vcr/tv cart being rolled into the classroom. Now I utilize video…, 4/5 social studies and reading, Mayfield Heights, Ohio! Awesome to be here!! #masterychat
@mrccheney Thank you!! This is such an important aspect of our field and your guidance helps make it easier! @EduChefEarnshaw Thank you for the kind words! Your work has inspired me to build stronger relationships and help u… @RaeHughart THANK YOU!!!!! #TeachBetter @HB_Teaches @teachbetterteam The lights are so great for brain dance breaks in my classroom!!! #teachbetterWow!! @drneilgupta brought it during our breakout session during the @teachbetterteam Kickoff!! Coaching up, along,…
This is going down!!! The @teachbetterteam Kick-off!!! @RaeHughart @jeffgargas @chadostrowski #teachbetter BLOG POST: I was inspired by @PunkClassrooms for my latest post about please read!…
So today is National French Fry Day...but why isn’t it on a Friday?
A7: @tregammage, @mauricefmartin, @dr_s_bertrand, @TraciBrowder, @teachbetterteam, and so many more. These are all… there’s a difference between anti-racist and colorblind...I want an anti-racist classroom where everyone feels… I’ve learned that I can’t tell all my students that I know how they feel but rather that I respect and care for… servant leadership is an essential element of my classroom. Being in a Catholic school allows me to utilize the… students are accepted and encouraged to share from their life experiences rather than encouraged to adapt to th… it would connect the classroom as an environment where all are accepted and can freely share from their own exp…
I’m dog sitting so I’m sorry I missed the chat! It’s bedtime for this pupper!!! #EducationNeverDies
Enjoying the first @teachbetterteam Ambassadors Zoom meeting! So awesome to spend time with educators ready to make… @JoshRBuckley @JoshRBuckley Guess it’s time to use that thing called math!! Everybody knows that social studies teachers don’t do math!
Sharing memories of #TeachBetter19 today...first of all, meeting these amazing educators who want to see me be bett…
@mradamwelcome from one Adam to another, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Thank you for all you do to inspire and promote positive…
@shirky17 @JakeMillerTech @schinker That would work!! @JakeMillerTech @schinker @shirky17 That was our big issue...sound. Need to work on improving that. We used a Bose… @JakeMillerTech This was my setup!!! @ChrisisSingin’re looking great on our outdoor movie screen! History has its eyes on you!! #HamiltonFilm is how to watch @HamiltonMusical on @disneyplus!! There’s a million things I haven’t done...just you wait!!
Loving my @teachbetterteam mail today! The 12 hours of Teach Better was awesome and the thoughtful anniversary pos… @iluveducating Doing a watch party with my family later...outdoor movie screen!! @LMD_ArtEd @PunkClassrooms @ClassCastPod @jeffgargas @carbaeli @ChristineBemis2 @MatthewXJoseph @oceanteacherD @mrccheney Thank you!! Love the support you’ve shown me!! Much appreciated!! @LiveLettLearn For me, it doesn’t matter what a student did yesterday...their behavior/attitude yesterday should no… students don’t feel accepted...students resent the school environment/community...students grow in the mentalit… I’m in Catholic education, so our theme this year is “we are all God’s children.” I will work to model that we… call out the injustice that you see. Educate those that are exhibiting bias or prejudice. Reflect upon your own… conviction comes in if you have positive relationships within the community. You’ll feel it’s the right thing t… @Learning2L It’s great if veteran teachers become allies! I completely agree! I’ve just seen it go the other way ar… @Learning2L So true...but there’s the challenge of veteran teachers controlling the conversations and leading new t… start small. Get support from a few and then push forward. If you feel that there isn’t support, just trust you… feeling that they’re not in a position of leadership...afraid of challenging the status quo (it’s always been d… it is going against “the norm”’s approaching situations with an open mind and recognizing that if it’s the… @LiviaChanL I’m great!!! Hope you are well! #Masterychat @teachbetterteam #masterychat evening!! Adam, 4/5 social studies and reading, Mayfield Heights, Ohio!! Beautiful day and looking forward to…
@MrsSpinasClass Just keep driving and get out of there!!! Or you just might be ok...I’m not a meteorologist! Just be safe!My school wrote a little article that was picked up by the local newspaper about the work I did with my awesome stu…
@teachbetterteam @latoyadixon5 @DustinPearson2 @JamesAlanOLOO @schmegini @tylercummings @ClassCastPod
@ScottCottos Never had the opportunity to get far into his career. I think he could’ve been a solid player if knees… @ScottCottos Jody Gerut @RaeHughart @StaffPodcast With this option, I’m switching to number 4!! @StaffPodcast @teachbetterteam @EduNeverDies @jeffgargas @RaeHughart @MatthewXJoseph @DHarrisEdS @mcdonald_kecia @StaffPodcast @teachbetterteam @EduNeverDies @jeffgargas @RaeHughart @MatthewXJoseph @DHarrisEdS @mcdonald_kecia @daveschmittou @ltitus828 Already following...moving scrolling ahead now!
I plan on listening more. I plan on letting my students know that their voice and concerns can be heard and respect… @TAYLOR_does_IT @TheDriveVoicEd @mrccheney @PavWander @RyanBJackson1 @awfrench1 @laurabeess @dcpsmoss @mauricefmartin @LiviaChanL I will definitely be connecting with you more! So many ideas going through my head! We… it time to end already?? Please have @mauricefmartin back for another #masterychat! Thank you for the conversati… @mauricefmartin @LiviaChanL Exactly! God so loved the WORLD that he sent his son! God doesn’t love a few, God loves… @LiviaChanL @mauricefmartin I’m in a Catholic school, so this upcoming year’s theme is “We are all God’s children!”…