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Adam W. Cottos @acottos Brooklyn, OH

4th/5th Social Studies teacher; passionate about education; born & raised Clevelander & follows all CLE sports! NCEA Social Media Influencer; opinions are mine

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@mikecoutee94 I’d say college and career doesn’t mean anything to most of these players. It would’… @JoshRBuckley @mearnshaw158 @PunkClassrooms I’m feeling the ramones! Operation 80s Adam is on!! Too bad I don’t fit… school is having an 80s dance-a-thon next week...thinking I need some inspiration from @JoshRBuckley,…
Thank you @Bethany_Petty and the #tlap crew for another great chat! Always an adventure!A7: it’s a great way to connect to what students know! #tlapA6: definitely need help with this!! I know @MeehanEDU would be an awesome resource!! #tlap @TaraMartinEDU @burgessdave @ashreadsnwrites We haven’t worked on them since Thursday (I think)! I’ll have them loo… @TDucassoux It was a virtual breakout! I’ll have to look it up and get back to you! #tlapA5: I took students on a national parks breakout! Was a great way to take my students to places that are beyond the… @burgessdave @TaraMartinEDU @ashreadsnwrites Hey Tara...I think we need to talk once my students are done with The Little Prince!!! #tlapA4: haven’t used any yet, but I have heard how successful they can be! #tlapA3: when I taught world history, this was my go to meme! I still use memes in other ways! #tlap I don’t have the resources for VR, but it’s definitely something I’ve looked into! Would be awesome for “field trips”!! #tlapA1: I have flipped aspects of lessons and I have seen discussions improve and interest increase. It’s been a positive! #tlap @burgessdave Hey Captain!! #tlap#tlap, 4/5 social studies and reading, Mayfield Heights, Ohio! Great to be here!! #tlap
Adam, 4/5 social studies and reading. I teach in Cleveland Heights, Ohio but reside in Mayfield Heights! Great to b… @PunkClassrooms @MrCoppola @TAYLOR_does_IT @RavesiWeinstein @mrccheney @mmurphyBES @Mrswander @EduNeverDies @PunkClassrooms @MrCoppola @TAYLOR_does_IT @RavesiWeinstein @mrccheney @mmurphyBES @Mrswander @EduNeverDies a FREE @dbc_inc book of CHOICE? Dream BIG #DBCchallenge Jan 19-24 All entries will be entered to win 1 book +…
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@BurdsIVue I’m in education and I’ve heard this phrase so much that I actually wrote a blog about how terrible the… @EduOverstreet Book!
@jodiepierpoint @Jennifer_Hogan @casas_jimmy @D4Griffin3 @sarahdateechur @SarahSajohnson @loriannegreen Positive vi… our students write thank you letters to their parents for the sacrifices they make to provide them with a Cath… PTO provides teachers lunch and will cover classes so all the teachers can eat together. I’d like to have a vol… we are fortunate to have 3 priests at our parish so we will be sure to thank them. We also have a few alums in… @nceakpmears I’ll be sure to contact you!! #CatholicEdChat @mocovington Right with you!! This is our tough one! Maybe in the future we could combine to do something! #CatholicEdChatA6: I’d love to see a greater focus on celebrating our students. One way we could easily do this is to thank each s… we are making fruit/gift baskets for our first responders along with thank you cards. #CatholicEdChat @HoyasInEd I’m never able to go see the great work of @mocovington and she’s only a few minutes away from my school… one... oops! #CatholicEdChatA4: all teachers attend mass together and then head to the open house! Faith and education on one! #CatholicEdChatA tough thing about CSW is that all the open houses happen at the same time! I’d love to go see what other schools… we follow the themes but not in that order! #CatholicEdChat @mocovington We were recruiting our teacher team yesterday! We discovered one of our priests won’t be able to play… being a part of a new community and seeing how they celebrate Catholic education! And I guess there’s an intens… I’m not involved in planning. We have a couple of teachers that coordinate with the principal to plan activities. #CatholicEdChat @GiftedTawk @teacher2teacher I’ve left positive, welcoming messages on my students’ desks, but not defining charact…
@mearnshaw158 @JoshRBuckley @PunkClassrooms a vocabulary term for the book we’re reading was thunderstruck...I thin… awesome #masterychat this evening! Thank you @DaileySuzanne for moderating! Happiness has truly been felt!… @RaeHughart @teachbetterteam @jeffgargas @chadostrowski @PunkClassrooms @mearnshaw158 @JoshRBuckley the @teachbetterteam of @RaeHughart, @jeffgargas, and @chadostrowski have been so great to me! @PunkClassrooms @PunkClassrooms #masterychat #punkrockclassrooms listen...saying nothing can be more effective than words. You have 2 ears and 1 mouth...listen twice as much as… my students also have a special way of knowing what I need to hear yo make me realize that when I’m with them… knowing that what I’m doing or getting better at is for the best of my students and school community! If the st… @PunkClassrooms Right now my wife is playing super Mario bros. so I have that theme going on! But I’ve been listeni… @MrsRThal Yes you did!!! I was honored!! #masterychatA3: trying everyday to make the classroom environment welcoming and safe for my students. I provide them with notes… the opportunity. The opportunity to be welcomed into a new community. To share my passion for education. To gro… students can tell how we feel. They know if we’re having a bad day and they’ll feed off of it. We need to be ou…, 4/5 reading and social studies, Mayfield Heights, Ohio! #masterychat
@teachbetterteam @_cwconsulting @_missbensley @33heupel @4XSoccermom @77techdb @AaronDaffern @abigail_crane’m so fortunate to have found this CREW and to lean on them for support and guidance! Let’s keep pushing through a… @edtechgirl @SECOOnline I’ll definitely look into those! My school is slowly getting into standards based grading s… I’ve built a strong PLN through the @teachbetterteam and @chadostrowski! Their support is motivating me to make… while it is kind of a big change, I’m taking small steps to get there! I’m looking to introduce the Grid Method to my classes! #ohedchat @JoshRBuckley Need a shirt!! Ordering soon!! #punkrockclassrooms!!
My class’s adventure into a novel using #BookSnaps begins today! Excited to see their work and read their reflectio… @NicholasFerroni @BAKetcham2009 @youngstownstate Awesome!! Go Penguins! And I went to Cleveland State! Too many graduation years...I… also had my students create a #OneWord2020! They created a Google Drawing for their word! #BFC530 #OneWord2020 is Gratitude! #BFC530Adam, 4/5 social studies and reading, Mayfield Heights, Ohio! Good morning! #BFC530
I struggled with teaching reading (but I’ve come around to it!). I started to add an element of surprise when teach… @TaraMartinEDU @burgessdave @burgess_shelley @dbc_inc @tishrich @tamaraletter @AnnickRauch @SteinbrinkLaura @principal_gabbi @vicious13 @DrewBoyce_LDSB @PunkClassrooms @ascelaya @_cwconsulting @jeffreykubiak @MrCoppola @PunkClassrooms @ascelaya @_cwconsulting @jeffreykubiak @MrCoppola @AJCanle @aclarkhistory @principal_gabbi @PunkClassrooms @ascelaya @_cwconsulting @jeffreykubiak @MrCoppola @AJCanle @aclarkhistory @principal_gabbi @StaffPodcast @mearnshaw158 @JoshRBuckley @mmurphyBES @voicEdcanada @schoolrubric @TAYLOR_does_IT @Mrswander you @TaraMartinEDU for the great imagery and reflection tonight! #tlap was so inspiring! This crew is one of… @TaraMartinEDU My class is starting The Little Prince ready for some #BookSnaps!! #tlap @TaraMartinEDU When I’m around this group, the inspiration just flows!! Imagery is a great tool! #tlapA7: the light we provide to our students will leave an endless begins with us and will lead to many and… students may want to distance themselves from teachers or adults, but we need to see the pieces and connect the… each student in my classroom is different but no matter who they are, we are creating 1 vision between the whol… @jprofNB So important about the story! Each piece tells the story of a larger image! #tlapA4: if we let light shine through our students, each will work together to create great beauty in our classrooms! #tlapA3: we need to look for that little crack of light opening in each student that will allow us to get deeper into th… I have so many highs and lows. The highs allow us to see clearly and how far we can go. The lows are moments wh… the red/orange represents my passion for education and making students better each day; the blue represents the…, 4/5 social studies and reading, Mayfield Heights, Ohio! I enjoy golf and bowling! Give me those non-contact sports! #tlap @Reflog_18 @Browns If the pens cost more, you might care if you lose them. The cheaper the signing, the less you ca…
@cory_heiman So awesome! Thanks for the shout out! I love this idea! Keep up the positive work!New Blog Post! "It is what it is"..but is it really? Inspired by the tweet from @MrsSpinasClass!…
I’m trying this out today...first time in a really long time!! @JoshRBuckley @graceabuckley Crazy story...I broke my finger playing football in a hotel parking lot in flagstaff!… @shirky17 @Target In theory...but then they’ll pretty much be ankle socks for men!Wondering why the teacher focused socks at @Target are only in sizes for teach too!, in true Cleveland fashion, it was 70 degrees here yesterday...just for reference!
@JoshRBuckley @mearnshaw158 That’s actually kind of awesome! @JoshRBuckley @mearnshaw158 being given the right resources and, as I’ve been told, not enough “experience”. Just need to keep proving myse… I’m currently working on a book...and I’m learning how to start the grid method. 2 major challenges! #CatholicEdChatA3: I’m excited for my students to learn more about their faith and grow socially. Learning with them and seeing th… I’m venturing into the Grid method for my students learning. It’s a completely different style but will be well… @JoshRBuckley Classic!! He puts out some really good stuff!