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Thinking about the intersection of tech & society. Working on @Strataconf @Startupfest @leananalytics @fwd50conf @scaletechconf He/him.

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@samcharrington Mine has been flawless for 4 years. @mathewi Inviting you to a Skype call about Minecraft on the XBox. @briecode Dammit there weren’t any replies when I saw it. My bad. ;) @briecode Government transparency.This made my day. trashed Voldemort with an Expelliarmus and an Aquio Wand. Never forget.
Countries are best summarized by their corporate income tax schedule description in the OECD tax database, a thread.
Retweeted by Alistair Croll @ localhostA couple of weeks ago, we ran what I believe is the first "studio audience" live event I've seen in this era of soc… @farrahbostic @piacandrews @fwd50conf But when the facts we need to arrive at conclusions are hidden behind crumbli… @farrahbostic @piacandrews @fwd50conf Sadly, despite the appearance that we’re a sentient species able to make deci… @farrahbostic @piacandrews At the first @fwd50conf I gave a talk on the Veil of Ignorance, and argued that we need… @farrahbostic I had a great chat with @piacandrews about public infrastructure. We’re fine with the government buil… @farrahbostic We need national conversations (in every country) about the balance between a public good that satisf… @farrahbostic Similarly, for journalism, money follows outrage. Only the rich get actual coverage and reporting. No… @farrahbostic The US spends *far* more on healthcare. But a paltry 2.5% goes to public health (obesity, pandemics,… @farrahbostic It really feels like the underlying sin of many institutions—from healthcare to journalism—is that th… @BruckerJoe For me, the word is “lisp.” What heartless monster came up with that? @xcoatl @QuinnyPig @thegrugq @worrydream Thanks!This is a great recap. Public sector product management differs in a number of important ways that can make it hard…
@chrismessina The history of punishing things that have a relatively small barrier to violation and a huge societal… @scottjenson @codefolio @DivZero_ @parisba @CDS_GC That audits the phone communications. But auditing the use of co… @dbbaskette Healthcare costs in the US have increased even as lifespan has declined. There is clearly something else at work. @farrahbostic Hiding under a comforter on a bed works well too, if it isn’t for a long session. Or building a fort out of couch cushions. ;)At some point, if you defund education, you break the underlying institutional trust and critical thinking upon whi…, your algorithms are broken again., it is nice to have civilized online discussions about privacy and pandemics. Not all of Twitter is yelling. @DivZero_ @parisba Also, Canada feels more like NZ, at least in the public service. Maybe because we have big neighbours. ;) @DivZero_ @parisba Both are too big to fail, but one of them works for me and I don’t have shares in the other. We… @ChrisFerdinandi Even then, we’ve seen how quickly the rule of law and transparency of an administration can shift.… @ChrisFerdinandi I’m very concerned about national social NW alignment and the ability of governments to deplatform… @ChrisFerdinandi Gotcha. For me, tech is a tradeoff between utility and privacy; but that tradeoff shifts per indiv… @pluc Will you be using a contact alerting app? @pluc I found it interesting. Sorry it offended you. @ChrisFerdinandi Gotcha. Genuinely curious: do you use Google Maps on mobile? Will you be using a tracing app for C… @codefolio @scottjenson @DivZero_ @parisba @CDS_GC That comes down to whether you trust a government you elect over… @codefolio @scottjenson @DivZero_ @parisba @CDS_GC Completely agree on auditing the process. Part of the risk is in… @lpolovets This reinforces my guacamole-as-plasma model of atomic physics. @harper I asked this question and the responses were ... informative. @codefolio @scottjenson @DivZero_ @parisba @CDS_GC is a good start. @codefolio @scottjenson @DivZero_ @parisba Haven’t looked into whether they’re publishing checksums that compare th… @DivZero_ @parisba I believe I have more recourse and agency in changing the behaviour of an elected government tha… @metaAnnelies It is. I’m Canadian. @ChrisFerdinandi Nice to have this conversation on Twitter though. @codefolio @scottjenson @DivZero_ @parisba That’s what open source and independent verification are for. I don’t ha… you don’t chip in by using a contact tracing app to fight COVID because of “privacy concerns” you have some othe… @harper Malcolm Gladwell’s rant on why Golf is the most selfish of sports (on, among other things, a land- or water…
@harper There really seem to be two groups of countries: “let it ride; it’s in the general population and we can’t… @danielharan @Aaron_Derfel Agree with Daniel. This app has been widely analyzed, and is open source and voluntary.… guess you can’t call them “Trumped-up charges” and expect leniency any more.“A good science fiction story should be able to predict not the automobile but the traffic jam.” ― Frederik Pohl
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@harper True story: Quebec has its spring break a week earlier than other Canadian provinces. So the province had a… @emilyjaneross Would we call that a hack? I mean, I have this hack where a small plate in the wall provides a rapid… @ParissAthena VC with a carry. @kslstn @laprice Also, given the number of responses to this thread, I need to spend a bit of time thinking about t… @kslstn @laprice There are. Generally for content, or for illegality, rather than foreign ownership. This feels lik… @JesperBylund Sideloading on Android? @JesperBylund I’ve said before that the major platforms are either nation-states unto themselves, or agents of nati… @JesperBylund If it’s analytics and unauthorized user data collection, that’s a pretty broad swath of the Internet,… @JesperBylund If the justification is “this platform can be used by foreign nationals to influence turnout at a pol… @JesperBylund This is the reversal of Twitter blocking a politician because they don’t do what the platform says—a… @JesperBylund But far more meaningful are the legislative precedents (does more than one branch of government need… @JesperBylund The technical underpinnings are interesting (a block list is the new Clipper chip); the circumvention… @JesperBylund That’s a possibility. Also the start of a Federally mandated firewalll. Ethical and legal questions a… @pixelpage Yep, and then think about the consequences of a government deplatforming its people. @laprice Right. This is the first time a nation goes up against a (big) platform in (relative) public. It could ins… do you “ban an app” at the government level? You can’t just “set up a firewall.” Do you prohibit Apple from ha… @davidmcraney Haven’t watched it. I take it I should? If only for the ensuing conversations.(Apologies for an uncharacteristically political thread. I try to stay out of such things; this is more about subve… should be basing their objections not on what is, but on what might be, and how that would change the…’t it easy, and virtually untraceable, to *create* a wave of fraudulent votes?But when I put on my Just Evil Enough hat, I kinda see things differently.And the current claims of “huge fraud by mail” and defunding the post office are cause for concern, of course—becau…’ve seen dozens of theories about how Trump might thread the needle of republican state legislatures, the popular… FarmVille sending invites to your friends through Facebook (until Facebook blocked it.) - Tupperware turning a di… while back I wrote a thing about being Just Evil Enough. But that’s just the hook. The *actual* point is that sma…
Had a good and wide-ranging conversation this week at @scaletechconf with @drjohnsonvc. Touched on bias in ML model…
Retweeted by Alistair Croll @ localhost @kathytpham @honeygolightly @mskatiebenjamin @spncrd @ToferC @johncutlefish @ayushikroy @rogeroldham As long as it… @honeygolightly @kathytpham @mskatiebenjamin @spncrd @ToferC @johncutlefish @ayushikroy @rogeroldham It gets weird… was excellent. @harper High claims deserve high proof—but as I read this, I thought to myself, “how would you even prosecute a crime of this magnitude?” @byosko Bought a Subaru a month ago. Now everyone drives Subarus. @mathewi HVAC systems (Winter in the North, summer in the South) and dense public transit (particularly subways) fi… @byosko
@hmason @peteskomoroch @mattbrandwein @raefer My 10-year-old and I are in too. We built some stuff in Ink a while b… to pay it forward, @chrisarsenault! @meghanrabbit Just you. @ashishanand Then the recording from a bodycam should be a public record to exonerate the people who are doing what the law says. @ashishanand Did you look at the link? It's full of context—they contacted the precinct in every case. A list of ac… @rob_england LOL. In Lean Analytics, @byosko and I literally use “Landing on Mars” as the kind of thing for which W… advice from Bowie., the power of collective humanity and the Internet gives me hope. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Fant… WeWork and WE Charity, “we” is having just as bad a 2020 as you and I.If you apply Moore’s law to overall gains in efficiency—more computer with less power—the curve is astonishing.
An Airstream is an upwardly mobile home. @sebastroy @mikeolson This. "popularity" is not "number of engagements" but that's how we measure ads. @sebastroy @mikeolson Not sure that's a fair comparison; vulnerabilities in ANI/DNI are what cause robocalls that c… @sebastroy @mikeolson Yeah, and GPT-3 resistance. I used to try different models on a BBS I ran circa 1983, and the… @sebastroy @mikeolson Some responses get a bunch of upvotes from the same group that upvotes other posts. Some get… @sebastroy @mikeolson I don’t mean computational proof of work. Something that demonstrates you aren’t a bot. Maybe… @mikeolson We can send you cookies.