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Alistair Croll @acroll Montreal, Quebec

Thinking about the intersection of tech & society. Working on @Strataconf @Startupfest @leananalytics @fwd50conf @scaletechconf He/him.

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@pahlkadot @codeforamerica Why would you every share this? You’re a monster. ;)
@emilyjaneross @brainpickings Marrowing. @digiphile @senatemajldr Wouldn’t that be perjury? @susanalmon Wonder if this is DDOS? Looks like what Cloudflare puts up when a site is under attack. Though at this… @susanalmon Woah. Nope.
@AirCanada Trust me, your customers are aware as well. @AirCanada In that case the Vegas airport team were helpful, because calling your support line basically said “sorr… @xoUnbrokened @AirCanada Yeah, thanks for the new planes; too bad we messed up IT integration and focused on shareh… @AirCanada LOL. No, I’m on a comfortable train right now. Zero issues with website, check in, seating, or baggage.…’d be much more excited about the new @AirCanada planes if their customer support line didn’t literally say “we up…, New York. That was a whirlwind. One more city before I get to sleep for an entire day. @aallan @ATT I walked into a Canadian carrier years ago to check their plans. Associate asked for my number. Left.…
@emilyjaneross @ELangfordMusic @rebeccacroll had a dermatologist named Skinner.
@farrahbostic Quantity of physical and emotional baggage installed there, maybe. ;) @farrahbostic A lease or mortgage?
Got bitten by a mosquito. In New York. In January. @jaethan That is an interesting ratio to consider for clickbait authors. @anatolep @rollinson @jeffjarvis Hadn’t seen this. Thanks for sharing; I love all his talks, particularly the Haunt…
@GregNoleFan This was @hackingdata’s question years ago. @rollinson @jeffjarvis (The expression that is) @rollinson @jeffjarvis Long tail wagging the dog. I like that. @Afro_Herper Mine autocorrects to Aligator Creole or A-lister Troll. Though the latter is surprisingly on point. @rollinson Also: it’s cream cheese. ;) @rollinson Agreed. But somewhere we decided content should be free, to subsidize the Internet, and as @jeffjarvis h… @yanivsarig Thanks! I also learned about “algorithm” recently (al-Ḵwārizmī ‘the man of Ḵwārizm’ a 9th-century mathe…, I’m a bag of hot takes today.Whether you thought Ivanka’s CES talk was good or bad, the thing was a masterclass in NLP. Her dad had a show calle… @cwodtke @daveixd I imagine things like a design pipeline where altering typography re-renders materials all the wa… perverse economics of modern media mean we have a headline like this instead of “use cream cheese.” How many hu… praise. @DFJNoel Decidedly not a diverse part of Vegas. @DFJNoel Was in Vegas. @mthiele10 The vanishingly small cost of making a super-niche product from prototype and standing up a page/Kicksta… @obra I assumed each cookie was an it, and the ‘s stood for ice cream. ;) pattern in the wild. We read left to right, but the more expensive gas is on the left here. And has a red (war… in Texas. T-shirt weather in NYC. is everything. @dpatil Yes please! Would love to hand these out at @fwd50conf too. @obra Is that a food? ;) @kfogel @FakeLauraLouise @jenny8lee Well played. @FakeLauraLouise Yes! @JaysonElliot @SarahStang This is ChukChuk, a honeyed wheat dessert, BTW. night Uzbek food. They have a dessert called ChukChuk. What other foods are so good we named them twice? Cousc… is an amazing example of what is possible in digital government. Give the incoming team a website, not a binde…
This is going to be an amazing gathering of data scientists and machine learning experts. Last day to buy early bir… @mathewi For me this is an admittedly short trip that gets shorter as I age. @mathewi I am mystified by people who hold their phone horizontally in front of them, speaking into the mic, speake… @traceylindeman @AirCanada Something is deeply wrong with the company and they aren’t telling anyone. Their support… @mfdii It was not lost on me. ;)
@Shadling The lifespan of the mature Shadfly is so brief, they’re part of Ephemeroptera. So shedding that may make sense. ;)Vegas is literally The Capitol. Hunger Games makeup on billboards, sold without any sense of irony. each other up. @cjpberry Voted #1 (by the magazine we bought an ad in.)“For a limited time” seldom is. What other once-meaningful marketing lines are now platitudes that undermine customer confidence? @obra @hondanhon I would love to join this parade. @byosko That reall went somewhere, huh? ;) @blprnt When? Wanna come to @startupfest around then?
I could probably have guessed at these results. 12h left to vote! @johnnyro9 12h53 minutes! @jaketapper @maggieserota How is Canadian Bacon not on this list? A president with flagging ratings starts war with… @Euthydemu5 Wrong*ly* - a pedant @dberkholz But also what social media is for. ;)Are tear ducts orifices?
@timoreilly @craigmod That was amazing. Thanks for sharing. I have only ever been in the confines of Tokyo, and now… @FakeLauraLouise I thought about that (and changed the last name.) More my reaction to it than the name itself. But good point.LinkedIn: “Here, have an invite from someone named Dicshit Meha.” Me: “No.” Me: “I don’t know this person.” LinkedI…
Hey, @aircanada: these are my bags. There’s nobody in your baggage handling office in LAS. And your contact number… @vfx_agraham @AirCanada The AC agent we talked to was named Nazim. He joked that even he has issues, and they somet… online check-in sent me to @aircanada. Who told me I needed to check in at the airport. Navigated broken ter… @samanthamcgarry @meghanrabbit As if. ;) @_Tobeeornot_ @unremarkableQA @lissijean @gojkoadzic @jeffpatton Thank you, sir. @byosko and I learned *so much* writing that book.How you know I’m in an airport: It’s barely 7AM and already @meghanrabbit has used the sentence “riding on his fluf… is a cloud database for customer records. The whole “we are making a CRM” line escaped me until I realized that.
@robpas Pshaw. out the @mevocamera app with my 70+ year old mom and family. It consistently failed to find her face or iden… @sulemaan @mitchjoel @ambermac @pjsweers @TashElwynRJ @rontite @naeemsiddiqi @ACAltitude Wow.
If you walk 500 miles to walk 500 miles to find someone, well, unless they’re 1000 miles directly away from you thi… @farrahbostic This is the modern equivalent of Spring Cleaning. @mattlemay Hyup. @jeffsussna “Uphill, both ways.” ;) @mattlemay Yep.To be abundantly clear, this was not my order. I used a single word to procure my beverage.“Can you make it again? This iced Americano was supposed to have nonfat *cold* foam.” Actual conversation at a ski hill.
This. Is. Amazing.
@AirCanada Done. But this has been happening for months, if not years, and sending you details never does anything. @AirCanada Searching for the result provides this incredibly useful page ON THEIR WEBSITE. @AirCanada This @AirCanada situation is hilarious. Logged in (via Firefox, because Chrome doesn't work); trying to… @anildash Had not heard of this. Seems like an amazing idea. Thanks! @anildash @AditiJuneja3 Some great new faces on my feed. Thanks for that. Weirdly, one person (I’ve never heard of)… @anildash @DanDotLewis @skamille obvs @ConsumerSOS @jaimestein @AirCanada You may find this relevant, too:
@AirCanada Direct quote from United's agent: "Their inventory is wrong because they're updating their system and th… @AirCanada Thanks, but I’m gonna deal with your Star Alliance partner, with whom I booked the flight, and let them… @ConsumerSOS @jaimestein @AirCanada This is definitely not normal. The United folks were mystified. A daily Air Ca… @ConsumerSOS @jaimestein @AirCanada Last night I spent 50m on the phone with United because I couldn’t change an Ai… @daeaves @AirCanada Ironically, since posting that tweet, I've been on the phone for 50 minutes with United while t… @fjharris @sean_lynch @startupfest @Shopify We did a big series A for Coradiant, all US firms, and our customers we… @daeaves @AirCanada Years, and yes. This is Phoenix, stuff IMHO. In the last few weeks the emp… @moremooredesign @AirCanada I'm waiting for the whistleblower, @CBCNews exposé, or something similar. Folks who und… @moremooredesign @AirCanada At this point, I have so many anecdotes and screenshots (many DMed to me as a result of…