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On second thought, go fuck yourselves Read:
I owe Jen and the community a better apology. Read:
@thebeauanthony The team did an incredible job at making the infected sound so much more terrifying than before. Go… made a list of all the story elements I wanted to see touched on and game mechanics I wanted to see evolved. THE… Last of Us Part 2 is an emotionally draining experience and I need to sleep for a week.Incredible game @Naughty_dog shot him 7x in the back as he ran away. He was working as a security guard at an auto body shop. Police pulled…
Retweeted by BunniPowerful speeches yesterday at Juneteenth March in Denver. History lesson here about black Denver neighborhood, 5 P…
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@DaddyPhariss but not my weirdest @PowerArmor13 BITCHES. THATS WHO.#TheLastofUsPartII #PS4share @PrazCM got a small dick @HashtagRektM8 pussy boy#TheLastofUsPartII man... in just a few hours we have almost DOUBLE the number of user reviews for #TheLastofUsPartII than the firs…
Retweeted by Bunni#NewProfilePic ME MOMMYi’m getting better @imadalrasbi22 @ReformedPlay3r @FinalApex_ @shinobi602 yea a AAA video game has never been review bombed before. No… is she getting so big already?!?!?!
Retweeted by BunniHow are we going to have straight gamers mad that their is normalized gay representation in TLOU AND have LGBQT gam… @AndyLunique can confirm i am a pancake sexualTrigger Warning: Sexual Assault Is Common Among Gaming Content Creators Read:
Retweeted by Bunnithat third pic *chefs kiss* @FinalApex_ @shinobi602 These are great! The third one is wallpaper materialCan’t help but feel a little bit guilty not being able to stream The Last of Us 2 😞 First game is so important to… @shinobi602 It’s been nothing short of a incredible first experience. All of the little details i can’t help but g… #PS4Pro
Retweeted by BunniNothing sexier than a woman who can BEAT MY ASS Confederate statue is down in #Raleigh
Retweeted by Bunni @GrandDarkElf thanks!Breonna Taylor's name is no longer trending and the police that murdered her are still free. If you see this please…
Retweeted by BunniLast of Us 2 is fantastic and is possibly Naughty Dogs best work. Even better though would be to arrest the murder… found out you can post multiple pics at once hours into The last of Us Part 2. Fucking amazing so far. I can't stop taking pictures. I'm turning into a photomode fiend @SandSweep ITS BEAUTIFULShe’s cuddling a slug cat plushie
GIRLS WITH MUSCLES GET MY DICK HARD. STAY MAD mad because they just now realize lesbian couples exist outside of porn L O L. This is already… ENCOUNTER SPOILE) Big brain strat #TheLastofUsPartII @ChaIaunciraptor As soon as i get my hands on a fresh cap cardThis is the first game i’ve actually fucked with photo mode for 😋 (okay back to social media blackout. Fuck you spoilers) @PandaEnchilada ❤️❤️❤️#TheLastofUsPartII continues in Seattle. All day everyday. #ACAB #BlackLivesMatter #SeattleProtests #CHOP #CHAZ #InTheZone
Retweeted by BunniThis RACIST Trump supporter was in my town! He has been identified on social media as Anthony (Tony) Baylacq. He wa…
Retweeted by BunniThis is infuriating, immoral, and ridiculous. Breonna Taylor’s murderers still remain at large, and we cannot stop…
Retweeted by BunniI’ll just make sure my second playthrough is on the hardest difficulty and on stream. Hopefully will have a fixed c… @LibraLebron phone has no service hit the dmsOnce again the gods ram cock in ass! @Trumpfy Even worse that i’m doing when A LOT of others are. FUCKWelp, i'm going to smoke myself into a coma. @UnluckyBenny @Rocket_Co took about 3 hours the first time @boxgamingYT FUCKI didn’t have “Everything goes wrong and breaks an hour before your most anticipated title of the year releases” on my bingo cardLet’s go get wasted and cry @rondogz2 i had everything done and ready she’s ago 😭 THE FUCK?! THIS WAS DONE! power surged and now it’s reinstalling Last of Us 2 all over again??????? AM I CURSED????? @MLozada @DeejayKnight are the chances of my cap card shitting the bed an hour before TLOU2 releases. Holy fuck meWorst case scenario i stream directly from the console i did not fix my capture card problem @k3v1nnn Round 2 @k3v1nnn THE WAY YOU EXPECT @LucasBruhWya YES3 HOURS
I’m not redoing that one @seriouslyclara Who has the confidence to be this white @therealcliffyb LIVES MATTER ISNT A POLITCAL STATEMENT BLACK LIVES MATTER ISNT A POLITCAL STATEMENT BLACK LIVES MATTER ISN… 22 of protest in NYC. People are out at dozens of protests every day, whether #BlackLivesMatter is trending or…
Retweeted by BunniI can’t believe that Fox News got me yelling at a racist on live TV 😂 #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by BunniJust now. Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn, New York: Unreal...
Retweeted by Bunni @therealcliffyb TRUE! But Tiberium was another that got scrubbed 😭 @GoldGloveTV the Command & Conquer FPS you COWARDSEA finally giving up on origin?!?! PLEASE #EAPlayLiveCross play is the bar6 hours BABY IS COMING BACK @Noxsplitter thanks man :)Snuggle pile @LtRoyalShrimp