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@Curvyllama @GassyMexican horrifyingGot too confident. Stream PC ended up crashing my mic isn’t working. I’m actually in hell. This isn’t real lifeLIVE! Our RIPPING & TEARING through the DOOM series continues tonight with DOOM 64! @JERICHO Slam some bulgogi for me homie @hutchinson what even is this guy lolGuarantee Trump has only seen the porno parodies of the movies he “wants back” Parasite is incredible btw and ever… at my PCs until they let me stream tonight
@BlessingJr And then you fell in love with the game 🥰 @renee amazingCatching up on the debate last @DOOM @idSoftware’m gonna try to make it a habit to find a co-op game and convince a friend to play with me @MiniLaddd NeoGeo Then it was hacked and I lost that name forever 😭 @Di3seL_ Damn fuckin right you are @GoldGloveTV that’s a spicy oneIdk how many days these PCs have left in them but i'm gonna keep working on them and keep them going as long as I c… to those who stuck around around through all the tech problems! Had a blast with @VernNotice in Darksiders g… 😎👉🏼👉🏼 @VernNotice & I are jumping back into the depths to spank some more demons in Darksiders Genesis!…
@Hi_im_Georgie If it doesn’t we riot @Hi_im_Georgie We playing right?I have been playing #MK11 all day in the dark. I forgot to eat. I need to shower. My dogs are pissed BUT MY JOKER I… @vol1tion @Twitch Congrats brother ❤️ @shinobi602 @WargrooveGame YES @rivaLxfactor this whole week my PC has been screaming at me for upgrades :(You ever just double down on one the worst decisions ever? Chest spawns enemies? Let's open more chests.....… @BritanniJohnson What if i'm not going to anyone of those but still wanna chat about that stuff :DYour dick looks fantastic today @MollsisBored Ana ( Much older)My Fallen Order play-through is gonna be finishing up this week! You can also see the premiere of a new series that…
Retweeted by Bunni 👾It’s been almost 2 months of being back to streaming and damn have I missed the feeling of just crushing a stream @seriouslyclara Roger Rabbit was hardcoreMain PC held out until the very end of the stream to crash LOL. Thanks for coming out. Hopefully everything is still working laterTime for Wolcen! @Greenskull I HAVE MIGHTY NEEDLIVE! @Vernnotice & I are going to slash our way through demons in Darksiders Genesis tonight. Thank you… @seriouslyclara Did try to get your laser technology again? @petebasgen @CORSAIR my streaming PC is having issues 😐 @Hi_im_Georgie My man @Hi_im_Georgie Gaming PC started to fail overclocking, then stopped showing display, then just stopped booting. THINK we have everything working. It's pretty sketch, but I think my main PC is alive for another night. See ya see soon!
It's DnD time! Another episode of @RollPlay Court of Swords is LIVE!
Retweeted by Bunni 👾 @steinekin Yes @Lobosjrgaming sci-fi/fantasy co-op ARPG @taylordoubleu @ProjectAOnline LOL @moblordTV @SamStrake Always @ProjectAOnline Been a variety video game entertainer for 10+ years and shooters have been a big focus of my conten… @thegameawards Advent Rising @Faucius @Andy_Lunique @thegameawards @hutchinson 👌🏻 @RetroGaijin In public? 👀 @dibils @VernNotice @Jump_ Gonna have a series soon 👀Been up all night. PC still being a cuck. I am very sad and tired @petebasgen @Adventurer605 Which one @CostcoFood FuckThese are not the problems I want to be having with all these new games coming out 😭Or i only stream Runeterra until I can afford to replace some PC parts 😂My streaming PC is pretty shite at solo streaming. Wasn’t built for it. I guess i just jump in a hole nowStill trying to get things working for a stream tonight. Main PC power supply and cooling seem to be toast 😭 @jakepaul Holy shit, do cancer next. @Mae 😎👉🏼👉🏼 @VaughnWhiskey it holds up so well dude. @Mae Can we play soon? @tehsmarty Cowboy Bebop @VaughnWhiskey MY FUCKING MAN @Kootra Water? Retro, I like it
@Hi_im_Georgie Nice @gjmrocker @Ninja 😘 @Ninja Can’t stream snipe me if I ain’t got no viewers update: PC isn’t booting. Don’t know why yet. Scroll wheel on my mouse is haunted? Left ear cup on headset c… @Hi_im_Georgie Gonna lay some pipe? @Just_Tank @NVIDIAGeForce @CDPROJEKTRED let's build new PCs together 😃#RTXOnI have the worst habit of hitting "tweet" by accident :(My Fallen Order play-through is gonna be finishing up this week! You can also see the premiere of a new series that… @Braddock512 fuck.....My main PC won’t boot 😞 @GoldGloveTV WHOA, I ONLY FUCK ME. FUCK YOU @GoldGloveTV Fuck you 😤🖕🏼 @SchemersRemnant @NVIDIAGeForce @CyberpunkGame👌🏻 @AnthonyKongphan I need more Sammie in my life 😞 @BleedingEdgeNT 👀👀👀 @AnthonyKongphan @AnthonyKongphan what a monster @Danotage thank you for the host <3My Wolcen build is nuts and my runeterra RNG is that of rancid asshole. Fantastic stream! I'll see how I feel when… @nickchester going strong with Wolcen! Loving my build right now @AlexTheLazyBoy1 deal˥IΛƎ¡ More @Wolcengame tonight!
Grubbing then i’m gonna start the stream a bit early tonight. Wanna get some good Wolcen time in 😎👉🏼👉🏼 @FightMighty right now and it’s an incredible blast! Such a good nostalgic Power Stone feelNever have I ever been pounded this hard in @PlayRuneterra
Retweeted by Bunni 👾 @NVIDIAGeForce @CyberpunkGame’m now installing Rainbow 6 for golden gun modeR6 inventational really makes me wish I stuck with the game. Curse my need for variety. Such a hard game to jump back into 😭 @xCaliGrrlx Jump in my clown car