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Cold war, diesel submarine engineer--never voted 'cept for brexit bit of a little Englander in truth and not ashamed of it.

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I think we should get rid of all remaining MEP's !! often wonder about a "Mask Wearing" positive tested person. As the mask gets damp with water vapour out breath, o… eco-crisis behind North Korea’s ghost ships via @AJEnglishWhen you look t who gains & who have lost over the 4 decades of mis-rule from the EU the UK is one of the greater "… to be on the bandwagon along with P Charles, Boris & P William ?? -& that goes for nearly all the Labour ones !! need to be voted out at the 1'st possible instant--I for one do not want imported Murderers &/Or rapists. We ha… Wish !! police rescue 10 people after ‘baby factory’ raid via @AJEnglish @GeorgeDate @zarahsultana & where they actually living at home with these children ??Why did they not think of that before becoming criminals ?? police arrest driver who plowed through pedestrians in central Trier, Germany — RT World News scams came as genuine looking "Track your Package" notifications--Beware ---always check the e-mail address a… thing to do--my point was that it was too much of a coincidence to arrive in my inbox when it did. I feel som… Hee.
Where there's hope there's a Priti Useless organising it Eh ?? to stop breeding what you want others to pay for Eh ?? poverty: Heartbreaking data shows the scale of crisis in your area how these huge "Stately Piles" are managing with no visitors since C19 ?? Will they be forced to go back int… sorting, 'cos if you are expecting a parcel you can be easy prey !! have been in touch--will let you know !! real question is--do we really need these zoom W Anchors from afar, still collecting their ill-gottens for doin…'s brutal lockdown tiers are APPROVED in the Commons via @MailOnlineThere must be a leak somewhere, perhaps with the delivery Co. ?? you need any more info I can supply it from my Email -time something should be done about these poncing shysters… you for that -perhaps the coincidence is worth checking out. It seems too much of a coincidence not to be a l… has frightened to death our glorious, useless leaders Eh ?? Who now spend their lives stricken--fecking R Soles i… Christmas Crackers Eh ?? I am expecting a parcel from Amazon. Today I have had 3 scam E-Mails wanting me to click in order to be cheat… Four killed including baby as car driven into pedestrians in Germany this in my local store--well out of order Eh ?? Surely bleach with learning difficulties ??
Retweeted by John F Austin GCE 'Eng Lang. 0 level' @roderickadieu Bleach of the peace ??Even in the clock that should have read. Above the 5/6 trading floors were 2 other floors, filled with extraneous s… this in my local store--well out of order Eh ?? Surely bleach with learning difficulties ?? are some stories about Debenhams, Manchester. I was the refurb Site agent & was everywhere in that building c… even lots of "Celebrities" ?? They come across to me as very cheap. But then I was bought up to have standards.… one I used, was hard to keep up, the "Lanchester" if you were not hard hold it spreads about like a mad perso…, Dear Heart Eh ?? ours kill with a good deal more subtlety Eh ??' jobs in danger in fallout from Arcadia collapse via @MailOnlineAmuses me that the news tonight, where they interview folk, those who are that sad that these High St. Majors are f… to miss with them Eh ?? & cheap as chips to produce. that save lots of money !!
Retweeted by John F Austin GCE 'Eng Lang. 0 level'So this "Green" rich couple bought an electric Porche--took the 9 hours to do what would normally take 2. Waiting t… right !!'t say what I think as an ex-RN-er. But ours wear Khaki !! down the road from Ethiopia (Nearer than we are !!) 600 tons of "Bent Veg" was not accepted by our S/Mkt's was… son worked for a mining Co. Nr Makelle for years he can tell you stuff. Similar probs now in Mali-- is it that r… have at least stopped breeding Eh ?? the State Pensioners in the UK for a start then !! give them weaponry & by-pass all the foreign aid BS. It all comes back to the likes of BAe Systems Eh ?? Purpo… remember those days---well before "Computer say's No". Eh ?? average IQ is less than 80, very difficult to educate & train. & we are presently hiding our faces-- & we are b… there is money to buy weaponry ?? there is money for bullets ?? Hmmm !! has run out for Eritrean refugees in Tigray camps, UN warns via @AJEnglishCar hits pedestrians in German town, killing at least two via @AJEnglishAs I remember when my interest rates went up my repayments stayed the same but the "Term" increased. If interest ra… is the easiest to get rid of:- a) An STD ?? b) A Barret house ?? house I was born in, above my G/Dads cobblers shop, is now under Bradford Universities Campus !! the worst, % of average earnings, in the EU. £10 at Christmas (Not changed since 1972) Winter fuel payment, rob… is interesting is if you google "Google Earth" & pump in your old addresses. Massive changes I had a pub that… Debenham's are out of it with Arcadia soon to follow. Where are school leavers going to work if this continues ??Man eats six-pack of substantial meals for lunch by sheer hard work, work that killed most males before, or not long after, they got to enjoy retirement. house I wanted, in a small Hampshire village was £5,500, with a building plot alongside (1967) Although I was a… that save lots of money !! Hear. Hear.
Aye Aye !!'s Aden doing ?? Janey Godley. We did not vote for either but Janey is a feck sight funnier & does not rely on the "Barnett F… just hope there is enough of our Foreign Aid going out to assist all this killing Eh ??‘Unrelenting’ insecurity: Nigeria reels after massacre of farmers via @AJEnglish @rob_faraway Yep !!& some should walk it--the plank that is !! we have Priti Useless & Rishi Ballsak. In very powerful positions. Hmmm !!I was in Madras in 1964 when the Indians had bought an aircraft carrier from us- the "Brahmaputra". We were asked t… the "Single Person" bit as it was more like 100's Eh ?? PM Abiy rejects claims army killed civilians in Tigray via @AJEnglishBeen blocked by a couple of tweeters today. Just 'cos I said "What makes you think you are entitled to a house--wha… the minorities now are wagging the dog by the tail with the assistance of our glorious leaders. Who… people followed me and 3 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by have little choice, they do what the flying F once they are in. all of "Top" Castes --could they not do something where they hail from to help ??--or is that so far beneath them… of a major Charles Dickens novel. Now they were hard times Eh ?? Times. Then 1st a roof over your head 2nd food 3rd clothing Now Tattoos Nails Hair extensions Pets Kids--som… is why I have never voted, you are given at no choice of who-they are picked by activists & local party member… you cannot afford a mortgage then do not take one out--I remember when % rates were 18/19. Get over it !! you referring to me ?? @ 78 done my bit 13 years RN, 3 wars, then the cold 1 on a diesel boat. Then worked pay… that PW ?? I get less than £200 after working all my days so far & paid "SERPS" for years. not really a good show Eh?? Then we have the Tories 2 of "High Caste" Indian stock now in major positions. & th… who would then vote for Labour ?? move. here is a thing that I follow as an ex-submariner. There are presently scouring the undersea world, literally d… the cell 'phone--drug dealers would hate that. As I suppose would those who allow our streets to be awash with "C… the likes of Lammy the Tea Leaf -& still in a job. The Peterborough Labour MP who got in bent then managed to lie…, & we have a "Higher Caste" Indian telling us about racism & the class system FFS. Would Mahatma Ghandi have f… here is a one:- Paddy & Mick broke into a "Bookies". They lost £500 ?? I can say that being 1/2 Irish Eh ??