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Ghanaian bakers, arise that’s a wrap from me!!
Retweeted by sedz🐥 @rosiesbakery_ 👀still idk. I’d rather have some cinnamon rolls🤷🏾‍♀️ @rosiesbakery_ Do you use margarine or butter pls? @shidaazzlesthem @actuallysedz And they taste like sawdust.
Retweeted by sedz🐥 @cobbina_II EXACTLY!!!!!!
Retweeted by sedz🐥Why would you be biting into an empty toilet paper roll in the first place, my love? @Oi_Penelope @Oui_Penelope @spyda_woman 😹😹😹I feel you @Oui_Penelope @spyda_woman That’s the point. Cake, but not with the dense feeling of fatness afterward🤷🏾‍♀️ @Oui_Penelope @spyda_woman 💀💀💀you know it’s not personal right?The most disappointing thing about Ghanaian butter cookies is how they’re not even made from butter. It’s straight… @TeyooLindsay You’re too sweet to be human, is all I’m trying to say @Oui_Penelope @spyda_woman Also what’s not to love about sponge cake? It’s light and airy and so beautifully fluffy… @Oui_Penelope @spyda_woman If you want royal icing, you might as well swallow 10 bags of powdered sugar and food co… 💀 love shopping.YES. stretched out my quads rather. Or it’s me that I didn’t do it well. @boaremaaa 🥺😍Et voilà
Retweeted by sedz🐥Are you sure you’re not cake? @kwabenabr @Barima_PA 😹😹😹
@af_ia_blue Well @af_ia_blue Pound cake done right is good but it’s not my favorite. @af_ia_blue Only few people can make it for me to like it. Most Ghanaians use so much flour and margarine, it’s alm… @Barima_PA They’re horrible. It’s like eating flavored dust. You’ll choke to death if you don’t have water.Only my mother can make pound cake that doesn’t want to choke you. Oh and Kafui’s mother’s pound cake was pretty decent.I hate butter cookies and pound cake.I never thought I’d see the day where a woman would die during childbirth and people would blame her for taking pic…
Retweeted by sedz🐥 @salmabenson Oh it wasn’t even bad. It just made my jollof yellow lmaoo🦋
Retweeted by sedz🐥I plead the blood of Jesus over the remaining months of the year
Retweeted by sedz🐥I love how my default response to an overwhelming situation is to pray and sleep on it. I always wake up with the clarity I need. @Kekeli_E Ouuuuu la la!!!Launching our gift boxes soon! ❤️ It’ll cost you $0.00 to retweet and support our small business! ❤️
Retweeted by sedz🐥The day my twist outs look like this ehn, only God. can always do what you love and still do it for God!!
Retweeted by sedz🐥In 3 months, we've had over 1,600 visits to and I'm so grateful to each one of you for read…
Retweeted by sedz🐥 @67Heros Herh, I didn’t even think about thatNothin unwanted. I just wanna feel liberated. @shidaazzlesthem Awwww yessss❤️❤️❤️1. Yeast/bacterial infection 2. WHO IS GOING TO WASH THE BEDSHEET?!!!??!?! @6J0RN @shidaazzlesthem Oh😭 @shidaazzlesthem Yeah but this thing you’ve said. @abeeku_ I’ve been laughing for one minute straight @heatherdeyoo @kwabenabr Oh that one safS/O to all the sex workers
Retweeted by sedz🐥He said “AMMA SHZEEGOLO” our marriages not only have good UI, but also great UX.
Retweeted by sedz🐥 @nayaaboatemaa Honestly especially the stiletto like typesssssssss. Super fashionable, super comfortable. I could dance in those all night!Oh so I don’t deserve marriage?😭 guys! We’re still taking orders for this week. Orders will start going out on Tuesday. Call us on 0551240553 or…
Retweeted by sedz🐥Won't be a piece of cake
Retweeted by sedz🐥Lmaoooooo laughs in Gey hey girl. There was literally no way to cheat.
Retweeted by sedz🐥Ohhhh my God is the truth, nothing but the truth. mean just look at HSM, then Hairspray, then The Greatest Showman. Is there something Zac Efron can’t do?Once it’s a musical and Zac Efron is in it, best believe I will stan for life.Hei woy3 dede. wondered what would happen to the robbers from money heist if they got caught ?
Retweeted by sedz🐥 @shidaazzlesthem Perfect. I’ll be in my flowing white gown.This guy would literally do everything for me, I didn’t even have to get out of bed. I miss my boyfriend/househusband.Omg I miss the times @adan_deezy and I were living together. No wonder I gained so much weight🤦🏾‍♀️😪 @shidaazzlesthem Meet me at the altar next Saturday. Let’s make it official. @francis_ferdy Lol @shidaazzlesthem ❤️🥺 @shidaazzlesthem Oh there’s more than enough kanzo, dear.Nbs Okponglo Hogwarts
Retweeted by sedz🐥Toxic African mum parenting 101. I’ve got this shit on lock.I hate when I’m calling someone’s name out loud and the person is asleep and you tell me that the person is asleep.… @habib_ayodeji Isn’t it nice? @shidaazzlesthem It’s on the stove waiting for you @shidaazzlesthem @shidaazzlesthem Oh it’s actually not bad except it made my jollof yellow. @shidaazzlesthem Yie what @Chef_Keeks It just made my jollof yellow. No special flavour biaaa @ovo_pamelaa Did it do anything different to your jollof? @kwame_grizzly Oh nice @kesewaaaaaa Same I agree @khalidKEITH Just realizedIt made my jollof really yellow lol. Aside that it didn’t add anything special to it🤷🏾‍♀️ anyone ever tried this before? craving a burger so bad and biting into it only to find out that it’s cake.me_irl
Retweeted by sedz🐥Men 🤝 gaslighting.Good times.
Retweeted by sedz🐥There isn’t a man on this planet that chews a suit up like Zendaya
Retweeted by sedz🐥Just added The Greatest Showman to the list of movies that I can rewatch over and over again. And that’s a very short list.Do you also get scared that you’ll end up with the very thing you have spent your whole life fighting against?A shower can do so much for u mentally
Retweeted by sedz🐥 @Therealspice I BEG YOU!me trying to find out if im a cake too
Retweeted by sedz🐥This cake is crying buttercream icing tears.Wow pls rt
Retweeted by sedz🐥If we get 2k RTs we will create a 2020 version of the song & video! 👀
Retweeted by sedz🐥