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Miller: I was a little hurt I didn’t get asked about Josh Hawley’s masculinity initiative. You know I just look at…'s almost like Fox "News" is cheering for Russia.
Retweeted by AcynSo it begins …
Retweeted by AcynDOJ, if you’re listening.
Retweeted by Acyn“Who’s better positioned to evaluate the psychological state of this child? The parents with no professional traini…🤨 Getting into some big dispute with Russia over Ukraine would be moronic… We have to resist any effort to… me whose father was the first president in modern history to lose jobs in their first term?
Retweeted by AcynAnd now she has demands seems like there’s a theme here from Eric on a net loss of 3 million jobs?
Retweeted by AcynLet's not even count the massive job loss in 2020 due to the pandemic. In 2019, Trump only saw more than 210,000 j…
Retweeted by AcynIn criminal court, we call this tampering with a witness. A crime.
Retweeted by AcynHannity pushing mail-in voting senator who lost re-election says his vision for the state is looking forward not backward“If somebody were going to bring an obstruction of justice prosecution for that, we are still within the statute of… it. Do it. Do it.
Retweeted by AcynEric Trump describes 210k jobs as “the worst jobs number we’ve seen in a long time”'t imagine the phone companies will obstruct justice to help people get away with an attempted coup.
Retweeted by AcynI would like to see that correspondence
Retweeted by AcynRUH ROH 🔥🙃
Retweeted by AcynTucker says Eastman’s provider notified him that unless he gets a court order, they are going to turn over his text… says Cleta Mitchell was just informed by her provider that the committee wants several months of her phone r… innocent people always freak out about sharing records, amrite?
Retweeted by AcynEastman seems a bit shaky about his records being subpoenaed. So why comply? Eastman: We shouldn’t but Congress has the power to issue criminal contempt.. the DOJ is ful…
Is it called “Tremendous Coloring Book by Your Favorite President! (Me)” ?
Retweeted by AcynTrump: I am writing a book and by the way, we do have great interest from publishers… The radical left is absolutel… Despite of all of the witch hunt and all of the Russia Russia Russia hoax and the impeachment scam 1 and the… on January 6th: There were a lot of other people involved there and they know who they were but they’re not s… Newsmax, Trump falsely claims that Ashli Babbitt was the only person who died on January 6
Retweeted by AcynTrump: I don’t know anything about the SEC. I do know Devin is fantastic… And you know this is just a continuation… so sensitive about a mob of people coming to hang him
Retweeted by Acyn“With one source telling me the committee is getting significant cooperation with Team Pence… It is hard to imagine… Ryan, who flew to J6 in a private jet and vowed she would “never go to prison,” is turning herself in soon. S…
Retweeted by AcynHAAAAAHAHAahahahhasdklf;
Retweeted by AcynMy stomach hurts from laughing so hard. I would hire a random drunk guy in a bar mumbling nonsense to himself befor…
Retweeted by AcynYou just can’t make this shit up!!
Retweeted by Acyn’ retirement takes effect in January
Retweeted by AcynDevin Nunes is retiring. He was in line to be Ways and Means chairman in the House Republican majority He is “rum…
Retweeted by AcynChuck Schumer said if y’all don’t start behaving I WILL turn this car around.
Retweeted by AcynFuck yes. Let's see how much Senate Republicans want to obstruct when it's their own free time on the chopping bloc…
Retweeted by Acyn🤔
Retweeted by AcynIt's not just you. The media really has had it out for Biden lately.
Retweeted by Acyn.@POTUS on the urgency to pass BBB: "Imagine if you're a parent one of the roughly 200,000 young people in this cou…
Retweeted by AcynSchumer: There are other nominees to come this week. If our Republican colleagues continue their holds on various i… The DOJ taking action to thwart corrupt gerrymandering is good news 2) Garland appearing in public and laying o…
Retweeted by AcynGupta: This is the third time in three decades where Texas has eliminated a Latino electoral opportunity in this sa… Texas will gain two new congressional seats because of its population growth almost all of which is due to g… shut down after he asks about Hunter Biden laptop The complaint we filed today alleges that Texas has violated Section Two by creating redistricting plans t… this real
Retweeted by AcynGreetings to the esteemed US Attorney at @USAO_DC! I hope your new job is going well, despite the multiple challeng…
Retweeted by AcynCasually boasting about obstructing justice. Cool, cool…
Retweeted by AcynHe just says this shit out loud and people are like, yeah, yeah, sure, that makes sense. Okay.
Retweeted by AcynConfessing in the open
Retweeted by AcynTrump: They’re using prosecutors all over the place to hurt people, to hurt Republicans. I will say that Bill Barr… If I didn’t fire Comey, they were looking to take down the President of the United States… I don’t think cou…"Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty." “A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand tim…
Retweeted by AcynIf I had not obstructed justice, I might not be here. On your show. Selling my $75 picture book.
Retweeted by Acyn🤨's admitting that he committed crimes and fired @Comey to prevent prosecution?
Retweeted by AcynAmazing how many times he keeps admitting to crimes on TV and has yet to be held accountable.
Retweeted by AcynTrump: Don’t forget, I fired Comey. Had I not fired Comey, you might not be talking to me right now about a beautif… seem to be going well for Republicans in Georgia. Again.
Retweeted by Acyn
The Twitter account with the AI-face pic that "reported" on the Patriot Front march changed its name to the Patriot…
Retweeted by AcynBiden: We went to see Bette on Broadway when our two boys were young. In the middle of her show, she stopped and lo… Martin: You want me to play you? And Lorne Michaels, Mr. Wise guy over here. He trying out seven guys to play me “800k thousand jobs and that’s from Fox News” lol B. “You wanna throw up your pom poms and cheer for inflation”… of what a staff exodus actually is. This is from March 2018.
Retweeted by AcynJudge box of whine blaming everything except the guns
Retweeted by AcynNo way it was the unstable white kid with the gun’s fault.
Retweeted by AcynI agree with the former President.
Retweeted by AcynWhen you're right, you're right
Retweeted by AcynWrite it down: 4 Dec 2021 at 2048 hours EST, the man finally said a true thing.
Retweeted by AcynDo they control the camera because I’m not sure what’s going on here’s Jeanine asking the Fox Medical Commentator “What’s wrong with him” in some sort of attempt to get a medical… hope this doesn’t happen but I fear it will.
Retweeted by AcynMolly: In 1973, women died. It was a major cause of death for women with these infections from illegal abortions an… inability to feel shame is the MAGA superpower
Retweeted by AcynKayleigh, who served as a Trump 2020 campaign adviser while being the White House Press Secretary, speaks out again… has set a new low bar for vileness on @FoxNews. What a despicable disgrace. The parents and child…
Retweeted by AcynJeanine blames Oxford school shooting on “liberal school personnel”
Retweeted by AcynYou can pinpoint the exact moment when Watters realizes he doesn't remember the North Korean's dictator name, which…
Retweeted by AcynLol watch this’m pretty sure that’s not Chris Cuomo how there’s no mention of Trump here“Why would a lawyer worry about incriminating himself if he’s just crafting legal strategies?” “Because maybe he wa…
If Democrats are trying to figure out how to respond to America’s very conservative Supreme Court, they could look…
Retweeted by AcynA beautiful night at the Lincoln Memorial interrupted by demonstrators chanting “reclaim America.“ The crowd gave t…
Retweeted by Acyn.@acosta continues his undefeated streak of being 100% right
Retweeted by Acyn“Democrats have won the popular vote in seven out of the last eight presidential elections. Of course we have the e…“The moral of the story: our system appears to encourage nominees to the Supreme Court to mislead the public about… journalistic ethics are still a thing in actual news orgs. Of course you'd never see anything like this happen…
Retweeted by AcynAcosta: Democrats could think about it this way: If Mitch McConnell were in their shoes, what would he do? Given wh…