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When you and your allies are 1 - 46 in court"braiding their beard hair...."
Retweeted by Acyn Torabi longer the rubes think this is true, the more the rubes donate, so they’ll grift this out until Biden takes the…
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiAnd FOX keeps spreading the propaganda...
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiThe family grift continues apace.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiYou are canceled. Go home.
Retweeted by Acyn Torabi.@LaraLeaTrump it's actually super-over.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiBitch whet? 😒
Retweeted by Acyn Torabi lie just Iike Soviets.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiOn January 21, Lara is going to be on the same show telling America that Biden isn’t *really* POTUS and is actually…
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiSo it seems as if Arizona governor @dougducey’s team has had enough
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiI thought about it for a second, Lara. Yep — Joe Biden is still gonna be sworn in on Jan. 20th.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiI think that Trump and his ilk are intentionally setting up all of his followers for a big fall. He’s revving them…
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Retweeted by Acyn TorabiLOLOLOL
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiSoon this is going to be like the Black Knight, insulting Biden as he leaves in the motorcade.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiHere's a clip of Joe Concha bitching about Jake Tapper being a "mean girl" on Twitter for 30 straight seconds
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiBenghazi says what ?
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiWhat are these clowns gonna do on January 20, when Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th president and Trump is thrown…
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiIt is over. President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris will be sworn in in January 20, 2021.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiKeep slinking away Stanford.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiYou can imagine where this conversation went, @LaraLeaTrump are you threatening @JoeBiden?
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiThis is necessary to keep the grift going.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiThese. People. Are. So. Dishonest.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiYes it is. And yes he is. Stop grifting off your father-in-law's supporters.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiThe Countess of Hydroxychloroquine interviews the Viceroy of Herd Immunity"I have never been more angry than I am today! 😂🤣😅."
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiJoin me and @Alyssa_Milano phone banking next wed! I just registered! #AllHandsOnDeck
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiFavorite Christmas Movie. Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. And Georgia. And Pennsylvania. And Wisconsin. And Nevada…
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiSounds like Denise from the wedding is what we call an anti-Semite.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiThe president dumbest sons wife has some thoughts
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiFox News fictionalizes our national crises for the narrow self-interests of Rupert Murdoch. The network been a uni…
Retweeted by Acyn Torabi“Sean I’m as outraged as anybody 😁”, he couldn’t go on there and talk about his day trading career.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiPerdue attempts to win over Hannity’s viewers by talking about his “outrage”
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiTrump Campaign Attorney: Sean, it’s a very disappointing day for the order we got from the court but this case must… beats dying of COVID.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiLara Trump: This is not over. So don’t for a second think that Joe Biden is going to be sworn in on Jan. 20th (it’s… the guy who believed Hillary Clinton should be locked up even though she proved her innocence.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiAlso known as "being deposed"
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiThey grabbed her by the fraud lawsuit.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiHannity says Ivanka was “abusively deposed” says Trump should pardon himself and his entire family pushing this debunked dogshit. no morals, only slop for the hogs
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiDamn if only conservatives hadn't sued to have unlimited corporate spending and completely obliterated democracy in…
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiNah. They’re snacking on edibles.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiThis guy knows. He's Goofy.
Retweeted by Acyn Torabi*ContributorFox News Medical Corespondent suggests Mickey and Minnie Mouse are depressed at home smoking a joint because Disney… looks like he shit his diaper.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiBut the cameras only showed hair in a can leaking down your temples.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiRudy Giuliani’s star witness, she nailed it!! 😂🤣😭 @julie.birke on tiktok
Retweeted by Acyn Torabi“Rick Santelli, one of the good guys..”’s results are official — @JoeBiden is the next President of the United States of America!
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiWe've reached the George Soros Is Infiltrating The Government portion of the Biden Cabinet freak out
Retweeted by Acyn Torabi📺 NEW VIDEO If you are ready to win two Senate seats in Georgia help us get 15,000 retweets in the next two hours.…
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiI love you @JessicaTarlov
Retweeted by Acyn Torabi.@JessicaTarlov 4 the win
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiSACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California certifies Joe Biden's victory, giving the Democrat more than the 270 electors…
Retweeted by Acyn Torabi🏆JUST TODAY: The Elite Strike Force lost 6X... 1️⃣MN DISMISSES election results challenge 2️⃣MI DENIES Trump appea…
Retweeted by Acyn Torabi
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiOssoff: He treats his senate office like it’s his E-Trade account God, @JessicaTarlov
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiWhat you can’t see off screen is @charliekirk11 dying a slow painful death after @JessicaTarlov murdered him.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiTrump isn’t on the January 5th ballot in Georgia, so it’s okay to stay home if you’re a Trump supporter.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiBut I thought our elections were rigged and that Dominion machines switched Republican votes in Georgia.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiThis internal fighting in the Republican party is hilarious
Retweeted by Acyn Torabi Kirk: Anyone out there who is a Trump supporter who is saying to boycott the January 5th election is not a…
By Trump’s own logic Biden deserves the credit for the stock market hitting a record high
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiHe’s ranting like a complete lunatic about something that’s not even possible in a race that’s already had two reco…
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiThis is what I imagined the chief pollster of 'the Trafalgar Group' looked like, bowtie and all.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiSiri, conjure my mental image of the chief pollster for the Trafalgar Group.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiOf whiskey maybe
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiGaydolf Hitler looks pissed
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiMentioning him by name Sean Hannity noticed the hair in a can fiasco
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiIt’s cute how they ordered the same shade of sweaty orange.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiFight fight fight
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiIs this Tucker Carlson’s half brother?
Retweeted by Acyn Torabidid hannity raid judge jeanine’s winebox pallet before the show
Retweeted by Acyn Torabi you imagine being dumb enough to buy into her propaganda disinformation? I mean who looks at this woman and th…
Retweeted by Acyn Torabi
Retweeted by Acyn Torabican't imagine anything more pathetic than going on Ingraham to show Trump your undying love as he assails you as a…
Retweeted by Acyn Torabi🤔 qualifier from @GovKemp here on Trump’s post-election lawsuits: “...I’ve continued to support his effor…
Retweeted by Acyn Torabi"Y'all almost don't deserve to win, frankly" Laura says to Republicans.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiLaura Ingraham lets Kemp know that the outgoing President is mad at him“Some of those comments are made by Democrats” is the final scene from the biopic, 'The Fall of Giuliani'.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiNo, no you don't.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiNarrator: They did not, in fact, have a shot.
Retweeted by Acyn TorabiThe con marches on. Shame on you @FoxNews.
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