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Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYER @extranapkins That's where I know him from @Tetradugenikid @doaknet Haa literally same @svenhegedus Fuckin knock it off then @20000TinyJars I’m hitting the word balloon that good be anything, there could be positive or negative words in it,… is nonidi 29 Pluviôse in the year of the Republic CCXXVIII, celebrating the celandine.
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYERWho bankrolls the gun girl who shit herself and goes to campuses to get ppl to make fun of her? The Mercers? @20000TinyJars I’m faving and leaving my opinion mysterious @CartaMonir Fuck what a nightmare!more importantly did Beth eat shit yet
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYER @AlexFirer I voted “yeah” but should I stop posting about politics too?Cool baby
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYER @Boringstein Cool baby @WarrenIsDead That’s decker from blade runner’s full name @4SIC4 @usahana_year Idgi but I support the both of you @usahana_year @4SIC4 Get his asss(?) @toughage Young me is right btw @toughage Same except bass and I’ll go back in time to the early 90s and argue about how primus is the best band ev… Neera Tanden is literal violence. Subjecting every young man of color in NYC to police state brutality is fine.
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYERthe traffic is gonna be so much worse once he's the president
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYERi strongly disagree with Descartes that animals are automatons. but sleeping all the time? king shit
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYERBloomberg wrote an entire press release denouncing two black women for calling him racist
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYERIf you live outside of Kentucky and want to help unseat McConnell, there's a real progressive candidate running in…
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYER
me coming on here to post and you alls reactions
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYERthe sexy green m&m is thriving in londontown
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYERThe only thing I'd change about The Sopranos would be showing AJ's full report card on screen several times per sea…
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYER @0KF0X @syzygyzip I love that song @syzygyzip I'm a man (I'm a (vocation)) I'm a man (I'm a (archetype)) I'm a man (I'm a little (vocation)) when we m… year challenge
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYER @Tetradugenikid No that’s the thing, I think this is just a uk politics thing @Tetradugenikid @ByYourLogic Thechive has been publishing hersh and yasha Levine when others wouldn’t for years now @Tetradugenikid @BernieSanders Get his asss @i_zzzzzz Before the sonic the hedgehog film "BIG BEN'S BREXIT BONG COSTS £500,000 PER BONG, THE ROMA POPULATION BLAMED" @neotenomie I was looking for a different version of this video that I swear exists that's just weird cgi silhouett… are constructing a 40 year long version of the song "Sex (I'm a Man)" By Berlin (1983) that will play fr… @i_zzzzzz Is he okay? If there's a vacuum can I go up there and talk about movies before the movies? (I don't know… @depressionfan93 @neotenomie There was a beavis and butthead where they were watching this video and getting really mad and yelling "WHERE? WHERE?!"Look I'm not from the UK and don't understand their politics but do I have this right? Am I sexually attracted to… radio signals from space have been known to repeat, but for the first time, researchers have noticed a p… @BudrykZack @MKupperman Wait did that guy even drink? @BudrykZack Fuck well you just transferred it to mePartied with this guy all night in vegas and when we were leaving the club he asked my bro for a jersey swap 🤜🤛 @CyberBrandogg I disagree with the captioni can not, in good conscience, condone a "SANDERS" presidency because i once vividly imagined him walking around while twirling a pistol
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYER @i_zzzzzz days later I see the phrase "Tanner Z paid in scene points" & I still don't know what this means. Light…’s me, the billionaire who’s faced 40 sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits and refuses to release women…
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYERcentrist fake news
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYERI clicked on it and the method was “saying hello to women during the day”
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYER @CarlBeijer Apologies @CarlBeijer Carl they’re preparing to do in Nevada what they did in IowaYou see, there’s bad harassment and good harassment
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYER @zachhazard @ianmacewan @julesscheele Got damnThe last time @neeratanden went into hiding it was because she was exposed as a Union busting thug. This time she…
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYERbloomberg campaign crying about the bernie bros means i can stop worrying about him winning. ok good
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYERYou have $500 in the bank, and you spend $2.75 on a subway swipe in the crumbling MTA. A billionaire has $64 billi…
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYERMy expectations for US politics are quite low, making it hard to shock me, but I really can't believe we're being s…
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYERAmericans wouldn’t recognize fascism if it simultaneously arrested seven hundred peaceably assembling protesters in one fell swoop
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYER @julesscheele The "Flex Mentallo" recolor really killed me because they took something that was supposed to be spla… week: dear god, we are not prepared for the full resources of a billionaire being unleashed on the political s…
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYEROther switches are labeled "subtitles?" and "what really is (stupid genre name)?"In a darkened pit under an abandoned Circuit City the devils wake up and throw the switch that says "people get rea… Blue? No. Matter Who!
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYER @jejerepy you introduced me to itHey, remember when Bloomberg referred to the NYPD as "my own army," which he bragged about being "the seventh bigge…
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYERThe best thing that ever happened on this website was @jejerepy saying "I'm tasty for" meaning "I'm hungry for" @MikeBloomberg not in it, voted 1
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYER🆕 Posting champions @strugglesesh join us to discuss Bloomberg, Lis Smith, and how “independent Democrats” use unli…
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYERyou know I'm gonna try to take that key
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYER @leducviolet @Bowsnonk (I missed the narrative being changed by the creeps) @leducviolet @Bowsnonk Fucking creeps, I missed it"sounds like a conspiracy theory, this is just incompetence and nothing more" Cool, fire everyone in the DNC for i… you don't remember this it's because the main story that came out of Nevada was a bullshit narrative of angry be… how in 2016 there was a lot of shenanigans in Nevada including a last minute rule change, people getting s… @Bowsnonk Wait has some kind of tide turned where people are saying her obvious nigerian alt was not her alt?If after Iowa they didn't immediately switch to pencil and paper it is to replicate the conditions of IowaThey're gonna try to steal Nevada too, folks! NYT Endorsement everyone
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYERfashion designers now co-opting trepanation... very cool
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYERLosing my virginity Lady and the Tramp spaghetti plate style
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYER @thorazos Or like that it’s like half a warning ? @thorazos Idk one of the weirdest repeated reactions I’ve gotten about like sex/nudity in my work is ppl saying “th… @thorazos Well if you want to make work that can reach these kinds of dudes you could always hire a dude sensitivit… @Chinchillazllla Warren has no plan to abolish ice so I’m not sure what he thinks electing her would do for kids in cages? @thorazos What was their complaint? We’re they showing the discomfort by saying you got the male experience/reality wrong or something?マーベルが好きと言われたかたに^_^まつげが素敵です、師匠の作監修正のコピーです! #ダンバイン
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYERupdated: not dead 2020 this website, I quit using it, attached is a picture of me going full on into my cool new cyberpunk lifestyle
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYERAnyway, CYBERPUNK IS BACK, for 2018
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYERtfw they try to tell you that cyberpunk is not real in 2015
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYERcan't argue with history (of cyberpunk)
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYER @thorazos Trying to dunk on a person by repeating back to them the thing they just said, this guy seems cool as hell, @BlastMastr I listen to podcasts about videogames while not playing videogames, can't tell if this is very evolved… what you heard, dracula found on mars and no its not a chocolate bar
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYERThey may or may not have found a dracula on mars
Retweeted by A.Degen REAL*DESTROYER