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'Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's stress from Neebs' 💬 by @zozapod13 | 📺 Editor w/50M views @Neebsofficial | @sarahbbearah's Pumkin 💍 | 🖼️ by @TTraykJ

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@AmbrozRitz Yeah I'm sleepy and hit send too early 🤭😩😩😩 I can't even butt burp in peace! Sona lost her mind and started barking at my toot from the next room like I w… @black24635295 YouTube has kind of pushed us into it, but it's still limited to just the Minecraft series as far as actual censoring.WoWiE!1 THeRrE's GOLD IN THEM thErERQ#$% guys might really be overelling this scene in your heads. 😂#TransPeopleAreRealPeople is trending. This is me just shy of 8 months into my transition. ❤ I work 60-80 hours a…
Retweeted by Adahop 🚀🏳️‍⚧️ @TakaBickford @thornmaze @SPYGUY223 @spiderbun268205 @sarahbbearah It's telling that you jumped straight to thinking about playground bullie… @SPYGUY223 @spiderbun268205 @sarahbbearah You're attempting to gaslight me with a false statement about my own face… @Omegameover Real! It's at Universal Studios in Japan. @HearItDifferent I want to gently inform you that doing things like using Ty's former name is considered a major ta… @parislees Thanks for your tireless work, love! Can't relate to the Alpen, though. I had mine with Corn Pops. @HearItDifferent A majority of people do not personally know any trans people. This means that for a majority of pe… @joshy_zero @sarahbbearah @jackdaws_1999 They what now?! If that the case I've had countless migraines.Simon and Dora go off on a tangent in today's video that made me have to use the censor beep 11 times in a single s… @jackdaws_1999 You ever have a weird feeling in a limb and smack it to make it feel normal (or at least cover the s… @cazz_mmz @Mel97801896 @sarahbbearah Ohhh they're lovely! 😍 Also it's so funny that I knew instantly (without even… guarantee you that every single trans person you know would rather be doing anything else right now, and not have…
Retweeted by Adahop 🚀🏳️‍⚧️ @SaltyKittty @NisqzFPS His bio is literally "Nintendo Fortnite Player" 🤣 @RPJKgame @jk_rowling Yo can we borrow some of that pocket sand? @Antonio97944685 Possibly! No harm in shooting them my way, at least. :) @ShadowFenix5 @sarahbbearah looool try harder, edgy Watch Dogs boi @sarahbbearah I don't know what we did to deserve him! I know how it played out, though. You dragged me over to lo… @AgoristAlexis I love your freckles at least! xD @ZoeyyyAlexis You've got this! @Cjbdaman 🙌🏻 @chlorineforests Hi Alex! ❤️ @KatSelesnya Your eye shadow is coordinated with your top (and your hair!) and I love it. 😍 @PersephoneAna YOUR EYE SHADOW!!! 😍 @ParanoidEmpath I'm lowkey jealous of how cool your head must feel right now. xD @dannyd00le Sweet ride! 😛 @queermsfrizzle Awesome! ❤️ @aidyl03 Cute! @tarasynora I love your vibe! ❤️ @PKwaifu ❤️ @thornmaze I like garlic bread, too. ❤️ @darrenmcfadde19 @sarahbbearah Nope. Sexual orientation and gender identity aren't generally correlated in this reg… @DANNYonPC Oh, he wasn't scared or anything. he was just playing underneath the carpet. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 @spiderbun268205 @sarahbbearah You giving yourself advice, there? 🤦🏻‍♀️ You called me a transphobic slur and my wife retaliated. @BALISTICK_CORPS @sarahbbearah I definitely was! Thank you so much!!! You've got this! Feel free to reach out if yo…😂🤣 So there I was, trying to do sound design. I do my sound FX on speakers, which means I get messed up by stuff l… @BALISTICK_CORPS @sarahbbearah 🤯 For real?!! @hamster_butts The worker sitting on the roof? @TheTrueMasterTy @sarahbbearah To be fair, lately it's because my attention is too divided. 😂 When a series is new… @darrinhenshaw @sarahbbearah 😂 I misread this at first and thought you said "Keep being the goddess. We all know yo… @JJtoob @BALISTICK_CORPS @sarahbbearah I've been feeling SO burnt out lately, and the constant positive feedback y'… @BrunickMatthew Dude, she's untouchable. Legitimately one of the few celebrities that I would crumble into a stutte…
#TransPeopleAreRealPeople is trending. This is me just shy of 8 months into my transition. ❤ I work 60-80 hours a… @BrunickMatthew No of course not lol. I'm talking about the author of the series (intentionally not mentioning her… @kungfukiddo @VbagExtremist Speaking of, VBag actually got here faster than I expected and as I twirled in front of… @kungfukiddo @VbagExtremist I remembered immediately afterwards when she told me what it was in a DM. xDA few minutes ago @VbagExtremist came by my house to pick something up (from outside) and when she left she thanked… @WyattAl63133578 @Miko_Felix @DiSean_Mustard I watch them too often lately. 😅#SheWhoMustNotBeNamed is trending again, except by name, and saying things that reflect a total lack of knowledge r… @PaigeDula *resisting the urge to say 1989 was the year I was born* 🤭 @MamiMorte 😂 Ur funny Belle. @ashley_leopard It works as a standalone adventure if you're curious to skip ahead. 😉 @sunrunner73 @sarahbbearah THAT'S A GREAT QUESTION @sarahbbearah! WHEN ARE WE GOING TO HAVE NEW PHOTOS TOGETHER? 😛 @tikibomber ENGFLORNA!!! *waves arms in frustration at the ceiling* RAGH! PORPEETSHADAY! 😡 @CaiteeeCat 😍😍😍 Oh wow I love them!!! @skank_a_licious @CaiteeeCat 😍 @ashley_leopard If you haven't seen the ice palace episode yet, you are in for a treat!I've got just endless mom energy lately. 😅 Like just now I got up from my desk to get a snack, but ended up comfor… @ashley_leopard It's a really goofy line, but also weirdly validating because I specifically posed my hand within t… @TylerLeesTyler @TheLilCthulhu I thought that that was called Genesis or something along those lines. @limixn321 I love the weirdly validating things, like someone calling another person a simp for giving me a complim…😂 Every now and then I search our channel for mentions of me (mostly to clear up the droves of questions about me)… @TeriReedDavis I - no joke - I STILL have the blue ribbon we took home for our bracket in the parade. It's now a fa… socially-distanced 4th of July everyone! Stay safe out there, and remember to put your friend in a wagon to… @thechadzerker I do, but I've been shying away from it slightly. Mostly because both people and online systems assu… @Bboy08153696 @sarahbbearah No problem! For whatever reason, the "Two Dragons" animation is the most viewed cinemat… @Bboy08153696 @sarahbbearah Both of our GIFs are from OverWatch. 😊 @sarahbbearah BROTHA!!! IN THE SPIRIT OF THE TWO DRAGONS I OFFER YOU A SECOND PATH! If you can beat it on Hard mod…
@R3H0L3S I guess all Americans would be SOL then. 😆 @DustedNerd Oh there's no way I'm playing it regardless, I was just commenting on the episode from today.Footage of the unopened Super Nintendo World in Japan. 😍 @Kumo_Isamashii @NeebsOfficial HAPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY, STARSHINE ANYA!!! @ChrissyzTweet Yeah and the two misses were extra annoying because I'd never missed those spots before. I'd already… @TheLilCthulhu Oh I don't know what it's like to play (I don't play Ark) - it just looks identical to half of the other maps that are out. @TheSexyYeti_ The map being less full of dinos is one of the positives to me - the game looks so dumb when there's… know, I heard the name "Crystal Isles" and saw the promotional materials, and the map was a lot more interesting in my head. @TechieQube I guess you could classify Windows Vista's crappiest desktop dancer as interesting. 😛 @TTraykJ No, he got in a fight with an escort in 2009. While both parties were arrested, no charges were brought ag… @WaterStephie Perfect! 😆I dreamt that my computer got some next-level Shamwow malware that looked straight out of 2007, and I woke up immed… @Prof_Killjoy I think the first videos I edited were ads for the Astronomy Club I founded at my high school in my s… @shelfrogs Those look great! ❤️ @SkeeterisaRita @ESHEisLokiawa @jackdaws_1999 According to potentially more accurate accounts, she only had to nod… @ESHEisLokiawa @SkeeterisaRita @jackdaws_1999 Studio Chiefs: "And the two most expensive shows are Mission: Impossi… @ESHEisLokiawa That just looks annoying and not fun to play, even if you're at the level of being able to do that.… @SkeeterisaRita @jackdaws_1999 Side note: GOD I love Lucille Ball.Sarah told me it was my turn to challenge her. 😈 THE CHALLENGE IS the theme song from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid… @jackdaws_1999 Oh man, I can't wait until I can control computers directly with my brain. BRING ON THE CYBERNETIC I… ask me all the time how to edit/design/etc like me. I can tell you tricks all day, but the real key is patie… @BALISTICK_CORPS @overwatchleague Houston is hammered by Vancouver who goes on to obliterate London as well. >_>"Friendly Fire...?" #NeebsGaming #Minecraft #VideoGames #Comic #Art @NeebsOfficial @JonnyEthco @AdahopAlex
Retweeted by Adahop 🚀🏳️‍⚧️ @TTraykJ @eelrengaw @drag0nruler "This is my blue pen" except the adjective's in the wrong spot. :P @drag0nruler @TTraykJ Je parle un peu de français, mais je n'ai pas personne avec qui m'entraîner. As for Spanish… @TTraykJ @drag0nruler