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'Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's stress from Neebs' (💬 by @zozapod13) | Editor @Neebsofficial | @sarahbbearah's Pumkin 💍 | 🖼️ by @kungfukiddo | She/Her

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@Aztecia316 Hell yes I am! 😛 @limixn321 My problem is not enough dead air, not too much of it! XDLol. Rough audio cut's done. It only shaved off 8 minutes. Impressive since I usually go straight from blocking sce… @Broken456 Mhmm! They've been these specific wrong colors I assigned at random since day 1. @DirtyDeviants Playback's on a more color-accurate monitor to the side. They're both calibrated, but my timeline st… @dcroutch In a manner of speaking. 🥴 @SentientDecay Better but not 100% - I even skipped going in for a recording day yesterday. Sarah's in the worst of… man. Editing the next Minecraft is a challenge. My first step after syncing footage is to cut out the dead air a…
@paulscherbak @Miko_Felix I liked the way they did it on PBS for a while. "Triple-w-DOT-pbs-DOT-org!" @Miko_Felix D'ohhh come on you're a CS minor! 😂 You're sposed to have my back!It weirds me out that people think saying "the World Wide Web" is super 90s. Like, that's what it actually is. It w… sick, but I gots plants and Pancakes so its okay
Retweeted by Adahop🚀 @thedoctorlies68 @NeebsOfficial @SimonSandwiches @Thick44Official I'm amazed with everything they've forgotten and… @CobTheCreator @sarahbbearah Hehe I like that name better. He's actually a Digimon named Nanimon. 🤷‍♀️ @sarahbbearah @sarahbbearah STOP LOOKING AT ME! -signed anymomynous. >_>
@ballistickiss24 Yeah, I've always been an empath. It can be really frustrating at times since I can a l w a y s se…*Spoil Alert!* "Minecraft: Flying Monkeys?!~All Deaths" So @AdahopAlex, how many deaths didn't make the final cut?🤣
Retweeted by Adahop🚀 @PaulyWit No, but I've had a very similar experience with a garage-to-bedroom conversion with a raised floor and pa… feel like I've been entering a part of my life lately where I can relate to the experiences of almost everyone I… @WahlArmy @dadsinoz He's @JackTannerr! He's our newest member as of maybe 6 months ago?
@dadsinoz Outer Wilds: Appsro Minecraft: Me 7 Days to Die: Dora and Jack (alternating) Ark: Anthony (most recent wa… @AdahopAlex @BeltfedJoe Working on the next episode now. Didn't get it out this past weekend because it's a 45 min…
Retweeted by Adahop🚀 @jynthea_twitch It isn't - this project was sitting around 17-18GB by the end (I've allowed it up to like 120GB in… @Glorious_Mike Simon score is a rating FOR Simon, not BY Simon. 😉 @xmeagan15 It's all edited that way after the fact. 😉 @BeltfedJoe I don't think it is, but that's up to @JonnyEthco. 🤷‍♀️ @TheLibertonian Well, the pilot had so little swearing anyway that we kept the ball rolling. A lot of parents thank… and I forgot to mention: IT'S UNCENSORED NOW.In 4 hours: The exciting conclusion to the woodland mansion and the thrilling continuation of Neebs and Simon's mil… @Xeckoplays @Bluesmachine100 I just looked up the Medal app you use for recording - it defaults to much lower bit r… @Xeckoplays @Bluesmachine100 It comes into play a lot more in After Effects than Premiere, but I also work like a c… @Bluesmachine100 Probably less lol - I actually had to force it to get that high on this specific project (on both… @Bluesmachine100 My new computer has 128GB 🤤YEEESSSSS, PREMIERE. Let the peasant Google Chrome grovel at your feet for RAM. 😈 @Lunashayde @Aztecia316 Oh no it's definitely staying in at this point. I'm just cleaning up sound effects right no… usually try to limit scenes and music to 2-3 minutes at most as a rule of thumb to keep things interesting. In… @Kumo_Isamashii Get 'em while you can! We have so few in stock that we couldn't even spare one for the product phot… @Beauson83 *TrWatch this and ask yourself why this is a partisan issue.
Retweeted by Adahop🚀 @Beauson83 Nahhh you can't be a filthy sniper in Doom. ❤️ @JJtoob @wrestlinhipster Right. I shoulda reminded everyone that he and Neebs aren't even at the mansion. 😂Tomorrow's episode is the conclusion of the woodland mansion! Taking bets now on who will die the least.
So @sarahbbearah's the sick one now. She's already spent $50 on a 5-year-old Digimon game. @iisa_bo @sarahbbearah @Miko_Felix @JonnyEthco TBH I don't even like RPGs that much. What I'm psyched for with Cyberpunk 2077 is the setti…’ve visited Greg this morning & he wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes. He’s so grateful for the messa…
Retweeted by Adahop🚀 @R3H0L3S @sarahbbearah I mean I was even wearing a pair of my wife's sweatpants that say "GIRLS DO IT BETTER" down… @lifesabeach1992 @1stDamienlee69 Pro-tip: watch with good headphones to really pick out all the random background stuff.Just went to Trader Joe's with @sarahbbearah. We were only like the 4th-most-lesbian couple in the building. 😂
@JonnyEthco The anticipation's the best part, anyway. 😏 (For real though it's the first game release I've been hyped for since BotW) @Aztecia316 @JJtoob Mr. Clean's fit self is an exception for us all. @Aztecia316 Ohhh you were making a cleaning joke. 😂 Mr. Muscle doesn't exist here. @WereKittyKat Exactly! You've had 4 more years than me to absorb Herbie knowledge!Dick in hand. #25YearsOfVoyager .
Retweeted by Adahop🚀 @Aztecia316 @mzeroday @1stDamienlee69 It's pretty rare that we do - most times it's to get a clean take of something that happe…!!! get this question a lot about how our microphone audio is so clean. I should probably make a newer (better) edit… @1stDamienlee69 If you listen closely you can definitely still hear coughs and random noises in the background, som… @1stDamienlee69 We do sometimes, but we manually clean our audio for most videos other than podcasts. Here's my cur… @KenDavis500 Thanks Dad. @87TinnMann It's definitely my favorite new show of last year! Also Tanjirō has quickly become just one of my favor… @M__is_for_Mad Used to be, but 99% of the time I'm watching something in the shower these days. Also helps me gauge…'t played a Battlefield in like a year - finally hopping into BFV and it's even more chaotically cinematic tha… @Aztecia316 @gendrix00fu @Aztecia316 @gendrix00fu 😱 I just saw! I'm glad he's okay! Oh and don't you erk me! I mean gorgeous in a soul sort of way. 😂 @gendrix00fu @Aztecia316 Also Jeff...tragically lost the ability to wake up after a freak feathersword accident. @Aztecia316 @gendrix00fu I WAS THIS 👫 CLOSE TO MURRAY WIGGLE ONCE AT A WIGGLES CONCERT THAT WE TOOK MY LITTLE SIBLI… @gendrix00fu @Aztecia316 they've been swapping out rolls for a long time now. I think Greg was the first original o… you're sick in the shower, browsing on your phone for a YouTube video to watch, and a water droplet swipes the… @L3TSG3TSIRIUS The last what? Minecraft? It was meant to be. @GirlWhoN3rds I actually said it in his voice. 😂This week's episode has it all. Three of the boys taking on the woodland mansion with *constant* action and death,… you guys will appreciate this important announcement more than my mom.
@PinchHyresjr I was taking so many screenshots downloading BFV last night. XD @TechieQube "Gigabit" in air quotes at least! :P We're paying for 940Mbps and my best tests are nearly saturating i… @TheIrishPickle We've had a "gigabit" (940Mbps IRL) connection at this house for the last year, but only specific a… @SM0R3S Ughhhh I want a symmetrical connection so bad! @darksonsreturn Premiere Pro! @cody_turman I'm in love with your upload speed. @sinevalgaming What's crazy to me is that I get this connection in a small city on the seaboard that gets hit by hu… @TheTrueMasterTy Oof your ping! Where do you live?Wowie! My new computer is really milking a lot more out of our internet connection here.
This is what a jinx looks like in waveform. 😁 Neat! @R3H0L3S It's kind of an odd choice to have sections of linear progression in a voxel-based sandbox mining and crafting game, to be fair.I swear I'm going to start putting "nerd pole" counters in these episodes. @Darklordtory @Aztecia316 @ZackShutt The only thing that bothers me about Honey Boo Boo is the situation TLC put th… @Darklordtory @Aztecia316 @ZackShutt no the one where he's about to hurk. @Darklordtory @Aztecia316 @ZackShutt I'd say the one from Dumb and Dumber is a lot worse. @Aztecia316 @ZackShutt If something seems fine I'll be happy eating it even months past the date. I have terrible a… @ejp0303 @NeebsOfficial @JonnyEthco @SimonSandwiches @Thick44Official @Doraleous5000 We'll probably at least look at it! @ZackShutt I'm not gonna convince you, but most "sell by" and "use by" dates on food products are arbitrary and just lead to food waste.A jacuzzi, filled with beach water, carbonated, with a teaspoon of Tang. That's the experience my mouth just had.… @charlie54120052 Yep!
@TradeThor I honestly don't mind being up in front of people - I just don't need to be immortalized like that in th… @BladeOfNexus @MaisieDavis919 @iisa_bo @ArmOfRobot Doggo retention arm. 😉 @Aycee_the_Odd @MaisieDavis919 @iisa_bo @ArmOfRobot That's our patented dog-retention stick! It keeps the dogs from… @DANNYonPC @MaisieDavis919 @iisa_bo @ArmOfRobot OH! You mean our patented dog-retention stick! It keeps the dogs fr… @DANNYonPC @MaisieDavis919 @iisa_bo @ArmOfRobot But it's so much more subtle than everyone else's! It looked so different on my phone! 😂