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.@PorterHouseLit seeks submissions for its second annual Editor's Prize contest through December 1st. This year's j…
Retweeted by Ada LimónI’m now positive that people who claim to have seen aliens have actually just seen baby owls.
Retweeted by Ada LimónMe: driving to work, can't remember what I needed to do for class today. Pretty sure it was important. Also me: Di…
Retweeted by Ada Limón @Powell_DA From the brief glance I gave as I sped passed, I would think no, no they don’t have an indoor lagoon.“Castaways” has to be the saddest name for a strip club ever.#NationalBookAwards
Retweeted by Ada LimónS/O to the writers of color subverting forms inventing forms making a mess out of the real life mess people call na…
Retweeted by Ada LimónWe are okay now because we are talking about craft beer and small towns and the river. @rachelsteenblik “Funny thing about grief, its hold is so bright and determined like a flame, like something almost…
Retweeted by Ada LimónI just made my car service driver so sad by opening my own door that I’m not sure how we will ever repair our relationship. @Joe_Scapellato @StadlerCenter Thank you for coming, Joe! It was nice to see you!My internal reaction when someone makes a racist comment on a panel I'm on:
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“Not only have doctors, scientists and researchers mostly been men, but most of the cells, animals and humans studi…
Retweeted by Ada LimónFour plucky friends pass through a mysterious dog-portal. On the other side, adventures await...
Retweeted by Ada LimónHate crimes in the U.S. have reached a 16-year high – including a 41% increase in violence against Latinos since 20…
Retweeted by Ada LimónHappy birthday, Wanda Coleman! A book!!!
Retweeted by Ada Limón @JasonReynolds83 @KokilaBooks @lithub @nationalbook @bloomsburykids @simonschuster @mirajacob @CopperCanyonPrs
Retweeted by Ada LimónTHE 2018 VIDA COUNT IS HERE! @Tin_House , @GrantaMag , & @poetrymagazine continue to lead the Main Count.…
Retweeted by Ada Limón @emlythestranger This is so generous of you. Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability here in this online space…’s how this machine works. ada limón from bright dead things
Retweeted by Ada LimónI just did yoga in my room while listening to Stevie Nicks while everyone at this B&B laughs and eats breakfast tog… you @StadlerCenter for a great crowd tonight despite the freezing temperatures. And thanks to those that drove from DC and Penn State!Laura Jensen
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@Danez_Smif I’m in the same situation!! What do we do?Tonight at Bucknell!! That is, as long as this little plane takes off and gets me there on time!! @morganapple I wonder, too, if there is some guilt in bringing children into this broken world and so this desperat… want to be invited to everything and go to nothing.
Retweeted by Ada LimónIt’s true! @jamiattenberg I had a dream that my shirt was on backwards and I was still working at Condé Nast. @CarterSickels Way too soon!Snowing!!
Join us in Bucknell Hall at 7 PM tomorrow, 11/12, for a reading by NBCC Award Winner and National Book Award Finali…
Retweeted by Ada LimónThere is still time to apply for this Assistant Professor in Poetry Position at University of Cincinnati! Good peop… #VeteransDay is a national holiday, often filled with parades and celebrations, it brings with it ambiguit…
Retweeted by Ada Limón“Frenetic shallowness” is a great phrase.
Retweeted by Ada Limón"it is not catastrophic to be free" -Ada Limón @adalimon, from her poem Slough, beautifully printed broadside in t…
Retweeted by Ada LimónThis essay is nearly ten years old and the stats have changed now, but here's a little piece I wrote about being ra… week’s #FlowerReport comes from the alpine garden at @TheBotanics, whose fragments I carried with me alongside…
Retweeted by Ada Limón @Eloisa_Amezcua Nope.I had the pleasure of playing music with my old band mate on Saturday afternoon and I had forgotten how good making…
The coolest thing about having a car now is anywhere I go I’ve got a nice place to cry!
Retweeted by Ada LimónNo one who has has ever written just one #guiltyascharged
Retweeted by Ada LimónIf you use both “and” and “&” in your poems, do you have a rationale for which when? Would you use both in the same poem or series?
Retweeted by Ada LimónI have watched this approximately 9,345,678 times so far today
Retweeted by Ada LimónCan an Artist Who Identifies as a Woman Ever Stop Being Reminded that She is a Woman?
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@RachelMcKibbens I love you.
@mhbertino @tracysoneill What article? @tracysoneill Oh god.My beloved student Ruby was killed by a drunk driver a few months ago. Here is an essay she wrote in class, inspire…
Retweeted by Ada LimónIt started when unusual-looking coyotes took off with a resident's dog. Scientists later found out these animals ha…
Retweeted by Ada LimónWonderful news!
Retweeted by Ada Limón @LorneDaniel @StadlerCenter Thank you, Lorne! @pronounced_ing @jamiattenberg Yeah, my first thought was “ouch!” @TimothyBraun42 @stedwardsu It was great to meet you! Thanks for all the good conversation!Tuesday is 🌼 ADA LIMÓN DAY 🌼 at Bucknell!!!!! Come hear new and old work from major American poet (and all-around r…
Retweeted by Ada LimónPorter House Review Editor’s Prize Poetry Judge, @adalimon just wrapped up two readings in Austin & will be at Buck…
Retweeted by Ada LimónI have made a terrible choice...
Retweeted by Ada Limón @lequincampe It’s really good!I’m running the @HarperCollins Instagram on behalf of @GuyInYourMFA right now
Retweeted by Ada LimónHad a nice reading at St. Edwards last night and right in the middle of it, I had a moment where I got sad. I don’t… @carmenmmachado Omg I love her. @Danez_Smif The worst. That was the hotel gym this morning. @MariposaBoy Feel better! @adamclaypoet I pronounce it “boring.”No big deal; just a guy playing fetch with a beluga whale... 😮
Retweeted by Ada Limón @chenchenwrites This is really beautiful and true. Thank you for this.“Yah Mo B There” just came on in the hotel coffee area as I head to the airport and I did a little dance while filling my cardboard cup.Two kinds of insects The ones who sing at night And the ones who don't --Kobayashi Issa
Retweeted by Ada Limónthis review of bic gelocity pens
Retweeted by Ada Limónthe greatest lie the devil ever told was that you would get up and finish that project in the morning
Retweeted by Ada LimónNew poem from #NikkyFinney imagining the lives of Blues artists Clara Smith and Josephine Baker. Featured in the fo…
Retweeted by Ada LimónIn Spanish, when someone has the same name as you, they're your "tocayo" or "tocaya." I've loved the word since c…
Retweeted by Ada Limón @Miche_L_B 💯I MISS KENTUCKY. @adalimon: "Tell me what it is to be the thing rooted in shadow."
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Just had another great class visit at UT Austin. Loved the class and listening to their wonderful career choices an… seeks submissions for its second annual Editor's Prize contest through December 1st. This year's j…
Retweeted by Ada Limón @Eroticapoetica 🥀🥀🌹I am thrilled & honored to have two poems published in New Ohio Review (NOR26) @NewOhioReview alongside many writer…
Retweeted by Ada Limón @QuentonBaker Quenton!! Miss you!Just had a great class visit at St. Edwards University in Austin. Students were serious and smart and asked real qu…, we're not unspectacular things. We've come this far, survived this much. What would happen if we decided to…
Retweeted by Ada LimónNow if only it had been 12,105.45 scientists telling us, we might have believed them.
Retweeted by Ada LimónLove @QuentonBaker’s work! So happy to see his poems here! @saroshnandwani Thank you for being there! @MariposaBoy Oh god. @KrisShocka @jamiattenberg Oh. No no no no no. Read what you want, have your lil’ book club, have all your opinions… eggs is a mood. @rugamarspr The end all be all. @TianaClarkPoet Always in your corner from the get. @TianaClarkPoet You’re so awesome Tiana!Keanu Reeves and I had to break up in my dream last night because we just made better friends.I need a grant so I can write a new grant proposal so I can apply for a grant so I can write some poems.
Retweeted by Ada LimónI promise you, your professors see this and remember. 🌟
Retweeted by Ada LimónThat reminds me
Retweeted by Ada Limón @morganapple Is it? Because it’s all I do.Thank you, UT Austin for such a warm and generous crowd. I love being reminded that I’ve got friends in so many cit… may not be what people want to hear, but most of us know it's the truth. @JasonKyleHoward writes beautifully…
Retweeted by Ada LimónHobbies include crying on planes thinking about everything that’s ever happened to me
Retweeted by Ada Limón @wendy_taylor13 has two poems in this issue, a kickass publishing debut! @adalimon
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